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Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris


Discovering hidden – long-forgotten – treasures about the O9A and about Mr Myatt is a hobby of mine and one which is perhaps relevant to a recent criminal trial {1} and relevant also to not so recent Media propaganda, “fake news”, about the O9A and about Mr Myatt. {2}

One unearthed treasure is a cache of a 2009 thread on a “satanist” internet forum about the O9A/Myatt. {3}

The thread not only contained a posting of the complete – now “lost” – Myattian and controversial article titled “The Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris”, but also sagacious comments about the O9A, such as the following.

{begin quotes}

            § What opinions, convictions, and emotions you have for the ONA are other people’s memes. Other people’s memes which has infected your mind, which you have allowed to alter and change your own being: your own thinking, you own feelings. You are not even your own person. You are not a free thinker. Your opinions about ONA are irrelevant…..

           § Most of humanity’s imagination is turned on by Mythos […] Where Mythos gradually transmutes into causal [real world results] by the power it has to captivate the imaginations of people. Logos only gives birth to debates and philosophical discussions…..

            § That’s one of the more fascinating aspects of the ONA, or rather Long/Myatt: is that it will adopt any subversive tool to undermine what it calls “the Magian” to the point where from an exoteric perspective, the ONA seems to completely contradict itself…..

            § The point of ONA amoral, illegal, stuff is that it is consciously done, for a sinister purpose. That it’s a learning experience. Part of a process of individual self-development that takes years. It’s a rational, willed, act – cold and calculated, if you will. That is, really sinister. So, if some idiots do stupid stuff because they have read about doing such stuff somewhere, then so what? They may learn from it, or they may not – it might make them stronger, or it might destroy them. We don’t care, because we are sinister. Because the responsibility is theirs……

{end quotes}

The 2009 thread also referenced a new defunct website – cosmicbeing dot info – which from around 2009 to 2012 hosted material relating to Myatt’s “numinous way” before he transformed it into his “philosophy of pathei-mathos” and thus rejected most of his former writings about that “numinous way”. Thus an archive version of that website {4} may be useful to scholars, academics, and others, interested in that earlier “numinous way” as might an archive version of the 2005 article by Canadian Jeff Wells titled “Nine Angles Of Separation” which suggested that Myatt might belong “to an intelligence service”. {5}

Reproduced above – as a pdf document – is the complete, early, version of “The Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris.”

October 2019 ev

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