Lies Of Nick Lowles Part Two


Police-informer Nick Lowles – voted “Little Darling of Magians Everywhere 2021” for his crusade against the holocaust-denying Order of Nine Angles – has now stepped-up his crusade against Mr Myatt, spreading – no doubt at the request of his Magian masters – even more lies about, and conjuring up even more fantasies regarding, David Myatt.

Lies Of Nick Lowles Part Two


O9A: A Foreign Terrorist Organization?



Elissa Slotkin – of Jewish descent {1} and a former CIA analyst who oversees a U.S. House subcommittee on intelligence and counterterrorism – has demanded that the United States government designate the Order of Nine Angles, among other non-U.S. “right-wing” groups, a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

According to U.S. media reports {2}

“The State Department took a first step last year toward putting pressure on white supremacists overseas by designating the Russian Imperial Movement and three of its leaders Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs). It was the first-ever such designation.

Slotkin welcomed this step but wrote [in a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken] that “It’s time for more to be done.”

Beyond the National Action Group and Nordic Resistance Movement, Slotkin called for consideration of FTO [Foreign Terrorist Organization] designations for groups including Atomwaffen Division Deutschland, Blood & Honour, Combat 18, Feuerkrieg Division, Generation Identity, Northern Order, Order of Nine Angles and the Sonnenkrieg Division.

“If these groups do not meet the more stringent FTO criteria, I ask that you designate these groups as SDGTs,” she wrote.




An Interview With Anton Long

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An Interview With Anton Long

We republish here an extract from an interview allegedly with Mr Anton Long and which extract was first published by us in 2018.

The interview was conducted and recorded by Rachael Stirling in NYC in 2015, and later transcribed by her, with the complete interview originally scheduled for publication c.2020, a publication delayed by the anti-fascist crusade, begun in 2019 and on-going, to have “Anton Long” arrested and the Order of Nine Angles banned by the British government.

Which crusade involves various Labour Members of Parliament, as witness the extracts, given below, {1} from a debate in the House of Commons in 2020 and which extracts make mention of the 1999 London nail-bombings; bombings which, according to anti-fascist and journalistic disinformation and urban legend, were inspired by a certain Mr Myatt. {2}{3}

As before, we make no claim as to the authenticity of the interview with Mr Long, leaving that judgement to the reader.

TWS Nexion
April 2021 ev



{3} Copsey, Nigel & Worley, Matthew. Tomorrow Belongs to Us: The British Far Right since 1967. Routledge, 2017, p.156


Myatt, Vindex, And Physis


Myatt, Vindex, And A Return To Physis

With the publication of his translations of and commentaries on eight tractates of the Corpus Hermeticum in 2017 {1} followed later in the same year by his two monographs on Greco-Roman paganism {2} it seems to me that David Myatt’s antinomian life has come full circle.

In his 1984 text Vindex – Destiny of the West {3} he wrote that

              “Adolf Hitler is as central to Imperium as Caesar was to the Roman Empire, and while the founders of the Imperium may not call themselves National Socialists or use as their symbol the swastika flag, they will nevertheless be the heirs of National Socialism. In this bond lies the key to the creation of Imperium […] To pretend that National Socialism or Adolf Hitler are  not important for the West is absurd: National Socialism (or perhaps more correctly, Hitlerism) cannot be ignored and any movement, political or which has as its aim the creation of a Faustian Imperium, will never succeed as long as it ignores the importance of this philosophy for the sake of temporary and, finally, illusory gains.”

He goes on to explain that “Philosophically, National Socialism represents the revaluation wished for by Nietzsche – a return to Nature (the physis of the Greeks) as an unfolding in the sense of the pre-Socractics […] Such a returning is a return to the dynamic paganism that pre-dated Christianity.”

For what Myatt has done in those 2017 publications and in his other translations of classical works (from Aeschylus to the Pre-Socratics) is to enable us “to appreciate and understand the classical, pagan, ethos and thence the ethos of the West itself.” {4}{5}{6}

In other words, Myatt has explained in his translations the philosophical basis of the pagan “returning” that National-Socialism represented politically and otherwise.

Importantly, in his Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos he wrote that “the quintessence of such a weltanschauung, of the paganus ethos, is that ethics are presenced in and by particular living individuals, not in some written text whether philosophical or otherwise, not by some proposed schemata, and not in some revelation from some deity.”

