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O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


While the following article was written some years before Mr Myatt published his perceptive translations of and commentary on various tracts of the Corpus Hermeticum {1} it nonetheless deserves reproducing here since it provides an insight into how one insightful individual perceived the Order Of Nine Angles.


{1} https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/eight-tractates-v2-print.pdf


“The swirling delirium at the new /pol/ is at least 80% noise, but it includes some real intelligence (in both senses of the word), and not solely of a comedic variety. The sheer dirtiness of its signal makes it a powerful antenna, picking up on connections and information sources that tidier discussions would dismiss as pollution. This makes it especially suited to conspiracy theorizing, both inane and exotic.

While noting the importance of correction for narcissistic bias, which operates through selective attention, memorization, and (from commentators here) communication, it seems as if this blog is referenced disproportionately by the most extravagant NRx-sensitive /pol/ conspiracists. That is quite understandable. Occult philosophy, secrecy, crypsis, codes, and obscurity are insistent themes here. Xenosystems is inclined towards arcane cultural games. It identifies cryptographic developments as keys to the emerging order of the world.

The primary philosophical task of this blog is to disturb unwarranted pretensions to knowing, in the name of a Pyrrhonian inspiration. In this regard, confusion, paradox, and uncertainty are communicative outcomes to be ardently embraced.

For the purposes of this post, an exceptionally exotic /pol/ suggestion provides the opportunity to make a comparatively compact and simple point. The occasion is a web of conjecture weaving together Xenosystems and The Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA, or omega9alpha). In addition to the (highly-recommended) link just provided, the relevant Wikipedia entry is also extremely stimulating.

Xenosystems micro-ethics is uncomfortable with soliciting belief (or invoking expectations of trust). It is necessary to note at this point, therefore, that the following remarks are not designed to appeal to credence, but merely to add testimonial information, to be accepted or rejected at will. In the world we now enter — of “sinister dialectic” — declarations of honesty are utterly debased. However, for what (little) it is worth, these are the facts as I understand and relay them.

The O9A is not entirely new to me, but it is not a gnosis I have studied, still less deliberately aligned with. The few hours of reading I have undertaken today is by far my most intense exposure to it to date. What little I have learnt about David Myatt has not attracted me to him as a thinker or political activist, despite certain impressive characteristics (his intellect and polyglot classicism most notably). With that said:
(1) Many convergent interests are soon apparent between Outside in and the O9A (as well as a not inconsiderable number of divergences).
(2) ‘We’ are both (I think) inclined to dismiss the pretensions of the individual intellect and will, which makes the possibility of connections around the back impossible to dismiss in a peremptory fashion. As one /pol/ ‘anonymous’ remarked: “why so sure that ONA would be the deepest layer, instead of just a japeful ruse?” Real connections, influences, and metaphysical roots are obscure.
(3) O9A is fascinating.

The point of this post (finally) is taken directly from Aleister Crowley. In the compilation of his qabbalistic writings entitled 777 (Alphanomic equivalent of Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, although that is surely coincidental), he makes some introductory remarks on the topic of hermeticism. My copy of the book is temporarily misplaced, so I shall gloss them here. A secret, of the kind relevant to hermeticism, is not something known and then hidden as a matter of decision, but rather something that by its very nature resists revelation. Crowley proceeds to mock charlatan occultists who treat the numerical values of the Hebrew letters as secret information, to be revealed theatrically at some appropriate stage of initiation. Let whatever can now be known, be known, as lucidly and publicly as possible. Only that is truly hermetic which hides itself. Reality is not so destitute of intrinsically hidden things — of Integral Obscurity — that we need to replenish its coffers with our tawdry discretion.

Whatever might exist, in the way of an occult bond between Outside in and the O9A, it is not one that anybody is keeping secret. To emphasize the point, I am going to include the alpha9omega document in the Resources roll here, not as the acknowledgement of a connection, but as a clear statement that this stuff is not a secret. It is, however, about secrecy — and that is interesting.”

Article Source:


O9A Rising


Order Of Nine Angles Sigil


It seems that “journalist for hire” Jake Hanrahan and BBC journalist Daniel De Simone have jumped on the anti-O9A bandwagon with over an hour long Apple podcast about the O9A titled O9A Rising: The Spread of Britain’s Occultist Militant Group. The podcast is also now available on SoundCloud.

