Preparing For Another War



America is preparing the way for another foreign war as witness the accusations that Iran was responsible for the recent “unprovoked” attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, with the American government stating that “intelligence about the type of weapons used” proved it was Iran and releasing a video which they claimed showed Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the ships.

Which attacks and which video are almost certainly clandestine “Black Ops” by the American military designed to give the American government the excuse it needs to go to war with Iran or at the very least support a massive military attack on Iran by the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine.

The current President of America – the Zionist-loving Vulgarian – has spent the last few years implementing the agenda of the Zionist entity: he abandoned the nuclear deal with Iran that was brokered by Barack Obama; he imposed harsh economic sanctions on Iran; he moved the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; he claimed that the Zionist entity has the “right” to occupy and build settlements on the West Bank; he authorized a vast increase in the sale of advanced military weapons to the Zionists; and he regurgitated and regurgitates Zionist propaganda about the Iranian government being “evil” and that there needed to be “regime change” in Iran.

Following the American claim that recent attacks on oil tankers were undertaken by Iran, the British government, still the American poodle, immediately issued a statement that said that the attacks were “almost certainly” the work of Iran and that the attacks “build on a pattern of destabilising Iranian behaviour and pose a serious danger to the region.”

This is how modern wars and invasions often begin. By claims about some nation or State being “a serious danger”, a threat to “democracy” and tyrannical and “evil”. By repeating ad nauseam propaganda and lies, such as the lie before the invasion of Iraq that it had “weapons of mass destruction”; by harsh economic sanctions partly designed to weaken the designated enemy and partly designed to provoke that enemy, such as the harsh sanctions America imposed upon Japan for years before World War Two; by claims by “intelligence” sources and “analysts” that the designated new enemy has indeed done or is capable of what their government claims; and by “Black Ops” designed to cast blame on the “evil” enemy for war-like actions that require a military response.

We might therefore expect a majority of the peoples of modern Western nations to eventually accept the need for a new war against the new “evil” enemy, as they accepted the “need” to go to war with Germany in the 1930s and as they accepted and supported both the invasion of Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq.

June 2019

Update, 18 June, 2019. Following scepticism about the “grainy Black & White” video which the US government initially released about the Gulf of Oman incident they have now released colour images which they claim provide “definitive proof” of Iran’s involvement although all they show are individuals dressed in uniforms used by Iran’s armed forces in a boat of a type also used by Iran’s armed forces.

The fact that some “Black Ops” in the past have also involved military personnel dressed in the uniform of “the enemy” and using the military equipment of “the enemy” seems to have escaped the notice of most supporters of the US government version of events, as does the fact that such scenes are easy to fake as proved by Hollywood “war and action movies” which regularly feature people dressed in the correct military uniforms of the enemy while using the appropriate enemy military equipment, even if those uniforms and that equipment are skilful reproductions.

It seems the current pro-Zionist US government is relying on the sheeple in the US and the sheeple in the countries of their allies, and also on the pro-Zionist governments of Europe, believing their propaganda and their narrative that Iran must now “be dealt with” in military terms.


A Powerful And Influential Zionist Myth

Zionism And The Zeitgeist Of The West


A Powerful And Influential Zionist Myth



The United States ambassador to the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine – who was appointed by the pro-Zionist administration of the current President, The Vulgarian – recently declared that the Zionist entity was “on the side of God.” {1}

He also declared that in relation to moving the US embassy to Jerusalem in compliance to Zionist demands,
             “the move of the embassy was a validation by the strongest nation in the world, not just strong militarily, strong economically, but strong morally, strong ethically, with a bedrock of Judeo-Christian values.”

Such declarations, and the fact that the ambassador – David M. Friedman – is Jewish and that his remarks were made at a meeting of an American Christian evangelical group provides the necessary context.

A context also provided by comments such as that “God gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish people thousands of years ago” {2}, and as does the plan by the current US national security adviser John Bolton to either get the US to invade Iran {3} – the arch enemy of the Zionist entity – or to support a proxy war against Iran undertaken by Middle East states such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia. A proxy war similar to the current conflict in Yemen where the US provides military hardware, military intelligence, and incentives to a Saudi-led coalition in their war with Shia rebels and which Shia rebels look to Iran as their spiritual home.

That the wealthy John Bolton, a staunch Christian, was instrumental in getting the US to invade Iraq in 2003 by using the lie of “weapons of mass destruction” and instrumental in supporting armed “regime change” – and conflict – in Libya and Syria, and yet like the Vulgarian {4}{5} cowardly managed to avoid military service in Vietnam {6} says all that needs to be said about his posturing war-mongering.

