We Are Most Pleased

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


We are most pleased by the way mundane Occutlists – and especially by the way self-described ‘satanists’ – react when we criticize them and their endeavours. We smile when they in reaction repeat Magian mantras about the Order of Nine Angles and make assumptions about “us”.

We are also most pleased when some “ONA folk” distance themselves – internally, or publicly – from our polemics.

To engender confusion, to provoke a reaction, to sow doubts, to cause dissent, to have mundanes repeat Magian mantras, to cause and to reveal differences among our own ‘sinister kindred’, are all part of the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus.

Those who understand this, understand the O9A. For denotatum is and has been and remains (at least for us) a useful part of ‘the sinister dialectic’.

And yet one image is all that is necessary to expose pretentious self-described modern ‘satanists’.


About A Self-described ‘Satanic’ Internet Forum

David Myatt


We are most amused. For when a self-described ‘satanic’ internet forum has to hide behind a DDoS company and thus requires JavaScript to be enabled in one’s web-browser in order to access – to read and post on – the forum, one is entitled to be suspicious. {1} Especially as the ‘owner’ of the site goes by a pseudonym with the person behind the pseudonym having no publicly documented evil deeds to his name.

In addition, when the posts on such an internet forum regularly contain profanities and are ‘moderated’ by such a person, one is entitled to regard such a forum as the province of the type of plebeians that the so-called ‘satanism’ of Howard Stanton Levey glorified and encouraged. That no one outside of the ONA refers to Howard Stanton Levey (the Yahoudi) by his real name is also symptomatic.

Has the person behind that forum, behind the pseudonym – using his real name – undertaken acts of violence and criminality and supported terrorism? Has he spent three to six months alone in the wilderness? Has he incited someone to commit murder? Has he ever been investigated by the FBI for his criminal activities? Has he ever been arrested for such a crime as conspiracy to murder? Has he ever been so antinomian as to publicly denounce ‘the holocaust’ as a lie and thus earned the hatred of those who consider the myth of the holocaust as a sacred dogma that cannot – should not – be questioned and which questioning is thus a modern heresy?

Of course not. Whatever he says about himself – and that is a lot – we have to accept on “trust” because there are no publicly documented accounts to support his claims about himself.

Thus, and yet again, we have some self-described ‘satanist’ setting himself up as some sort of “authority” about modern satanism even though he has no documented evil deeds to his name. Where are his intellectual – his scholarly – contributions to our human culture comparable to Myatt’s translations of and commentaries on the Corpus Hermeticum?

That his opinion about ‘modern satanism’ is widely sought by the Magian media – and by self-described modern ‘satanists’ – is a source of amusement to us.

Does his life compare with the documented life of Mr Myatt, and which documented Myattian life included – under his real name – running a gang of thieves, inciting violence and terrorism, heretically supporting racism, and bin Laden, and the Taliban, and holocaust denial? Of course the life of this self-described ‘satanist’ does not compare with the exeatic, the heretical, life of Mr Myatt. Just as the mundane lives of the likes of Howard Stanton Levey and Michael Aquino do not compare with the “evil” – the violent, the terrorist supporting, the antinomian – life of Myatt.

Dare the owner of some internet ‘satanic’ forum deign to provide documentary evidence that he – under his real name – is or has been “evil” in real life? Of course not. And until he does, his opinions about ‘satanism’ are worthless, mere propaganda by one more mundane. Which of course will not prevent other of his ilk from accepting him as some sort of “authority” about modern ‘satanism’.

January 2018 ev

{1} Security conscious individuals understand that JavaScript runs on one’s local computer and thus can bypass whatever proxies one uses to try and ensure privacy.

A Documentary About Poseurs

David Myatt


A Documentary About Poseurs

A story circulating among self-described (mostly Levey-inspired) ‘satanists’ is that one of their kind is planning to make a ‘documentary’ about modern satanism. The person involved states that he and his friends “have experience in film and the connections” to make such a ‘documentary’ and have so far has approached “the usual suspects” – including of course the Temple of Set and various other self-described Amerikan ‘satanists’ – who apparently are only too eager to participate.