The podcast includes the usual references to David Myatt being “Anton Long”, and like The Poison Dwarf – of Hate Not Hope infamy – Daniel De Simone commits the logical fallacy of argumentum ad verecundiam. That is, because some academics have claimed that Myatt=Long it must be true. He, of course, forgets to mention the academics who do not believe that Myatt=Long.

What is interesting is that the O9A is, according to Hanrahan and De Simone, now regarded as influential especially among young neo-nazis with the old joke – among Levey-loving “satanists” – about the O9A having “no members” discredited.

The gist is that, according to Daniel De Simone, the O9A is about “real evil,” about disrupting our society and bringing “dark forces to Earth”. Which rather reminds me of the Harry Potter saga…

Having declaimed that the O9A is about real evil and about presencing dark forces Daniel De Simone goes on to claim that this is all fantasy on behalf of the O9A, that the O9A is not influential. Thus contradicting his earlier remarks about how the O9A is and had been influential among many young neo-nazis and has even infiltrated mainstream Nazarene groups.

If this is all fantasy and the O9A is not influential then why spend well over an hour discussing and pontificating about the O9A? If this is all fantasy why did The Poison Dwarf present a petition to the UK government – signed by several Members of Parliament – to have the O9A banned as a terrorist organization? Also, Daniel De Simone goes on to mention that there “may be crimes committed by people involved with this group” – the O9A – thus contradicting himself again, and that given recent terrorism convictions involving young neo-nazis he now takes the O9A seriously.

Which recalls to mind a 1969 song by the group King Crimson titled “21st century schizoid man”.

Daniel De Simone goes to relate the lie – the propaganda – that the O9A encourages pedophilia when even a cursory examination of O9A material would suffice to reveal that the O9A does not and never has encouraged such sub-human, such mundane, proclivities. {1}{2}

He also goes on to commit the fallacy of secundum quid et simpliciter. Generalizing from a particular instance. But there is yet more. Over another half-hour of anti-O9A propaganda. Their contradictory conclusion? That the O9A is small, yet influential.

Suffice to write that the whole podcast is a propaganda triumph for the O9A.


{1} https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/o9a-children/
{2} https://omega9alpha.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/culling-o9a-code-v3.pdf


Some Questions About The O9A


Order Of Nine Angles Sigil



Questions About The O9A, 2020 ev

The replies about O9A esotericism and praxises were to questions asked of us in April 2020 ev by a person who had, according to our knowledge, associated themselves with the Occult O9A movement for several years and who had published several books about the O9A and their own involvement.


Comparing Two Recent O9A Compilations


O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


In March 2019 Morina Kapiris of the TWS Nexion published – as pdf documents – two volumes of post-2011 Order of Nine (O9A, ONA) texts titled Compilation Of Some Recent O9A Texts, 2017-2019, with the first volume consisting of 146 pages and several illustrations, and the second volume consisting of 7 pages of illustrations. {1}

Between August 2019 and October 2019 Rachael Stirling, also of the TWS nexion, published – as both gratis open access pdf documents and as printed books – her own selection of post-2011 O9A texts in three volumes under the titles Feond, Baeldraca, and Tyberness {2} and then a month later issued all three works in a single gratis open access pdf document titled The Seofonfeald Paeth containing as that pdf document does 301 pages of texts and illustrations. {3}

In both works, many of the illustrations were from Renaissance alchemical or occult texts such as Azoth Sive Aureliae Occultae Philosophorum published in 1613 CE and Oedipvs Aegyptiacvs published in 1653 CE.

The intent of both works was to provide, for those curious about the O9A, for students of the Occult, and for academics,
             “information about various Occult topics which the modern literature – academic and otherwise – about modern Occultism, about Satanism, and about the Western Left Hand Path, have ignored, but also deal, in a measured and rational way, with the philosophical and Occult roots of the O9A giving as they do copious references to (and sometimes illustrations from) medieval, renaissance and Greco-Roman texts, more often than not in the original language of those texts such as Latin and Hellenistic Greek.
             These texts therefore serve to distinguish the O9A from all other modern Occult groups be such groups described as Occult, Satanist, or of the Western Left Hand Path.”

