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In my own esoteric journey – my anados – over several decades I believe I have chanced upon several truths about myself and about the nature of we human beings.

One of which truths is that, for all our thousands of years of what Myatt terms our human culture of pathei-mathos, {1} those in authority, however that authority has been gained, can always find sufficient representatives, sufficient people, sufficient forces, to do their bidding even if, or perhaps especially if, that bidding goes against the knowledge that the culture of pathei-mathos has taught us or could teach us.

Which knowledge, as Anton Long expressed it, is that:
              “An important part of the knowledge, and the esoteric insight, of the accumulated esoteric and exoteric pathei-mathos of past millennia as well as of the past century or more, is that it is individual pathei-mathos and/or an esoteric inner transformation which gradually cause the most affective (the most long lasting, Aeonic) change. That is, that in Aeonic terms – over millennia – the outer development of individuals wrought or saught by wars, revolutions, conflicts, idealism, kampf, the birth and death of empires/nations/States, and social and political ideas/programmes, generally does not last.” {2}

Thus, in recent days (February 2021 ev), we have the scenario of people in the military and in the police in Burma (now called Myanmar) obeying – because of a Chain of Command – the diktats of some military commander who commands that violence be used against civilian protesters, just as almost all police officers in Britain will no doubt enforce the diktat of some politicians in Britain – who belong to a so-called centuries old “democratic tradition” – that those travellers who ignore their new political diktat could face up to ten years in prison. {3}

Where, in such enforcers, is the knowledge that the culture of pathei-mathos has taught us over millennia? Where the personal knowledge, the pathei-mathos, that might or that should cause some or many of them to disavow such an Old Aeon and impersonal chain of command? {4}

That there appears to be no such knowledge among the majority involved in a chain of command seems to suggest, as Anton Long wrote, that it may take a century or more – perhaps a millennia – for this knowledge to affect, and define, our species.

It is a still an unknown fact of our times that – contrary to the lies and the hate propaganda of the likes of Nick Lowles and his Old Aeon “Hate Not Hope” group – the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) seeks to break that Old Aeon “chain of command”, of obedience to Old Aeon ideas and causal abstractions, and thus seeks, through such a praxis as the O9A Seven Fold Way,
              “to not only preserve, and add to, the knowledge and the understanding that both esoteric and exoteric individual pathei-mathos have bequeathed to us, but to manifest a new type of culture and imbue it with such acausal energies that its archetypes/mythoi will enable, over an Aeonic timescale, a significant evolutionary change in our species.” {2}

February 2021 ev

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{3} https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56007798

{4} According to information recently received (10/02/2021) a few military and police personnel have joined demonstrators in opposing the Burmese military diktat.