Which brings us to two things. First, Myatt’s admiration of modern warriors (and National-Socialists) such as Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle and Otto Ernst Remer. Of Remer he wrote in his 2013 autobiography Myngath {7} that “I admired his honour and his loyalty and his commitment to the duty he had sworn an oath to do. Here, I felt, was a modern-day Greek hero.”

Second, Myatt’s life-long commitment to the principle, the ethic, of personal honour, stating in 1998 that “the only law I believe in and strive to uphold is the law of personal honour.” {8} Which concept of personal honour also runs through his 1998 interview with a then official representative of an anti-fascist organization, with Myatt “on his word of honour” saying in that interview that he is not Anton Long and that he has never been in any practical way involved with the Occult group the Order of Nine Angles. {9}

In what I personally regard as one of Myatt’s most important works, he writes in his Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos, that

            “The paganus weltanschauung, ancestral to the lands of the West, that has emerged is one which, shorn of technical, Greek, and metaphysical terms, many may find familiar or already be intuitively aware of.

            “For it is a weltanschauung of we human beings having a connexion to other living beings, a connexion to the cosmos beyond, and a connexion to the source of our existence, the source of the cosmos, and the source – the origin, the genesis – of all living beings. Which source we cannot correctly describe in words, by any denotata, or define as some male ‘god’, or even as a collection of deities whether male or female, but which we can apprehend through the emanations of Being: through what is living, what is born, what unfolds in a natural manner, what is ordered and harmonious, what changes, and what physically – in its own species of Time – dies […]

            “Such a developed paganus weltanschauung – in its ethos and its ontology, ethics, and epistemology, and thus with its virtues of personal honour and empathy combined with a respect for the numinous – is quite different from Christianity and other revealed religions, and certainly does, in its noble simplicity and practicality, seem to be more human in physis, more balanced, and could well be more productive of a healthy personal ψυχή, than Christianity and other revealed religions.

            “Such a modern paganus weltanschauung may also be a means to reconnect those in the lands of the West, and those in Western émigré lands and former colonies of the West, with their ancestral ethos, for them to thus become, or return to being, a living, dwelling, part – a connexion between the past and the future – of what is still a living, and evolving, culture. Perhaps the future of that culture depends on whether sufficient individuals can live by the high personal standards of such a modern paganus weltanschauung.”

That is, he seems to me to be not only re-expressing what he wrote about Christianity, paganism, and physis, in his much earlier Vindex – Destiny Of The West but also presenting us with the philosophical foundations of “a return to the dynamic paganism that pre-dated Christianity.” A dynamic  and a new paganism that has the ethic of personal honour at its heart and which ethics are thus “presenced in and by particular living individuals, not in some written text whether philosophical or otherwise, not by some proposed schemata, and not in some revelation from some deity.”

Ethics presenced in individuals such as Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle and Otto Ernst Remer. Which leads us back, in my view, to what Myatt wrote in Vindex:

                      “that National Socialism – what it was, not what propaganda has made it appear [to be] – was an expression of Faustian resurgence and nothing is more indicative of the influence of the Magian ethos […] than the fact that National Socialist Germany perished after only twelve years of existence because of a war that neither Hitler nor the German people wanted. This war resulted in the enslavement of half of Europe to Communism, destroyed the British Empire, and left the world divided between the materialism of America and the materialism of Soviet Russia. 1945 was a turning point for our civilization; the old values which created the West and which inspired the National Socialist movement began to disappear from the hearts and minds of Europeans.”

Rachael Stirling
April 2021 ev (132 yf)

All URL’s given below were valid as of April 2021 ev

{1} Corpus Hermeticum: Eight Tractates, ISBN 978-1976452369. Available as a gratis pdf document at

{2} Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos, ISBN 978-1979599023, and Tu Es Diaboli Ianua, ISBN  978-1982010935. Both available as gratis pdf documents at and

{3} A facsimile of the 1984 published text is available at

{4} The quotation is from Re-discovering Western Paganism, in Western Paganism And Hermeticism: Myatt And The Renaissance of Western Culture, available at and as a printed book, ISBN 978-1986027809

{5} In regard to the Pre-Socratics, see for example

{6} In regard to Physis see (i)α/ and (ii)β/


{8} The statement is included in his 20 page polemic A Matter Of Honour published in 2012, and available at

{9} The interview is available at


A pdf of this article is available at:

Image Credit:
Ouroboros, from Folio 196 of Codex Parisinus Graecus 2327 (c. 1478 ev)

The Bigotry Of Anti-Fascists



It really is amusing to us how crusading anti-fascists continually reveal their hypocrisy. Hypocrisy because they write and talk about how awful “hatred” and “bigotry” are and yet in their crusading fanaticism they are intolerant of and are prejudiced regarding their declared enemies, steadfastly refusing to change their opinion about a declared enemy even when presented with evidence which contradicts their beliefs and opinions about a person or persons.