The compilations also provided easy access to hitherto aural O9A traditions,
             “such as the links between the Seven Fold Way and the Corpus Hermeticum; the link to Renaissance texts such as Azoth Sive Aureliae Occultae Philosophorum with its illustration of a septenary “Tree of Wyrd”, which illustration also contains the three basic alchemical substances (Salt, Sulphur, Mercury) whose nine combinations form the pieces of the O9A Star Game and represent the “nine angles” of O9A tradition and the link to the Rosarium Philosophorum MS which contains a coloured illustration of Azoth, the living (alchemical) water.
             There is also the link between the septenary system illustrated in Oedipvs Aegyptiacvs (Tomi Secundi Pars Altera) and the sigil described in Theorem XVIII of John Dee’s 1564 work Monas Hieroglyphica.”

While many of the texts and illustrations in The Seofonfeald Paeth are also in the two volumes of Compilation Of Some Recent O9A Texts, some are not, such as the illustrated article The O9A Septenary Sigil, the illustrated article O9A Esoteric Notes LXIII, the profusely illustrated article Sigils In Medieval And Renaissance Occult Texts: Some Questions For O9A Novices, and the two polemics Artistic Transgression And Subversion and Exposing Twelve Basic Errors, none of which articles were included in the three volumes of The Seofonfeald Paeth.

Likewise, the earlier Compilation Of Some Recent O9A Texts, does not contain the updated A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms, nor the article Of Star Gates And Nexions, nor the two illustrations of esoteric chant written in cheironomic neumes {4}, nor the article One Esoteric Insight: The Acausal And ὁ θεός, nor the text The Geryne of Satan.

Thus, and in our opinion, a study of both Compilation Of Some Recent O9A Texts, 2017-2019, and The Seofonfeald Paeth should enable those curious about the O9A, students of the Occult, and academics, to (i) appreciate how and why the O9A is different from all other modern Occult groups be such groups described as Occult, Satanist, or of the Western Left or Right Hand Paths, (ii) understand a Western, pagan, esotericism older than and different from the later esotericism derived from or dependent on the Hebrew Kabbalah, and (iii) appreciate the esoteric perspective of O9A traditions such as the decades-long Seven Fold Way and hitherto neglected Occult Arts such as The Star Game and O9A Esoteric Chant.

TWS Nexion
February 2020 ev.

{1} (i) Volume I, https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/o9a-texts-17-19-v2.pdf (ii) Volume II, https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/vol-2-images.pdf
{2} (i) Feond, ISBN 978-1687255624; (ii) Baeldraca, ISBN 978-1689931953; and (iii) Tyberness, ISBN 978-1696821742
{3} The pdf document containing all three volumes is available from https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2020/03/o9a-trilogy-print.pdf
{4} qv. https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2019/10/16/recordings-of-o9a-esoteric-chant/


Ban The O9A: Latest Update


O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


20 March, 2020 ev. The petition organized by the “hate not hope” group {1} to ban the O9A as a “terrorist” organization was delivered to the British Home Office a few days ago and contained a measly 13,000 signatures by those – including members of the British parliament – who had obviously not done any personal research into the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) but who instead relied on the lies and propaganda pedaled by the “hate not hope” group {2} and by its so-called “chief executive” Nick Lowles who is obsessed with Mr Myatt {3}.

If the British Home Office – a ministerial department of the British government responsible for security and law and order – does decide, on the basis of a petition with a measly 13,000 signatures, to ban the O9A then that would be a triumph for the O9A and for its Labyrinthos Mythologicus {4}.

             “This attention, and the casting of the O9A as the world’s most extreme far-right terror group, not only works to our advantage but is also a natural part of our sinister dialectic.” {4}

TWS Nexion
March 2020 ev

{1} https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/2019/02/21/full-of-hate-not-hope/
{2} (i) https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2019/02/26/how-to-spread-fake-news/ (ii) https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2020/03/16/magian-foundations-of-anti-o9a-propaganda/ (iii) https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2020/03/12/fallacies-of-anti-o9a-propaganda/
{3} https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/obsessed-with-david-myatt/
{4} https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/hyping-the-o9a/


Magian Foundations Of Anti-O9A Propaganda




Foundations Of Anti-O9A Propaganda


The recent and, as of 15 March 2020 ongoing, campaign by an antifascist political interest group to have the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) banned by the British government not only required two things in particular but also implies something important about our epoch – about the societies of the modern West – and about what has become, since World War Two, its shared ethos and its orthodoxy.

