O9A: Toward A New Aeon


The following question was asked in April of this year [2021] by some of those interested in the life and works of Mr Myatt, and thus interested in the O9A given urban tales about Myatt and the O9A.

“Is the O9A, which it is alleged was founded and led by Myatt, regarded as so dangerous to the current Magian status quo? Apparently so, given the crusade to have it banned in Britain and designated a terrorist organization in the United States?” {1}

The question followed one asked about Myatt the year before:

“The question of just why Mr Myatt – from 1984 to the present – has been the subject of anti-fascist, and of Jewish, hatred and propaganda. Is what Myatt wrote during his neo-nazi years (1968-1998) so dangerous to the current Magian status quo? Is his recent – post-2011 – pagan philosophy of pathei-mathos also so dangerous to the current Magian status quo? If so, that would explain such a hateful and long-lasting campaign to discredit him.” {2}

Just how Myatt’s pagan philosophy of pathei-mathos might be regarded – by believers in and crusaders for modern manifestations of the Magian ethos – as dangerous was outlined in the essay Ouroboros: Myatt, Vindex, And A Return To Physis. {3} Because his philosophy basically presents us with the philosophical foundations of “a return to the dynamic paganism that pre-dated Christianity” while being a new type of paganism devoid of gods which “has the ethic of personal honour at its heart” and which ethics are thus “presenced in and by particular living individuals, not in some written text whether philosophical or otherwise, not by some proposed schemata, and not in some revelation from some deity.”

Presenced, according to Myatt in his 1990s National Socialist and later writings, {4} by National-Socialists such as Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle, Major General Otto Ernst Remer, and Waffen-SS Sturmbannführer Per Sorensen {5}.

For myself, and for modern National-Socialist organizations such as Reichsfolk, the lives and deeds of National-Socialists such as Degrelle, Remer, Per Sorensen, Rudolf Hess, and Otto Skorzeny present a true understanding of National-Socialism as opposed to the propaganda image created by post-WorldWar II Magian propaganda and by the myth of the Shoah. A true understanding outlined in texts such as The Two Interpretations Of National Socialism, {6} and an understanding which enrages both the believers in the modern manifestations of the Magian ethos and their fanatical anti-fascist crusaders.

Which understanding, which truth about National-Socialism, believers in the modern manifestations of Magian ethos and their fanatical anti-fascist crusaders seek to suppress, through censorship and laws, and which truth they have successfully criminalized in many Western lands and thus have inadvertently made a modern living and numinous heresy. And successfully criminalized through inventing zealotic Magian abstractions described by terms such as “hate speech”, “racial hatred”, “racism”, “glorifying Nazism”, and of course “holocaust denial”.

It is little wonder then that a truly antinomian Occult philosophy such as that penned by The Occult Phantom Menace – Anton Long – should have, as a presencing of that antinomianism, both a Mass Of Heresy and a Rite Of Defiance, with the Mass Of Heresy having the incantation:

“We acknowledge that the story of the Jewish ‘holocaust’
Is a lie to keep our race in chains
And express our desire to see the truth revealed.
We believe in justice for our oppressed comrades
And seek an end to the world-wide
Persecution of National-Socialists,”

and with the following incantation included in the Rite Of Defiance: :

“We affirm our fierce deadly resistance
To all and everything Yahoud, Nazarene, and Mundane.
For we know the Magian holocaust is a lie to keep us all enslaved
For we know the tyranny of all their abstractions;
The deceit, the weakness, behind their weasly words.”

It is therefore no surprise that believers in the modern manifestations of the Magian ethos – and especially those that such manifestations have begotten in the past hundred years – seek to ban, to criminalize, the heretical O9A and are alarmed by its rise and by its influence.

It is also no surprise that such zealots – with their Magian ethos manifest in such slogans as “Never Forgive! Never Forget! No Platform For Nazis!” – have for years tried to demonize both the O9A and the real person they fanatically believe is The Occult Phantom Menace. And demonize especially through lies, using The Big Lie (große Lüge) technique.

But all their hatred, all their bigotry, all their lies, all their campaigning, all their attempts at suppression, and all their “witch-hunts” against the new heretics be such modern heretics O9A and/or National-Socialists, will – understood in Aeonic, acausal, terms – fail and be in vain. 

Fail, in the case of National-Socialism, because as Anton Long said in a 2015 interview, {7}

Fail, in the case of National-Socialism, because as Myatt wrote in his 1990s essay Esoteric Hitlerism: Idealism, the Third Reich and the Essence of National-Socialism, {8}

Fail, in the case of the Occult philosophy that is the O9A, because it is not a group or organization that can be banned by some government but a philosophy and one which has been taught and will continue to be taught from person to person, and a philosophy which enshrines an Aeon-independent, hermetic, pagan, and individual quest for Lapis Philosophicus.

