The O9A And AtomWaffen – A Summary

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


The O9A And AWD – A Summary

Recent Media stories about the American based National Socialist group AtomWaffen Division (AWD) – implicated in five murders between May 2017 to January 2018 – with evidence emerging that several members of that group are associated with the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) has led not only to mention of the O9A in the Media but also to an upsurge of interest in the O9A itself.

In addition there has been an often hostile reaction among many self-described “neo-nazis” to the alleged presence of “satanists” and to the O9A in the modern NS movement, a reaction based almost entirely on a lack of knowledge both of the satanism promulgated by the O9A and of the O9A itself, leading to such self-described “neo-nazis” basically repeating Media propaganda.

In this article we provide a summary of “the story so far” and also outline – from our perspective – the nature of the satanism promulgated by the O9A and the nature of the O9A itself, contra Media propaganda.


From all the reportage of the AWD and the O9A over the past few months we have selected the three that have not only generated the most interest but also been quoted or mentioned or paraphrased in many subsequent reports.

§ The most balanced (unbiased) and factual item was by the US-based, and anti-fascist, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), published on their Hatewatch blog on February 22, 2018 under the headline Atomwaffen and the SIEGE parallax: how one neo-Nazi’s life’s work is fueling a younger generation.

In the long report, the O9A merited only a few paragraphs:
               “In online neo-Nazi circles, satanic texts are providing the most fodder for debate. Many are unsure and others angry about what Atomwaffen now represents.                Two of the three texts in question are The Devil’s Notebook by Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, and Hostia: Secret Teachings of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a three-volume collection of manuscripts penned by O9A members. They comprise codices of O9A’s beliefs and practices.
               Decades ago, the O9A allegedly came under the control of infamous British neo-Nazi David Myatt, who converted to radical Islam, but renounced his conversion eight years later and returned to esoteric spirituality. The group holds an important position in the niche, international nexus of occult, esoteric, and/or satanic neo-Nazi groups.
               The third book is Iron Gates, written by a member of the U.S.-based Tempel ov Blood, a sub-sect of O9A describing itself as a hybrid between a traditional satanic coven and a (religious) militant order.”

The information is accurate, and also balanced in that the larger context – for example, the book Siege by James Mason – is allotted more space than the O9A with the SPLC correctly prefixing the rumour associating Myatt with the O9A with “allegedly.”

§ The second item was a two-part article on the ProPublica on-line news-site by Ali Winston and Jake Hanrahan, with the first part published on January 26, and the second part on February 23. The articles concentrated, newspaper-fashion, on the deeds and views of individuals, with the alleged link between AWD and the O9A not mentioned.

However, one of the authors – Hanrahan – subsequently mentioned the O9A in connection with AWD via the Twitter social media platform, writing that the “O9A is a strange satanic-fascist umbrella for anyone who follows their brutal ideology. It began in England in the 70s & is believed to have been a brain child of former neo-Nazi turned former jihadist, David Myatt (which he denies).”

§ The third item, by Kelly Weill, was published on The Daily Beast, an on-line American news and opinion outlet, on March 22, 2018 under the headline Satanism Drama Is Tearing Apart the Murderous Neo-Nazi Group Atomwaffen.

The article was devoted to the O9A and to the reaction of some self-described neo-nazis and purported AWD members to the news of the association between the O9A and AWD. She wrote:
               “Atomwaffen is an extremist group that received national attention after being implicated in five murders from May 2017 to January 2018. But even before the most recent slaying, Atomwaffen was under fire from others on the far right who claimed the group was actually a mouthpiece for the Order of Nine Angles, a satanic group that encourages members to infiltrate extremist political movements, whose members might be susceptible to conversion.
               It doesn’t help that, until recently, Atomwaffen pushed the satanic group’s literature on one of its websites.
               The satanist group requires members to spend six months either hitchhiking, working as a burglar, working as a police officer, or infiltrating an extremist political group—a group like Atomwaffen.”