A classic example is how anti-fascists are bigoted about David Myatt: refusing in their prejudice to believe, for example, his consistent denial that he is Anton Long of O9A fame; refusing to believe his consistent denial of being involved with the O9A, and refusing to believe, as his post-2012 writings indicate, that he has rejected neo-nazism and extremism in general.

Instead, they accuse him of lying; of pretence; of duplicity.

Furthermore, they never provide and have never provided anything probative to prove he is or was Anton Long, or was/is involved with the O9A, or still is a neo-nazi and an extremist. All they do in their prejudice is repeat hearsay or give their biased personal opinion or commit logical fallacies such as argumentum ad verecundiam and argumentum ad populum.

Some even go further in their bigotry and state that anyone who accepts Myatt’s word and/or believes his denials is stupid, or has been duped, or has bought into or is practising the O9A technique of spreading disinformation and contradictions as part of the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus.

Thus in the matter of the recently released recording of a 1998 Myatt interview, the anti-fascist bigots state such things as:

<begin quotations>
“Old interview with the illusive David Myatt, who’s been a militant neo-Nazi, a militant jihadist, alleged leader of the far-right occultist Order of Nine Angles, and several other fascinating & terrible things. In this he pretends (badly) not to be O9A.”

“It’s kind of hilarious that the O9A people who published this think that this somehow definitively proves that he’s not Anton Long.”

“Myatt lying and equivocating about his role in the Order of Nine Angles.”
<end quotations>

The anti-fascist bigotry in regard to Myatt is also evident in the tale of two reformed racists: one is given the benefit of the doubt and believed, while Myatt is not.

Why the bigotry in respect of Myatt? As the author of the aforementioned article about two reformed racists wrote some years ago, perhaps

<begin quotation>
there is (i) the fact that Myatt has made – both as a neo-nazi and as a radical Muslim – powerful and influential enemies whose mottos are “Never Again” and “Never Forget, Never Forgive”, and (ii) that Myatt’s neo-nazi writings (despite his disavowal of them) still resonant with some people within the neo-nazi community, and (iii) that so many people within the modern Satanist and Occult movements continue to believe (without any evidence) that Myatt is Anton Long and the founder of and the driving force behind the subversive, anti-Establishment, Order of Nine Angles.
<end quotation>


<begin quotation>
As Haereticus wrote last year all the lies and disinformation about Myatt raise

“the question of just why Mr Myatt – from 1984 to the present – has been the subject of anti-fascist, and of Jewish, hatred and propaganda.

Is what Myatt wrote during his neo-nazi years (1968-1998) so dangerous to the current Magian status quo? Is his recent – post-2011 – pagan philosophy of pathei-mathos also so dangerous to the current Magian status quo?

If so, that would explain such a hateful and long-lasting campaign to discredit him.”

To which we would add: is the O9A, which it is alleged was founded and led by Myatt, regarded as so dangerous to the current Magian status quo? Apparently so, given the crusade to have it banned in Britain and designated a “terrorist organization” in the United States. {1}
<end quotation>

TWS Nexion
April 2021 ev
v. 1.07

{1} The quotation is from


One Man Above Time


David Myatt, Reichsfolk, Esoteric Hitlerism, and Savitri Devi

David Myatt: One Man Above Time



Editorial Note by Reichsfolk. We present below an external link to a zip file of Myatt’s short-lived late 1990s “Folk Culture” website containing articles written between 1997 and 1999, and which early formulation was mainly a combination (a) of his idealistic, mystical 1990s National-Socialist writings, such as his The Theology of National-Socialism and parts of essays that would later be rewritten and included in the third (114yf) edition of his The Religion of National-Socialism with the term ‘folk culture’ replacing the term ‘national socialism’ and with most references to Hitler and the Third Reich removed, and (b) his ‘ethical National Socialism’ NS writings circulated by Reichsfolk again with the term ‘folk culture’ replacing the term ‘national socialism’ and with most references to Hitler and the Third Reich removed.