As is only right and fitting – given the nature of modern Amerikan ‘satanism’ – not one of those who participate in such a ‘documentary’ will have publicly documented antinomian deeds to their name. Thus, they will not be or have been ‘terrorists’ or criminals in real life. They will never have dared to undertake an exeatic pathei-mathos – an ‘insight role’ – for over a year in the real world as for example as an inner-city cop or as a racist ‘holocaust denier’ or as a supporter of Muslim Jihad. They will never have undertaken a ‘sinister cloaking’ and thus will never have manipulated someone into undertaking an act of terrorism or an act or acts of culling. They will never have harangued a crowd of hundreds of political opponents and revelled in the violence that followed. They have never have led a gang of thieves and revelled in the money – and the life-style – that a life of crime can provide.

Instead, as is only right and fitting – given the nature of modern Amerikan ‘satanism’ – the vain participants will undoubtedly pontificate about themselves and about what they believe ‘satanism’ is all about, just as they will not be asked to provide documentary evidence of the real life sinister, antinomian, deeds they have done using their real name. They might even deign to provide us with a sample of the kind of ‘satanic rites’ they and their sycophantic followers undertake. A prancing about in costumes or robes and a recitation of various ‘incantations’.

In addition, it seems inevitable that the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) and their “dangerous and extreme form of Satanism” {1} will not be mentioned in such a ‘documentary’. And if by some chance or by design the ONA is mentioned at all it will doubtless be in derogatory terms and/or follow the guidelines laid down by the hubriati with it thus being stated that “the ONA is a joke”, and/or that “the ONA doesn’t exist” or that “the ONA isn’t satanist” or that “the ONA has been disbanded.”

No mention will thus be made of the decades-long and difficult and dangerous ONA Seven Fold Way. No mention will be made of ONA Insight Roles. No mention will be made of the ONA Rounwytha tradition. No mention made of why the ONA detest the “might is right” ethos and the egoism of modern self-described ‘satanists’. No mention made of the ONA’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus. No mention made of the ONA’s Code of Kindred Honour. No mention made of the ONA’s sinisterly-numinous tradition and the importance of ἀρρενόθηλυς. No mention made of ONA Esoteric Chant. No mention made of the ONA’s principle of the authority of individual judgment. No mention made of how the ONA conceive of Satan: as the adversary par excellence of those (the Magian, the Zionists) who consider themselves as chosen by their monotheistic god.

No mention, of course, will be made of how a certain Mr Myatt – with his documented antinomian, his documented violent and strange and criminal, and intellectual life spanning over four decades – reveals all self-described modern ‘satanists’ as not only poseurs but also as plebeian.

January 2018 ev

{1} Faxneld, Per. “Post-Satanism, Left-Hand Paths, and Beyond: Visiting the Margins”. The Devil’s Party: Satanism in Modernity. Per Faxneld and Jesper Aagaard Petersen (editors). Oxford: Oxford University Press. p. 207.

Ancestral Culture, And Myatt’s Philosophy

David Myatt


The Numinous, Ancestral Culture, And Myatt’s Philosophy

Two recent essays by David Myatt – titled Towards Understanding Ancestral Culture and From Mythoi To Empathy {1} – though short compliment his two recent books Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos and Tu Es Diaboli Ianua since they deal with two of the topics that are central to both books. {2}

In the first essay Myatt explains what he means by the term ‘ancestral culture’ – δίκη understood as fairness, as the balance, the wisdom, that ancestral customs often represent – and in the process clarifies the somewhat obscure passages at the end of his Classical Paganism text, explicitly stating that the modern paganus weltanschauung he wrote about in that book is founded on καλὸς κἀγαθός and thus “on chivalry; on manners; on gentrice romance; and on the muliebral virtues [and] gender equality.”

In the second essay Myatt goes into some detail regarding what he means by the term ‘numinous’, details which are long-overdue and which explicitly distance him from the view of Rudolf Otto in respect of that term. For Myatt, the numinous is a perceiveration, an apprehension resulting from the human faculty of empathy, and therefore in his view goes beyond religion. Indeed, he writes that religions “have not presenced, and do not and cannot presence, the numinous as the numinous can be presenced.” Instead, what does presence the numinous is the knowing that empathy provides which is the move away from mythoi and anthropomorphic deities to “an appreciation of the numinous sans denotatum and sans religion.”