In contrast to the more factual SPLC report, and academic studies {1}{2}{3}, the O9A is described in the Weill article in typical journalistic-style – weasel-words, derogatory, no sources – as “a fringe occultist group”.

In addition, the author blandly repeated the canard that O9A members are “called Noctulians” thus revealing a lack of knowledge about the O9A. Basic research would have revealed that the term Noctulian refers to a pre-O9A Fenland/Cantabrigian pagan tradition {4}.

The Satanism Of The O9A

As quoted in our compilation titled The Order of Nine Angles And National Socialism,
               “The O9A understand the term satan as referring to some human being or beings who ‘diabolically’ plot or who scheme against or who are ‘diabolically’ opposed to those who consider themselves as ‘chosen’ by their monotheistic God.” {5}

Therefore, according to the O9A, a satanist is someone who is heretically opposed to those who believe they are God’s “chosen people,” with such opposition to such people (and their ideas) also of course being a central tenet of both German National Socialism and post-WWII manifestations of National Socialism. Thus it is indicative and amusing that so many self-described “neo-nazis” who pontificate about the O9A do not appreciate or just do not know about this link between the O9A and National Socialism.

O9A satanism is therefore the opposite of – contradictory to – (i) the accepted Media, Nazarene-derived, version of ‘satanism’, and to (ii) the so-called ‘satanism’ propagated by Howard Stanton Levey (aka Anton LaVey) which is basically egoistic materialism with ‘satan’ as a symbol of selfish indulgence.

               “The Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) is a sinisterly-numinous mystic tradition: it is not now and never was either strictly satanist or strictly Left Hand Path, but uses ‘satanism’ and the LHP as ‘causal forms’; that is, as techniques/experiences/ordeals/challenges (amoral and otherwise) in a decades-long personal anados (quest) to engender in the initiate both esoteric, and exoteric, pathei mathos, and which pathei mathos is the beginning of wisdom.
               The extreme type of ‘satanism’ advocated by the O9A is – for O9A initiates – only one part of the ‘sinister’ aspect of the sinisterly-numinous tradition: a necessary and novitiate pathei-mathos, a modern ‘rite of passage’ […] Being O9A – belonging to the O9A – means both (a) using O9A esoteric philosophy, and one or more of its praxises, as guides to achieve that personal enantiodromia, and (b) accepting and living according to the O9A logos, since that logos is the unique perceiveration which differentiates the O9A from other occult groups past and present, and which logos presences the essence, the ethos, of the O9A […]
               The O9A logos is manifest exoterically in the O9A code of kindred honour. For that code embodies – as living by that code can cultivate in the individual – both a pagan understanding/gnosis and the necessary O9A character.” {6}

The Principle Of The Authority Of Individual Judgment

We – identifying as O9A and as an independent nexion applying the esoteric philosophy of the O9A including its code of kindred honour – interpret that philosophy as anti-Magian in essence and pro-NationalSocialist and fascist in exoteric practice and as required by the O9A’s Sinister Dialectic.

Our view – as supporters of our Western culture – is that a resurgent National Socialism, or a resurgent fascism, or something politically similar, embodies what is necessary to bring down the Old Order from whose ruins a New Order will emerge.

However, others identifying with or associating themselves with the O9A do not share this interpretation. Some interpret that esoteric philosophy as anarchistic; others as nihilistic; others as elitist in a cultured and aristocratic way.