The necessary context is how so many influential individuals in the pro-Zionist administration of the current President of the United States promote “Judeo-Christian values”, and believe in the myth that the Zionist entity is “on the side of God” and accept the myth that “God gave the Land of Israel to the Jewish people thousands of years ago.”

In other words, the most powerful nation on Earth is – in the 21st century – not only promoting a particular ancient religious myth but is using that myth to support policies of foreign aggression and unconditional support for Zionists and the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine.

In practical terms this amounts to Zionist control and manipulation of the most powerful nation on Earth, just as the Zionist myth of the so-called holocaust – the foundation myth of the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine – keeps all other Western governments in thrall and obedient. A thralldom evident, for example, in the acceptance of holocaustianity by the current British Prime Minister who recently stated that belief in holocaustianity was “a sacred, national mission.” {7}

Is there an alternative to belief in such an ancient religious myth and in the acceptance of the belief that the Zionists and the Zionist entity are on the side of God?

Yes: it is the alternative of National Socialism. But not the Hollywood type of Nazism and White racialism {8} in which the modern myth of the holocaust and hate and misogyny play a central role. But the authentic National Socialism manifest in the deeds and writings of the likes of Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle {9}.

The Hollywood type of Nazism and of White racialism – the Zionist myth about National Socialism and racialism – has conjured up people like Jack Renshaw and Thomas Mair who in their cowardice and weakness both fantasized about killing women, with Mair succeeding in his Hollywood-inspired plan to kill a defenceless woman.

Would the likes of Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle, of SS-Obersturmfuhrer Per Sorensen, or SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny, or Major-General Otto Ernst Remer, have murdered defenceless women? Of course not.

That the Hollywood propaganda version of Nazism and of White racialism – with its hatred, its misogyny, and its often reliance on Judeo-Christian myths and values – still dominates the lands of the West is indicative of just how powerful and influential modern Zionists have been and still are.

As does the fact that the genuine National Socialism – of the likes of Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle, SS-Obersturmfuhrer Per Sorensen, SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny, and Major-General Otto Ernst Remer {9} – is apparently unknown among the majority who in the 21st century profess to be either National Socialists or White nationalists.

May 2019

{8} “Hollywood was founded by a band of buccaneering Jewish immigrants.” Times Literary Supplement, April 29, 1983.


The O9A And Islam

Order Of Nine Angles


The Emissary by Richard Moult


The O9A And Islam

Contrary to some Media reports, and contrary to comments made via “social media” and via other mediums of the internet, the O9A (Order of Nine Angles) does not, like self-described neo-nazis and like those involved with the so-called “alt-right”, have an anti-Islam policy nor does it preach anti-Muslim hatred.

Why not? For three simple reasons. First, because the O9A – being a leaderless Occult movement (a modern sub-culture) rather than a hierarchical group – has no official policy about anything, based as it is on the principle of the authority of individual judgment. {1}

Second, because even those independent O9A nexions and O9A individuals who identify with and who support National Socialism {2} do so on the basis of the Reichsfolk interpretation of National Socialism and not on the basis of the racist interpretation of National Socialism by self-described neo-nazis. For the fact that there are two different, post-WWII, interpretations of National Socialism {3} seems to have escaped the notice of most self-described neo-nazis, most anti-fascists, most academics, and all of the Media.

Third, because even when an O9A individual is undertaking an “insight role” involving, for instance, the “racist” type of neo-nazism, the Occult sub-culture that is the multi-form O9A {4} still – to borrow a phrase recently posted on social media – “eludes classification and morphs where necessary” since

“through the practice of ‘insight roles’, the order advocates continuous transgression of established norms, roles, and comfort zones in the development of the initiate […] This extreme application of ideas further amplifies the ambiguity of satanic and Left Hand Path practices of antinomianism, making it almost impossible to penetrate the layers of subversion, play and counter-dichotomy inherent in the sinister dialectics.” {5}

Which rather neatly brings us to the sinister dialectics – the Aeonic dialectic – of the O9A. Which Aeonic dialectic, as explained in various O9A texts both new and old, often involves supporting Islam against Magian influence and Magian power in the modern West because one of the five fundamental principles of the O9A is “the way of defiance of and practical opposition to Magian abstractions.” {6}

Even in the 1980s Anton Long wrote about supporting Islam as part of O9A Aeonic strategy. {7}

For it is no surprise to us that the anti-Islam movement in the West is supported and financed not only by the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine, but also by Zionists such as Daniel Pipes and Pamela Geller {8} as well as by staunch supporters of the Zionist entity such as The Vulgarian who currently (2019) is President of Amerika. {9}

In addition, the satanism that the O9A Occult movement supports – and which some of its nexions and individuals identify with – is a very different satanism from that of most self-described modern ‘satanists’ indebted as those ‘satanists’ are to the Magian ‘satanism’ of Howard Stanton Levey, the Yahoudi, better known under his alias of Anton LaVey.

