Richard Moult: The Green Damask Room


Given his age – three score years and almost a decade more (as of 2017) – then someday, and perhaps not that distant, Mr David Myatt, now a reclusive mystic, will most assuredly be gone from our mortal realm. So how should, how will, Myatt be remembered?

For his five-decade long Faustian peregrinations: neo-nazi activist and ideologue; monk; radical Muslim, and, finally, a philosopher of pathei-mathos? {1}

For his alleged founding of and involvement with the Order of Nine Angles, ending as described in the ‘last writings’ of Anton Long {2} and thus as a modern example of the Rounwytha way? {3}

For his Greek translations ranging from Homer, to Aeschylus, to Sophocles, to Sappho, {4} to the Corpus Hermeticum {5} and to his iconoclastic translation of chapters from the Gospel of John? {6}

We present here three different and personal views.


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For myself I choose his poetry. Or rather those ‘four forgotten poems’ and that compilation of his poems – titled Relict – which he himself compiled {1}{2}. For there is humanism, a numinosity, the ethos of our Western civilization, presenced in such semi-autobiographical poems as are collected there. As well as the quintessence of what, post-2012, became his mystical, his very personal, his decidedly Western and decidedly pagan, ‘philosophy of pathei-mathos’.

Thus if he is to be remembered it should, perhaps, be for such so very human, so very civilized, poems. For such poems are such an eloquent rebuke to those who have attempted – or who for private or for political reasons may well continue to attempt – to besmirch him.

Richard Stirling

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Greek Translations

We choose his Greek translations, and in particular his translations of and his commentaries on tracts from the ancient Corpus Hermeticum collected together in one book: Corpus Hermeticum: Eight Tractates. 2017. ISBN-13: 978-1976452369.

For nearly two decades, from the early 1990s, his translations of Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Sappho, were used by several universities around the world as part of their undergraduate courses in Classics or in the Humanities. {1} One American High School even staged a performance of his Antigone.

Then some rabid Myatt-hater, around 2006, and as part of his anti-Myatt crusade took it upon himself to contact – by e-mail or by letter – all the institutions of higher learning that he could find that used Myatt’s translations. He informed them of Myatt’s neo-nazi past, made accusations regarding involvement with Satanism, and cited Myatt’s then support for the Taliban and al-Qaida. Most institutions silently dropped Myatt from their curriculum. Thus, one more triumph – unfortunately – for the status quo: for the Magian and their allies. But they have now had their day; the writing is on the wall and it reads Δίκα δὲ τοῖς μὲν παθοῦσιν μαθεῖν ἐπιρρέπει {2}.

Three Wyrd Sisters
2017 ev

{1} Among those who used his translations were Professor Dusan Pajin; Professor Michael Lienesch; Sogang University, Korea; The University of Reading, England; Rio Hondo College; and Suffolk University in the USA.

{2} [The Goddess] Fairness favours someone learning from adversity.


Lapis Philosophicus

It is my view that Myatt – under the nom-de-plume Anton Long – is one of the most innovative of modern occultists and one of the few to actually attain (rather than to delusionally award themselves) the grade of Magus.

Remembered because for over four decades he has been on an Occult quest – an anados – involving practical experience of both the sinister and the numinous and has, in recent years, found Lapis Philosophicus as explained in the Living The Final Apprehension section of the text Myatt, The Septenary Anados, And The Quest For Lapis Philosophicus (1}.

Thus, the practical, hard, testing, elitist, Seven Fold Way – to wisdom – that he has created {2} is and should be his legacy.

R. Parker

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Image credit: The Green Damask Room. A Painting by Richard Moult.