Folk Culture was based on Myatt’s concept of a ‘Cosmic Being’, of ‘the folk’ as a living and evolving manifestation of that Being, and of ‘the folk’ having a Nature-given duty to preserve its distinctiveness.

In effect, his Folk Culture seemed to be a short-lived tactic to “sell” his ‘ethical National Socialism’ – his evolution of National Socialism – to a new audience.

One caveat: Some of the writings in the zip file often annoyingly and unnecessarily contain a paragraph or more in bold or italic typeface.

Archive: Myatt’s Folk Culture
(zip, external link)


Is The O9A Really Neo-Nazi?

O9A Sigil


The Physis Of The Order Of Nine Angles

° Preface.
° Introduction.
° An Ignorance Regarding The O9A.
° Another Academic Misinterpretation Of The O9A.
° A National Socialist Occult Group?
° The Two Interpretations Of National Socialism: Ours And Theirs.
° David Myatt And Reichsfolk.
° Progressive, Traditional, Or Synthesis? The Evolution Of The O9A.
° Appendix: Exposing Twelve Basic Errors.


In June 2019 we published the 46-page compilation of texts titled The Physis Of The Order Of Nine Angles: Is The O9A Neo-Nazi? The compilation was in response to reports about the O9A in mainstream British newspapers such as The Independent, The Sun, and The Daily Telegraph, all of which quoted from the biased, propagandistic, item State of Hate 2019 issued by the anti-fascist political group calling itself “Hope Not Hate” (HNH) and all of which newspapers accepted without question everything HNH wrote about the O9A.

While our 300 page trilogy The Seofonfeald Paeth, issued in September of 2019, explains O9A esoteric philosophy in some detail, The Physis Of The Order Of Nine Angles in our view still provides a useful overview of that philosophy and in particular provides an answer to the question Is The O9A Really Neo-Nazi?

From the Introduction:

What has confused the issue about the physis of the O9A, for outsiders, for critics, or for those who have not researched O9A texts in detail, are three things […]

The first source of confusion arises because one and only one O9A praxis, the Seven Fold Way, has some suggested ordeals and tasks associated with its early stages which tasks include “Insight Rôles” and which Insight Rôles can involve joining a “neo-nazi” group. Another suggested task is “culling”, while another is forming a “satanist” group and performing such rituals as given in the O9A Black Book Of Satan, first published in the 1980s.

It is therefore not surprising, because of the outré nature of such tasks, that outsiders, critics, many academics, and the majority of journalists who have written about the O9A, have assumed that such short term tasks, limited as they are to just one O9A praxis, represent the nature and intent of the O9A. Thus have such individuals, for personal, or political, or for other reasons, tended to sensationalize or criticize the O9A often due to a lack of research into and a lack of knowledge regarding the O9A […]

The second source of confusion is that they do not, again often due to a lack of research into and a lack of knowledge regarding the O9A, know about the pagan origins of the O9A and of how it manifests a modern, evolved form, of an ancient non-Kabbalistic tradition of pagan esotericism […]

The third source of confusion is that, in respect of National Socialism, the anarchic structure of the O9A and the O9A principle of the Authority Of Individual Judgment mean that individuals are free to interpret the esoteric philosophy of the O9A according to their own understanding of it and use their own judgment in assessing, and in using, the various practical Occult methods of the O9A […]

[The] difference of interpretation [that results] is an essential, although overlooked, aspect of the O9A and has led to some of those associating themselves with the O9A to ask such questions as are given in the chapter Progressive, Traditional, Or Synthesis? The Evolution Of The O9A […]

What is also a factor in rationally discussing the alleged neo-nazi nature of the O9A – and a neglected factor outside of the O9A itself – is that, as the chapter titled The Two Interpretations Of National Socialism: Ours And Theirs makes clear, there are two different interpretations of neo-nazism […]


Understanding A Myatt



Editorial Note: We present here a 2011 essay by Mr Myatt which in our view is relevant today given the continuing rumours circulated regarding and the assumptions made about Myatt by anti-fascists, journalists, and given the recent release of Myatt’s 1998 interview with Mr Lowles. The image above is a painting by Richard Moult titled High Acre, a place in South Shropshire, England.