As with almost all of Myatt’s post-2011 philosophical writings the two essays – and indeed the two books – are not only derived from his own philosophical musings and his reflections on his own pathei-mathos, but also contain references to Greco-Roman culture. Which methodology is both a strength and a weakness.

A strength, in that he brings that ancient culture alive almost as if his writings are bridge to that past and to a future where at least some of the ancient virtues he obviously so admires (such as chivalry) may live again and be melded with the virtues – the muliebral virtues – that he understands his own pathei-mathos and our ‘human culture of pathei-mathos’ have made him appreciate and consider are necessary if we human beings are to change and evolve.

A weakness, in that his writings contain no references to modern philosophies and philosophers and thus lack points of reference for those interested in philosophy as an academic subject. A lack which will undoubtedly deter many from studying Myatt’s somewhat complex – almost labyrinthine and undoubtedly unique – metaphysics. A metaphysics which – based as it is on concepts such as physis, πάθει μάθος, perceiveration, σωφρονεῖν, denotatum, and δίκη – will seem strange, indeed probably alien, to those nurtured on contemporary philosophy.

That said, those who make the effort to get to grips with Myatt’s terminology and who are undeterred that his philosophy of pathei-mathos is scattered in pieces among multiple books and scores of essays and appears still in the process of development, will be rewarded. They will find a most decidedly Western and a decidedly pagan philosophy, rooted in the culture of Ancient Greece and Rome, which manifests the ethos of the West in a manner it has never before been manifest. Not only that, it restores that Western ethos to us, and importantly evolves it, in a distinct philosophical and refreshingly unpolitical way.

That only a few today will appreciate any of this is a sign of our unchivalrous era and of just how few still appreciate the native, the fair, the reasoned, the scholarly, culture of the West subsumed as that culture has been and increasingly is being by the rise of the uncultured, the raucous, ones among us.

R.S & K.S
January 2018


{1} The two essays by Myatt are available on his weblog and also in the following pdf file: https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/two-essays-v1a.pdf

{2} Both books are available in printed format and also as gratis open access documents from: https://davidmyatt.wordpress.com/2017/10/30/david-myatt-collected-works/



The Vulgarian: Gift From Our Goddess

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


The Vulgarian – a trumpian by any other name {1} – exhibits all the traits of an egoistic, vain, and wealthy bully. He publicly boasts that he is “a genius” and yet has no documented, supervised, IQ tests to his name and refuses to submit himself to such independent testing. He indulges in argumentum ad hominem against, and threatens to use his wealth to sue, anyone who deigns to criticize him. He declares all criticism about himself and about his beliefs and opinions to be “lies” and “fake news”. He has paid flunkeys who rush to his defence and who not only publicly repeat his mantras about “lies” and “fake news” but who also indulge in argumentum ad hominem against his critics.

The Vulgarian exhibits the traits of The Deceiver, refusing to release his ‘tax returns’ or explain his suspicious medical exemption from combat duty during the Vietnam War.

The Vulgarian exhibits the traits of a narcissist, being excessively proud of his cultivated physical appearance. Thus discussion of his artificial implanted (and/or finasteride induced) hair – which hair rather resembles the colour of dehydrated camel urine – as well as discussion of his small hands are verboten, with he and his paid lackeys indulging in argumentum ad hominem against anyone who dares to raise such forbidden topics.

The Vulgarian exhibits the traits of the misogynist, believing that “you can do anything” to women: from “grabbing them by the pussy,” to kissing them, and should any of those women protest then The Vulgarian and his lackeys cowardly attack those women by declaiming that such women have a “low IQ” or are “attention whores” or are “telling lies” or are “desperate for attention” or are whatever is the macho excuse of the month.

The Vulgarian exhibits the traits of an ignorant pleb: spouting opinions which when checked against relevant and documented facts are invariably shown to be ill-informed at best and at worst are the result of prejudice.

All of which does not deter those who are like him – egoistic, opinionated, ill-informed, vulgar, misogynist – from supporting him.

That The Vulgarian firmly aligns himself with the Zionist entity occupying Palestine and is like a petulant, spoiled, child – a modern Nero, given the position of authority he currently occupies and the military power at his disposal – has not escaped the notice of those who despise Amrika, and not escaped the notice of those governments desirous of replacing Amrikan influence in the world with their own. For such people and such governments, The Vulgarian is their dreams, their prayers, made flesh. For everything The Vulgarian does, everything he touches, every ‘tweet’ or speech he makes, is guaranteed to reduce the influence and the prestige of Amrika in the world.

