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Rounwytha Rite Of The Abyss

The traditional, the Rounwytha, rite of the Abyss, although never named or described as such in the past, was the second part of the practical ancestral training of the Rounwytha, the first being spending three to six months alone in the wilderness and which solitary ordeal the O9A inherited and evolved into the Rite of Internal Adept.

As with the Rite of Internal Adept, the Camlad Rite of The Abyss – as described in the text Enantiodromia: The Sinister Abyssal Nexion {1} – is the O9A’s somewhat updated version of the traditional rite. The aim of both rites – the traditional Rounwytha ones and the O9A ones – is the same; to aid the development in the individual of empathy and the development of a wordless understanding of themselves, of Nature, and of the cosmos.

In the particular case of The Abyss there is also a symbolic – and ancient, pagan – journey into and a living in ‘the darkness’ followed by an esoteric rebirth with the person having faced and dealt with their fear or dread or their lack of experience of the chthonic. In modern terminology, there is after that month-long living a return to the world with them having integrated their dark/sinister/Shadow persona with their light/numinous persona.

Aural tradition relates that, centuries ago, a certain place near what is now the town of Bridgnorth in Shropshire was occasionally used. Another such place once existed near Little Wenlock, while old mine workings near the Stiperstones were also sometimes, in the past hundred or so years, used.

The Traditional Rite

The traditional rite has no structure, and simply involves the candidate living alone in a particular location for a lunar month and trusting a member of their family kindred or their mentor (if they have one) to inform them when the rite is over.

The rite begins at the first full moon following the beginning of a propitious alchemical season – in the Isles of Britain this was traditionally the first rising of Arcturus in the Autumn. The rite, if successful, concludes on the night of the next full moon.

The rite ideally occurs in an isolated underground cavern where or near to where water flows, and in which location the candidate dwells alone for the whole lunar month, taking with them all that is required for the duration of the rite. Ideally, the water should be suitable for drinking. If such an underground cavern cannot be found, then a suitable alternative is an isolated dark cave – with, if necessary, its entrance suitably screened to avoid an ingress of light.

The only light is from candles (housed in a lantern) and the only food is bread and cheese. The food and/or the water required for the duration can be either brought by the candidate at the beginning of the rite, or provided and left (without any contact being made) on a weekly basis by a chosen member of their family kindred or by their mentor if they have one.

No means of communication with the outside world should be brought; no timepiece, mechanical or otherwise, is allowed; and no (in these modern days) means of reproducing music nor any other means of personal entertainment or communication are allowed.

The candidate should arrange for a trusted person to enter the cavern at the next full moon to return them to the world of living mortals.

The rite is as simple, as difficult, and as dangerous as that.

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{1} The text is included in the Complete Guide To The Order of Nine Angles available at https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/2014/04/09/the-definitive-guide-to-the-order-of-nine-angles/