O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

The Exoteric And Esoteric Reality Of The O9A

The following extract is from the Introduction and omits the footnotes contained in the text.

“This compilation includes some classic O9A texts since one of many things outsiders – and even some O9A novices – mis-understand about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) is what the O9A actually is and what this means in practice.

Exoterically understood, the O9A is “not a structured lodge or temple, but rather a movement, a subculture or perhaps metaculture that its adherents choose to embody or identify with.” In other words, the O9A is akin to a collective; to a collection of individuals and groups who share similar interests, aims and life-styles, and who sometimes co-operate together for their mutual benefit and in pursuit of similar goals.

The culture that is the O9A has been said to be evident in a combination of the following:

° In the authority (both numinous and sinister) of individual judgement and individual responsibility.

° In the necessity of practical deeds, sinister-numinous – and thence the necessity of pathei-mathos – to breed such experience and learning as are the genesis of such necessary individual judgement.

° In the practice – the amoral praxis – of using what works, is affective and effective, and discarding/revising what has been tried and shown not work.

° In the desire to develop/transform/change one’s self and so evolve ourselves as members of the human species.

° In the necessary of accepting and living by the code of kindred-honour, and which code is individual judgement, individual responsibility, and liberation from causal abstractions, made manifest and practical.

° In the understanding that our code of kindred-honour applies equally to all of our kind, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, perceived social/educational status, sexual preference (and so on) with the practical result that we judge people solely on the basis of a personal knowing of them, on their deeds (not words), and on whether or not and how well they uphold and live by our code of kindred honour.

Esoterically understood the O9A is both a particular, modern, esoteric philosophy and a means whereby individuals – groups, cells, nexions, Temples, and individuals – can apply that philosophy in the real world by using certain exoteric and exoteric techniques, practical methods, and rituals, and by undergoing various ordeals in order to learn from such experiences. One technique used by the O9A is “The Dark Art” termed Insight Roles.

In practice, this exoteric and esoteric understanding means that, as Anton Long and many others have stated time and time again, no one person, no one O9A nexion, no collocations of O9A nexions, can ever speak or write “on behalf of the O9A” since one of the fundamental principles of O9A philosophy, based on its exoteric and esoteric reality, is what is termed the authority of individual judgment. This principles means that the O9A does not have, never has had, and never will have an “official policy” about anything, and never has, and never will make “official statements” about anything.

All any person or group associating themselves with the culture that is the O9A can do is present their personal opinion and/or their personal interpretation of matters O9A and otherwise.

Many individuals thus seem to make or to have made the error made by the likes of Massimo Introvigne which is the fallacy of Illicit Transference. That is, they mistakenly assume or mistakenly believe or mistakenly claim that some statement or some opinion made or voiced by some group or some nexion or some individual associating themselves with the O9A represents the opinion of or is a statement made by the O9A.

The O9A principle of the authority of individual judgment, about which much has been written by O9A folk in recent years, derives from the centrality of pathei mathos in O9A esoteric philosophy and practice and which pathei mathos – which individual learning from personal experience – means that there is a wide difference and diversity among O9A folk, with such difference and diversity an essential part of the O9A; that is, an essential presencing of the O9A logos or ‘esoteric current’.

That journalists, academics, O9A critics, and others – in respect of the O9A – continue to commit the fallacy of Illicit Transference by ignoring one of the fundamental principles of the esoteric philosophy of the O9A is proof (i) of just how limited their research into the O9A is, has been, and continues to be, and/or (ii) of their prejudice regarding the O9A.

            To provide one example of the diversity within the O9A, we – identifying as O9A and as an independent nexion applying the esoteric philosophy of the O9A including its code of kindred honour – interpret that philosophy as anti-Magian in essence and pro-NationalSocialist and fascist in exoteric practice and as required by the O9A’s Sinister Dialectic.

Our view – as supporters of our Western culture – is that a resurgent National Socialism, or a resurgent fascism, or something politically similar, embodies what is necessary to bring down the Old Order from whose ruins a New Order will emerge.

However, others identifying with or associating themselves with the O9A do not share our interpretation. Some interpret that esoteric philosophy as anarchistic; others as nihilistic; others as elitist in a cultured and aristocratic way.

Another example of the diversity within the O9A is how people associating themselves with the O9A regard Mr David Myatt. In this matter journalists, academics, O9A critics and others should read the book A Modern Mysterium and articles such as Decoding The Life Of Myatt which is included in the latest edition of that book. For if they do so they will find a diversity of opinion about Myatt’s alleged association with the O9A and which diversity of opinion is in accord with the O9A principle of the authority of individual judgment.”