One requirement was that the campaign be based on the Big Lie (große Lüge) technique of propaganda where a lie – or several lies – is or are repeated so often by so many and by various means that a large proportion of people accept the lie or lies as fact even though nothing probative – no evidence based on primary sources – is ever presented. The second requirement is that the enemy or enemies – in this case the O9A and Mr Myatt – are demonized by many and various means, which in this epoch means through social media platforms, through the mainstream media such as newspapers and pseudo-documentaries, via the medium of websites and forums, and by the leaders and activists of an antifascist political interest group meeting with mainstream politicians, and the police, and spinning their yarns and their lies in the hope of influencing or persuading those politicians and the police.

What is implied by this antifascist campaign is that both the campaign itself and the antifascist political interest group represent the orthodoxy, the ethos, of our epoch with the O9A and Mr Myatt perceived as enemies who seek to undermine and replace that orthodoxy with a new ethos. In other words, they are perceived as heretics although the anti-O9A campaign, the antifascist political interest group, and their supporters, are careful not to use the word heretic in respect of the O9A and Mr Myatt since if they do use that word some people may discover the truth about the current orthodoxy. Instead, they use expressions such as “promoting hate speech” and “promoting extremism” and “encouraging terrorism”.


The Lies Of Nick Lowles


O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


Three months ago, in December 2019, we published an open letter to Nick Lowles {1} challenging him to provide evidence for his claims and correct the errors about the O9A and Myatt made in his articles about the O9A and Myatt in a much publicized 2019 report issued by his political advocacy group. {2} In that letter we stated that:

            “Given your much Media hyped ‘research and security’ departments we expect you to know our e-mail address as supplied to both the author of the Quietus article about the O9A and to the TV production company Expectation Factual.”

As we expected, Lowles neither contacted us nor provided anything probative – any evidence – for his claims. Instead, in March 2020, he in his 2020 report and by means of two videos published on “social media” platforms {3} repeated and added to his claims; made new accusations, committed more logical fallacies and repeated previous ones. {4} Since he provided no evidence whatsoever for his claims and accusations we ourselves, and sagacious others, concluded five things.

First, that he and his political advocacy group were biased and prejudiced and were producing propaganda; that is, expressing preconceived opinion, bias, partiality, hostility. Thus, rather than championing hope they were championing prejudice and hatred; prejudice and hatred against and of the O9A and against and of Mr Myatt.

Second, that he, and his political advocacy group and their supporters, were either ignorant about, lacked knowledge concerning, the true nature of esoteric philosophy of the O9A – as expounded in works such as the 300 page Seofonfeald Paeth – or that they were so prejudiced, so full of an irrational hostility, so enmeshed in a political ideology, that they dismissed or ignored anything that contradicted their beliefs and assumptions about the O9A and about Mr Myatt; ignorant of or refusing to believe, for example, that Myatt was – as evident in his post-2011 writings {5} – a reformed person who had rejected extremism.

Third, that the mainstream media were complicit in spreading the propaganda and the “fake news” of a biased political advocacy group by repeating their claims and accusations without having their journalists do their own research – check the facts, using readily available primary sources {6} – and then make an unbiased assessment based on such research.

Fourth – as evident by the thousands and thousands of people, including members of the British parliament, who signed a petition, organized by that biased political advocacy group, for the British government to ban the O9A – that large numbers of people in our society are or can be swayed by propaganda, by the preconceived opinion, bias, partiality, hostility, and the ignorance, of others. For just like the aforementioned journalists they did not bother, did not have the skepticism, to research the facts, using primary sources, and then make an unbiased assessment based on such research.

Fifth, that the mainstream media is not now – or perhaps never really was – a reliable source of information; and that despite over a century of compulsory education for children, a large section of people, included elected “representatives of democracy”, remain uncultured and thus liable to accept, to believe, the propaganda of a biased political advocacy group; liable to believe without question “fake news” repeated in the mainstream media, and possess no desire, no skeptical curiosity, to research the facts, using primary sources, and then make an unbiased assessment based on such research.