As noted in the text Aristocracy, Anarchy, or Nihilism? The Continuing Internal O9A Debate,
               “One of the many interesting things about the Order of Nine Angles is the diversity of opinion and interpretation among those who associate themselves with the O9A or who follow or who are inspired by the esoteric philosophy of Anton Long […]
               Such a diversity of opinion and interpretation of matters O9A is natural and necessary [for] the O9A, from its beginnings, has – via its praxises and its principle of individual judgement – encouraged every O9A person, nexion, group, or cell, to develop their own interpretation of everything O9A.” {7}

TWS Nexion
March 2018 ev


{1} “The ONA has produced more material on both the practical and theoretical aspects of magic, as well as more ideological texts on Satanism and the Left-Hand Path in general, than larger groups such as the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set has produced in combination [which] makes the ONA an important player in the theoretical discussion of what the Left-Hand Path and Satanism is and should be according to the practitioners.” Jacob C. Senholt, The Sinister Tradition, International conference, Satanism in the Modern World, Trondheim, 19-20th of November, 2009

{2} The ONA represent “a dangerous and extreme form of Satanism.” Faxneld, Per. Post-Satanism, Left-Hand Paths, and Beyond: Visiting the Margins. The Devil’s Party: Satanism in Modernity. Oxford University Press, 2013. p.207

{3} In 2013 Professor Monette estimated that there were “over two thousand ONA associates” – Mysticism in the 21st Century. Sirius Academic Press, 2013. p.89 – with Professor Introvigne writing – Satanism: A Social History. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2017. p. 359 – that if Monette’s estimate was correct, then the ONA is “the largest Satanist organization in the world.”

{4} See, for example, the 2013 O9A text Authority, Learning, and Culture, In The Sinister Tradition Of The Order of Nine Angles from which this is a quote:
               “The O9A, as it now is and as it has been during the past four decades, is the accumulated occult pathei-mathos of Anton Long and of those whose ancient pagan, hermetic, and satanic, traditions (Camlad, Noctulians, Temple of the Sun) he inherited and/or personally studied and learned from […]
               A lot of the ancestral pathei-mathos Anton Long inherited he expressed in the five fictional stories that form the Deofel Quintet. For instance, both The Giving and Breaking The Silence Down express something of the ancient Rounwytha tradition. The Falcifer story expresses elements of the Temple of the Sun tradition; while The Greyling Owl relates some aspects of the Fenland/Cantabrigian Noctulian tradition. In the novel The Temple of Satan all three traditions make an appearance.”

{5} The Order of Nine Angles And National Socialism (pdf)

{6} O9A 101, included in Quintessence Of The O9A (pdf)

{7} Aristocracy, Anarchy, or Nihilism? (pdf)



O9A Occult Fiction

Eulalia: Dark Daughter Of Baphomet

The Deofel Quartet
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The O9A, Satanism, AtomWaffen, And The Media



The Occult Phantom Menace, Part Nine

The Media story about the Order of Nine Angles and AtomWaffen Division continues to propagate and grow, as does the reaction. A recent instalment was on an on-line American news and opinion outlet – The Daily Beast – which is estimated to have around half a million readers a day.

The instalment has the headline Satanism Drama Is Tearing Apart the Murderous Neo-Nazi Group Atomwaffen. It states that the O9A “encourages members to infiltrate extremist political movements,” promotes Holocaust denial, and that “one of the group’s longest-running leaders, Anton Long, is rumored to have been a pseudonym for the known neo-Nazi David Myatt.”

According to the author of the piece, reporter Kelly Weill, “White nationalists are disavowing the murderous neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division – not because of the murder, but because the group can’t shake persistent rumors that it’s a gateway organization for a satanic cult.”

The article mentions a lengthy diatribe published by a purported former Atomwaffen member that amusingly states that “Noctulian scum” will be purged from the neo-nazi movement. The diatribe is amusing, for two reasons. Firstly because the purported former member knows so little about the O9A that they believe the recent Media canard that “ONA members are called Noctulians.” Secondly, because as a perusal of O9A literature would have revealed – and as we revealed in our recent article Traditional Satanism – the O9A understand the term satan as referring
               “to some human being or beings who ‘diabolically’ plot or who scheme against or who are ‘diabolically’ opposed to those who consider themselves as ‘chosen’ by their monotheistic God.”