Thus it is that we who “know”, we individual seekers of Aletheia and of Lapis Philosophicus are bemused by the bigotry, the lies, the campaigning, the attempts at suppression, of zealotical anti-fascist crusaders, for we do not take ourselves – or them – too seriously, since we, in the words of The Occult Phantom Menace, 

       “move easily, gracefully, from the Light to the Dark, from Dark to Light, until one exists between yet beyond both, treating them (and yourself) for the        imposters they (and you) are.” {9}

Rachael Stirling
May 2021 ev (132 yf)

{1} Lies Of Nick Lowles Part Two. Included in https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2021/04/lies-of-lowles-part2-v1.pdf

{2} The Anti-Fascist Campaign Against Myatt. Included as an appendix in https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2021/04/lies-of-lowles-part2-v1.pdf

{3} https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2021/04/06/myatt-vindex-and-physis/

{4} In regard to Remer, Myatt wrote in his 2013 autobiography Myngath that “I admired his honour and his loyalty and his commitment to the duty he had sworn an oath to do. Here, I felt, was a modern-day Greek hero.”

{5} Regarding Per Sorensen, see Richard Landwehr & Holger Thor Nielsen: Nordic Warriors, SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 24 Danmark, Eastfront, 1943-45, Stahlhelm Series 124, Shelf Books, 2009, ISBN 978-1899765072.

{6} https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2021/01/ns-two-versions.pdf

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{9} The Gentleman’s – and Noble Ladies – Brief Guide To The Dark Arts, 119 Year of Fayen


A pdf version of this article is available at https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2021/05/o9a-toward-new-aeon-1.pdf



Some Terms Explained


Abstractions (aka causal abstractions) are manifestations of the primary (causal) nature of mundanes, and are manufactured by mundanes in their mundane attempt to understand the world, themselves, and the causal Universe. Exoterically, abstractions re-present the mundane simplicity of causal linearality – of causal reductionism, of a simple cause-and-effect, of a limited causal thinking.

All abstractions are devoid of Dark-Empathy and the perspective of acausality, and thus are redolent of, or directly manifest, materialism and the Untermensch ethos derived from such materialism.

Understood exoterically, an abstraction is the manufacture, and use of, some idea, ideal, “image” or category, and thus some generalization, and/or some assignment of an individual or individuals to some group or category. The positing of some “perfect” or “ideal” form, category, or thing, is part of abstraction.

Abstractions hide the true nature of Reality – which is both causal and acausal, and which true nature can be apprehended and understood by means of The Dark Arts, and thus by following the Occult way from Initiate, to Adept, and beyond.


An Aeon – according to the Way of the O9A – is a particular presencing of certain acausal energies on this planet, Earth, which energies affect a multitude of
individuals over a certain period of causal time. One such affect is via the psyche of individuals. This particular presencing which is an Aeon is via a particular nexion, which is an Aeonic civilization, which Aeonic civilization is brought-into-being in a certain geographical area and usually associated with a  particular mythos.


Ethos refers to the distinguishing character, or nature, of a particular weltanschauung. The spirit that animates it.

Lapis Philosophicus

The term Lapis Philosophicus [post-classical Latin, c. 13th century; qv. Byzantine Greek: λίθος τῶν σοφῶν] pre-dates the term lapis philosophorum and was used by early writers on alchemy such as Raymund Lully, and by the Elizabethan Oxford classical scholar John Case in a book entitled Lapis Philosophicus, Sive Commentarius In Octo Libros Physicorum Aristotelis, published in 1600 CE. The term was also used by Isaac Newton in a handwritten manuscript entitled Lapis Philosophicus cum suis rotis elementaribus [MS 416, in Babson College’s Grace K. Babson Collection of the Works of Sir Isaac Newton, currently housed in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California].

Lapis Philosophicus means the “jewel of the alchemist”, since the term Philosophicus means an alchemist not, as is commonly said, a philosopher.

Finding this jewel is the aim of hermetic, Occult, traditions such as the O9A Seven Fold Way.


The term Magian is used to refer to the hybrid ethos of the ancient Hebrews (as manifest for instance in the Old Testament) and of Western hubriati, and also refers to those individuals who are Magian by either breeding or nature.

The essence of what we term the Magian ethos is inherent in Judaism, in Nasrany, and in Islam. To be pedantic, we use the term Magian in preference to the more commonly used term Semitic to describe the ethos underlying these three major, and conventional, religions, since the term Semitic is, in our view, not strictly philologically correct to describe such religions.


