America is preparing the way for another foreign war as witness the accusations that Iran was responsible for the recent “unprovoked” attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, with the American government stating that “intelligence about the type of weapons used” proved it was Iran and releasing a video which they claimed showed Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the ships.

Which attacks and which video are almost certainly clandestine “Black Ops” by the American military designed to give the American government the excuse it needs to go to war with Iran or at the very least support a massive military attack on Iran by the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine.

The current President of America – the Zionist-loving Vulgarian – has spent the last few years implementing the agenda of the Zionist entity: he abandoned the nuclear deal with Iran that was brokered by Barack Obama; he imposed harsh economic sanctions on Iran; he moved the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; he claimed that the Zionist entity has the “right” to occupy and build settlements on the West Bank; he authorized a vast increase in the sale of advanced military weapons to the Zionists; and he regurgitated and regurgitates Zionist propaganda about the Iranian government being “evil” and that there needed to be “regime change” in Iran.

Following the American claim that recent attacks on oil tankers were undertaken by Iran, the British government, still the American poodle, immediately issued a statement that said that the attacks were “almost certainly” the work of Iran and that the attacks “build on a pattern of destabilising Iranian behaviour and pose a serious danger to the region.”

This is how modern wars and invasions often begin. By claims about some nation or State being “a serious danger”, a threat to “democracy” and tyrannical and “evil”. By repeating ad nauseam propaganda and lies, such as the lie before the invasion of Iraq that it had “weapons of mass destruction”; by harsh economic sanctions partly designed to weaken the designated enemy and partly designed to provoke that enemy, such as the harsh sanctions America imposed upon Japan for years before World War Two; by claims by “intelligence” sources and “analysts” that the designated new enemy has indeed done or is capable of what their government claims; and by “Black Ops” designed to cast blame on the “evil” enemy for war-like actions that require a military response.

We might therefore expect a majority of the peoples of modern Western nations to eventually accept the need for a new war against the new “evil” enemy, as they accepted the “need” to go to war with Germany in the 1930s and as they accepted and supported both the invasion of Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq.

June 2019

Update, 18 June, 2019. Following scepticism about the “grainy Black & White” video which the US government initially released about the Gulf of Oman incident they have now released colour images which they claim provide “definitive proof” of Iran’s involvement although all they show are individuals dressed in uniforms used by Iran’s armed forces in a boat of a type also used by Iran’s armed forces.

The fact that some “Black Ops” in the past have also involved military personnel dressed in the uniform of “the enemy” and using the military equipment of “the enemy” seems to have escaped the notice of most supporters of the US government version of events, as does the fact that such scenes are easy to fake as proved by Hollywood “war and action movies” which regularly feature people dressed in the correct military uniforms of the enemy while using the appropriate enemy military equipment, even if those uniforms and that equipment are skilful reproductions.

It seems the current pro-Zionist US government is relying on the sheeple in the US and the sheeple in the countries of their allies, and also on the pro-Zionist governments of Europe, believing their propaganda and their narrative that Iran must now “be dealt with” in military terms.


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