For the O9A, satanism is

“based on the scholarly premise that – as described in the O9A text The Geryne of Satan – (i) hasatan – the satan – refers (in the Septuagint) to the chief adversary (of the so-called ‘chosen ones’) and to the chief schemer against those who regard themselves as the chosen people of God/Jehovah, and (ii) “a satan” historically (in the Septuagint) refers to someone who is an adversary of and who thus is pejoratively regarded (by those so opposed) as scheming, as plotting against those who regard themselves as the chosen people of God/Jehovah. Thus, for the O9A, a satanist is someone who is heretically opposed to those who believe they are the chosen people of God/Jehovah.” {10}

In other words, O9A satanism is based on opposition to Zionists – who regard themselves as the ‘chosen ones’ – and on opposition to the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine.

Understood thus, the Aeonic dialectic of the O9A movement in regards to exoterically supporting Islam and the National Socialism of Reichsfolk, is understandable, as is opposition to the Zionist myth of the holocaust, as well as opposition to creatures such as The Vulgarian and Zionist muppets such as “Tommy Robinson”. {8}

We find it most amusing and indicative that O9A critics, that journalists, that self-described modern racist neo-nazis and self-described Levey-inspired ‘satanists’, cannot understand the difference between exoteric (outer causal forms) and esoteric (inner, acausal, essence) and thus seem to have no comprehension of O9A Aeonic strategy nor of the wilful Labyrinthos Mythologicus of the O9A. {11}

But such is the Media-drenched modern Western world, in thrall as the majority of its peoples now are to Magian abstractions and to Zionist myths.

TWS Nexion
March 2019 ev

{1} “The principle or axiom of the authority of individual judgment in practice means (i) that no author, no individual, no nexion, can present or represent the view or the opinion of the entity termed the Order of Nine Angles, (ii) that the O9A does not have, never has had, and never will have an “official policy” about anything, and never has, and never will make “official statements” about anything; and (iii) that the only authority which is meaningful for the O9A is the individual one which results from the exoteric and esoteric pathei mathos of each individual who is part of or who associates themselves with the O9A.” Source:

{2} Such as the TWS Nexion (Oxonia) and the Secuntra Nexion (Italy).



{5} Per Faxneld. Introduction: At the Devil’s Crossroads. Per Faxneld and Jesper Aagaard Petersen (editors). The Devil’s Party: Satanism in Modernity. Oxford University Press. 2013. p. 15.

{6} The five principles are stated in the Glossary of ONA Terms (v. 3.07) dated 123 Year of Fayen.

{7} Refer to the O9A text The Practical Esoteric Aims Of Satanism written in the 1980s and published in volume III of Hostia in 1992.

See also

{8} A classic example of such Zionist support and finance is the Zionist muppet “Tommy Robinson”. See, for example, (i) and (ii) and (iii) and (iv)

{9} See, for example,




Image Source: The Emissary, from the Minor Arcana of Non Est Secundus Quia Unus Est, a book of Tarot archetypes by Richard Moult.


Modern Democracy At Work

Order Of Nine Angles


You just have to laugh. For the smarmy British politician – the chinless wonder – who goes by the name Michael Gove recently announced that he is supporting the current bland British Prime Minister Teresa May. Neither of whom, as befits modern Western politicians, have any front-line experience as “first responders” or as street-wise police officers or are combat veterans and who therefore lack experience of the practical hard – life or death – realities of life. {1} Which lack of such practical experiences means they do not have the wisdom, the insight, born of pathei-mathos. {2}

Both Bland May and Smarmy Gove are currently subsumed – as are so many other British politicians – by what has come to be named as “Brexit”, a plebeian portmanteau word unworthy of a nation which created the largest Empire our world has ever known.

Do those in so-called Western democracies get the politicians that the voting public deserve? Apparently so.

For to see modern democracy at work one has only to consider facts such as (i) that Smarmy Gove is positioning himself to be a contender in a forthcoming contest to be the next “leader” of something called the Conservative Party, and (ii) that The Vulgarian – the Vietnam draft-dodger {3} – was elected to lead the most powerful nation on Earth and is thus the “commander in chief” of its armed forces.

For The Vulgarian also – like Smarmy Gove – has no front-line experience as “a first responder” and no combat experience and thus has never faced the hard practical realities of life.

Instead, The Vulgarian is the archetypal Homo Hubris who in his macho dealings with other human beings instinctively reacts and thus commits logical fallacy after logical fallacy. Which is why that Vietnam draft-dodger – he of small hands and artificial hair – constantly indulges in argumentum ad hominem hoping thereby to deflect attention away from himself and his plebeian ways. {4}

Our heretical answer? Bring back the ancient Greco-Roman principle of καλὸς κἀγαθός {5} and thus a ruling aristocracy based on that principle whose members have the necessary pathei mathos born of a practical experiencing of the realities of life.

