O9A Seven Fold Way


Beyond Satanism?

The phases or iterations of O9A strategy – outlined in texts such as the “inner ONA” documents titled Geneseos Caput Tertium and Presencing Azoth {1} and, importantly, as relevant and representative as they are to and of those who form “the inner O9A” {2} – indicate how that “inner part” of the Occult movement that is Order of Nine Angles may change, evolve, over the decades with one aspect of that evolution being the move from Phase II to Phase III,

             “Phase Three (P3) marks the change from overt exoteric Satanism – Satan as archetype, adversary; the 3 lower nexions of the Tree of Wyrd – to the more esoteric aspects, Baphomet as archetype; Rounwytha tradition; nexions Sol and Mars of the Tree of Wyrd.” {3}

As the authors of several recent texts have stated, Phase III is now – for some – underway; a move evident in the publication of the book Feond {4} with its collection of texts appropriate to the Seven Fold Way stage of Internal Adept, since as noted in the Preface of that book:

             “already published O9A works such as Naos, and Hostia […] were and are relevant to only the first three stages – Neophyte, Initiate, External Adept – of the O9A Seven Fold Way.”

In other words, and as explained in the text The Alleged National Socialism Of The O9A included in the 2019 book Feond, Satanism, just like National Socialism, is “understood by the O9A as a causal form: as an idea, or ideal, ἰδέᾳ/εἶδος,” which forms could be used to aid both the sinister dialectic and a personal learning experience via an O9A Insight Role lasting perhaps a year or so.

That text quotes letters from “Anton Long” – aka Stephen Brown {5} – in one of which, a letter to Lea dated 23rd September 1990 ev, he writes that

             “Satanism is a form, like any other – a “container” constructed in the causal world to effect certain changes. These are of an Aeonic kind.”

With the move to Phase III, some within the O9A movement are evolving away from overt Satanism, an evolution noted by an academic as far back as 2009:

             “I suggest here that the Order of Nine Angles is also post-Satanic, having outgrown its identification with its original Satanic paradigm to evolve its system into novel forms. I also suggest that although it still retains the concept of the “Sinister” as a familiar, familial moniker, the ONA is poised to outgrow its exclusive identification with the Left-Hand Path – a trend already indicated by the ease with which it assimilates, uses, and subverts Right-Hand Path esoteric and exoteric forms to its particular aeonic purposes; such that the ONA system includes but transcends even the Left-Hand Path / Right-Hand Path dualism which would otherwise appear endemic to the concepts of the sinister.” {6}

This is the move first toward a “sinister-numinous” Seven Fold Way (as evident in Internal Adept) and thence to a perception beyond denotata and beyond a dialectic of named opposites. Beyond names and categories and ideas such as “satanism”, and beyond opposites such as “Left Hand Path” and “Right Hand Path” and even beyond “sinister” and “numinous”. Which perception is that engendered by a transition, on the Seven Fold Way, into and beyond The Abyss. The perception of a Master of Temple and of a Mistress of Earth. For,

             “both the LHP (‘the sinister’) and the RHP (‘the numinous’) are themselves causal abstractions – ideations – which hide both our own nature, the nature (the physis) of other living beings, and the nature of Reality itself. For the O9A provides the individual with an opportunity to develop a perception, an understanding, a knowledge – acquired from a personal experience – beyond causal abstractions/forms and thus beyond denotatum; that is, and for example, beyond the illusion of conflicting/ideated opposites, beyond naming/denoting/words, beyond abstract morality, beyond dogma/ideology, beyond the simple principle of causation, and beyond the simplicity of a posited dialectical process.” {7}

Such a change was described in a 116yf (2005) text by Anton Long:

             “There will come a time when the ONA – and the individuals who are part of it or who are influenced by it – will outwardly shed the rhetoric, the images, the forms of “Satanism”, for such things are causal emanations tied to a particular Aeon; they are not the supra-Aeonic acausal essence which we, through the progression of Aeons, are moving toward and which it is the purpose of genuine Occultism and magick to move us, as individuals, toward experience of and understanding of.

             What will also change are the means – the magick – to presence the acausal. Thus, there will be a move away from ritual, and from overt Old Aeon symbolism – and especially from “words” and “names” – toward a much darker magick: a magick which manifests the acausal without the need for causal forms, and certainly without the need for “names”. One type of the new magick is The Star Game (the magick of “Thought”) and another is that which returns the Chaos which is, and which is not, The Dark Gods – but there will be many other types of this new five-dimensional magick, some of which are already known to, and used by, genuine Adepts of the Dark Tradition.” {8}

A Mis-Understood Transition?

Given the nature of the Occult movement that is the O9A, three important conditional provisions apply to this evolution beyond Satanism and thus beyond “the sinister”, and which O9A nature is that it is profoundly anarchic because the O9A, for example via its axiom of Authority Of Individual Judgement, encourages

             “individuals, via their own pathei-mathos, to develop, extend, refine, adapt, change, transform, and eventually, transcend, everything ONA, that is, what Anton Long himself has expounded and learned; and […] champions the open and free publication and distribution of esoteric information, of knowledge, and of the pathei-mathos of individuals.” {9}

The first proviso is that, in practical terms and currently, “beyond satanism” only applies to the aforementioned “Inner O9A” and to perhaps a few others.

The second proviso is that those following the way of the Rounwytha are not concerned with such temporal iterations, living as they do a mystical, pagan, rural, life.

The third proviso is that everyone associating themselves or their nexion with or who are inspired by the O9A Occult movement can (i) follow whatever O9A praxis they choose, such as the traditional Satanist one evident for example in the compilation The Requisite O9A {10} and in texts such as Hostia, and (ii) can change, evolve, adapt that traditional praxis in whatever manner, and (iii) can choose to develop their own O9A “flavour” or praxis including a post-Satanic one.

As noted – in the form of a rhetorical question – in the 2019 text Progressive, Traditional, Or Synthesis? The Evolution Of The O9A,

             “If such [a post-Satanic] evolution of the O9A is natural and necessary as a result of more individuals undergoing pathei-mathos then is it also not natural and necessary that some of those associating themselves with the O9A and some of those who have reached the stage of Internal Adept and some of those have successfully undertaken The Rite of the Abyss will, due to their unique pathei mathos, prefer the more traditional and sinister and well-tried approach with its practical presencing of its anti-Magian ethos, its potentially suffering causing Insight Rôles and ceremonies, and its overtly satanist nexions?” {11}

TWS Nexion
August 2019 ev

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The title Geneseos Caput Tertium – Genesis, Chapter Three – was both humorous and mimetic, as the inclusion of the text καὶ εἶπεν ὁ ὄφις τῇ γυναικί Οὐ θανάτῳ ἀποθανεῖσθε at the end of the document revealed.

{2} The Inner ONA is the exoteric name given to a small group of individuals who were recruited or trained or guided by “Anton Long” and who have achieved the Grade of Internal Adept or (more recently) who follow the O9A Rounwytha tradition. They are all personally known to each other and have an established tradition of meeting every three of so years at a Sunedrion, often at Oxford following the end of Trinity Term.

The two-part short story Sunedrion – A Wyrdful Tale fictionalizes one such Sunedrion, and is available at https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/sunedrion/

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