Let us therefore, in our diabolical way, hail The Vulgarian as the beginning of the end of the Old Order and as the (unknowing) Praelocutor of The Chaos that we desire. A gift from our goddess that we admit we did not expect.

Three Wyrd Sisters
January 2018 ev

{1} Trumpians are a type of Homo Hubris, distinguished from others of that plebeian species by traits such as their vanity and the fact that they belong to the Nouveau Riche and thus have deplorable, vulgar, taste and astonishingly bad manners.

Let Us Be Honest Again


Let us be honest, again. Honest in a “politically incorrect” – and of course in a heretical – way.

We are sick and tired of hearing and reading about the ‘holocaust’, the Shoah (which now even has it own yearly semi-religious and ‘official’ remembrance day) given that, as a comrade recently said to us, we should also – for cosmic balance, for fairness – remember just how many millions of German civilians – women, children, old men – were (i) killed and suffered because of Allied air raids during World War Two; (ii) died of starvation in the last years of that war and the years immediately following it; (iii) died in and suffered because of the forced expulsion of Germans from the Eastern territories in the years between 1944 and 1950; and also remember (i) just how many German women were raped by advancing Soviet troops between 1944 and 1945, and (ii) just how many German soldiers were summarily executed by Soviet troops or sent to endure years of suffering in Soviet labour camps.

Do these millions of German victims have their own remembrance day? No. Are there hundreds of books and documentaries about these German victims? No. Do schoolchildren in the West have lessons about their suffering? No.

Instead, we in the West are regaled every year, every month, every week, almost every day, with stories and propaganda about the Shoah (i) as if to remind us that self-described Zionists had and have a continuing “right” (with the help of America and Britain) to occupy Palestine and dispossess – and laud it over – the Palestinians; and (ii) as if native Europeans – and diaspora Europeans in lands such as America and Canada and Australia – cannot learn about and value their European cultural heritage and cannot live only among their own folk according to their ancient European traditions because to do so is “racist” , or “fascist”, or “nazi” or is “hate speech” and will lead to another ‘holocaust’ even though there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that the foundation myth of such a holocaust was feasible {1}. As stated in that referenced article: “the onus of proof for the theory of the holocaust is upon those who have made [a] specific scientific claim, and their proof can only be by scientific means. All the other circumstantial evidence which it is alleged ‘proves’ the theory of the holocaust (such as alleged eye-witness statements; confessions obtained during interrogations), are irrelevant because a particular scientific claim has been made.”

       That even publicly questioning the veracity of the historical event termed the ‘holocaust’ is illegal – a criminal offence – in many Western lands should be sufficient to raise concerns about its veracity and raise questions about why belief in this one historical event is mandatory in such European and non-European lands. Is there any other historical event – in the whole history of humanity – where dissent about its truth is illegal and punishable by imprisonment? No.

It is as if belief in this one historical event has become a religious dogma, with dissent and heresy punished. As if those who are remembered on Holocaust Remembrance Day have or should have “a special place” in our hearts while the millions of Germans and others who suffered and who died because of Allied and Soviet actions and policies are less worthy of being remembered, even the numbers of Germans and others who suffered and who died because of Allied and Soviet actions and policies arguably number more than those who allegedly died in the ‘holocaust’.

In political terms, the ‘holocaust’ has become a stick to beat those Europeans who express pride in their own folk and in their folkish traditions, and who desire to live among their own folk in communities composed of their own kind. A stick used exclusively against White folk. For exclusive Zionist communities – as in the Zionist entity occupying Palestine – are positively encouraged, just as exclusive expressions of Black culture and other non-White cultures are encouraged, with exclusive expressions of White culture deemed to be “racist” or “fascist” or “nazi” or “hate speech” and censored and outlawed. What utter hypocrisy covered up by propaganda, by compulsory indoctrination of schoolchildren, and by tyrannical, oppressive, laws.

2017 ev

{1} This foundation myth of the holocaust is that millions of people were systemically exterminated in ‘gas chambers’ by the use of Zyklon B. The heretical article The Theory of The Holocaust – see Appendix below – describes the lack of scientific evidence for this claim.