Article Source:


Understanding A Myatt


Humorously, one might write that to understand a myatt is to strive to apply reason, to be dignified, and to renounce the prejudice inherent in all abstractions. For I am a myatt – one of a class of beings adjudged by others on the basis of hearsay, rumour, the disinformation, lies, propaganda and misinformation that abounds in modern mediums such as that one which has been termed the Internet.

Being David Myatt

Perhaps more seriously, in my own far from uncommon case, the misapprehension of my diverse life by others is perhaps a modern allegory of our current human nature: of our propensity to use modern means of communication to act in an undignified and dishonourable manner, and an allegory of how people are still in their majority swayed by an appeal to their emotions and/or are in thrall to un-numinous abstractions, manifest as these abstractions are, for example, in politics, in dogma, and in social theories.

Thus, the majority of people who come to know or hear or learn about my own past judge me – and make assumptions about my motives – on the basis of some category, or on the basis of what others have told them or on what someone else has written or said about me.

Being David Myatt means that in my life I have acquired practical, years-long, experience of Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, National Socialism, and Islam. It means I have been imprisoned for violence in the pursuit of a political cause; have been arrested and convicted in connection with organizing a criminal gang; and was once arrested because Police officers from Scotland Yard were investigating me (as part of Operation Periphery) for ‘incitement to murder’ (among other things). It means I have founded and led several violent political organizations, and also spent many years working with my hands, as a farm labourer and as a gardener.

Being David Myatt means that David Myatt has, in the words of Professor Kaplan, “undertaken a global odyssey which took him on extended stays in the Middle East and East Asia, accompanied by studies of religions ranging from Christianity to Islam in the Western tradition and Taoism and Buddhism in the Eastern path. In the course of this Siddhartha-like search for truth, Myatt sampled the life of the monastery in both its Christian and Buddhist forms.”

It means that David Myatt has “arguably done more than any other theorist to develop a synthesis of the extreme right and Islam.” It also means that David Myatt has been accused (without any evidence ever having been provided) of being the Grand Master – the leader, the organizer – of a subversive, world-wide, Satanic, group; accused of being a terrorist, of inciting some people to commit terrorist acts; and accused of being “the man who shaped mind of a bomber […] the mentor who drove David Copeland to kill…”

It is perhaps no wonder then – given this précis and such accusations – that many individuals, lacking certain stalwart personal qualities, on first hearing or reading about me are often shocked and often readily make some assumption about me and my beliefs. For they do not seem to be able to, or do not want to, see the real person behind the lifeless abstract labels and terms that others have used to categorise me and my practical Siddhartha-like quest to answer the question Quid Est Veritas.

For instance, only a few weeks ago, a female artist – who was at the time professionally working with an artist friend of mine – wrote:


“We’ve been contacted by people regarding your lengthy association with David Myatt – we’d never heard of him so looked him up [on the Internet] and were both deeply shocked. Whilst I enjoyed working with you and […] enjoyed your company we don’t want to be associated with this guy and his appalling beliefs and actions in any way whatsoever (even indirectly).”


I mention this female artist not because she was subsumed by some political agenda or by hatred or was possessed of a prejudiced nature. On the contrary, I mention her because she is (according to my information) a gentle inherently good person who just happened to let herself be led astray by biased information supplied by someone who was indeed subsumed with hatred, jealousy, pride, and who indeed did possess a prejudiced nature. A female artist perhaps too trusting and totally unfamiliar with the barbaric and cunning scheming nature that blatantly exists in many modern human beings and which nature, experience reveals, lurks within so many others. And a good-natured person who immediately – as seems now to be the common practice at least in the West – turned to the Internet as a source of information regarding an individual.


Thus this particular otherwise good human being – like so many others over so many decades – was easily persuaded that I personally have “appalling beliefs” and that I am someone whom ‘good people’ should distance themselves from and indeed someone whom ‘good people’ should castigate in public and in private.

There was thus another victory for the mundane, the vulgar, ones – for those lacking honour, reason, and dignity. A victory for those seeking to replace honour and reason with prejudice and presumption.

For what this female artist – like so many many others, decade after decade – did not do was to: (1) at the very least objectively, rationally, consider ‘my side of the story’ evident in my ethical, compassionate, philosophy of The Numinous Way, in my autobiography Myngath, in my many now published personal letters, in my poetry, and so on; or (2) do the honourable, the decent, the dignified, the civilized, thing and give me the benefit of the doubt – apply the noble Muslim principle of Husn al-Dhan – and then ask me in person for my story, and which story is one of πάθει μάθος (pathei-mathos), of a slow and painful learning from my diversity of experiences, and of a change deriving from a very interior reflexion.