It is therefore no surprise that the O9A champions the principle of καλὸς κἀγαθός {7} and no surprise that Lowles has refused to provide evidence from primary sources for his accusations, claims, and lies about the O9A and about Myatt, not only because there no such evidence, nothing probative, to support those accusations, claims, and lies, but also because it seems to be in his nature, and in the nature of his political advocacy group, to put propaganda – preconceived opinion, bias, partiality, hostility – before truth and hope.

It is also no surprise that when in 1998 Myatt challenged Lowles to a duel with deadly weapons the cowardly Lowles ignored the challenge, with Myatt writing:

           “When Lowles sometime later published his account of our meeting I was unsurprised at his journalistic embellishments. For he saught to portray me in a particular and negative way – as perhaps his adherence to an anti-fascist ideology demanded – while portraying himself in a positive manner, forgetting to mention of course that I had not only invited him to partake in a duel with deadly weapons for publishing misinformation about me but had also invited him to dinner at my then home near Malvern, both of which cordial invitations he declined thus leaving me with my honour intact and he hiding behind a certain ideology.” {8}

Rachael Stirling
March 2020 ev

{1} See https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2019/12/01/open-letter-to-nick-lowles/

{2} We detailed some of his errors in (i) https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2019/02/26/how-to-spread-fake-news/ and (ii) https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2020/03/12/fallacies-of-anti-o9a-propaganda/

{3} One video was published on Facebook, the other on “buzzsprout”.

{4} Refer to https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2020/03/12/fallacies-of-anti-o9a-propaganda/

One particular fallacy Lowles repeatedly commits is secundum quid et simpliciter, using particular individual cases to form a general rule to then use that rule to describe, and thence to blame, or to castigate, or to defame a whole group. Thus, and for example, he uses the cases of some individuals claimed to be influenced by the O9A to make claims about the O9A, such as that the O9A is misogynistic and encourages sexual violence.

Since the O9A is a movement – a sub-culture based on a particular esoteric philosophy – the views or the actions of a few individuals or supporters logically cannot be used to defame that movement. No rational person, for instance, would blame Christianity for the actions of a person such as Anders Breivik or for the fanaticism of Matthew Hopkins.

In addition, as mentioned many times in recent texts and articles, sources – such as https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2020/03/12/fallacies-of-anti-o9a-propaganda/ and https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2019/02/26/how-to-spread-fake-news/ – refute the claim that the O9A is misogynistic and encourages sexual violence.

{5} Refer, for example, to works by Myatt such as Understanding and Rejecting Extremism, and his Extremism And Reformation.

As noted in The Demonizing Of Mr Myatt,

           “If the chief executive of a certain political advocacy group has indeed bothered to read such post-2011 writings by Myatt, is the chief executive in his fanaticism and prejudice under the delusion that such writings are the work of ‘an evil mastermind’ and thus designed to deceive?

Failure by him to provide answers to such questions is not an option. For if he believes such a delusion that such writings are designed to deceive, then surely it expresses something about the psyche of chief executive, about his own physis, about his character, and about his own personal and political agenda.”

{6} In relation to the O9A, primary sources include The Seofonfeald Paeth, Dyssolving: Diary of an Internal Adept, The Deofel Quartet, and Naos (available, as of March 2020 from https://lapisphilosophicus.wordpress.com/naos/ )

In relation to Myatt, primary sources are A Matter Of Honour, and the works available at https://davidmyatt.wordpress.com/2018/03/09/david-myatt-opera-omnia/

A study of such primary sources would have exposed the lies, the false accusations, made by Lowles and his political advocacy group about the O9A and about Myatt; lies and false accusations repeated in the mainstream media.

{7} See https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/kalos-kagathos-o9a-v1a.pdf

{8} https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/meeting-with-nick-lowles/


An Icon Of Nihilism?


David Myatt


Myatt: Icon Of Nihilism?

