Order Of Nine Angles


We challenge you, Nick Lowles, to provide evidence based on primary sources for your – in our view – prejudiced personal opinion that David Myatt is still a neo-Nazi and is still, or ever was, associated with the Order of Nine Angles. A personal opinion of yours which you made in your Media celebrated report titled State of Hate 2019.

If you deign to provide such evidence we will in the interests of fairness publish it. If, however, you decline to provide such evidence we will in the interests of fairness make such a refusal publicly known.

Furthermore, we enquire if you have read Myatt’s voluminous post-2012 writings about rejecting extremism – such as his Understanding And Rejecting Extremism {1} and his autobiography Myngath {2} – and if so whether in your opinion such writings are deceptive and the works of a trickster and, if so, on what evidence do you base such an opinion?

Given that, according to rumours, the TV production company “Expectation Factual” is planning a documentary about David Copeland and thus about Myatt’s possible involvement – an involvement as mentioned by you in a 2000 BBC Panorama documentary about Copeland for which documentary you were listed as a Producer – we also enquire if you still believe that Myatt was somehow to blame, and if so whether or not, given his expiative philosophy of pathei mathos, he in your opinion has changed and become an advocate of hope – of anti-extremism – rather than of hate.

Or shall we conclude that you and your compatriots at the so-called “hope not hate” group have prejudged, and are prejudiced against, Myatt in accordance with your hateful slogan НЕ ЗАБУДЕМ! НЕ ПРОСТИМ! and thus are pedalling hate rather than hope?

To be honest, we do not expect you to reply to this communication. {3} Instead, we expect you to either ignore it, or it to provoke you into more public anti-Myatt propaganda – and thus to more fake news {4} – based on your prejudice, on your apparent religious belief, that Myatt is still a neo-Nazi and is still, or was, associated with the Order of Nine Angles.

If you fail to provide evidence based on primary sources for your allegations, opinions, and assumptions about Myatt, and were you provoked by this web-blog post to more public anti-Myatt propaganda, we and sagacious others would be forced to conclude that hatred and prejudice rather than “hope not hate” dictates your opinions about Myatt.

In addition, and in regard to your allegations about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) have you studied the O9A corpus and such texts as the 300 page Seofonfeald Paeth trilogy? {5} If not, then your views about the O9A are – it seems to us, et al – as prejudiced as your views about Myatt.

Little wonder then that Myatt in 1990s challenged you to a duel with deadly weapons and which duel of honour you refused to take part. {6} Which refusal by you – and your excuses then and later – indicate much about your physis, and about the physis of Myatt himself. {7}

As Sonia Gable once was alleged to have said, you tried to blackmail her but failed. Which failed blackmail was apparently the genesis of your split from the anti-fascist Searchlight group and led to you founding the perhaps misnamed Hope Not Hate organisation.

TWS Nexion
December 2019 ev

{1} https://davidmyatt.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/dwm-rejecting-extremism-v3.pdf

{2} https://davidmyatt.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/david-myatt-myngath.pdf

{3} Given your much Media hyped “research and security” departments we expect you to know our e-mail address as supplied to both the author of the Quietus article about the O9A and to the TV production company Expectation Factual.

{4} https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/fake-news/

{5} https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/o9a-trilogy-print.pdf

{6} https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/meeting-with-nick-lowles/

{7} William Segar, Booke of Honor & Armes, published in 1590 ev. https://books.google.com/books?id=LlI_AQAAMAAJ

We draw your attention in particular to The First Booke (p.4) of that text which is titled “For what cause the partie belied ought to challenge, and of the nature of the Lie.”

It thus seems as if Myatt was and is following the tradition of European chivalry while you et al are apparently dishonourably using the power of modern Media to make unproven accusations against – spreading lies about – a particular person.