The Saga Of A Zionist Muppet Continues

Confirming our earlier reports {1} the Zionist and wealthy Middle East Forum – founded and run by Daniel Pipes, an American citizen of Jewish ancestry – has now admitted {2} that

                  “The full resources of the Middle East Forum were activated to free Mr. Robinson. We: ° Conferred with his legal team and made funding available to them;
° Funded, organized and staffed the large “Free Tommy” London rallies on June 9 and July 14; ° Funded travel by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) to London to address the rally; and we ° Urged Sam Brownback, the State Department’s ambassador for International Religious Freedom, to raise the issue with the UK’s ambassador.”

In addition, they stated that

                  “In June, Mr. Robinson […] was covering a rape-gang trial involving Muslim defendants in England when he was arrested.”

Which statement reveals that they and Mr. Robinson – irrational and hateful as they are in their Islamophobia – propagandistically and illogically speak and write of “Muslim rape gangs” when, as we previously wrote {3},

                  “the reality is (i) that those belonging to such so-called “grooming gangs” are not practising Muslims who follow the Quran and Sunnah, and (ii) the fact that some or all of them may have been born into Muslim families is irrelevant, just as the fact that serial killers such as Dennis Nielson, Fritz Haarmann, and Peter Sutcliffe, may have been baptised as Christians is irrelevant in respect of their adult crimes.
                  No rational person – in this day and age – condemns Christianity on the basis that some individuals baptised as Christians are serial killers, rapists, and murderers, or have Christian-sounding names. Yet Right-Wing and “alt-right” leaders, ideologues, and groups, propagandistically condemn Islam on the basis that those involved in some so-called “grooming gangs” have Muslim names and/or were born into Muslim families.”

That the mainstream media have not exposed and lambasted such Islamophobes for such irrational beliefs is perhaps indicative of our times when “right-wing” Islamophobes are aided and financed and lauded by Zionists and never seem to be investigated by investigative journalists who really do believe in freedom of speech, or – if one or two dare to do so – the results of their investigations never seem to make it into print.

Who, for instance, has researched in detail the past of Mr Robinson: his early life, his crimes, his drug-dealing, his time as a burglar? How he obtained a passport under the name of Paul Harris; and so on.

Reichsfolk Times
August 2018.

{1} https://reichsfolktimes.wordpress.com/2018/07/22/bankrolling-a-criminal-low-life/

{2} https://www.meforum.org/articles/2018/tommy-robinson-free-mef-heavily-involved

{3} https://reichsfolktimes.wordpress.com/2018/07/25/the-fundamental-flaws-of-right-wing-islamophobia/



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Article source: https://reichsfolktimes.wordpress.com/2018/08/04/latest-the-tommy-robinson-saga/