Order Of Nine Angles


It did not take that long for those interested to discover the real-world identity of the person behind the recent tendentious propaganda article about the Order Of Nine Angles {1}. For, after all, the O9A has been described as “one of the most extreme Satanist groups in the world” {2} and as representing “a dangerous and extreme form of Satanism” {3} and has admitted to recruiting “suitable officers in the military, the police.” {4}

That the “usual suspect” in the matter of the true identity of Anton Long has long been suspected of being an agent provocateur working for MI5 {5} may also be a factor in how the O9A obtains information about its opponents.

But all this, of course, is just “us” being hypothetical and adding to the O9A mythos; contributing to its labyrinthos mythologicus {6}.

Yet in the real world we and others might well ask the person behind the pseudonym Dylan Miller – a pseudonym used “for their own protection” – some questions. Questions such as,

§ Given that under the cover of anonymity “D” also wrote and circulated a pdf document which made scurrilous allegations about a real person – without providing any facts of probative value – how would “D” feel were someone associating themselves (perhaps secretly) with the O9A to write and publish an article which made scurrilous, unproven, accusations about “D” and about D’s past and about D’s current family life?

§ How would “D” feel about a private investigator or some journalist – accompanied by a photographer – knocking on the door of D’s family home and asking about those (as yet unproven) accusations made by “us”?

§ How would “D” feel about some police officers descending on D’s family home one morning in order to conduct a search because they has received what appeared to be credible information that “D” was involved in some dubious activities or had some dubious personal proclivities?

Of course “D” would not like such things to happen. Yet “D” was determined to make public unproven allegations about a real person and which allegations detrimentally affected the professional life of that real person.

So what does that make our so-called “anonymous” journalist? A hypocrite? A coward? A mundane?

Would some zealous person associating themselves with the O9A – having reached the stage of External Adept on the O9A Seven Fold Way – therefore consider someone such as “D” as a suitable opfer? Is that one of the reasons why “D” chose to write their tendentious anti-O9A article using a pseudonym? Or perhaps “D” feared some zealous, O9A-alinged, neo-nazis might do violence to D and/or to D’s family?

But which talk about opfers and violence is, of course, just hypothetical; just “us” adding to the O9A mythos; contributing to its labyrinthos mythologicus.

In the real-world, perhaps the best “we” – as sorcerers, as sorceresses – can do is curse “D” by performing such rites as The Death Rite from our Black Book Of Satan. {7} Dignum et justum est?

TWS Nexion
December 2018 ev

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