Instead of doing one or both of these things, and thus formulating their own reasoned judgement of me, I am and I have been adjudged by others to be – on the basis of hearsay, rumours, lies, and allegations spread by prejudiced hate-filled people with their own personal or political agenda – to be a terrorist, a sinister person, a weirdo, a wacko, a fanatical nazi, a satanist, a fantasist, and so on ad nauseam.

Only a few days ago, for instance, I was adjudged to be “a clinically diagnosable psychopath” by someone called ‘Robert Spencer’, a zionist who specializes in anti-Islamic rants and who has given lectures to the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the U.S. intelligence community. Adjudged in public to so be, even though, of course, this person has never met me, or asked me for my side of my story, or even bothered to read my autobiography, my many published personal letters, my poetry, or slowly study in detail my philosophy of The Numinous Way, and which philosophy represents the results of my πάθει μάθος and of a decade-long interior reflexion.

Instead, this person – as so many many others, decade after decade – just reads items about me by others, then in a cursory rather arrogant manner reads perhaps one or two items by me, and proceeds to hastily formulate his own opinion of me to agree with his existing prejudices and/or his agenda, political, personal or otherwise. Thus the aforementioned person in addition to publicly labelling me a psychopath, had the chutzpah to state that my Numinous Way was “based on rather bizarre readings of the fragments of pre-Socratic philosophers like Heraclitus,” when (so far as I know) this person does not read Ancient Greek, and when anyone of any sagacity, taking the trouble to be reasonable and apply reason and actually study my work in detail (as a scholar would), would know that the Numinous Way is, on the contrary, based on the faculty of empathy and the principle of personal honour, and that references to Heraclitus are purely comparative and for the purpose of elucidation in respect of principles such as ὕβρις and δίκη.

Thus, here we have one more victory for those who gush forth their person opinion, their prejudices, by modern means of rapid communication. Yet one more victory for the vulgar ones – for those for whom sustained interior reflexion is a distant forbidding still undiscovered land, and who are lacking in honour, reason, and dignity.

Dignity, Honour, and Wisdom

Dignity is self-restraint and self-reliance, both of which are codified by means of personal honour. In living cultures – possessed of ancestral traditions – and in Ways of numinous living (such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Islam), dignity is a virtue to be cultivated and aspired to. Many such cultures, and many such Ways, regard dignity as one of the qualities which distinguish us from animals, and from the animals (the barbarians) among our own human kind.

A dignified person possesses a natural balance within themselves – a self-knowledge and a self-honesty – born from their πάθει μάθος, and thus is someone unswayed by appeals to their vanity and their emotions; that is, they are wary of words, spoken or written by others, and instead apply the principle of honour.

Honour means we strive to treat other human beings in a fair, a reasonable, manner – giving them, for example, the benefit of the doubt unless and until direct personal experience, direct knowledge of them, reveals them to be dishonourable. That is, an honourable person only judges others on the basis of a personal knowledge of them, and their behaviour, over a period of causal Time – not on what others have said or written about them.

Dignity and honour combine to elicit within an individual a certain personal humility – that is a respect for the numinous, a knowing of their own fallibility (born from πάθει μάθος) and a desire not to overstep the natural limits which honour and their ancestral culture (or their Way of numinous living) reveals.

Modern means of communication, however, and the rapid and massive flow and production of information, rumour, misinformation, propaganda and lies, which such mediums encourage and present to individuals, militate against dignity and honour and living ancestral traditions. For such means of communication lead to and encourage the formulation of, or the reinforcement of, and the propagation of, opinion and prejudice and abstract ideas instead of a reasoned judgement based on a direct personal knowing and upon interior reflexion.

Thus, such rapid modern means of communication – and the information so communicated and presented – are not conducive to wisdom. For in essence wisdom is personal, individual, and unique, and derives from πάθει μάθος – from one’s own personal experience, from reflexion upon that experience, and from the learning that such reflexion and such πάθει μάθος brings.

