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We republish here an article from the Reichsfolk Times blog which forms the latest part of their series of articles about the pro-Zionist “right-wing” activist known by the alias Tommy Robinson.

We would just like to add that there is a rumour – or rather “conspiracy theory” – currently circulating in some corner of the “darkweb” that the person behind the pseudonym Tommy Robinson (a violent, criminal, fraudster) is in fact a Satanist undertaking an O9A-type Insight Role involving succouring up to wealthy Zionists and enjoying the pampered life-style, and the Media attention and “fame” that results. Given his history of criminal activity which includes imprisonment for fraud and his extremist political rhetoric – his history of stirring up trouble, his past history of shifting allegiances, and his many aliases – “Tommy Robinson” (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) might seem to some conspiracy theorists to be an ideal candidate for an independent nexion associating itself with the nefarious, amoral, Order of Nine Angles. So, is Yaxley-Lennon just a vulgar Zionist muppet or a Satanist playing a Sinister Game?

For what it’s worth, our opinion is that he’s just a vulgar Zionist muppet.


A Modern Example Of Zionist Power?

If we needed a recent example of Zionist power and influence among the societies of the modern West then we need look no further than the muppet best known under his pseudonym Tommy Robinson: anti-Muslim agitator, former leader of the extremist right-wing English Defence League, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and who has criminal convictions for violence, fraud, and illegal entry into the United States by using a false passport.

Having declared his support for Zionism and the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine {1} he has been groomed by the likes of Zionist anti-Muslim agitators such as Ezra Levant, Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz, with Daniel Pipes spending well over US $100,000 on legal fees in his defence {2} and with his Zionist friends paying the unemployed fraudster a monthly “retainer” as well as paying his travelling expenses.

Meanwhile Establishment, pro-Zionist, and wealthy figures such as Islamophobe Lord Pearson have wined and dined the muppet at the British Houses of Parliament {3}. Little wonder then, given the Zionist company the fraudster now keeps, that he has been invited invited to visit America and undertake an anti-Muslim speaking tour which will make him a millionaire {4}.

Because of his powerful, wealthy, and influential Zionist friends – and their Republican, pro-Zionist, friends in the US government such as Paul Gosar, the normal rules of law do not apply to Mr Robinson.

As witness his release from prison after a successful appeal spearheaded by lawyers hired by his Zionist friend Daniel Pipes. As witness the current campaign – by influential American Islamophobic politicians such as Paul Gosar – for him to be granted special permission to enter America in order for him to undertake a speaking tour which will make him a millionaire despite the fact that, given his previous illegal entry to the United States using a false passport he is currently barred for entering America.

In the space of a year an unemployed convicted and violent criminal, a low-life fraudster, has acquired wealthy and influential friends; has received extensive Media coverage because of his Islamophobic views; has acquired the services of expensive lawyers such as an eminent Queen’s Council; is paid a monthly “retainer” by wealthy individuals, and has acquired the Media status of being “a martyr of the working class” {5} who has been “persecuted” by the British State despite the fact that wealthy Establishment figures such as the Eton-educated Lord Pearson have wined and dined him in the British Houses of Parliament.

The secret of his current success? Declaring his support for Zionism and the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine; being a virulent Islamophobe, and allowing himself to be groomed and financially supported by wealthy Zionists and their wealthy Islamophobic friends.

November 2018

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