November 2018 ev


{2} Pathei Mathos – πάθει μάθος – essentially means learning from personal hardship and from hard personal experience such as grief or suffering or facing one’s own death. Pathei Mathos is the raison d’etre of Occult ways such as the Seven Fold Way of the Order of Nine Angles where there is a personal learning, by individuals, resulting from consciously undertaking practical exeatic experiences such as the Grade Ritual of Internet Adept. qv.



{5} qv. the chapter A New Pagan Metaphysics in the book Western Paganism And Hermeticism, available at


How To Distinguish The Order Of Nine Angles

A Cosmic Balance



Editorial Note: As befits our commitment to dissent we reproduce here a most heretical – a most politically incorrect – article. The lengthy unattributed quotation in the article is taken from our essay Zionism And The Zeitgeist Of The West.


We find it both indicative and amusing when people like us – post-WWII National Socialists and fascists who assert that the ‘holocaust’ is a myth, a legend – are accused of being “anti-Semitic” and of being full of “racial hatred” and of “inciting racial hatred”.


Such accusations are indicative because concepts such as “racial hatred” and “inciting racial hatred” are modern inventions, innovations which when enshrined in criminal law – as they now are in many Western lands – represent a particular political agenda and a modern zeitgeist that is the foundation of that political agenda.

The zeitgeist is of the necessity and the encouragement of multi-racial societies based on the claim that all races are equal in terms of intelligence, ability, and in their propensity toward being good and just; and that it is only such things as “racism” by Whites along with White colonialism, and “institution racism” in majority-White societies and nations that had kept and which keep non-White races – and especially “people of colour” – from realizing their potential and from showing that they are equal to White people in terms of intelligence, ability, and in their propensity toward being good and just.

The particular political agenda based on this zeitgeist is that of introducing criminal and civil laws in majority-White societies and nations, which laws (i) seek to promote a multi-racial society, (ii) seek to propagate the claim of “institution racism” in majority-White societies and nations, and (iii) seek to criminalize those who oppose such multi-racial societies by stereotyping such opponents as intolerant bigots, as racists, who are full of “racial hatred” and who “incite racial hatred”.

In addition, this political agenda now includes the assertion that majority-White societies and nations, especially in Europe, have a “duty of care” in respect of non-White races and which duty (i) demands that majority-White societies and nations accept and welcome and support non-White immigrants and refugees in their thousands and hundreds of thousands, and (ii) demands that majority-White societies and nations give aid to non-White Third World countries in Africa and elsewhere, and (iii) demands that majority-White societies and nations do not draw undue attention to the corruption, the lawlessness, the violence, that now exist in former European colonies or in lands once governed by a White minority such as Rhodesia and South Africa.

That this particular political agenda – part as it now is of government policy in most European lands – amounts to favouring non-Whites over Whites and to actively (almost tyrannically) suppressing White dissent against such a political agenda and the zeitgeist it is based upon, is not more widely known among White folk is (i) due to the propaganda campaigns waged by governments in favour of that political agenda and (ii) due to the propaganda campaigns of such governments to stereotype their opponents as intolerant bigots, as racists, who are full of “racial hatred” and who “incite racial hatred”.


Such accusations are amusing because “holocaust denial” and “anti-Semitism” are also modern inventions, innovations which when enshrined in criminal law – as there now are in many Western lands – represent the same particular political agenda and the same modern zeitgeist that is the foundation of that political agenda.

Amusing to us because we know, we understand, how such tyrannical attempts to criminalize “holocaust denial” and “anti-Semitism” are, Aeonically, in the time-scale of centuries, of millennia, doomed to failure, knowing and understanding as we do that our folk, our White peoples, have sooner or later always rebelled against tyrants, against tyranny, against oppression, against unjust laws. For we in our majority have within us such an instinct, such a propensity, toward what is good and just, that we abjectly refuse to be dominated by those who are not good, who are not just.

Our so-called “anti-Semitism” is, for example, just our recognition of how a certain minority demands that we now accept both the modern zeitgeist – of racial equality – that they have invented and propagated {1} and the myth of the holocaust that they have also invented to stereotype and to criminalize us.

Amusing, because we know, we understand, that although they will “have their day” – evident for example on their Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine and in their “holocaust denial” laws – they cannot, in their hubris, affect The Cosmic Balance and thus cannot avoid the consequences of their hubris.

For we – we post-WWII National Socialists and fascists who assert that the ‘holocaust’ is a myth, a legend – currently represent and will in the future represent – an aspect of that Cosmic Balance. Of the dialectic, the dissent, the rebellion, that informs – that makes – our human history, our human evolution.

