It really is amusing to us how crusading anti-fascists continually reveal their hypocrisy. Hypocrisy because they write and talk about how awful “hatred” and “bigotry” are and yet in their crusading fanaticism they are intolerant of and are prejudiced regarding their declared enemies, steadfastly refusing to change their opinion about a declared enemy even when presented with evidence which contradicts their beliefs and opinions about a person or persons.

A classic example is how anti-fascists are bigoted about David Myatt: refusing in their prejudice to believe, for example, his consistent denial that he is Anton Long of O9A fame; refusing to believe his consistent denial of being involved with the O9A, and refusing to believe, as his post-2012 writings indicate, that he has rejected neo-nazism and extremism in general.

Instead, they accuse him of lying; of pretence; of duplicity.

Furthermore, they never provide and have never provided anything probative to prove he is or was Anton Long, or was/is involved with the O9A, or still is a neo-nazi and an extremist. All they do in their prejudice is repeat hearsay or give their biased personal opinion or commit logical fallacies such as argumentum ad verecundiam and argumentum ad populum.

Some even go further in their bigotry and state that anyone who accepts Myatt’s word and/or believes his denials is stupid, or has been duped, or has bought into or is practising the O9A technique of spreading disinformation and contradictions as part of the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus.

Thus in the matter of the recently released recording of a 1998 Myatt interview, the anti-fascist bigots state such things as:

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“Old interview with the illusive David Myatt, who’s been a militant neo-Nazi, a militant jihadist, alleged leader of the far-right occultist Order of Nine Angles, and several other fascinating & terrible things. In this he pretends (badly) not to be O9A.”

“It’s kind of hilarious that the O9A people who published this think that this somehow definitively proves that he’s not Anton Long.”

“Myatt lying and equivocating about his role in the Order of Nine Angles.”
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The anti-fascist bigotry in regard to Myatt is also evident in the tale of two reformed racists: one is given the benefit of the doubt and believed, while Myatt is not.

Why the bigotry in respect of Myatt? As the author of the aforementioned article about two reformed racists wrote some years ago, perhaps

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there is (i) the fact that Myatt has made – both as a neo-nazi and as a radical Muslim – powerful and influential enemies whose mottos are “Never Again” and “Never Forget, Never Forgive”, and (ii) that Myatt’s neo-nazi writings (despite his disavowal of them) still resonant with some people within the neo-nazi community, and (iii) that so many people within the modern Satanist and Occult movements continue to believe (without any evidence) that Myatt is Anton Long and the founder of and the driving force behind the subversive, anti-Establishment, Order of Nine Angles.
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As Haereticus wrote last year all the lies and disinformation about Myatt raise

“the question of just why Mr Myatt – from 1984 to the present – has been the subject of anti-fascist, and of Jewish, hatred and propaganda.

Is what Myatt wrote during his neo-nazi years (1968-1998) so dangerous to the current Magian status quo? Is his recent – post-2011 – pagan philosophy of pathei-mathos also so dangerous to the current Magian status quo?

If so, that would explain such a hateful and long-lasting campaign to discredit him.”

To which we would add: is the O9A, which it is alleged was founded and led by Myatt, regarded as so dangerous to the current Magian status quo? Apparently so, given the crusade to have it banned in Britain and designated a “terrorist organization” in the United States. {1}
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{1} The quotation is from https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2021/04/lies-of-lowles-part2-v1.pdf