The term presenced is, in modern Occultism, unique to the O9A and generally refers to some-thing acausal (or numinous) which is “manifested” in (or brought into) the causal world often by means of sorcery or by a particular Occult Art or by a particular sorcerer. A mythos associated with a particular Aeon is such a presencing. For the O9A, the “mythos of Vindex” is associated with the New, post-Magian, Aeon.

The term derives from medieval and renaissance MSS and books dealing with alchemy and demonology, such as the 1641 work by the classical Greek scholar Joseph Mede entitled The Apostasy of The Latter Times. Or, The Gentiles Theology of Dæmons, where the phrase “the approaching or presencing of Dæmons” occurs.


O9A – The Search For Aletheia



O9A – The Search For Aletheia


From the Preface:

We have collected here some of the articles about the Order of Nine Angles (Order of the Nine Angles, O9A, ONA) published on our “wyrdsisters” weblog since January of 2021. There is some overlap of content as several of the articles, written over the past four months, deal with the years-long and on-going campaign by anti-fascists and by certain politicians to have the O9A banned as a terrorist group; a campaign based on outright lies about the O9A, on bigotry, and on fallacious reasoning; and a campaign which has resulted in MI5 trying to “infiltrate” the O9A […] We have also included several appendices of less recent texts about the O9A and various other matters which in our view are germane to understanding the Occult philosophy that is the O9A, and which Occult philosophy Anton Long presenced by means of a new Logos, a mythos, and by three – esoteric and exoteric – practical means or ways of life […]

In practice and when rationally apprehend by a seeker of ἀλήθεια, the O9A – that is, O9A Occult philosophy and its various practical ways of living and quests – is a blend of both nihilism and anarchism, and represents a necessary evolution of both those causal forms, those “ideas”, thus presencing something new and appropriate for our era: something post-anarchist and post-nihilist, and thus something post-Satanic.



° Preface
° The Occult Phantom Menace: Or, The Sinister Tradition In The Real World
° Transgression, The O9A, And Infiltrators
° Tests And The O9A Aural Code
° A Confusion In Great Numbers
° Ouroboros: Myatt, Vindex, And A Return To Physis
° An Aeonic Perspective
° Guide To Anti-Fascist Lies About The O9A
° Misunderstandings Concerning The O9A
° An Example Of The Authority Of Individual Judgment
° The Bigotry Of Anti-Fascists
° The Lies of Nick Lowles, Part Two
Appendix I: The Two Interpretations Of National Socialism
Appendix II: The Mythos of Vindex
Appendix III: Diary Of An Internal Adept
Appendix IV: Concerning Empedocles, Heraclitus, And Aristotle
Appendix V: A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms, v.5.03


Tests And The O9A Aural Code


Given the recent (2021) revealing – to non-O9A folk and to the O9A pretendu crowd – regarding the 2014 mention of the O9A aural code of personal behaviour it seems relevant to provide some more background, from primary O9A sources, to what both the O9A aural code is and implies, and to the true nature – physis – of the Order of Nine Angles itself.

For the O9A aural code is not just, as some have assumed, the O9A code of kindred honour.

Tests And The O9A Aural Code


° Tests And The Labyrinthos Mythologicus Of The O9A
° Personal And Kindred Honour
° Opposition To Magian Abstractions And Being O9A
° Conclusion
Appendix I: The National Socialist Code
Appendix II: Those Who Are Our Kind (Documents Of The Inner ONA)



Ouroboros: Myatt, Vindex, And A Return To Physis


A Satanic Belief System?

O9A Sigil


A recent glossy 23 page document published by the grandly named Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) includes a section devoted to the Order of Nine Angles.

The document is titled Amazon’s algorithms, conspiracy theories and extremist literature, with the ISD being an NGO (non-governmental organization) funded (to the tune of millions of US dollars) by various global organizations and governments – including the United Nations, and the governments of America and Britain – and whose representatives regularly advise such governments and organizations and the police on matters such as “extremism” with ISD documents and their definitions of such terms as “extremism” {1} treated as gospel by entities such as the US Department of Homeland Security.

ISD: “Amazon’s algorithms, conspiracy theories and extremist literature.”

What is interesting and indicative is that their section about the O9A in their recent document (i) contains only one reference, which is to a report by BBC journalist Daniel De Simone – friend and confidant of Nick Lowles of Hate Not Hope infamy – which report unsurprisingly merely quotes the lies of Lowles and others about the O9A, and (ii) repeats the myth that the O9A is “a Satanic belief system” and has inspired individuals to commit crimes, and (iii) states, without naming them, that “experts” dispute that the O9A is a group which makes banning the O9A complicated.

