Chant To Return Atazoth


We recommend that those interested in or already associated with the O9A download and then archive recordings of O9A esoteric chant now available (October 2019 ev) via a certain Internet platform {1}.

The esoteric chant of the O9A {2} – a new esoteric language {3} – is a currently neglected aspect of O9A tradition as is the 1989 (ev) O9A manuscript titled Naos {4} which manuscript is a modern, easy to understand, guide to sorcery – aka magick – of a Western and pagan septenary tradition hitherto ignored by both academics and by those who mistakenly believe that the Magian, Kabbalistic-indebted, ‘magic’ (sorcery) of the likes of The Hermetic Order Of the Golden Dawn, of Aleister Crowley, of Howard Stanton Levey (aka Anton LaVey) and of Michael Aquino, represents the Left Hand Path tradition of Western Occultism