We have described – renamed – the anti-fascist group at the forefront of the campaign to have the O9A banned, proscribed, by the British government as Hate Not Hope because in our view the lies, the propaganda, the disinformation they have spread about the O9A and about their declared enemies {1} is indicative of prejudice and hatred rather than indicative of hope, reason, and truth.

For example, in respect of the O9A they persist in the lie that the O9A promotes sexual violence, rape, and misogyny, writing in their latest report titled State Of Hate 2021 about “an Order of Nine Angles (O9A) connected Telegram group that promotes sexual violence” and that “the glorification of rape and sexual violence” by some neo-nazi groups has “to do with the influence of the nazi-satanic Order of Nine Angles”.

In previous propagandistic reports they stated that “O9A literature regularly advocates ritualised rape” and that many O9A “members” have been convicted of sexual crimes against women and children.

We, and others, have over the past few years exposed the lies, the propaganda, the disinformation they have spread about the O9A. For instance:

    <begin quote> A study of the O9A corpus from the 1970s to 2020 – for example from the pro-Sapphic novel Breaking The Silence Down {2} to the essay The Anti-Patriarchal O9A Ethos {3} – reveals the O9A attitude toward women, with the O9A code of kindred honour embodying respect for women and gender equality {3} and with the O9A having “more female supporters than either the Church of Satan or the Temple of Set [and] more women with children.” {4}

Nowhere in the corpus of O9A texts written by Anton Long between the 1970s and 2012 does the O9A advocate rape or misogyny. Nowhere in the texts written by students of Anton Long – texts such as The Seofonfeald Paeth {5} – is there any advocacy of either rape or misogyny.

In fact the O9A consider rapists as suitable candidates for culling {6}. This lie of encouraging sexual abuse and rape is built on another lie: that around a dozen or so people who have been been convicted of sexual offences or who are alleged to have called for sexual violence are “members” of the O9A whereas the truth is

(i) that the O9A – being an esoteric philosophy (a sinisterly-numinous mystic tradition, a changing, evolving, sub-culture which individuals sometimes identify with or may be influenced by) and not a group or organization – has no members, and never has had any members, and
(ii) that those people they name are and have been interested in the O9A, generally because they have either (a) misunderstood O9A esoteric philosophy based as it is on an individual years-long hermetic quest along the O9A Seven Fold Way, as explained in books such as the 1989 Naos text and in the 2019 text The Seofonfeald Paeth, or (b) those people have gotten lost in the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus designed as that was to test, select, confuse, mislead and intrigue.” {7} <end quote>

Another classic example of their lies, propaganda, and disinformation – their prejudice – is that they assume or believe that there is “an Order of Nine Angles (O9A) connected Telegram group that promotes sexual violence.” whereas, since the O9A is an Occult philosophy – a changing, evolving, sub-culture – it is not an entity or group and so cannot be connected to some social media platform (encrypted or otherwise) or to some blog or website. There are only individuals who – professing to follow that philosophy or who follow their own or someone else’s misapprehension or misinterpretation of that philosophy – can be connected to such things as exist in cyberspace or elsewhere.

In the face of the truth explained by us and by others, the fact that a particular anti-fascist group continues to repeat their lies, propaganda, and disinformation about the O9A indicates their hatred and prejudice, their unreasoned dislike; for their preconceived opinion about the O9A is not based on reason or on a thorough study of O9A philosophy as manifest in the writings of Anton Long.

TWS Nexion
March 2021 ev

{1} One of their declared enemies is David Myatt. For how Hate Not Hope and the Establishment treat him in comparison with another former racist see

{2} Available from

{3} Included as an Appendix in

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