The French author Bertrand Vergely – who teaches at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris – wrote in his 2019 book Notre vie a un sens: Une sagesse contre le pessimisme ambiant, that his “philosophy of Pathei-Mathos [is] probably very close to that of David Myatt – an inflammatory reference according to [modern] dogma…..” {1}

That Vergely has borrowed Myatt’s phrase “philosophy of pathei-mathos” (a term used by Myatt from 2011) and mentioned that even referencing Myatt is an inflammatory thing to do, is interesting. As is the attempt by Vergely to distance “his” philosophy from Myatt’s by stating he does not endorse either some of the things that Myatt once endorsed (and has since rejected) or which Myatt’s enemies have accused him of endorsing.

Interesting because it reveals a progressive awareness of Myatt’s philosophy, and because of how propaganda about and rumours concerning Myatt – for example, by anti-fascist groups – have not only increased in recent years but also been believed by thousands upon thousands of people even through there is no evidence – nothing probative – to support such propaganda and rumours, leading rational folk to conclude that such believers and such anti-fascist propagandists are biased and prejudiced.

Biased and prejudiced because they have not bothered to read Myatt’s extensive post-2011 writings about his rejection of extremism {2} and his extensive post-2011 writings about his philosophy of pathei-mathos with its foundations of empathy, compassion, and humility, {3} or if they have bothered to read a few them they have dismissed them as the deceptive work of a Trickster, of an “evil mastermind”, with the result that David Myatt now seems to be perceived as an iconoclast and is progressing to become a modern icon for heretical rebellion against the capitalist West, for antinomianism, and for nihilism.

Richard Stirling
March 2020

{1} “Ceci dit ma philosophie du Pathei-Mathos (sans doute très proche de celle de David Myatt – une référence sulfureuse according to the dogma)
{2} See for example Understanding and Rejecting Extremism, and his Extremism And Reformation.
{2} See for example The Numinous Way Of Pathei-Mathos and Religion, Empathy, and Pathei-Mathos.

Article Source:
Image Credit:
David Myatt in 2003


An Occult Phantom Menace


Order Of Nine Angles Sigil


An Occult Phantom Menace
Part Thirty Seven

O9A: The Occult Phantom Menace
(pdf, Second Edition)


Exposing Twelve Basic Errors
More Anti-Fascist Propaganda About The O9A
An Ignorance Regarding The O9A
The Fallacies Of Anti-O9A Propaganda
Banning The O9A
Demonizing Mr Myatt
Culling And The Code of Kindred Honour
Another Academic Misinterpretation Of The O9A
The Question Of O9A Culling
Appendix: Magick And Politics


This compilation is of articles and texts which provide “the O9A side of the story” in relation to the accusations made about the O9A (Order of Nine Angles) and the propaganda spread regarding the O9A in two reports, published in 2019 and 2020, by a political advocacy group, and which group is currently (March 2020) trying to get the O9A banned by the British government.

The articles and texts reveal the astonishing lack of knowledge about the O9A by that political advocacy group; a lack which is either deliberate – arising from hatred and prejudice – or arising because of a desire to spread propaganda about one of their declared enemies.

Unlike the anti-O9A propaganda spread by that political advocacy group and its minions, the articles and texts in the compilation give detailed references to O9A works and other sources.

It really does seem that a political advocacy group – and over 10,000 people who have (as of March 10, 2020) signed their petition to ban the O9A – really do believe that the O9A is The Occult Phantom Menace.


The Demonizing Of Mr Myatt


Order Of Nine Angles Sigil



Editorial Note: We republish here a recent article about the O9A and the attempt by a certain anti-fascist group to have the O9A banned – proscribed – as a terrorist group. As the so-called “chief executive” of a certain political advocacy group states in his “on-line petition”,

            We, the undersigned, are writing to you with concern over the Nazi-Satanic group ‘Order of Nine Angles’ and call on you to use the powers under the Terrorism Act 2000 to proscribe them as a terrorist group. […]

           The Order of Nine Angles (O9A) seeks to overthrow the alleged “Nazarene/Magian” (Jewish) influence on society by subverting and destabilising society through both chaos and terrorism. It is the most extreme Satanist group in the world and is having an increasing influence on a generation of young nazis who are being drawn into terrorist activity.” Source: https://action.hopenothate.org.uk/page/signup/proscribe-the-order-of-nine-angles

He also states that the O9A is

           a British neo-Nazi satanist group that encourages extreme violence among its followers to destabilise society, and overthrow what it sees as Jewish control of global culture and economics.

