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In terms of scholarship and knowledge, a primary text is an original document created contemporaneous with, for example, the event or theory being studied and thus has valuable information about the topic. Primary sources generally enable a person to appreciate such an event or theory.

Secondary sources generally contain the opinion or conclusions or generalizations of those who may have read a few – not all – of the relevant primary texts but which often summarize the opinion or conclusions or generalizations of others.

In terms of the O9A (Order of Nine Angles) primary texts include the manuscript Naos {1), the Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown {2}, The Deofel Quartet {3} – all written by Anton Long – and the manuscript Diary Of An Internal Adept {4}. All the texts were written by those with a decades-long practical experience of O9A theory and praxis, and before the medium of the Internet became used as a source of information. Another important text is The Last Writings of Anton Long {5} which includes two short essays summing up his life-long occult quest.

O9A primary texts also include the Seofonfeald Paeth trilogy {6}, written by students of the Occult who for many years studied with Anton Long, thus revealing as many of the included texts do for the first time many aspects of O9A aural tradition, such as the historical origins of the septenary system; the relation of the seven-fold way to Hellenic hermeticism; the historical and esoteric context of Insight Rôles; Renaissance parallels to the Tree Of Wyrd and The Star Game; the relation between empathy and the numinous; the metaphysics of masculous and muliebral and the acausal; the O9A use of the term καλὸς-κἀγαθός; archaic spelling in O9A esoteric tradition; non-English names and terms in O9A tradition; the O9A Art Of Shrenching; the Somnium Scipionis of Cicero and the septenary system; sorcery in Virgil’s Aeneid; Alchemy and the O9A’s Sinisterly-Numinous tradition; Arabic influences such as Kitab Al-Alfak, and the Ruhaniyyat. And so on and so on.

Thus, to fully understand and appreciate the O9A – beyond the opinion or conclusions or generalizations or the allegations of others – a study of such primary texts is necessary.

TWS Nexion
August 2020 ev

{1} A facsimile of the original typewritten text is available at https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/naos-practical-guide-to-modern-magick.pdf

{2} Facsimile copies of letters to and from the Order of Nine Angles, Michael Aquino, Diane Vera, et al, dating from the 1990s, available at https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/satanicletters-1.pdf and https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/satanicletters-2.pdf

{3} Digital copies made by Anton Long in 2008 from the original typescripts available at https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/deofel-quartet/
See also https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2018/12/09/appreciating-the-apolitical-deofel-quartet/

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