Thus, according to the O9A, a satanist is someone who is heretically opposed to those who believe they are God’s “chosen people,” with such opposition to such people also of course being a central tenet of both German National Socialism and post-WWII manifestations of National Socialism. We find it both indicative and amusing that so many self-described “neo-nazis” who pontificate about the O9A don’t appreciate or just don’t know about the link between the O9A and National Socialism.

An Apposite Quotation

Order Of Nine Angles


“I suggest here that the Order of Nine Angles is also post-Satanic, having outgrown its identification with its original Satanic paradigm to evolve its system into novel forms. I also suggest that although it still retains the concept of the “Sinister” as a familiar, familial moniker, the ONA is poised to outgrow its exclusive identification with the Left-Hand Path – a trend already indicated by the ease with which it assimilates, uses, and subverts Right-Hand Path esoteric and exoteric forms to its particular aeonic purposes; such that the ONA system includes but transcends even the Left-Hand Path / Right-Hand Path dualism which would otherwise appear endemic to the concepts of the sinister.”

Source: George Sieg, Angular Momentum: From Traditional to Progressive Satanism in the Order of Nine Angles, Conference paper: Satanism in the Modern World, November 2009, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.



The Multiform O9A

Traditional Satanism



The term Traditional Satanism was invented by the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) to describe their type of ‘natural satanism’ and distinguish it from the materialistic egoistic so-called ‘satanism’ promulgated by Howard Levey – aka Anton LaVey – and his Church of Satan.

The term Traditional Satanism was first publicly used by the O9A in the second edition of their Black Book of Satan, published by Thormynd Press in 1984 (ISBN 094664604X, British National Bibliography (BNB) GB8508400).

The following three quotations describe how Traditional Satanists such as the O9A understand who and what Satan is and thus what Satanism means and implies. The first quotation from the neglected O9A text The Geryne of Satan {1}, the second – which paraphrases part of The Geryne of Satan – is from Concerning God, Demons, and the Non-Jewish Origin of Satan, {2}. The third quotation is from The Order of Nine Angles And National Socialism {3}.


1. [quote] “In heretical contradistinction to others and especially to contradict the majority of modern self-described Satanists, the ONA asserts that the word satan has its origin in Ancient Greek.

That is, that it is our contention that the Hebrew word derives from the old (in origin Phoenician) word that became the Ancient Greek αἰτία/αἴτιος – as for example in the Homeric μείων γὰρ αἰτία (to accuse/to blame) or as in “an accusation” (qv. Aeschylus: αἰτίαν ἔχειν) – and that it was this older Greek form which became corrupted to the Hebrew ‘satan’ and whence also the ‘Shaitan’ of Islam. Furthermore, in the Greek of the classical period αἰτία and διαβολή – accusation, slander, quarrel – were often used for the same thing, when a negative sense was meant or implied (as in a false accusation) with the person so accused becoming an opponent of those so accusing, or when there was enmity (and thus opposition, scheming, and intrigue) as for example mentioned by Thucydides – κατὰ τὰς ἰδίας διαβολὰς (2.65).

Given that, for centuries, ‫שָטן‬ as described in the Old Testament of the Hebrews was commonly written in English as sathans and thus pronounced as sath-ans (and not as say-tan) it is perhaps easy to understand how the Greek αἰτία – or the earlier Homeric αἴτιος – could become transformed, by non-Greeks, to ‫שָטן‬ [/quote]

2. [quote] “According to mundanes and Magian Occultists, Satan, as a word, is derived from the Hebrew, meaning accuser. However, the Hebrew is itself derived from the old (in origin Phoenician) word that became the Ancient Greek aitia – “an accusation” – qv. Aeschylus: aitiau ekho. It was this older Greek form which became corrupted to the Hebrew ‘Satan’ – whence also the ‘Shaitan’ of Islam.