That they have, to date, over 5000 signatures – including members of the British Parliament – is indicative of how the O9A is now perceived among mundanes.

However, as the following article mentions: “From the perspective of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) this is all marvelous propaganda, and may well have Levey-type Satanists envious and desirous of penning even more anti-O9A diatribes.”


The Demonizing Of Mr Myatt

With the publication in March 2020 of a report by the left-wing political advocacy group calling itself Hope Not Hate, the demonizing of Mr Myatt {1} has reached a new level especially as the “chief executive” of that political advocacy group has, since the publication of that report, ranted about Mr Myatt on an internet audio forum where he, for almost half an hour, repeated his baseless accusations against the O9A. {2}

In that rant he stated, among other things, that Myatt became a Satanist in 1966 and that National Socialism was and is integral to the O9A; that the O9A advocates sexual violence; that in a March 2000 during an interview Myatt carried an SS dagger in the pocket of his Barbour jacket, and handed him a three page document concerning the Rules of Dueling. He also repeated the claim that if someone O9A could not find a suitable human opfer for culling they would sacrifice and animal. He also speaks of O9A supporters as having established groups on encrypted internet platforms such as Telegram which encourage violence and terrorism. He also claimed that the now banned Sonnenkrieg Division was an O9A network; that Myatt in the 1970s in Leeds did deeds of random violence including attacking homeless people; that in the late 1970s Myatt joined Colin Jordan’s British Movement, and that the O9A is the most extreme cult in the world and “has to be stopped”.

From the perspective of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) this is all marvelous propaganda, and may well have Levey-type Satanists envious and desirous of penning even more anti-O9A diatribes.

In respect of Mr Myatt, the portrait presented by the “chief executive” of a certain political advocacy group is of Myatt as “an evil mastermind” whose raison d’etre is encouraging terrorism by whatever means. Kudos therefore to that “chief executive” who in his hatred has neglected Myatt’s voluminous post-2011 about rejecting extremism and neglected Myatt’s philosophy of pathei-mathos {3} and who thus has made Myatt into a modern icon of rebellion, Antinomianism, Satanism, and terrorism.

              However, for the sake of historical accuracy, we shall correct a few – note: only a few – of the many mistakes that the “chief executive” of a certain political advocacy group made in his audio rant.

° In 1966 and for most of 1997 Myatt was a schoolboy living in Singapore. He thus could not then have become a Satanist as the “chief executive” alleges.

There is nothing probative – no evidence – that Myatt became a Satanist in the late 1960s. There is only the fictitious forgery titled Diablerie.

° National Socialism is not and never was integral to the O9A, as a perusal of such O9A texts as The Seven Fold Path explains.

° The O9A has never advocated sexual violence, as a perusal of the O9A corpus would reveal. Indeed, the O9A has issued texts denouncing misogyny and rape: see for example Fake News.

° As noted elsewhere Myatt never carried an SS dagger in the pocket of his Barbour jacket {4}, but once did admit to sometimes carrying a .22 Bersa semi-automatic pistol.

° There is no three page document written by or circulated by Myatt concerning the Rules of Dueling. What exists is a short one-page statement by Myatt which we reproduce here:

             “The most acceptable and civilized form of duel is by pistol, and those abiding by the Code of Honour are expected to use this form as and when necessary.

              A formal challenge to a duel must be personally issued, by one party to the other, at which a date, time and place are specified (Dawn is traditionally favoured). Each duellist must be accompanied by a Second, to ensure fair play and an honourable outcome, as there must be a referee.

              At the appointed time and in the appointed place, two revolvers, pistols or duelling pistols, as similar as possible, are checked and prepared by the referee, (ideally a man of honour should keep or have access to a matched pair of pistols specifically made for duelling, capable of firing one round and one round only). These revolvers or pistols, and the bullets, are also checked by the duellists and their seconds. [Note: whatever pistol is used it should be loaded or so adapted that one round and only one round can be discharged from it when the trigger is pulled.]

              The referee then allows the duellists to choose a weapon. The duellists stand back to back. At a sign or word from the referee they then walk a set number of paces agreed beforehand (ten being usual) before turning to face each other. The referee then says: “Take aim!” at which they take aim. The referee then says: “Fire!” at which they discharge the weapon. It is considered dishonourable conduct to aim and/or fire before the referee gives the signal to so do.