The Theory of The Holocaust

The so-called holocaust of the Jews during World War Two is not a “proven fact of history” – it is a theory. The central premise – the fundamental assumption – of this theory is that a million or more Jews were killed in “gas chambers” using Zyklon B. This claim has been made for over fifty years, and it is claimed as the main method of killing. [1]

This is a particular scientific claim, about how a certain chemical agent works (or worked) under certain very specific conditions. That is, it is a claim that Zyklon B – a pesticide used to fumigate clothing in order to destroy lice, and which releases hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN) when exposed to air – was used to kill human beings in so-called “gas chambers”.

Some of the particulars of this claim are that the whole gassing procedure (gassing and venting, from the introduction of Zyklon to the opening of the doors) only took one hour at most and often much less time, and that the majority of the killings took place in what looked like “ordinary shower baths” with concrete floors, and occurred even when the ambient temperate was lower than 15 degrees Celsius. Other particulars of this claim are that those opening the doors after this short length of time, and those removing the dead bodies, wore no protective clothing at all – for example, no “gas masks” in case any residue of deadly gas was present, or in case the Zyklon B pellets used were still producing deadly HCN gas.

This very specific method of killing either worked, as described in the so-called “holocaust literature”, or it did not work. If it did work, then the method used is scientifically repeatable, reproducible, via experiments. This is how science functions, and how such claims about a scientific matter are settled. It is scientific evidence, provided by experiments, that matter. [2] This particular scientific claim about how people were killed by Zyklon B – a claim made by those who believe in the theory of the holocaust – has yet to be experimentally verified, according to scientific criteria. Therefore, it is correct and reasonable for people to doubt the veracity of the theory of the holocaust that many people believe in until such time as this specific scientific claim is verified by experimental means.

All the other circumstantial evidence which it is alleged “proves” the theory of the holocaust (such as alleged eye-witness statements; confessions obtained during interrogations), are irrelevant because a particular scientific claim has been made, and if this claim is shown by scientific experiments to be false, then all such other evidence which seems to support the theory will have to re-examined, re-interpreted, and/or rejected.

The onus of proof for the theory of the holocaust is upon those who have made this specific scientific claim, and their proof can only be by scientific means. Those who doubt or who are skeptical about this theory of the holocaust (for whatever reason and from whatever motive), do not have to prove anything, for as it says in Al-Majallah al-Ahkam al ‘Adaliyyah, “The burden of proof is on him who alleges.”

This claim could easily be tested by scientific experiments, which would require the re-construction of an alleged “gas chamber” – as described in the literature of the holocaust theory – and then introducing Zyklon B into this chamber, by the means alleged to have been used according to the literature of the holocaust theory. The chamber would then be vented – using the type of fans alleged to have been used – and then opened, and then tested for any residue of HCN gas. Note that, for the experiment to be valid, all the “experimental apparatus” used would have to constructed according to details given in the extant literature of the holocaust theory, which details derive – or are alleged to derive from – eye-witness statements, confessions of suspects tried for involvement in the alleged holocaust, and from whatever German technical plans or documents that survived from the time which gave details regarding the building of shower-baths in labour camps such as Auschwitz. [3]

The experiments would be conducted using several variables. For instance, (1) With an empty chamber, at various ambient temperatures. (2) With the door being opened at the times claimed by the holocaust literature – from one half hour after introduction of Zyklon B, to around one hour (the maximum time claimed in the holocaust literature). (3) With a chamber full of experimental “dummies” simulating human beings crammed into the chamber, and repeating the variable mentioned in (1) and (2).

To meet acceptable scientific criteria, the results would have to be reproducible by others, as the experiments themselves would have to conducted openly, with impartial, neutral, observers present, and all the findings openly published.

That no such scientific experiments have ever been conducted – or are even planned – is extraordinary, given:

1) That the theory of the holocaust is taught as “fact” in schools and colleges around the world;
2) the billions upon billions of dollars invested in and by the “holocaust industry” for over half a century, and the plethora of “holocaust memorials” around the world;
3) the continuing imprisonment of those, including scientists, who have logically and rationally expressed public doubt about the theory of the holocaust;
4) the use of this theory to aid the establishment of a modern non-Muslim nation in the lands of the Muslims;
5) the conviction – on purely circumstantial evidence – and the subsequent execution and imprisonment of dozens and dozens of people, in the last sixty years, for “participating” in this alleged “holocaust”.