Thus, as someone recently wrote in respect of the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine:


                  Perceived Aeonically, the Zionist entity may well be successful, for a while: be it for some decades, be it for a hundred years or perhaps more. However, their success is dependant on the continuing support of America, on a continuing belief among the peoples of the West in both the legend of the holocaust, and in the myth supported by evangelical/traditionalist Nazarenes (especially in America) that their support for the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine is authorized by Nazarene Scripture which they believe revealed that their Nazarene God intended Palestine for those who consider themselves “the chosen people” as thus who regard themselves as the descendants of the Hebrews tribes mentioned in the Old Testament.

                  However, regarding American support, both the demographic and the belief of the people of America are changing. Demographically, the move is away from a White majority toward those hitherto ethnic minorities – the Hispanic and the Negro – who have an instinctive aversion to the policies and politics espoused by people such as The Vulgarian. {2} In terms of belief, it is estimated that, in America, every year around 3,000 Nazarene churches close due to falling congregations, with a 2017 study by the American based Public Religion Research Institute revealing that in 1996 around 65% of Americans identified themselves as White Christians while a decade or so later only 43% did so.

                  Thus it is reasonable to conclude that in a hundred or so years time the people of America, and their beliefs, will be different from that of today, with there being no guarantee of American support for the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine.

                  Regarding belief among the peoples of the West in the legend of the holocaust, although it is likely that over the next three or four decades more Western lands will introduce Zionist-supported tyrannical laws making questioning “the holocaust” a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment, the history of Western peoples over the last three millennia reveals that rebellion against tyrannical laws is inevitable, sooner or later, be that later a century or more. For every tyranny, every Empire, has its day with none, in the entire history of humanity, lasting more than three or four centuries. There is always a revolution or rebellions; there is always the death – from natural causes or otherwise – of a tyrant or potentate; there is always a change of government; always the removal, the overthrow – violent or otherwise – of a ruling cabal. And there are always new ideals, new ideas, new ways of living, which replace – gradually or otherwise – the old.


Thus, Aeonically, Cosmically, understood, the hubriatic pursuit by Zionists among White nations of their “racial equality” zeitgeist – and their hubriatic promotion of the myth of the holocaust – will eventually be their undoing.

Perhaps they will then understand – or more likely, given their physis and thus their history of hubris, they will not understand – that as Aeschylus wrote millennia ago:

                  Δίκα δὲ τοῖς μὲν παθοῦσιν μαθεῖν ἐπιρρέπει

                    “The goddess, Judgement, favours someone learning from adversity”. (Agamemnon, 250-251)

Richard Stirling
129 yf

{1} The roots of this zeitgeist are described in David Myatt’s seminal and heretical text Vindex: Destiny Of The West, available at

Editorial Note: That pdf edition was produced some years ago by an Australian who added a few footnotes to the text and an essay at the end. While the transcriber introduced a few typos and transcription errors into the text, these – and his few footnotes and end essay – do not detract from the value of that pdf version of Myatt’s text: from the fact that, to date, it is still the only publicly available edition of Myatt’s text, with rare secondhand copies of the 1984 printed edition fetching, as befits such an heretical text, high prices when they come up for sale, and thus kudos is due to the person who transcribed the printed text and produced that pdf version.

{2} qv.

The Case Of Tommy Robinson: A Summary


The important points, in my view, are:

(i) that given the criminal past of “Tommy Robinson” and his behaviour he does not represent British values and in fact is in many ways the opposite of what a British nationalist leader should be;
(ii) he does not represent the values of Western civilization which values are those of reason, of chivalry, honesty, and manners, of freedom of religion and belief, and of equal and impartial justice under the law.
(iii) he is being and has been funded by Zionists and Zionist organizations and has held secret meetings with Jewish groups, and thus is little more than a Zionist muppet.

The wealthy former investment banker and former confidant of Trump, Steve Bannon, recently said – following an interview on LBC radio – that “Tommy Robinson is the backbone of this country.”

So, according to the likes of Bannon and many other supporters of Robinson the backbone of Britain is made up of violent criminals and fraudsters who are full of hatred and intolerance.

No wonder nationalist parties have failed to achieve power and no wonder they have no realistic prospect of achieving power in the near future given that they’re setting up people like Robinson as their figurehead.

Those who really are the backbone of Britain are those who embody virtues such as fair play, decency, self-restraint, honesty, and humour in the face of adversity.

People like Robinson – and the Americans and others who now support him – are virulent in their praise of Western civilization and Western values without realizing that they themselves with their ignorance, their lack of manners, are excellent examples of the new barbarians assailing Western culture.

For what does Western culture mean to such people? Does it mean the culture of a Christian-derived humility, of chivalry and manners, of fairness, of freedom of religion, and of equal and impartial justice under the law?