What is also unsurprising is that (i) the ISD gospel about the O9A was mentioned in mainstream Media outlets and publications such as NBC News and Newsweek, thus aiding the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus {2} and (ii) that the ISD definition of “extremism” {1} is based on modern Magian abstractions such as “claiming superiority”, “out-groups”, pluralism (aka multi-culturalism) and “human rights”.

May 2021 ev

{1} They define extremism as “the advocacy of a system of belief that claims the superiority and dominance of one identity-based in-group over all out-groups, and promotes a dehumanising othering mind-set that is antithetical to pluralism and the universal application of human rights.”
{2} https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2020/09/02/labyrinthos-mythologicus-2-0/


Guide To Anti-Fascist Lies About The O9A



Guide To Anti-Fascist Lies About The O9A

To counter the continuing lies told by anti-fascists in their crusade to discredit the Order of Nine Angles and to have it banned by the British government, we have produced the above Guide which contains some new quotations from primary O9A sources together a section – complete with screenshot – regarding O9A aural tradition and the anti-fascist lie that the O9A is misogynist and encourages and condones sexual abuse, paedophilia and rape.

As stated in the Guide:

<begin quote>
In respect of those with the necessary O9A physis (character) discovering this aural code for themselves, texts such as Concerning Culling as Art (publicly published in 2011) provide some clues, as does the text The De-Evolutionary Nature of Might is Right, and as does what happens to the character of Mallam in the novel The Giving – part of the Deofel Quartet, and published in 1990 – and Lianna’s test of Thorold, in the same novel, by showing him “a perverted film”. More clues were contained in other texts, and in some of the letters of “Stephen Brown” such as, in the letter to Michael Aquino dated 7th September 1990 ev, the mention that:

“one essential personal quality is honour born from the quest for self-excellence and self-understanding. One either has this personal quality (or the potential to possess it) or one does not: intellectual debate about it is irrelevant. This quality is expressed by the way of living an individual follows and as far as the ONA is concerned this quality is one of those that marks the genuine Satanic elite from the imitation.”

That so many people interested in the O9A/ONA and so many people who wrote or talked about the O9A/ONA for so many decades missed such clues or failed to intuit the physis of the O9A itself – and thus failed one of “our tests” – reveals much about such people.

That such an aural code was never mentioned by non-O9A folk even after Kerri Scott revealed it in 2014 also says much about the lack of knowledge, and the type of character, of those negatively opining about the O9A.
<end quote>


Ban The Order Of The Nine Angles Update



Daily Telegraph, 2021/04/21

Both Charlotte Nichols, Labour Member of Parliament (MP) for Warrington North, and Stephanie Peacock MP for Barnsley East, reading from their personal signed copies of The Unproved Accusations Of Nick Lowles, ranted about the dastardly O9A, but were shocked that the government made no commitment to consider a ban against the O9A.

Perhaps because the government really believes the O9A was an SO12, then an MI5 – and now is a joint MI5/FBI – honeytrap/psyop and that The Occult Phantom Menace  – aka “Anton Long” – was a government agent provocateur?


Nick Lowles Is Angry Again

O9A Insight Role


After the British government today – 19 April 2021 ev – announced it would ban the neo-nazi group AtomWaffen Division (AWD) as a “terrorist organization” Nick Lowles of Hate Not Hope infamy – and recipient of the “Little Darling Of Magians Everywhere 2021” award – was spotted angrily hopping around his home-office clutching two mobile telephones and calling BBC News, various Labour Members of Parliament, The Independent and The Guardian newspapers, and any newspaper or Media organization who would take his calls.

The source of his anger? In his own words: that “the government has missed an opportunity to take action against the dangerous Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a nazi-occultist group which has been a key influence on the AWD and several other nazi-terror groups.”

He ranted that: “Since we started to warn about O9A’s growing influence, a serving US soldier has been indicted for planning a terror attack with O9A members, and the Canadian government has moved against the group, too. Time is ticking: the Government must take the threat of O9A more seriously and urgently get a ban in place….. Over the last 24 months, eight nazis linked to the O9A (members or in possession of O9A material) have been convicted of terror offences in the UK….. In July 2020, the US Attorney for Southern New York indicted a serving US soldier for attempted murder. It is alleged that he conspired with O9A.”

Let us rationally analyse his anti-fascist rant, as I am sure MI5 have done.

§ “eight nazis linked to the O9A, members or in possession of O9A material…”

i) What that is probative – what evidence admissible in a Court of Law – has he, or any anti-fascist or politician or journalist, that any those neo-nazis were members of the O9A?