              Should one person fire and miss, or hit and injure, the other duellist before that duellist has also fired, then the person who has so fired must wait, without moving, until his fellow duellist has also fired, if he is capable of so firing.

              Honour is satisfied if the duel is undertaken in the above manner.

Some Notes On Duelling

              There are four things which need to be understood about personal duels of honour.
              (1) The etiquette, or rules, of duelling must be followed, for it is these rules which make this encounter between two individuals a civilized and thus an honourable encounter. A duel of honour is not a brawl, or merely a fight between two individuals – it is a dispassionate meeting of two individuals who use their own will, their own strength of character, to fight in a particular way.
              The rules, the etiquette, of duelling make it such a dispassionate encounter – for a duel is a test of courage, of nerve, of character, of personal honour itself. Any and all conduct which is against the rules is dishonourable, and as such the person who does not abide by the rules is not an honourable person, and thus forfeits their honour and their honourable reputation.

              If the rules are not followed, it is thus not a duel of honour.

              (2) In a duel of honour, deadly weapons must be used. It is the deadly nature of the weapons used, with the possibility of death, which makes the encounter an honourable one. Deadly weapons include pistols, swords and long-bladed fighting knives of the Bowie type.
              (3) The duel is a private affair between the two individuals concerned. As such, only the nominated Seconds, and a referee – acceptable by both sides – must be present. It is against the etiquette of duelling for any other people to be present.

              (4) A person challenged to a duel must either personally accept the challenge, or decline the challenge. It is dishonourable and cowardly conduct to ignore a challenge once it has been formally issued. If a person who is challenged declines the challenge, then they must issue a personal apology, and if necessary, or called upon to do so, a public apology.
              A man of honour will only challenge to a duel those individuals whom he believes can physically defend themselves and their honour with deadly weapons. Thus, it is dishonourable and cowardly if someone who is challenged to a duel tries to get someone else to fight the duel on their behalf.”

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20090607223524/http://www.cosmicbeing.info/duel.html


° Myatt joined Colin Jordan’s British Movement in 1968, not in the late 1970s.

° The allegation that “if someone O9A could not find a suitable human opfer for culling they would sacrifice an animal” is laughable given that no O9A text mentions this and that O9A texts clearly state that they abhor animal sacrifice since there is an abundance of human dross who could be sacrificed, qv. R. Parker, Praxis and Theory of The Order of Nine Angles – A Précis for Critics, Neophytes, and Academics. 2012.

° There is nothing probative to indicate that Myatt in the 1970s in Leeds did deeds of random violence.


That journalists and others who repeat the allegations and lies made by the “chief executive” of a certain political advocacy group without ever having perused O9A texts such as The Seven Fold Path and without having studied Myatt’s post-2011 writings surely indicates something about those journalists and those others.

That the “chief executive” of a certain political advocacy group does not, in his 2020 or 2019 reports or in his audio rant or in his conversations with journalists and others, mention Myatt’s voluminous post-2011 writings about rejecting extremism and Myatt’s post-2012 philosophy of pathei-mathos is both interesting and indicative.

Has the “chief executive” even read those writings? Probably not.

What is his comment, for example, on Myatt’s article A Balanced View Of Islam and The West and his books Extremism And Reformation, and A Rejection Of Extremism.

If the “chief executive” of a certain political advocacy group has indeed bothered to read such post-2011 writings by Myatt, is the “chief executive” in his fanaticism and prejudice under the delusion that such writings are the work of “an evil mastermind” and thus designed to deceive?

Failure by him to provide answers to such questions is not an option. For if he believes such a delusion that such writings are designed to deceive, then surely it expresses something about the psyche of “chief executive”, about his own physis, about his character, and about his own personal and political agenda.

Furthermore, that the “chief executive” of a certain political advocacy group does not mention the rumours that Myatt may, for decades, have been either working for “Special Branch” or be or have been an MI5 agent provocateur {5} is also interesting and indicative. Is the “chief executive” of a certain political advocacy group hyping Myatt so that Myatt can continue to be a State-sponsored agent provocateur and be seen by others as an icon of rebellion, antinomianism, Satanism, and terrorism?

Rachael Stirling
March 2020

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