No of course not, judging by the views, the behaviour, and the violent hatred of those ill-informed, uncourteous, new barbarians.

Naturally, the supporters of the new barbarians, the new type of European nationalists, would argue and have argued that the threat from Islam – and from certain types of foreigners who commit certain crimes in our lands – is so great that it over-rides chivalry, manners, fairness, and even rational logical argument.

But if you abandon the values which have made Western civilization what it is then in my opinion you’re no better than the uncivilized people you’re fighting.

Robinson and his ilk have, for example, abandoned rational logical argument committing as they do basic errors of reasoning. Thus they

                  “illogically speak and write of “Muslim rape gangs” when the reality is (i) that those belonging to such so-called “grooming gangs” are not practising Muslims who follow the Quran and Sunnah, and (ii) the fact that some or all of them may have been born into Muslim families is irrelevant, just as the fact that serial killers such as Dennis Nielson, Fritz Haarmann, and Peter Sutcliffe, may have been baptised as Christians is irrelevant in respect of their adult crimes.
                  No rational person – in this day and age – condemns Christianity on the basis that some individuals baptised as Christians are serial killers, rapists, and murderers, or have Christian-sounding names. Yet Right-Wing and alt-right leaders, ideologues, and groups, propagandistically condemn Islam on the basis that those involved in some so-called “grooming gangs” have Muslim names and/or were born into Muslim families.” {1}

The real problem is not Islam or Muslims, it’s the multicultural societies which are now the norm in almost all Western lands. The solution is not tirades and demonstrations against Islam but the creation of White-only homelands and this requires political power and which political power requires racial nationalist leaders who represent Western values and who are the best of our folk and thus whom our people can respect and trust.

Can our people – will they in their majority – trust the likes of a convicted fraudster? Of course not.

What type of person can our people respect and trust? Someone like a combat veteran, decorated for bravery. Someone like a first-responder who has undertaken practical deeds which revealed that they are a courageous individual who when in dangerous or difficult situations have placed the life of others and of their country before their own. Those are the type of people who are “the backbone of our country”, not a convicted fraudster.

It is no coincidence that Adolf Hitler – from humble beginnings – achieved what he did. For he was respected and trusted by the majority of his people because he had a Western character born from combat experience and had been decorated for bravery.

Polemicus The Younger
July 129 yf



Bankrolling A Fraudster



Media reports have now confirmed {1} what we mentioned a few days ago {2}. Which is that the criminal low-life known publicly by the alias Tommy Robinson is, given his “wealthy Zionist backers,” being supported by an eminent Queen’s Council.

The pro-Zionist Middle East Forum – founded and run by Daniel Pipes, an American citizen of Jewish ancestry and a virulent Islamophobe – has so far spent a five-figure sum on Tommy Robinson’s legal defence as well as “paid for foreign speakers to attend Free Tommy rallies in the UK.” {1}

In addition, former investment banker and former confidant of The Vulgarian In Chief {3}, the wealthy Steve Bannon, is reported to have said, following an interview on LBC radio, that “Tommy Robinson is the backbone of this country.”

So, according to the likes of one of the people bankrolling and supporting Mr Robinson, a convicted violent criminal, a fraudster, an Islamophobe, and drug-dealer is “the backbone” of Britain. Which statement in support of a convicted violent criminal, a fraudster, an Islamophobe, and a drug-dealer, surely says everything that needs to be said about the opinions and character of a wealthy former investment banker. No doubt Mr Bannon – following in the footsteps of The Vulgarian In Chief – will now denounce the report of his comments as “fake news”.

That Zionists and wealthy Americans are bankrolling and supporting a violent convicted criminal who has no respect for the rule of law – and trying to make him a figurehead of the Far Right in Britain – is proof positive that Mr Robinson is just a muppet: a gormless obscure puppet until the puppet becomes animated and then propagandistically hyped by others manipulating the puppet. That so many among the Far Right in Britain and elsewhere now seem to believe – as a result of such manipulation and such propaganda – that the muppet in question really is or could be “the backbone of Britain” and a suitable figurehead is surely proof enough of just how gullible such people are and just how out of touch they are with the British virtues of those who really are “the backbone of Britain” and who thus embody virtues such as fair play, decency, self-restraint, honesty, and humour in the face of adversity.

22nd July 2018 ev




Zionism And The Zeitgeist Of The West

Article source:

Financing A Zionist Muppet



The mystery of who financially and logistically is backing the pro-Zionist criminal – the fraudster – known publicly by his alias “Tommy Robinson” has been solved.

It is The Middle East Forum and its wealthy supporters such as Sam Brownback who is currently a US ambassador in the administration of The Vulgarian In Chief.