Thus, to repeat what we wrote above, it is correct and reasonable, and indeed rationally necessary, for people to doubt the veracity of the theory of the holocaust until such time as the specific scientific claim, made by the believers in the theory of the holocaust, is verified by experimental means. Until such experiments are conducted, it is also correct, fair and reasonable to call for an immediate end to the irrational and criminal persecution of those who doubt the theory and who ask for scientific proof of the theory.



1) A million or so, alone, is claimed for Auschwitz. This is what is taught now in schools, everywhere; see, for example, the school lesson plan, Learning and Remembering about Auschwitz-Birkenau, produced by the Yad Vashem organization in occupied Palestine.

2) Logically, if a person believes in the modern holocaust theory, ergo they accept the minor premise of what is the fundamental “holocaust” syllogism, which premise is the specific method of killing described above, which specific method involves a particular scientific claim, and which scientific claim requires experimental proof.

Thus, all persons who now accept or who believe in the modern theory of the holocaust, are implicitly accepting, on faith or trust (and rather illogically), that this so far unproven scientific claim is true.

3) According to experiments conducted by German scientists in 1942 CE – and recorded in the publication “Die Einsatzfähigkeit der Blausäure bei tiefen Temperaturen” published in 1942 CE – under ideal laboratory conditions, Zyklon B granules are can still lethal for at least two hours after they have been activated.

These experiments also showed that what does affect the release of HCN gas is the ambient temperature, with the granules releasing more HCN gas more quickly at higher temperatures, and releasing “most” of their gas – under ideal laboratory conditions – in just less than an hour when the temperature was 20 degrees Celsius, or higher. Given that the ambient temperature in the alleged “gas chambers” was often much lower than 20 degrees Celsius – according to accounts contained in the holocaust literature of the holocaust theorists – it would be expected that it would be well over an hour before the Zyklon B pellets released all their HCN gas. Which would mean the pellets would still be producing deadly HCN gas when the door to the chambers were opened.


We Have To Be Honest

Myatt’s Tu Es Diaboli Ianua

Richard Moult: Atu XX


Our Review Of Myatt’s Tu Es Diaboli Ianua

We have to admit that we were pleasantly surprised by David Myatt’s new book which has the Latin title Tu Es Diaboli Ianua, a title which he himself translates as You Are The Nexion Of The Deofel. Is the title a hint?

Perhaps so. But no matter. For his book contains some very illuminating statements relevant to our times. First, that his

       “own pathei-mathos certainly indicates that the numinous is primarily a manifestation of the muliebral and can be apprehended through a personal, an interior, balance between masculous and muliebral.”

Second, that

        “a muliebral presencing is or would be manifest in a predominance of female deities; or in a dominant female deity; in legends and myths which celebrate muliebral virtues, such as empathy, sensitivity, gentleness, compassion; and in the perception that personal love should triumph over and above adherence to abstractions. Considered exoterically – not interiorly, not esoterically – a muliebral presencing is manifest in a personal, varied, worship and devotion; in a personal weltanschauung and not in a religion; has no hierarchy; no creed, no article or articles of faith; and no texts whether written or aural.”

Third, that

        “the virtues of personal honour and manners, with their responsibilities, presence the fairness, the avoidance of hubris, the natural harmonious balance, the gender equality, the awareness and appreciation of the divine, that is the numinous.”

Fourth, that

        “In the case of Christianity, while some interpretations of it have in the past century slowly evolved to be somewhat more balanced in respect of the muliebral, it is still primarily a patriarchal presencing.”

Myatt therefore is once again publicly aligning himself with critics of the masculous, with critics of the patriarchal, with critics (both female and male) of the misogynist, status quo.

While this will not endear him to the Magian and their acolytes, nor to the so-called “alt-right” who exemplify misogyny and whose adherents often trumpet the still patriarchal religion of Christianity as “the ethos of the West”, Myatt scholarly cuts through their plebeian assumptions and Old World prejudices and Magian abstractions by providing an intellectual basis for a new, an enlightened, paganism firmly rooted in an understanding of our debt to Greco-Roman, pagan, culture.

