David Myatt 1995
David Myatt 1995


The release of an audio recording of what is stated to be a 1990s interview with David Myatt regarding his alleged involvement with the O9A {1} is timely given the on-going anti-fascist, Zionist financed, campaign to have the O9A proscribed by the British government as a terrorist organisation.

According to our sources the recording is genuine and that the interview was with Nick Lowles (now of Hate Not Hope infamy) in 1998 at a pub – an Inn – in Craven Arms, Shropshire, England where Lowles was accompanied by a “burly minder”, a bodyguard, fearsome as Lowles was of Myatt’s reputation as a street-fighting neo-nazi who, or so it was rumoured, always carried a weapon, either a hunting knife or a semi-automatic pistol.

At the time of the interview Myatt was on bail following his arrest earlier in the year by Detectives from SO12 (Special Branch) based at Scotland Yard as part of what was codenamed Operation Periphery which involved a “dawn raid” on Myatt’s four-bedroomed detached house in the rural village of Leigh Sinton near Malvern. Following his arrest, Myatt faced charges of incitement to racial hatred and incitement/conspiracy to murder with part of his bail conditions being to attend further interviews with Detectives from SO12 at Charing Cross police station in London, which he did during 1998 and 1999.

Apparently unknown to Lowles at the time of his interview, Myatt was under covert 24 hour surveillance by MI5 with all his communications – telephonic, internet – monitored by GCHQ and with his mail regularly intercepted by Special Branch officers in Worcester working in conjunction with MI5.

During the interview with Lowles, Myatt stuck with his story – related the same year in correspondence with Professor Kaplan and others {2} – of personally knowing two people connected to the O9A with that connection being for the sole purpose of using them as part of a neo-nazi covert operation to spread neo-nazi ideas, propaganda, and denial of the holocaust. {3}

What the interview with Lowles reveals is Myatt adhering to three principles. The first is honourably accepting the word of people when they give their word. The second is of giving his own word, on his honour, that he is not Anton Long, was never involved in any practical way with the O9A, and did not share the beliefs of those who were. The third is not speculating about the intent of other people who may have been involved with the O9A and that questions about their involvement and beliefs should be personally directed at them.

Three other matters deserve mentioning in relation to the interview.

(i) The first matter is the mention by Lowles of a fictional story, allegedly associated with the O9A, titled The Girl Goddess, part of which story he reads. What Lowles does not mention are three important things. First, that the story was written by a young woman. Second, what the source of the story was and what connection if any it had with the early O9A. Third, that the story has never been republished by the O9A or indeed by anyone, so far as we know.

(ii) The second matter is that in an article titled Who Is Anton Long? Caveat Lector – written in 2011 and available only in an archived version of the now defunct “nineangles” blog – the author wrote,

{quote} Who is Anton Long? Anton Long: the alleged founder – the documented Grandmaster – of the sinister, Occult group named The Order of Nine Angles. For three decades, it has been assumed – by journalists, and others, of the modern sub-species Homo Hubris – that Anton Long is just a pseudonym of one David Myatt […]
[But if] David Myatt is not Anton Long, then are there any clues as to the real identity of Anton Long, Satanist? {/quote}

Several years after the article was published, an investigator working for the anti-fascist group Searchlight tracked down a possible suspect, who in the 1970s had been briefly involved with the far-right group the National Front, and asked him for an interview. The person declined, with this Searchlight investigation occurring some time after Lowles had left that particular anti-fascist group to found his now well-financed, Zionist supported, and now mainstream and Media-hyped anti-fascist group Hate Not Hope.

(iii) The third matter, of historical interest, is that at the time of the interview Myatt had already developed his “revisionist” non-racist version – his evolution – of National Socialism manifest as it then was in his Reichsfolk group and inspired as this version was by Myatt’s meetings with Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle and by his correspondence with Jost Turner whose vision was of a new folk-community in America and of other “NS kindred” communities around the world. {4}

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{1} The interview is currently – March 24, 2021 ev – available at https://soundcloud.com/user-792604483/dm9-restoration-noise-filters-and-master

{2} According to Kaplan, Myatt wrote that he did not share the views of his contacts and that they agreed to disagree about many matters. See Footnote #51 of Kaplan’s book Nation and Race, published by Northeastern University Press in 1998.

{3} As Myatt states in his text A Matter Of Honour, his occult involvement “such as it was in the 1970’s and later, was for the singular purpose of subversion and infiltration in the cause of National-Socialism, with part of this being to spread racist ideas and denial of the holocaust. Thus one such occult group I associated with was a honeytrap, and the whole intent was political, revolutionary, not occult and not to with ‘satanism’. It was a matter of using, or trying to use, such occult groups for a specific neo-nazi purpose without any interest in or personal involvement with the occult.”

{4} For an overview of Myatt’s evolution of National Socialism see https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2021/01/ns-two-versions.pdf