The Middle East Forum is a policy institute founded and run by Daniel Pipes, an American citizen of Jewish ancestry and an Islamophobe who uncritically supports the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine. For such support and for his “Israel Victory Project” (which advocates continued Zionist domination of occupied Palestine) Pipes was presented with the Guardian of Zion Award by the Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv.

The Middle East Forum was “the power behind the scenes” which organized and funded the recent “Free Tommy Robinson” demonstration in London and was instrumental in funding and lobbying some 500,000 people to sign a pro-Robinson on-line petition in May of this year

That an influential, well financed, pro-Zionist American institute and its wealthy supporters are backing a British fraudster with a long history of criminal convictions {1} should come as no surprise given Robinson’s support for the Zionist entity and his febrile Islamophobia.

As we noted in a recent article {2}, the shady criminal past and personal character of “Mr Robinson” – a.k.a. Stephen Christopher Yaxley, a.k.a. Stephen Lennon, a.k.a Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, a.k.a. Andrew McMaster, a.k.a. Paul Harris – makes him totally unsuitable to be
                  “the figurehead of the far-right in Britain which Far Right is supposed to be, or at least once was, a movement for law and order and for and of traditional British virtues such as fair play, decency, self-restraint, honesty, and humour in the face of adversity.
                  That so many among the Far Right and the ‘Alt-Right’ in Britain now accept such a dishonest, ignorant, violent, impulsive, criminal as their figurehead – and rally round to support him, whatever he does, such as his recent attempt to pervert the course of justice, for which he was jailed – surely says much about what the Far Right and the ‘Alt-Right’ in Britain have seemingly become: morally bankrupt, and a negation of traditional British virtues; virtues which built and which for centuries maintained the largest civilizing Empire in human history.”

To which we would now add that those among the Far Right and the “Alt-Right” in Britain who support Mr Robinson, The Zionist Muppet, are letting themselves be manipulated by Zionists for the sake of the Zionist cause, one of the foundations of which cause is Islamophobia.

In contrast to such Zionist Islamophobia, Adolf Hitler and German National Socialists sought to co-operate with Muslims. As Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle said:
                  “German racialism meant re-discovering the creative values of their own race, re-discovering their culture. It was a search for excellence, a noble ideal. National Socialist racialism was not against the other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its race, and wished that all other races did the same for themselves.
                  That was demonstrated when the Waffen SS enlarged its ranks to include 60,000 Islamic SS. The Waffen SS respected their way of life, their customs, and their religious beliefs. Each Islamic SS battalion had an imam, each company had a mullah. It was our common wish that their qualities found their highest expression. This was our racialism. I was present when each of my Islamic comrades received a personal gift from Hitler during the new year. It was a pendant with a small Koran. Hitler was honoring them with this small symbolic gift. He was honoring them with what was the most important aspect of their lives and their history. National Socialist racialism was loyal to the German race and totally respected all other races.”

Our modern racialism should do likewise, as demanded by British – by European – virtues such as fair play, decency, self-restraint, and honesty. That is, be loyal to our own kind and to our culture but respect other races and their beliefs and culture. A modern – an honourable – racialism manifest in the ethical National Socialism of Reichsfolk. {4}

129 yf

This article was first published on the Reichsfolk Times invitation-only blog. We have replaced some of their internalized links with our own public ones.


{1} The criminal past of “Mr Robinson” – who, like many criminals, has used numerous aliases over the years – includes conviction for fraud, for which he has jailed, and convictions for burglary and possession of cocaine, as well as a conviction for passport fraud, for which he was also jailed. How he acquired another passport under the alias Paul Harris and used it travel from the United States – another criminal offence – has never (to our knowledge) been investigated by the police.

{2} A Negation Of British Virtues.

{3} Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS (Lecture given in 1982). Reprinted in The Journal of Historical Review, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 441-468.




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This Is The Post-Colonial Reality



This Is The Post-Colonial Reality
A Politically Incorrect Story

In part of the former British colony of India – a part now known as Pakistan – a former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, was arrested on his return having been convicted in absentia of “corruption” in a trial which Nawaz Sharif and many of his supporters state was engineered by the military in order to discredit him. According to one report, in a draconian (tyrannical) response to his return, the military set up road blocks while the government not only shut down mobile and internet services but also deployed thousands of officers to prevent supporters of the Sharif’s from reaching the airport. The police also arrested at least 600 workers of Mr. Sharif’s political party on “security-related” charges. Such is the modern “democracy” of such a former British colony.

Meanwhile, in the same land, a candidate in the forthcoming elections, and 127 other people, were killed by a bomb; an all-too-familiar atrocity in that part of the former British colony of India now known as Pakistan, and an atrocity ignored by most of the Western media probably because it is all too common.

