Media reports have now confirmed {1} what we mentioned a few days ago {2}. Which is that the criminal low-life known publicly by the alias Tommy Robinson is, given his “wealthy Zionist backers,” being supported by an eminent Queen’s Council.

The pro-Zionist Middle East Forum – founded and run by Daniel Pipes, an American citizen of Jewish ancestry and a virulent Islamophobe – has so far spent a five-figure sum on Tommy Robinson’s legal defence as well as “paid for foreign speakers to attend Free Tommy rallies in the UK.” {1}

In addition, former investment banker and former confidant of The Vulgarian In Chief {3}, the wealthy Steve Bannon, is reported to have said, following an interview on LBC radio, that “Tommy Robinson is the backbone of this country.”

So, according to the likes of one of the people bankrolling and supporting Mr Robinson, a convicted violent criminal, a fraudster, an Islamophobe, and drug-dealer is “the backbone” of Britain. Which statement in support of a convicted violent criminal, a fraudster, an Islamophobe, and a drug-dealer, surely says everything that needs to be said about the opinions and character of a wealthy former investment banker. No doubt Mr Bannon – following in the footsteps of The Vulgarian In Chief – will now denounce the report of his comments as “fake news”.

That Zionists and wealthy Americans are bankrolling and supporting a violent convicted criminal who has no respect for the rule of law – and trying to make him a figurehead of the Far Right in Britain – is proof positive that Mr Robinson is just a muppet: a gormless obscure puppet until the puppet becomes animated and then propagandistically hyped by others manipulating the puppet. That so many among the Far Right in Britain and elsewhere now seem to believe – as a result of such manipulation and such propaganda – that the muppet in question really is or could be “the backbone of Britain” and a suitable figurehead is surely proof enough of just how gullible such people are and just how out of touch they are with the British virtues of those who really are “the backbone of Britain” and who thus embody virtues such as fair play, decency, self-restraint, honesty, and humour in the face of adversity.

22nd July 2018 ev

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