Furthermore, in Greek of the classical period aitia and diabole were often used for the same thing. The word diabolic itself derives from the Greek word diaballo meaning to “pass beyond” or “over”, from the root dia – “through” and, as a causal accusative, “with the aid of”. Later, diaballo acquired a moral sense – for example “to set against” (Aristotle) although it was sometimes used (as diabolos) when a ‘bad’ or ‘false’ sense was meant, as for example, a false accusation.

In addition, there is good evidence to suggest that, historically, the writers of the Old Testament drew inspiration from, or adapted, older stories, myths and legends about a Persian deity that came to be named Ahriman, who could thus be regarded as the archetype of the Biblical Satan, and also of the Quranic Iblis. Similarly, there is evidence that the God Jehovah – of the Old Testament was probably based upon myths and legends about the Persian deity who came to be
named Ahura Mazda.

In what are regarded as the oldest parts of the Old Testament – most probably written between 230 BCE and 70 BCE (and long after the time of Greeks such as Aeschylus) – Satan is depicted simply as a rather sly adversary or opponent, with a human being who opposes any of God’s so-called “chosen people” sometimes also called a satan.

Thus, it is something of a honour to be called a satanist – someone who opposes the myths, the ethos, of those allegedly “chosen by God” and who indeed, as a natural satanist, pours scorn on the paranoid persecution stories found in the Old Testament and elsewhere, and pours scorn on the very notion of not only some omnipotent creator-being but also on such a being choosing some group of humans as his/its “chosen people”.

Indeed, we natural satanists – we adversaries of such persecution tales and notions – regard this notion of “being chosen” as a symptom of at best a psychic imbalance, and at worst of a unhealthy, if not a diseased, psyche. In a similar way, we natural satanists regard such persecution stories as a means whereby those with such an imbalanced psyche can escape, in their own minds, from the consequences of their own actions, and which alleged or even real persecution they often use to try and make their victims feel guilty (and they themselves to feel better). Thus, they shift the blame from themselves onto others, and any attempt, by others, to rationally point out their culpability for such wrongful actions as they have committed is met by the hue and cry of “persecution” and/or by accusations of the accuser being a satan or, more recently, being those modern equivalents of a satan – such as a Nazi or a “preacher of hate” or an “anti-semite”. [/quote]

3. [quote] “The ONA state in their text The Geryne of Satan that as originally used and meant, the term satan refers to some human being or beings who ‘diabolically’ plot or who scheme against or who are ‘diabolically’ opposed to those who consider themselves as ‘chosen’ by their monotheistic God.’ Those who consider themselves as ‘chosen’ by their monotheistic God are, of course, the Jews.

Which historical understanding of satan and thence of the term satanism […] debunks the egoistic so-called ‘satanism’ of Howard Stanton Levey and the ‘satanism’ of his duped Homo Hubris followers.” [/quote]

T.W.S. Nexion
March 129 yf

{1} The Geryne of Satan. (pdf)

{2} The text is included in the O9A compilation Satan, Demons, And The Noble Dark Arts Of The Order Of Nine Angles. (pdf)

{3} The Order Of Nine Angles And National-Socialism. (pdf)

O9A Occult Fiction And The Sinister-Numinous Aesthetic

Order Of Nine Angles


Some Classic O9A Texts – Part Four

O9A Occult Fiction

The pdf document contains three classic Order of Nine Angles texts concerned with the Occult fiction of the O9A and with the Sinister-Numinous Aesthetic which permeates that fiction. Part of that aesthetic is the pagan, ancestral, rural landscape as described in many fictional O9A stories.