A highly recommended book, and Kudos therefore to Myatt.

Three Wyrd Sisters
December 2017 ev.

Since Myatt (known for his disdain of copyright) has released Tu Es Diaboli Ianua under a liberal Creative Commons license, a copy of his book is available as a pdf file here: https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/tua-es-diaboli-ianua-v3c.pdf


David Myatt. Tu Es Diaboli Ianua. 46 pages. 2017. ISBN-13: 978-1982010935

Image credit:
Richard Moult: Atu XX from Non Est Secundus Quia Unus Est,
a book of Tarot archetypes

The Difference Between Us

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


Distinguishing The Order Of Nine Angles

The text describes the significant features which separate and distinguish the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) from other past and contemporary manifestations of the Occult in the lands of the West, be those manifestations described or classified by others (or self-described or classified by their adherents) as Left Hand Path, Satanist, Hermetic, Right Hand Path, Pagan, or Sorcerist.

Siyasah – The Way of Islam

Order Of Nine Angles


Given the use by the Order of Nine Angles of causal “forms” – such as Islam and National Socialism – in both Insight Roles and as part of their sinister strategy to “Presence The Dark”, and cause Chaos, our readers may find the following (archive) article of interest.

ibn Myatt: Siyasah – The Way of Islam

From the editorial preface:

“An informative – if ideological and propagandistic – item written (c. 2006) by David Myatt (using his Muslim name Abdul-Aziz ibn Myatt) during his Muslim iteration, and which text seems to prefigure the ideology of the movement ad-Dawlah al-Islamiyah fil ‘Iraq wa ash-Sham, a movement commonly but incorrectly known in the West as ‘Islamic State’. Incorrectly known, because the Arabic term Dawlah means “rule” or “dynasty” and not a (modern, Western) type of nation-State with its attendant “politics” […]

The text explains why those loyal to and supportive of ad-Dawlah al-Islamiyah fil ‘Iraq wa ash-Sham made bayah, pledged their loyalty, to a person, an Ameer, rather than to some ‘State’ or to some Constitution.

Our Kind of Satanist?

Order Of Nine Angles
Order Of Nine Angles


In the past year or so we have been asked several times whether the fascist using the nym ‘Tommy Robinson’ – a.k.a. Stephen Christopher Yaxley a.k.a. Stephen Lennon a.k.a. Andrew McMaster a.k.a. Paul Harris – is “our kind of Satanist”.

A convicted criminal – jailed for both a money-making scam and for identity fraud – he spent years inciting often violent public disorder in the name of opposing Islam, and then, as a publicity stunt, claimed to be friendly with Muslims and to have left his former anti-Muslim extremism behind. He then did a volte-face, returned to spouting anti-Islam rhetoric, and claimed to be an ambassador for a charity which, set up by others, existed only on paper {1}, all of which garnished him substantial media coverage, perhaps designed to hype his recent ghost-written ‘autobiography’ – which declared him to be an “Enemy of the State” – and to thus garnish him a reputation as some sort of significant figure on the ‘right-wing’ scene.

His duplicity, his crimes, his shapeshifting, his incitement of hatred, violence, and disorder, do seem indicative of someone who is a disciple of The Dark Side, albeit one who, being plebeian, has to rely on a ‘ghost-writer’ for his so-called autobiography, and on others such as those who set up a fictitious charity in order that he could claim to be its ‘ambassador’.

This plebeian nature – evident whenever he speaks or appears in public or in private – and this reliance on others mark him as someone who is either being used, manipulated, by “one of us” or who is a Magian dupe.

Which of these he was might have been evident had he been challenged when he in one of his recent – and subsequently hyped – Media television appearances held up a copy of the Quran and described it as a “violent and cursed book”. For no one then or subsequently asked him if he could read the Quran in Arabic and if so, whether he had discussed the Arabic Quran and the Sunnah (as related in Arabic texts) with learned Muslim scholars. Had someone done so, his answers or his evasions would have been most indicative.

For if he was indeed manipulated by “one of us” – and thus a lone, exoteric, nexion – he would have been coached by learned (albeit sinister-cloaked) O9A people and been able to provide satisfactory answers.

2017 ev

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