As explained many times in the past two years, {1} the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) does not and never has called for or promoted the commission of sexual violence with this lie about sexual abuse now being at the centre of an on-going anti-fascist campaign to try to defame and to discredit the O9A.

This lie – like the lie of misogyny {2} – has been repeated for nearly three years by means of “social media”, by web-sites on the internet, by press releases, by anti-fascists meeting with journalists and politicians, and others – and in propagandistic biased so-called “reports” issued by the anti-fascist political advocacy group at the forefront of the smear campaign and which reports are full of errors and lies {3}. This lie of sexual abuse has been repeated so often by so many and various means that many credulous or lazy people, including journalists, unwilling to do their own research into primary O9A texts, now believe the lie. A lie that has also been repeated in the mainstream Media who have uncritically quoted from those propagandistic biased “reports”.

The anti-fascist political advocacy group at the forefront of the smear campaign has British Members of Parliament – who believe their lies and propaganda – lobbying the Home Office to ban the O9A while anti-fascists continue to try to defame and to discredit the O9A by means of “social media”, by press releases to the mainstream Media, and by contacting journalists in Britain, Continental Europe, America and elsewhere all of who have never bothered to present the O9A side of the story.

In respect of the lie, the following was recently posted on the “Twitter” social media platform by the anti-fascist political advocacy group at the forefront of the smear campaign:

“Groups like the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) blend neo-nazi propaganda with calls to commit sexual violence as a means to spark societal collapse. Their reach is frightening. Their impact is increasingly clear. The UKHomeOffice must act to ban O9A now.”

The anti-fascist political advocacy group at the forefront of the smear campaign has never produced any evidence from primary O9A sources – written between 1976 and 2020 and authored, before 2011,  by “Anton Long” or, after 2012, by his seven or so students – to substantiate the claim that O9A literature has called for or promoted sexual violence.

Instead, they rely on another lie: that around a dozen or so people who have been been convicted of sexual offences or who are alleged to have called for sexual violence are “members” of the O9A whereas the truth is (i) that the O9A – being an anarchistic-nihilistic {4} esoteric philosophy and not a group or organization – has no members, and never has had any members, and (ii) that those people they name are and have been interested in the O9A, generally because they have either (i) misunderstood O9A esoteric philosophy based as it is on an individual years-long hermetic quest along the O9A Seven Fold Way, as explained in books such as the 1989 Naos text and in the 2019 text The Seofonfeald Paeth, or (ii) those people have gotten lost in the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus designed as that was to test, select, confuse, mislead and intrigue.

Having an interest in the O9A, being in possession of O9A literature, displaying the O9A sigil, claiming to be in contact with the O9A, and even calling one’s self O9A does not make a person a “member” of the O9A. Except, of course, in the minds of prejudiced, intolerant, anti-fascists and their supporters who, judging by their campaign of or their belief in lies and propaganda about the O9A, have a preconceived opinion about the O9A not based on reason or actual experience or on scholarly research; a bias, a partiality; an unreasoned dislike of, or hostility toward the O9A; an unreasoning objection to the O9A; or who have made a preliminary or anticipatory judgement about the O9A.

To instigate, to conduct, such a campaign of lies and propaganda designed to try to defame and to discredit a group, or organization, or person, or a religion, or a philosophy – esoteric, political or otherwise – and a belief by others in such lies, is, as history reveals, part of the nature of many human beings. But history also reveals that such campaigns – while they may be effective in the short term, of years or decades – are, in terms of centuries and millennia, failures given that part of the nature of many other human beings is to question, to not be prejudiced or intolerant, to seek answers for themselves often by undertaking their own research.

Thus, even if in the present century anti-fascists and their supporters have thousands of people believing their lies and propaganda about the O9A, and even if they somehow succeed in having some fictional entity called “the O9A” banned by the government, it will in Aeonic terms make no difference to O9A esoteric philosophy and its Seven Fold Way, since it will still be taught in the manner of ancient hermeticism: from person to person, from teacher to pupil; as it has been so taught since the 1970s.

October 2020 ev

{1} See, for example, the text Our Reasoned Response, available at

{2}  {quote} According to Labour Member of Parliament Stephanie Peacock the O9A “promotes some of the world’s most hateful, misogynistic beliefs out there, targeting women with the worst forms of cruelty and violence.” However, a study of primary O9A texts – such as The Deofel Quartet, the pro-Lesbian novel Breaking The Silence Down and items such as the 2017 On The Anti-Patriarchal O9A Ethos – reveals the exact opposite, as does the O9A praxis named The Rounwytha, which option is explained in the text The Seven Fold Way Of The Order Of Nine Angles: A Modern Practical Guide where men are the exception, women the rule. In addition, the O9A has always had Sapphic nexions. See also the 2013 article The Rounwytha Way which is included here as an appendix. {/quote} Source:

{3} The text Exposing Twelve Basic Errors concerns one such report, and is available at and is also included in the aforementioned Our Reasoned Response text.

{4} See