Order Of Nine Angles


Some Questions About The Order of Nine Angles (2017), Part One


To compliment our recent Debunking Anti-O9A Propaganda article we republish here one of the many “questions and answers” texts about the Order of Nine Angles distributed between 2013 and 2017.

As mentioned in the Preface of the above Q & A text,

                  “The following recent [January 2017 – February 2017] questions and answers about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) have been purloined (i) from the comments sections of various blogs, and (ii) from e-mails sent to and replies sent from a contact address which was placed, for around three weeks, on the o9a dot org website, and (iii) from a private (invitation only) internet forum. Given that similar questions – and assumptions and allegations – about the O9A continue to be asked
and made, some may find this compilation useful and/or interesting.”

Those interested in the other O9A Q & A texts (2013-2017) can find them at


However, it should be noted that there is unsurprisingly some overlap of content in the above Q & A texts given the varied dates of their composition and the different contributors involved.