Did they say or write that they were members? If so, when and where? Where is the paper or the electronic trail, the actual evidence that they said or wrote such a thing. Show us the paper or the electronic trail, the actual evidence. Until you do, it’s just propaganda, fake news.

Also, does just saying or writing that you are a member of some group make you an actual member? No, of course it does not.

ii) Is mere possession of O9A material a crime? Not yet. So what material is “Little Darling Of Magians Everywhere 2021” referring to? We would love to know.

Until he deigns or some other crusading anti-fascists deign to tell us, we ask him et al: does any material written by Anton Long between 1976-2012 promote or incite terrorism or racial hatred? Do, for instance, The Black Book of Satan, or Naos, or Hostia, or the Deofel Quintet, or the Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown? Not so far as we know, but if Lowles or any of his anti-O9A crusaders know better then perhaps they can enlighten us and MI5.

Does any material written by any of the seven or so students of Anton Long promote or incite terrorism or racial hatred? Material such as The Hermetic O9A, or The Seofonfeald Paeth? Not so far as we know, but if Lowles or any of his anti-O9A crusaders know better then perhaps they can enlighten us and MI5.

§ “indicted a serving US soldier for attempted murder. It is alleged that he conspired with O9A.”

Alleged is the operative term here. What O9A did he conspire with? The esoteric, the Occult, philosophy of Anton Long? An O9A practice such as The Seven Fold Way?

Since the O9A is an Occult philosophy, a changing, evolving, sub-culture, a genré, a genus, a “sinister tradition”, it does not have any organizational structure, no leader or leaders, no hierarchy, and cannot have “members”, only (i) individuals following, or trying to follow, the path to Adeptship as outlined in the hermetic Seven Fold Way, {1} and only individuals who are part of an autonomous nexion some of which nexions follow their own interpretation of O9A philosophy, just as Jehovah’s Witnesses follow their own interpretation of the Old and the New Testaments.

So, did the serving soldier conspire with someone – such as an FBI agent – pretending to be O9A via social media? Or did he conspire with some autonomous nexion and if so what nexion and person or persons in that autonomous nexion?

Until we have names, dates – a paper or electronic trail, probative details – it remains a mere allegation, mere propaganda, fake news. Just like everything else Lowles and his anti-O9A crusaders have said and written about the O9A.

TWS Nexion
April 2021 ev

{1} Anton Long, letter to Kimberly dated 25th September 1992 eh, and included in facsimile in volume II of The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown.


ABG Lodge Interview

Order Of Nine Angles

ABG Lodge Interview And The Anti-Fascist Lie Of O9A Paedophilia

There is a recent interview between a person involved with the European ABG Lodge (nexion) and the journalist Jake Hanrahan, currently  (April 2021) available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmYj9vJrCI8

The ABG Lodge interviewee states at the beginning that he is only presenting his own views, not those of the O9A, and corrects many common – antifascist and journalistic – lies and misapprehensions about the O9A, despite the fact that interviewer Hanrahan in his introduction repeats the lie that the O9A encourages paedophilia; commits the fallacy of secundum quid et simpliciter by mentioning an “O9A member” convicted of paedophilia, {1} and affirms his belief in the Magian orthodoxy, the modern anti-fascist myth, the urban legend, that David Myatt is Anton Long, The Occult Phantom Menace.

Also, Hanrahan despite boasting that he has studied the O9A for some seven years, gets basic facts about the O9A wrong. Thus when the interviewee states that he is a Christian, Hanrahan retorts that according to the O9A text Naos {2} that makes him a mundane, whereas the term mundane is not used in Naos and neither are the terms Christian and Christianity.

When Hanrahan insists that O9A literature is all about Satanism, human sacrifice, and what is “dark” the interviewee corrects him, insisting that such matters are only a small part of the O9A corpus. The interviewee also debunks the antifascist trope about paedophilia stating that such people are opfer material, candidates for culling.

The Lie Regarding Paedophilia

Hanrahan then goes on to blithely re-state that the O9A has a huge paedophilia problem and again mentions one person whom anti-fascists and sundry journalists claim was O9A. Hanrahan also claims that some self-professed neo-nazis {3} were also members of the O9A and were also paedophiles and that no O9A nexion has condemned them. The ABG Lodge interviewee then correctly states that no O9A text condones or encourages paedophilia.