As noted in the text Esoteric Aural Tradition In The Deofel Quartet, included in the compilation,
                “In many ways, The Deofel Quartet and other O9A [Anton Long] written fiction (such as Hangster’s Gate), present much of the diverse aural traditions as AL received them: as stories about people, their interactions; their ‘satanic’ or esoteric views and beliefs; and about certain events that involved those people. In The Deofel Quartet he simply reworked the factual material – as writers of fiction are wont to do – in order to make an interesting story, in the process obscuring the identities of those involved and sometimes their place of residence or work; added some entertaining details (as in the ‘astral battles’ between goodies and baddies in Falcifer, of a kind now familiar – decades later – from the Harry Potter stories) and concatenated certain events in order to provide ‘action’ in a limited time-frame.
                   Thus, the fictional stories not only compliment other O9A material but provide a ‘different way into’ the complex O9A mythos; a way that many will find more interesting (and certainly more entertaining) than thousands of pages of sometimes polemical and sometimes ponderous O9A factual texts, and a way that especially places the O9A’s satanism into perspective, Aeonically and otherwise.”

129 yf
(March 2018 ev)

N.B. The 620 page book Sinister Tales: Volume I, published in 2012 – ISBN 978-1479305636 – contains a large selection of O9A Occult fiction.



Eulalia: Dark Daughter Of Baphomet

The Deofel Quartet
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O9A Sinister Vignettes
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Russophobia – An Aeonic Perspective

Order Of Nine Angles


Since the March 2018 attack in the English cathedral city of Salisbury – in which a particular nerve gas was used in an attempt to kill a former Russian military officer who was a British spy – is just a recent part of the ongoing propaganda and economic war waged by many Western governments against Russia, it is interesting to place that attack, and this “new Cold War” – with its punitive economic and financial sanctions against Russia and Russians – into an Aeonic perspective. Which perspective implies a dispassionate approach: of using reason, of being undistracted by personal emotions and by propaganda, and thence appreciating the forces behind, and thus the raison d’être for, this new Cold War.

In terms of reason, the reaction of the British Tory government to the attack – “highly likely Moscow/Putin was behind it,” with “punitive measures” against Russia demanded – has been predicable in its posturing, propaganda, and accusations, with few if any mainstream political commentators, and government officials briefed by the Intelligence services, publicly mentioning two obvious and important facts.

First, that the nerve gas used – Novichok – was produced in Soviet era Russia and given the chaos that resulted from, and continued for some time after, the demise of the Soviet Union it is possible that small quantities of it might have been obtained by “rogue operators” belonging to or affiliated with either organized Russian crime syndicates and/or corrupt Russian oligarchs. Second, that details of the activities of the former British spy over the past five and more years – for instance his possible association with organized Russian crime, or with exiled oligarchs, or even with various Intelligence services – are either not known, or if known to the British Intelligence services, have not been made public by them or by any member of the British government briefed by the British Intelligence services.

Such a scenario – of dubious “rogue” dealings and a subsequent and new betrayal – is far more likely than that Moscow and/or Putin were behind that attack given the length of time since his betrayal of his motherland and the fact that the authorities had ample opportunities to “disappear him” or for him to have an “accident” or die of “natural causes” while he was incarcerated for years in a Russian prison.

             In terms of the new Cold War, the speculation that the attack was engineered by Moscow and/or by Putin provides the governments of the West with another propaganda opportunity, as did such recent speculations as the following: (a) that Russia interfered in the 2016 US Presidential election, and (b) the products of the Russian internet security firm Kaspersky contain “spyware” and should not be used, and (c) that Russia conducted a concerted hacking operation targeting the US energy grid, aviation systems, and other infrastructure, and (d) that Russia – given its annexation of Crimea – poses a direct military threat to the West with it thus being necessary for the West to impose punitive sanctions and deploy NATO troops and military resources in Eastern Europe.

That there is no evidential burden in support of such speculations, such accusations, is seldom mentioned, for to point this out would detract from the propaganda value of such accusations, with Russia consistently portrayed by Western governments and the Media as nefarious, aggressive, and a “threat” to “peace”, with no mainstream political commentators publicly mentioning the utter hypocrisy of modern Western governments.