Such corruption – or alleged corruption – and such draconian measures and such violence and killings are endemic in former European colonies in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. From Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe) to Nigeria to South Africa to the Congo to Pakistan and beyond the price of “independence” has been political corruption, violence, killings, and often civil war and often poverty for a significant percentage of the population.

Who in the modern West mourns those 127 people killed by a bomb in modern Pakistan? Who in the modern West mourns the tens of thousands of such victims in other such lands?

Few if any because their governments are fixated on their own insular political agendas. In the case of Britain – a once mighty, civilizing, colonial power – the current fixation is on the death of one person, and the poisoning of three others, by a nerve-agent; on the desire by the current government to leave the European Union, and with a visit by The Vulgarian In Chief who lived up to his reputation as an ignorant vulgarian by declaring that Scotland was not part of the United Kingdom. {1}

Furthermore, who in the modern West can see the causal link between the corruption, violence, killings, and poverty in former European colonies and the “independence” of such colonies? Only the sagacious who were they to voice their understanding would today be most probably condemned as “reactionaries”, fascists, and “neo-Nazis”. So be it.

Meanwhile, those with first-hand experience of European colonies know the now politically-incorrect truth. Which is that European colonialism ended the corruption that had been rife in such lands; established and maintained law and order; and established societies which – compared to their past – were prosperous and free from rampant poverty and disease. Thousands upon thousands of Europeans dedicated their lives – and often gave their lives – to ensure such things.

On a personal note, I have a friend who grew up in what was then a British colony in Africa. And that during the Mau-Mau rebellion during which rebellion he had an armed guard accompany him on his daily trip by Gharry to his school {2}. Before, and after that rebellion was crushed by British forces with help from loyal natives {3} he and his family could walk the streets of a peaceful Nairobi. Today – post-independence – the streets of Nairobi are places where robberies, murder, rape, and kidnapping, are rife (4}. Similarly, in that part of the Indian subcontinent formerly ruled by Britain and now known as India, rape and gang rape and poverty are endemic.

Are we few who understand the importance of our colonial past the last of our kind, as perhaps prophetized by Jean Raspail in the novel The Camp of the Saints?

If so, what are our options? For myself, I choose the ethical National-Socialism of Reichsfolk {5} with its commitment to honour, loyalty, duty, and fairness, and which – at least to me – seems to manifest the British, the European, the traditional colonial, virtues of fair play, decency, self-restraint, honesty, and humour in the face of adversity.

July 2018 ev

{1} As usual the arrogant vulgarian denied he had made a mistake and (as usual) described reports of his mistake as “fake news”. Among his other recent mistakes are the following:

{2} Despite what Wikipedia and other sources currently claim, a gharry was European colonial slang for any means of transport (such as a Land Rover or “mini-bus”) that conveyed colonial Europeans from one place to another.

{3} Contemporary – politically correct – accounts invariably overlook the atrocities committed by those involved in the Mau-Mau rebellion. Just as contemporary – politically correct – accounts of the native Indian wars in the United States in the 19th century often ignore the atrocities committed by Indian tribes against European settlers: the rape and murder of women and children, the mutilation and torture and killing of men both American and Mexican. That some Europeans, and some Mexicans, responded to such atrocities with deadly force was only natural.

{4} To give just one contemporary example:




A Negation Of British Virtues

A Tough Woman



The news that Nicky Spinks, a 51-year-old lady farmer, was the first person to run the Ramsay Round, a Scottish Highland fell route near Fort William, twice – a distance of 116 miles, and in just under 56 hours, a new world record – is most welcome news {1}. For it proves yet again that misogynists everywhere – be they Nazarene, Islamic, Judaic, or simply atheist or macho vulgarians – are dinosaurs, relicts of a bygone de-evolutionary age, desperate as those men are to cling onto the patriarchal ethos of the past four millennia.

Perhaps some vocal supporter of The Vulgarian In Chief – he who currently resides in The White House – can take up the challenge and run the Ramsay Round twice in less than 56 hours? Even so, has the misogynist draft-dodger, The Vulgarian In Chief, any such tough physical deeds to his name? No, of course not. He is all mouth and trousers; a spoilt rich brat who paid a doctor to provide him with a medical certificate exempting him from being drafted as a US soldier during the Vietnam war. {2}

Nicky Spinks celebrated her triumph – British farmer that she is – by eating two “full English” breakfasts. Which no doubt will not endear her to the self-obsessed pretentious “fitness” gurus of the modern politically-correct West.

As fell-runners ourselves, in the isles of Britain, we know how tough such fell-racing is. For us, her spirit and toughness harkens back to our ancient pagan ancestors when fierce, tough, woman warriors fought the male Roman legions who had invaded Britain.

Three Wyrd Sisters Nexion
July 2018 ev





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