Meanwhile, we – describing ourselves as an O9A nexion (and a National Socialist one as well) – correctly state here that (i) we condemn and have condemned such dishonourable proclivities and acts, (ii) we regard those who do such acts as candidates for culling, and (iii) have repeatedly drawn attention to the facts that (a) there is no such thing as an O9A member or membership of the O9A, and (b) that accusations of O9A paedophilia are part of the recent (post-2018) anti-fascist propaganda campaign to discredit the O9A, with anti-fascists (and journalists repeating such anti-fascist propaganda) doing the work of the Magian Establishment who despise, want to and need to discredit, any group or organization or weltanschauung or philosophy or persons which or who refuse to believe the “myth of the holocaust,” who praise in any way National Socialism, or which or who offer a practical individualistic way of life devoid of Magian/Establishment causal abstractions. {4}

Hanrahan then goes on to again commit the fallacy of secundum quid et simpliciter by claiming that the Catholic church has a problem with paedophilia when in truth there is only a small number of priests and monks involved. {5}

He then, seemingly as part of his own anti-O9A crusade, repeats anti-fascist propaganda about some self-described neo-nazi groups a few of whose members have been convicted of paedophilia – which term now includes being in possession of images of a sexual nature of children – and (mis)describing some of those groups as “O9A nexions” or as containing “O9A members”.

In other words, not only is Hanrahan illogically, irrationally, arguing from the particular to the general he is also repeating the lie that there is a group called the O9A which has “members”, and condemning that phantom, imaginary, group on the basis that some who claim to be members of it or are alleged by others to be members of it have been convicted of certain criminal offences.

Would he – does he – condemn Catholics world-wide, and Christianity as a religion, on the basis that some monks, some priests, some Christian ministers and preachers have been convicted of certain criminal offences involving children? Probably not, as that would be illogical, and yet Hanrahan like a fanatic persists in irrationally believing and illogically claiming that the O9A has a “paedophile problem” because some individuals who claim to be members of the O9A or are alleged by others to be members of the O9A have been convicted of certain criminal offences even though the O9A is, correctly apprehended, an Occult philosophy, a changing, evolving, sub-culture, a genré, a genus, a “sinister tradition” and not some entity which has “members”.

Hanrahan however continues on his crusade, again condemning the O9A (Order of Nine Angles) on the propagandistic basis that some who claim to be members of the O9A or are alleged by others to be members of the O9A have been convicted of certain criminal offences involving children, even though – as he should have known from his “years of research” into the O9A – there is no membership of some entity, and no entity, termed the Order of Nine Angles. There is only O9A Occult philosophy and the three practical ways derived from it, which presence in the real world that philosophy.

Another Error

Hanrahan goes on to make another basic error, despite his earlier boast of having studied O9A material for years, claiming that there is an “official” O9A website which has certain articles on it, in one of which the appellation “David Myatt/Anton Long” is used which Hanrahan implies means “the O9A” accepts that Myatt=Long.

Such an article proves nothing, since there is not, never has been, and cannot ever be an “official O9A” website – no “official O9A” anything – because

         “no one person, no one O9A nexion, no collocations of O9A nexions, can ever speak or write “on behalf of the O9A” since the fundamental O9A principle of the authority of individual judgment means that the O9A does not have, never has had, and never will have an official policy about anything, and never has, and never will make official statements about anything.” {6}

All any person or group associating themselves with the sub-culture that is the O9A {7} can do is present their personal opinion and/or their personal interpretation of matters O9A and otherwise. Thus such an article is the personal opinion of its author. Nothing more; nothing less.

The ABG Lodge interviewee then suggests that the name Anton Long may have been used a few times by a few individuals, and thus that Anton Long – known by us and by some others as The Occult Phantom Menace – may be akin to an Egregore.

He also suggests that Myatt has deflected attention away from the “real Anton Long” perhaps because Myatt has an inferiority complex arising from a lack of formal academic qualifications.

We, however, profoundly disagree with such an assessment, for if Mr Long is or was a Professor at a prestigious university then his life was in academia, not – as in the case of Myatt – “on the streets” as a violent neo-nazi activist, not as a monk, not as an “example of the axis between right-wing extremists and Islamists”, not as “England’s principal proponent of contemporary neo-Nazi ideology and theoretician of revolution,” and not in Mosques and in Muslim lands preaching Jihad and supporting al-Qaida, Hamas, and the Taliban. In addition, there are Myatt’s innovations such as The Star Game and the ontology of acausality.

Myatt therefore has no need of Establishment-given academic qualifications, for his exeatic, diverse, innovative life combined with his poetry, his philosophy of pathei-mathos, and his translations of and commentaries on tractates of the ancient Corpus Hermeticism, reveal him as possibly a polymath and certainly as a Renaissance-type man.