This is a slow often scholarly process, over long durations of causal Time, and almost always involves direct and reasoned (that is, hospitable, dignified, honourable and well-mannered) contact with fellow human beings, as well as a judgement of others based only on a personal knowledge of them over durations of causal Time. A judgement in the present that moreover is entirely independent of the other person’s past or alleged or assumed beliefs, whether these be deemed to be political or religious or whatever. And a judgement that is balanced because there is the accumulated wisdom of a living ancestral tradition (or of a Way of numinous living) for comparison, to give gravitas.

For me, there seems a certain sadness in the knowledge that my situation vis-a-vis assumptions made by others regarding my past, my experiences, my intent, is fairly common, and indeed possibly the rule for others, despite – in the societies of the West – over a hundred years of State-sponsored education, despite the accumulated πάθει μάθος, spanning over a thousand years, of Western culture, and despite the wisdom, accumulated over thousands of years, manifest in both other non-Western ancestral cultural traditions and in diverse numinous ways of life such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Islam.

A sadness deepened by my intuition that such rapid means of communication we have devised – from newspapers to broadcast media to the Internet – have led us away not only from the slow interior reflexion, and the ethos of the scholar, which are the genesis of wisdom, but also from the cultivation of dignity and honourable behaviour toward others. It seems no coincidence to me that these means of communication arose from and depend upon the industry, the commerce, the usury, of the metropoleis, and that these means allow for and encourage the ideation, the haste, and the profaneness, implicit both in urban living and in the now all-pervasive un-numinous State.

David Myatt
July 2011 CE



Discovering The Order Of Nine Angles

Order Of Nine Angles

° ° ° ° ° ° 

The following quotation, in my view, expresses the essence and raison d’être of the Order of Nine Angles.

<begin quote>
The Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) is an intellection: the particular understanding of one person, the pseudonymous Anton Long, who melded (i) inherited and learned ancient pagan, and occult, traditions – British, and Hellenic hermeticism/mysticism – with (ii) the pathei-mathos resulting from his own decades-long (1972-2011) anados (ἄνοδος) along the hermetic Seven Fold Way, and who thus produced a unique signification expressed by means of a new esoteric philosophy and by praxises that, esoterically and exoterically, presence that esoteric philosophy.

What, then, are the essence and the raison d’être of this esoteric philosophy?

1. The essence is a consciously undertaken pathei-mathos, and thus the personal learning, by individuals – with the consequent internal (‘alchemical’) change in (and evolution of) the physis (φύσις) of the individual – that can result from consciously undertaking both esoteric and practical exeatic experiences conventionally described as both ‘numinous’ and ‘sinister’. Thus, abstractions (which impute an illusive/pretentious ‘knowing’) are replaced by a direct and personal understanding sans denotatum.

2. The raison d’être is Aeonic: to, via a new logos, subvert (and eventually replace) existing causal forms (including the State) thus enabling new ways of living (and/or of a renaissance of older, more pagan and cultural, ways of living) with the consequent change (development and evolution) of the physis of human beings. A subversion and a replacement not for any altruistic or idealistic reasons, but because such subversion and replacement are a natural consequence of (inherent in the physis of) that logos, manifest as the logos is in the O9A code of kindred-honour.

Thus – given this essence and raison d’être, and given that the esoteric philosophy is manifest in the corpus of Anton Long’s writings from the 1970s to 2011 and not in any one or two, specific, works – it is hardly surprising that the O9A has been misunderstood and misrepresented (i) by the latter- day satanist crowd, (ii) by the illiterati and the pseudo-intellectuals who infest modern occultism and especially satanism and the Left Hand Path (LHP), and (iii) by others who have only made a perfunctory study of the O9A corpus.
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Today, and in the last few years, we have had to add to the list of those who have misunderstood and misrepresented the O9A both anti-fascists and journalists, because anti-fascists, and well-financed anti-fascists groups campaigning against the O9A, have spread and are spreading lies and disinformation about the O9A, with mainstream politicians and others, just like journalists, believing and repeating – post-2019 – the lies and the disinformation of anti-fascists. {2}

Lies and disinformation which anti-fascists have ensured are included in the Wikipedia page about the O9A, and lies and disinformation which have contributed to the Labyrinthos Mythologicus of the Order of Nine Angles and thus which those who understand the essence and raison d’être of the O9A regard as beneficial to the O9A, because:

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“[the] extended Labyrinthos Mythologicus [2.0] deters the majority from discovering O9A esotericism, since they have faithfully accepted – for whatever reason – what has been written and said, and is being written and said, by others about the O9A. That is, the extended Labyrinthos Mythologicus is even more selective and testing than the original, and thus beneficial to the O9A because it ensures that only those individuals who have the right physis – the right nature – or the necessary potential or an empathy with the O9A aesthetic will through their own efforts discover what the O9A now is.”
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Essential Texts Regarding Understanding The O9A

It is my considered opinion that a reading of the texts listed below under the heading Some Essential O9A Texts, all of which texts are freely available as pdf documents, is necessary for a person to understand, and to appreciate the esoteric context, of the O9A, and that a failure to read these texts means a person does not have the knowledge to rationally speak and/or to rationally write about the O9A, and that therefore their opinion about the O9A – and their opinion of those who associate themselves with the esoteric philosophy of the O9A – is superficial, and often an emotive personal opinion.

Naturally, to read – and then to reflect upon – some 1300 pages concerned with one particular topic takes both time and a certain commitment. A time and a commitment which modern ways of life militate against, reflected and manifest as such modern ways are, for example, in social media such as the “Twitter” cyber-platform, and in well-financed political “special interest groups” replete with passionate advocates, both of which constructs allow and presence an emotional, instinctive, personal response rather than a reasoned response based on personal knowledge derived from a detailed study of the topic in question.

It is therefore quite understandable why superficial, emotive, irrational, and plebeian, opinions – and lies and disinformation spread by politicians and “special interest groups” – about the O9A now dominate cyberspace, newspapers, books, and other causal mediums. For we few who associate ourselves with O9A esoteric philosophy have a supra-personal Aeonic perspective, {4} formed from a study of O9A texts and our pathei-mathos, and thus understand the temporal, causal, nature of the current Aeon and how and why such superficial, emotive, irrational, and plebeian, opinions about the O9A will fade away and be replaced over the coming decades and centuries. And be replaced partly because we few will continue to recruit, on a clandestine personal basis, one person or perhaps two other persons per decade and inform them, through their reading of such suggested texts, of the reality of the O9A.

Thus it is for such future recruits, and for a current independent, sagacious and interested few, that I present my personal list of essential O9A texts.

Rachael Stirling
March 28, 2021 (132 yf), v. 1.11


{1} Incitement, Propaganda, And Mythos, published in 2014 and included in

{2} Anti-fascist lies about the O9A include the following:

° Lie: That the Order of Nine Angles (O9A,ONA) is neo-nazi.
° Lie: That the O9A is misogynist and encourages sexual abuse and rape.
° Lie: That the O9A encourages terrorism.
° Lie: That members of the O9A have been arrested and imprisoned for terrorism and murder.
° Lie: That the O9A was founded by David Myatt in the 1970s.
° Lie: That the leader of the O9A is Anton Long which is a pseudonym of David Myatt.

In regard to the lies and the disinformation of anti-fascists, see


{4} The Aeonic perspective of the O9A is defined in version 5.03 of A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms, included in The Seofonfeald Paeth,

“The term describes some of the knowledge O9A folk have acquired through a combination of practical experience, through a scholarly study, and through
using certain Occult faculties and skills, such as esoteric-empathy. This knowledge is of the birth-life-death of Aeons and their associated civilizations, and of how the esoteric movement that is the O9A has a perspective – a sinister dialectic – of both centuries and of the sinister- numinous and of how Aeons manifest acausality through the sinister- numinous. In addition, the knowledge includes how a new aeon can be brought-into-being and how it manifests καλὸς κἀγαθός.”


Some Essential O9A Texts

URL’s valid as of March 2021 ev

° The Hermetic O9A, 159 pages, available at

° The Deofel Quintet, 600 pages. The quintet – the original Deofel Quartet plus Breaking The Silence Down – consists of:

Falcifer, 1976 ev
Breaking The Silence Down, 1985 ev
The Greyling Owl, 1986 ev
The Giving, 1990 ev
The Temple of Satan, 1991 ev

° The Apolitcal Deofel Quintet, 4 pages, available at

° Nine Classic ONA Texts, 32 pages, at

° A facsimile of the original 1989 typewritten text of Naos, 125 pages, at

° Academia And The Order of Nine Angles, 21 pages,

° The Seofonfeald Paeth, 300 pages,

° Differing Views, 4 pages,

° Western Paganism and Hermeticism, 44 pages,

° Diary of an Internal Adept, 44 pages,

° The Two Interpretations of National-Socialism, 4 pages,