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It seems that “journalist for hire” Jake Hanrahan and BBC journalist Daniel De Simone have jumped on the anti-O9A bandwagon with over an hour long Apple podcast about the O9A titled O9A Rising: The Spread of Britain’s Occultist Militant Group. The podcast is also now available on SoundCloud.

The podcast includes the usual references to David Myatt being “Anton Long”, and like The Poison Dwarf – of Hate Not Hope infamy – Daniel De Simone commits the logical fallacy of argumentum ad verecundiam. That is, because some academics have claimed that Myatt=Long it must be true. He, of course, forgets to mention the academics who do not believe that Myatt=Long.

What is interesting is that the O9A is, according to Hanrahan and De Simone, now regarded as influential especially among young neo-nazis with the old joke – among Levey-loving “satanists” – about the O9A having “no members” discredited.

The gist is that, according to Daniel De Simone, the O9A is about “real evil,” about disrupting our society and bringing “dark forces to Earth”. Which rather reminds me of the Harry Potter saga…

Having declaimed that the O9A is about real evil and about presencing dark forces Daniel De Simone goes on to claim that this is all fantasy on behalf of the O9A, that the O9A is not influential. Thus contradicting his earlier remarks about how the O9A is and had been influential among many young neo-nazis and has even infiltrated mainstream Nazarene groups.

If this is all fantasy and the O9A is not influential then why spend well over an hour discussing and pontificating about the O9A? If this is all fantasy why did The Poison Dwarf present a petition to the UK government – signed by several Members of Parliament – to have the O9A banned as a terrorist organization? Also, Daniel De Simone goes on to mention that there “may be crimes committed by people involved with this group” – the O9A – thus contradicting himself again, and that given recent terrorism convictions involving young neo-nazis he now takes the O9A seriously.

Which recalls to mind a 1969 song by the group King Crimson titled “21st century schizoid man”.

Daniel De Simone goes to relate the lie – the propaganda – that the O9A encourages pedophilia when even a cursory examination of O9A material would suffice to reveal that the O9A does not and never has encouraged such sub-human, such mundane, proclivities. {1}{2}

He also goes on to commit the fallacy of secundum quid et simpliciter. Generalizing from a particular instance. But there is yet more. Over another half-hour of anti-O9A propaganda. Their contradictory conclusion? That the O9A is small, yet influential.

Suffice to write that the whole podcast is a propaganda triumph for the O9A.


{1} https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/o9a-children/
{2} https://omega9alpha.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/culling-o9a-code-v3.pdf