A hypocrisy evident in what has become known as “the Ukraine crises” with Russian “aggression and interference” stridently condemned and Russia subject to punitive sanctions. Yet the nations of the modern West – and the US in particular – are free to invade countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq; free to interfere in countries such as Yemen; free to undertake extra-judicial killings by drones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere; free to station troops in Niger, Djibouti, Japan, South Korea, and elsewhere. Did the United Nations impose sanctions on the US and Britain for their invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and for their continuing interference in Yemen through providing arms and assistance to the repressive, misogynist, undemocratic regime in Saudi Arabia? No.

Which hypocrisy and propaganda bring us to an ‘Aeonic’ appreciation of what is behind the new Cold War.

              The appreciation begins with another example of the hypocrisy of modern Western governments: Iran. At the behest of the US government, punitive sanctions have been imposed on Iran since 1979 with the aim of undermining and removing the Islamic government of that country. That is, the US government and others were intent on interfering in the internal affairs of a foreign country in order to effect “regime change”. One hypocritical excuse used for such interference was what the US government declared was “the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran.” Hypocritical, and propagandistic, because the US government (and other Western government) has not imposed and will not impose punitive sanctions on countries with a worst “human rights situation” than Iran, such as Egypt, Turkey, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and of course the Zionist entity that occupies the West Bank and Gaza and other Palestinian lands; which entity encourages illicit settlements in the West Bank and the Golan heights, and can launch and has launched punitive military raids in the West Bank, Gaza, and other territories including, most recently, Sinai.

Since 2006, again at the behest of the US government, the sanctions – supported and enforced by all Western governments – became more severe because the US government demanded that Iran cease what it termed “prohibited and illicit nuclear activities.” In other words, the US government gets to decide who can and who cannot have or develop nuclear power and nuclear weapons. In practice this means that modern Western countries can have nuclear weapons as can other countries that they “approve of”, such as Pakistan, India, the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine, China, Britain, and France.

Experienced analysts working for the Security services of Western nations such as Britain and the US have long understood why both Iran and Russia have been and are the target of punitive sanctions and subject to concerted and hypocritical propaganda campaigns. In the case of Iran, it is because the US government and its allies – with their uncritical support of and arms trade with the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine – are opposed to Iranian influence in the Middle East and especially opposed to Iran acquiring any type of weapon, conventional or nuclear, that might threaten the Zionist entity. In the case of Russia, as with Iran, they want internal change – a change of government, “regime change” – so that (a) they can remove Russian influence from the Middle East (such as in Syria) and elsewhere, replacing it with their own influence, (b) can have a free hand in Eastern Europe, and (c) reduce or remove the risk of Russia – with its nuclear and chemical arsenals – being a threat to US hegemony. Which is also why the US government and its allies have “demonized” and are “demonising” North Korea and imposing punitive sanctions on that country, since a nuclear armed North Korea poses a threat to US hegemony in places such as South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.

              It is no coincidence therefore that the current British and US governments are using the recent attack in England on a former Russian military officer as part of their on-going “demonizing Russia” and “demonizing Putin” propaganda campaigns.

March 2018 ev

The Occult Phantom Menace, Part Eight

Order Of Nine Angles


Editorial Note: Herewith another addition to our occasional series on how the O9A is perceived – usually by mundanes via the medium of the internet with some such mundanes being ‘conspiracy theorists’ – and which perception often seems to unwittingly aid the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus.


“If you’re ever in need of a LOL, check out Aryanism dot net. It’s one of those strange relics of the early Internet where the left had all the cultural momentum so literal Hitler worshippers tried to rebrand as leftists. So you’ll see them unironically saying stuff like we have to become anti-racist to defeat the Jews!

Another interesting fact is that it’s littered with quotes from David Myatt, founder of the Order of the Nine Angles, a Satanist group whose mission statement is to infiltrate radical political movements and turn them to violence. This is the same group that has currently taken control of Atomwaffen.”