To summarize, the questions and retorts by Hanrahan were, given his past form vis-a-vis the O9A, predictable, as was his somewhat half-hearted attempt to appear unbiased for he quickly brought the interview back to now familiar tropes about the O9A: Myatt is Long, the O9A has a paedophilia problem, the O9A is satanist and neo-nazi, the O9A incites terrorism.

Meanwhile, we with sang-froid await the next instalment – if there is a next instalment – of the Hanrahan crusade: of him again trying to discredit the O9A based on anti-fascist lies and propaganda, and of Hanrahan revealing his lack of knowledge about the O9A despite boasting about his “years of research”.

TWS Nexion
April 2021 ev, v.1.03

{1} The fallacy is using a particular case or a few individual cases to castigate a whole group or organization.
{2} Naos is available at https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/naos-practical-guide-to-modern-magick.pdf
{3} We say self-professed neo-nazis because their national socialism is not our National Socialism: see https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2021/01/ns-two-versions.pdf
{4} In a way which few today understand, O9A philosophy and praxis is inherently post anarcho/nihilist: combining and evolving two ways – using denotata – which ways some in the West claim they follow while still believing the modern myth of the holocaust, the stories about “evil German nazis” and about the “evil, terrorist” O9A, while also still believing and repeating Establishment tropes about the need for multi-racial societies and about the need to eradicate “white racism” while fostering “Black empowerment”.
{5} From his own experiences as a Catholic, Myatt has written about what the Media have called a “culture of abuse”, writings which put journalistic claims into perspective: https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2021/04/in-defence-rc-1.pdf
{6} https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2018/06/15/another-journalist-misunderstands-the-o9a/
{7} On the question of membership, authority and the O9A as a sub-culture see (i) https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2021/04/real-world-tradition.pdf and (ii) the texts The Authority Of Individual Judgement: Interpretation And Meaning and Authority, Learning, and Culture, In O9A Tradition, both included in The Seofonfeald Paeth, available at https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/o9a-trilogy-print.pdf


The Sinister Tradition In The Real World


O9A Sigil


The Sinister Traditio
n In The Real World


A journalist – seeking an interview, and with a history of writing about the O9A according to anti-fascist orthodoxy – once asked an O9A comrade of mine the following question: “Are you a genuine member of the Order of Nine Angles?”

Since my O9A comrade did not deign to answer the question and curtly refused the request for an interview, I have decided to answer the question for her.

While a plain “yes” might have sufficed for an answer  – and a “yes” which a journalist, and others, could accept or might not accept – the question itself is not that simple, for implicit in it are three causal abstractions, three ideas which require defining/explaining: “genuine” and “member” and “O9A”.

While such questions, and my answers, may seem pedantic, they are necessary and indeed important if one is seeking to rationally understand something termed the O9A and seeking to rationally understand “us”, we who associate ourselves with “the O9A”. And rationally understand as opposed, for example, to formulating or expressing an often hasty often emotive often personal and often journalistic or biased political opinion about “the O9A” and about “us”.

A rational understanding which, judging by what that journalist et al have written and said over the past few years, is missing from all public and mainstream discourses about the O9A.

            What, we ask, is a “genuine” member of the O9A, as opposed, for example, to someone pretending to be or declaring themselves to be a “member” of the O9A, and how is such genuineness to be established? What does “membership” of something termed the O9A mean? And what does the appellation – the term – “Order of Nine Angles” signify and imply?

° Alpha: What is the Order of Nine Angles, the O9A?

Most latter-day journalists, and apparently all anti-fascists, together with some politicians, seem to believe the O9A is a group or organization with members and which group that journalist et al classify or describe by other terms such as “satanic” and “neo-nazi” which of themselves require explanation if one really is a questioning, a rational, seeker of aletheia (ἀλήθεια) since, for example, there a several definitions of both “satanic” and “neo-nazi”, including how Anton Long – et al, associated with the O9A – understand the terms “satanic” and “neo-nazi”.

We and others of our ilk have in recent years answered that alpha question: the O9A is not a group or organization in the conventional – hierarchical, organized – sense but rather is an Occult philosophy – a changing, evolving, sub-culture, a genré, a genus, a “sinister tradition” – which individuals can associate themselves with, or identify with, or believe in. An Occult philosophy whose foundations include Hellenic hermeticism, Greco-Roman paganism, and a Britannic Rounwytha tradition and whose core Occult praxis is the Seven Fold Way […..]


A Confusion In Great Numbers




Proper esotericism, it would seem, is a double edged sword, which hides as much as it reveals, and whose revelation cannot be unbound from its hiding. That is to say, it is the layers of exoteric exposition which themselves constitute the symbolic graduation of the esoteric essence. It does not, and should not, need to be explained, since the explanations themselves incur a debasing, a reduction and almost certainly a distortion of the esoteric essence. There lies the connection with the practical, with direct experience, and the putting together of the pieces of existence and reality “beyond denotatum“.

When, therefore, the different analyses of practitioners or occult commentators take issue with the symbols used by ONA, with the sketchiness of its apparent design, they seem to do so from a purely exoteric perspective. That is to say, not as exoteric linking to esoteric and concretely revealing fault or mistake, but as exoteric as pure appearance of symbols in a catalogue. Discussions on ONA names, stories, rituals, etc. end up being reduced and compressed into what feels tangible. Such a proclivity appears to be predominantly American, and which proclivity leads many towards dialectical materialism. In lieu of the truly unspoken, unspeakable mystical experience, the average American mentality seeks this tangibility because American culture lacks the essence of said experience: it needs the theatrical, which is an exoteric form, and confuses it with the esoteric essence itself. It ignores that the mystical, the esoteric, is not the fireworks of the symbols but the every-day, instant-to-instant living through this existence.

The problem with this materialism is that it is itself a reduction of idealism, and whose relation is very much like that of pathetic Humanist values that clearly stem from Christian dogma. The situation in the latter case is that when atheism arrives at the door under the flag of Humanism, it does away with dogma but retains all the idealistic mumbo-jumbo and is forced to justify it through materialist means. That is to say, where dogma caused value, dogma was removed but value was retained as if it were a given, thereby causing the necessity of making all sorts of excuses for the maintenance of the value. The illusion lies in thinking that because materialist, because only looking for tangibility, the explanation is scientific; through such misconception is pseudo-science born.

Something similar appears happen with de-esotericized interpretations of the ONA, which do not seem to comprehend that ONA proposes methods that develop the individual but also dissolve interpretations of reality in favor of a constant immediate apprehension of the same. Thus, while a method of confrontation and self-challenge may be to adopt the aforementioned Soviet denotatum, to turn it into a conclusion implies the falling into the trap of its indirect apprehension of reality. The method is confused with the goal, and a same ghost-dogma-to-value interplay occurs where the “sovietization” of the mind becomes not a door and an exoteric presentation of the esoteric anti-dote, but the reductionist end-point.

Such a confusion in great numbers is one of the stated purposes of the Labyrinthos Mythologicus, and it is what makes it inherently elitist at every level. That is to say, it is not elitist because it brags or because there is an authority denying entry, but because it asks from the practitioner a wide variety of abilities, at least in potential, and the willingness to develop them through hard work. Some of these are stated explicitly, and others are required by the sheer complexity or lack of explanations of certain things, which end up pushing the seriously interested practitioner to find ways, bridge gaps, interpret and discover his own unique way. Being unable to do so, either out of incompetence or mental intransigence, is to be culled by the design of the ONA, or to be culled out of the loop by one’s own mediocrity, incapacity or emotional blockage and blinding (often the case among clever occultists).

From its inception, the Seven-Fold Way was intended to see most fail, to see most crumble under pressure, by a reluctance to try again, by carelessness leading to mental or physical injury or destruction. It should be clear to any objective and intelligent student of the materials (not to speak to a practitioner, I presume) that personal discernment is the foremost of all ONA requirements, once a holistic and balanced view of its rather wide assortment of ideas throughout the decades has been at least partially digested. To even suggest that the failure of many (most?) ONA would-be initiates is a sign of failure of the system, or to suppose that the bickering between ONA-inspired/derived groups implies an alarming state of affairs threatening to take it down, is to not to be able to see beyond the proverbial nose.

As far as one can tell, the Seven-Fold Way was meant to be not only highly individualistic and mutable, because of its framework for local and personal adaptation, but for the same reason disconnected and anarchic as seeds. That is to say, ONA nexions need not be brothers, nor should they need to maintain communication at all, especially if after a certain period of time Adepts had already been disseminated geographically after an initial round of tutelage from the origin, as it were. As the original proponents of the Seven-Fold Way sort of said, the worth or value or applicability of the system will only be proven if it eventually reaches its Aeonic goals. To say this goal, the initial stages of which require centuries and generations after generations of Adepts, has been thwarted because certain groups crumble, is to not understand the implications of what is being said. While there is at least one Master, or while the corpus’ materials can interact with human minds to produce Adepts and the information is available where there is potential, there exists the hope that a certain causal iteration of the ONA presents itself that can eventually lead towards the accomplishment of said Aeonic goals.


An extract from an article by davidrosalesgiron88 available at: