The Complete Emanations of Urania


The text of the 1976 “Anton Long” version of Emanations of Urania: Notes Toward A Heuristic Representation of Cliology is now available at [Link to a direct download of the pdf document: ]

As mentioned in that article it contains “section III titled Concerning Culture, Race and the Future. This section – omitted in the 1974 restored version republished some years ago by Mr Stirling – extols National Socialism, Hitler and is openly neo-nazi.”

This republication is timely, given that several people have recently mentioned this previously hard-to-find neo-nazi version. For example, the following comment appeared in response to an anti-O9A video and anti-O9A comments posted on a certain internet video channel:

{begin quote}
“As for your question regarding the pre-ONA Star Game if you had read the Myatt item I mentioned in a previous comment [“The Star Game: History and Theory”] you’d have found the answer, which has nothing to do with the ONA or even with Occultism as further research into Myatt’s 1976 text “Emanations of Urania” – written when he was in prison – would have shown. A clue: it was partly down to his neo-nazi agenda, for which you’ll need the 1976 version containing section 3 (dealing with race and Imperium) not the recent truncated version now in circulation.”
{end quote}

We Have To Be Honest

Academia, David Myatt, And The Order Of Nine Angles

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role
Academia, Myatt, And the O9A


§ Preface
§ I. The Occult And Academia
§ II. More Academic Inaccuracies
§ III. Concerning Primary O9A Sources
§ IV. Michael Aquino And David Myatt
§ V The Logical Fallacy of Incomplete Evidence – A Case Study

Five items concerning academic books or essays which have made reference to the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) and/or to David Myatt based on the assumption that he is ‘Anton Long’. The first three items deal with the shoddy nature of academic research regarding the O9A and Myatt given that none of the academic authors (i) accessed and referenced primary sources relating to Myatt, nor (ii) undertook detailed research into the O9A by studying the whole O9A corpus.

The two other items are primary sources relating to Myatt, contradicting as they do the claim made in the aforementioned academic books and essays.

Demonizing Mr Myatt

Richard Moult: The Green Damask Room

Demonizing Mr Myatt


For the past seven or eight years – including in recent months – there have been attempts made to ‘demonize’ David Myatt all based on the unproven allegation that he is Anton Long of Order of Nine Angles fame.

These attempts have been made both by some individuals associating themselves with the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) and by those who for whatever reason or from whatever motive are opposed to the O9A or to Myatt himself. Such O9A opponents include self-described modern Satanists as well those who profess to be followers of Jesus and those who take exception to what they believe is the pro-Nazi stance of the O9A. Those who are opposed to Myatt himself include anti-fascists who profess such slogans as “never forgive, never forget” and who thus cannot forgive or forget Myatt’s neo-nazi past, {1} and individuals who for unconscious emotive reasons of their own are in some way either jealous of the real Myatt or hate the ‘sinister Myatt’ conjured up by their imagination, with the ‘real’ Myatt having been described as “having fluency in the classical languages (Greek and Latin), as well as Arabic and possibly Persian, [and] possessed of a gifted intellect and apparently a polymath,” {2} and as “an extremely violent, intelligent, dark, and complex individual,” {3} and with the ‘sinister’ Myatt being accused by demonizers of all manner of crimes even though no evidence is ever provided to substantiate their accusations. {4}

In the matter of individuals associating themselves with the O9A, their intent seems clear. It is to portray Myatt – aka (according to them) Anton Long – in the most sinister light possible given that such individuals assert that the O9A is Satanist and indeed the only modern genuinely antinomian and satanist group because it espouses and practices what is evil such as criminality, violence, hatred, human sacrifice, political extremism, drug-trafficking and terrorism. Hence their composition and circulation of texts such as Bealuwes Gast {5} and Diablerie {6} and hence their assertion that Myatt is central to the O9A with his weird life an example of what it means to follow the O9A Seven Fold Way.

In the matter of individuals who are followers of Jesus – or at least sympathetic to the Christian religion – their intent also seems clear. It is to portray Myatt as an example, par excellence, of either a nihilistic modernism or of what a servant of Satan is and does in the real world, with one for instance recently writing that
          “it is clear from my reading of O9A material that it is essentially not about the promethean elevation of the human person or individuality at all, which its talk of individuation and so on might seem to imply at first sight, but that the entire ‘philosophical’ system is geared towards the cunning seduction of human individuals in order to have them possessed and effectively taken over by these demonic entities (‘dark gods’), whose agenda is the source of this magical covenant itself, rather than David Myatt as an individualistic ‘philosopher’ with a personal agenda. Much of the teaching as presented exoterically to non-initiates is thus no more than upaya or ‘skilful means’ (if I’m permitted to appropriate the Buddhist term) to get people hooked so that the demons will have their incarnate vehicles to exploit. Some of the O9A fiction outlines very explicitly how it is a matter of a demonic infection being spread through the empowered transmission from a possessed initiate to another human vessel. The terrible truth is that the ‘new, more evolved individual’ is nothing more than a puppet of these satanic beings.”

A Common Theme

All such attempts to demonize Myatt have one thing in common. They all ignore important aspects of Myatt’s life and a swathe of his writings.

The ignored aspects of his life include his public (post 2010) rejection of all extremism (including neo-nazi and fascist ideology) while his ignored writings include his poetry, his published letters, his post 2011 writings about extremism, his writings about his philosophy of pathei-mathos with its principles of empathy, humility, and compassion, his 2013 autobiography Myngath (pdf); his post 2012 autobiographical essays included in books such as Sarigthersa and One Vagabond In Exile From The Gods {7} and his essays praising Christianity and in particular Catholicism. {8}

The demonizers of Myatt have ignored such things because those things reveal a very different Myatt. One at odds with the ‘sinister’ image of him they have all in their own way strived to manufacture and have propagated in pursuit of their aims. For the image of Myatt that emerges from his poetry and his post 2011 writings is of a reclusive man who regrets his extremist past, who values virtues such as empathy and compassion, and who believes that
        “the most important truth concerning human life […] is that a shared, a loyal, love between two people is the most beautiful, the most numinous, the most valuable thing of all.”

Naturally, one or two demonizers have tried to ‘square the circle’ here by claiming that Myatt’s rejection of extremism is a ruse and that the aforementioned writings of his were either written by someone else or were a clever ‘sinister’ jape by Myatt in order to mislead people.

Such claims are of course both laughable and revealing of the need such demonizers have of their ‘sinister Myatt’. That some of these demonizers have resorted to forgeries which they claim were written by Myatt while others have attached Myatt’s name to old or photocopied O9A typewritten articles, {9} shows the lengths they will go to propagandise their ‘sinister Myatt’ and to support their claim that Myatt is after all Anton Long.

As noted in an essay by Ms J. Wright, Myatt’s later writings
        “express is a mysticism, a reverence for and an appreciation of the numinous, so at odds with the ethos and the practice of Satanism – of whatever variety – that it is inconceivable that they were written by a Satanist or even by a practising Occultist.” {10}

Rachael Stirling


{1} According to an academic source Myatt is “arguably England’s principal proponent of contemporary neo-Nazi ideology and theoretician of revolution.” Michael, George. The New Media and the Rise of Exhortatory Terrorism. Strategic Studies Quarterly (USAF), Volume 7 Issue 1, Spring 2013.

{2} Connell Monette. Mysticism in the 21st Century, Sirius Academic Press, 2013. pp. 85-122.

{3} Raine, Susan. The Devil’s Party (Book review). Religion, Volume 44, Issue 3, July 2014, pp. 529-533

{4} Some of the silly accusations made against Myatt are included in the 2010 pdf compilation titled Lies of a Moac, currently [March 2017] available at

These silly accusations include (see pp.7ff of the aforementioned document) gangstalking, hacking into various internet forums, stealing people’s ID’s by hacking their computers, attacking disabled people, and that he was a police informer.

See also

{5} Regarding the forgery titled Bealuwes Gast see the article Bealuwes Gast: A Study in Forgery.

{6} Regarding the forgery titled Diablerie see the article A Skeptic Reviews Diablerie.

{7} All these writings, and the poetry, are available from Myatt’s blog Learning From Adversity; A Rejection of Extremism.

{8} For instance see A Catholic Still In Spirit?

{9} Several people have claimed that they have or they have seen old typewritten O9A articles or letters or manuscripts signed with Myatt’s name. Yet as noted in O9A Questions And Answers 2017 (pdf) in response to one such claim that:
        “a signature on some old ONA typewritten MSS proves nothing. Anyone could have affixed Myatt’s name on them at any time and until the original documents are made available and examined in a forensic way by a professional qualified to do so then it’s just speculation; just another rumor about Myatt. A forensic examination would involve, among other things, finding the age of the paper, the type of ink used in the signature, comparing the signature with a documented signature by Myatt.”

{10} The Strange Life Of David Myatt (pdf)


Image credit: The Green Damask Room, a painting by Richard Moult

Concerning The Vulgarian

Editorial Note: We republish here a November 2016 article which makes some good – and heretical – points regarding both the election of The Vulgarian and the ideology of National Socialism.

The Vulgarian

So a majority of people in the United States voted for The Vulgarian to be their next President. Their choice – of a vulgar, uncultured, arrogant, misogynist, ignorant, draft-dodging bully, obsessed with money and power – says much about that majority, about our times, about America, about democracy, and also possibly about our future as a sentient species.

What it says about that majority, about our times, is that people – even in a prosperous country such as America with its millions of well-educated citizens – are still easily persuaded by rhetoric and still follow and approve of some demagogue who gives voice to those fears about ‘the other’ that lurk within us all; and that appeals to jingoistic ‘patriotism’ – even when made by a duplicitous draft-dodger – still work.

That democracy allows such men as The Vulgarian and The Proxy Rapist – who joked about the gang-rape of a White woman by natives of his Filipino country – to assume positions of power and influence makes one understand the rationale behind the type of government that Heinlein outlined in his novel Starship Troopers.

As for our future as a sentient species, with the bellicose Vulgarian set to become Commander in Chief of the most powerful military forces in the world, it is as if we as a species have failed to learn anything from the past five thousand years of almost continual warfare; failed to learn from the killing, the destruction, the hatred, and the trauma that war causes. For it’s as if we’re trapped in an inexorable cycle of brutality and savagery in which there are only brief periods – in millennial terms – of relative peace, civilization, and prosperity, undermined and eventually destroyed as those brief periods always are by conflict, by hatred, by war; by the savagery, the uncultured instincts, which always and somewhere burst forth again. For our history shows that we’re the most savage, the most destructive, species on this planet even if the majority of us refuse to believe it.

In our majority, and across millennia, we humans – we terrans – have failed to achieve a balance; a balance between our inherent savage, destructive, nature and what successive civilizations, and their rise and fall, can teach us. What they teach is self-restraint and the importance of civility and honor; a teaching which was eloquently expressed in the past in the writings of Cicero and more recently, I believe, in the still little known ‘ethical National Socialism’ which Myatt developed and which is manifest in Reichsfolk. For in that evolution of National Socialism there is not only an honorable balance between men and women but also a natural balance between us defending and fighting for our family, our homeland, and us living a cultured, a civilized, life. As Heinlein wrote in his novel, “the noblest fate that a man can endure is to place his own mortal body between his loved home and war’s desolation.” A sentiment which echoes what the Greek poet Kallinos wrote thousands of years before:

{being quote}

Noble and glorious is he who fights
For his folk and family against the foe.
Since death comes when chosen by Fate –
Bringing to an end the thread of life –
Go forward with spears held high and shields shielding brave hearts
When battle is joined:
There is no flight from death, for that Destiny comes to all mortals
Even they claiming descent from the gods.
Many from the battle-fury of roaring javelins have fled to their home.
But even there, their fate of death awaits;
And they die unloved and unmourned by their folk
While both chiefs and the clan lament for the brave.
All of a community weep for the courageous who die:
And if they live, they are hailed like a god,
Exalted by those who behold them
For the deeds of the many, they did alone. {1}

{end quote}

For it is the self-restraint and the ethical guidelines which honor provide which we as a sentient species require. A point made by Myatt in many of his idealist National Socialist writings of the 1990s and which he carried over into his later philosophy of pathei mathos writing in his book The Way of Pathei-Mathos – A Philosophical Compendiary that honor is “the numinous balance”.

Rachael Stirling
Armistice Day, 11th November 2016

Source: Reichsfolk Times, November 127yf.

{1} The translation (c.1980) is attributed to David Myatt and was included in his 1990s text Guide to the Aryan Way of Life. That Guide is in the pdf compilation of his NS writings available from

Comments And Lies About Mr Myatt


Comments And Lies About Mr Myatt

° Introduction
° David Myatt: Satanic Islamist Or Modern Mystic?
° Mundane Coward Attacks Myatt Again (Anonymously via the Internet, of course)
° The Last Word From One Of THEM
° David Myatt – Embarrassing New Picture
° Allegations and Lies About David Myatt Exposed
° Stalking Myatt: Tales of a Nazi Hacker (And More)

° ° ° ° °

From the Introduction:

Given recent attacks on Mr Myatt – many of which reproduce or mention the malicious allegations anonymously made about Myatt from before 2008 to around 2011 – we reproduce here some articles about Myatt dating back to 2008, some of which (often in a polemical way) deal with and counter those malicious allegations. As most of the URL’s given in the articles are defunct we have not included them, but those interested can view them by following the listed source which we provide for each article.

We also include a recently written item by ourselves which examines a few of the malicious allegations and why in our opinion every few years such allegations about Myatt resurface, usually via the medium of the internet.

As to the reason why we here publish extracts from past internet exchanges about Myatt, it is the same reason why we recently published extracts from past internet exchanges about the ONA: “because such exchanges document in detail for those seriously interested in studying the O9A now or in the future, and are representative examples of, (a) anti-O9A attitudes, (b) allegations made about the O9A and about Mr Myatt, and (c) the O9A response.”

It should be noted that our contributions – in texts such as this – are miniscule compared to the vast number of texts, over a period of ten and more years, produced and circulated by opponents of Myatt and of the ONA.

David Myatt: Satanic Islamist Or Modern Mystic?

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role
Myatt: Satanic Islamist Or Mystic?

Extract from the text:

We analyse here a representative sample of the claims, made some years ago about Myatt by an anonymous accuser in an internet published article, revealing as the analysis does the flaws in the sources used, the factual errors made, and how the accuser employs propagandistic methods in an obvious attempt to try and convince readers that his claims about Myatt are true or at least merit serious consideration […]

As for the Order of Nine Angles, they – being “a dangerous and extreme form of Satanism” – revel in not only such associations with someone whose exeatic life encompasses violence, terrorism, extremism, and crime, but also in the notoriety of “being bad” in the real world as the anonymous accuser certainly believes Myatt to be. In this respect, every accusation made against Myatt by the anonymous accuser, and by others, is kudos for the amoral ONA, enhancing their image, their reputation, as practitioners of evil in the real world.

Thus, the more they revile and seek to demonize Mr Myatt – based on the assumption that he is Anton Long – the more they hype the “dangerous and extreme” Order of Nine Angles as being evil.

Now, were they to accept Myatt as now being some reformed extremist, some modern mystic extolling the virtues of compassion, love, and humility, then the ONA might have something of an image problem given how so many seem to believe that, as Senholt wrote, “the role of David Myatt [is] paramount to the whole creation and existence of the ONA.”

That opponents of the ONA and of Myatt do not seem to understand this is most amusing, for us and our kind.

Another Typical Anti-O9A Example

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

Presented here are interesting – because typical – extracts from an exchange, via the medium of the internet, of comments about David Myatt and about the Order of Nine Angles. The exchange is between the author of several long articles about Myatt and the O9A and someone taking the author to task in respect of assumptions made by that author regarding both Myatt and the O9A.

Another Typical Anti-O9A Example

Debunking The O9A, Again?

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

A recent essay {1} – the second of a three part series, much of which series is devoted to the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) – is a rather strange and somewhat contradictory work for at least three reasons.

First, the exposition of the philosophy Heidegger, which is informative, balanced, reasonably detailed and reasonably accurate. Second, because the author makes some valid points about ONA philosophy and praxis and about its influence, albeit that such (mostly covert) influence is seldom appreciate by self-described, Levey-inspired, ‘satanists’. Third, because the author, when discussing the ONA, apparently cannot resist from making pejorative comments about Myatt – “pompous pseudo-intellectual crap,” “mental-o-path” – and includes a link to some internet article about by some anonymous person which makes malicious accusations about Myatt based on no factual evidence whatsoever. {2}

In addition, the author – in common with many other authors who via the internet write about the ONA – makes the presumption that David Myatt = Anton Long even though no actual evidence from primary sources is provided (or referenced) regarding such a claim, and not attempt made to explain (a) that Myatt has always denied being Anton Long, and (b) that, to date, no one has provided any factual evidence from primary sources to substantiate such a claim.

It is thus difficult to ascertain just who the intended audience of these articles are, and what the intent the author has. For the tone varies from fairly detached, when for instance discussing Heidegger, to almost propagandistic when discussing Myatt and when asserting that Myatt=Long and when providing a web-link to malicious allegations without providing (as in the custom with unbiased internet essays) a web-link to where such allegations are debunked or countered {2}.

Nevertheless, despite there reservations, the article – and the previous one – are worthwhile reads providing as they do some informative insights regarding how the ONA relates to contemporary esotericism and how, in the author’s opinion, it relates to modern philosophy.

In our view, the author rather overstates the relation of the ONA to modern philosophy and especially to Heidegger. For two reasons. Firstly, that Anton Long – whomsoever he was – developed and refined ONA esoteric philosophy as he himself ventured along the Seven Fold Way and acquired more insight. Thus the older, 1970s-1990s, texts (such as the Symbols and Being MS in the 1980s Naos) should be read in the context of what Anton Long wrote from around the year 2000 until his retirement in 2011.

Second, even though the raison d’etre of ONA praxis is the same now as it always was it has been more eloquently and probably more accurately expressed by Anton Long in his later writings, as the following quotes illustrate.

1. {quote} Our real work, both as individuals and as an Order – our Magnum Opus – is genuinely esoteric and Occult, and thus concerned with lapis philosophicus and not with some purely causal self-indulgence, or some ephemeral outer change in some causal form or forms, or with using such forms to try and effect some external change. {3} {/quote}

2. {quote} There is only lapis philosophicus and its individual discovery. There are only those, on their own individual journeyings, journeying in their own way in their own species of Time, and who may or may not arrive at their planned destination. For we are life, the Cosmos; we are Time beyond its perceived illusive dichotomy and are and have been and will be Being, presenced and unpresenced, particular and general, past-present-future, and beyond the illusion, the deception, of ‘a being’ and of ‘beings’. {4} {/quote}

2. {quote} The story ends with an anticipated discovery: that the penultimate stage (however named: Magus, GrandMaster, GrandLadyMaster) of that life-long genuine Occult journey which begins with initiation (of whatever kind:
hermetic, ceremonial, self) is the same whether one began on, and thence followed, what has been described as ‘The Left Hand Path’, or whether one began on, and thence followed, what has been described as ‘The Right Hand Path’. For in the context of beyond The Abyss, such designations based on such a dichotomy become, and are, irrelevant because without sense and meaning. That is, the ‘outer secret’ of the inner, the real, the living, alchemy is that the end and the result of both our apparently separate journeys is the same; the same place, the same understanding, the same knowledge. For wisdom is undivided, the same for all of us, whatever we believed or assumed when we began. {5} {/quote}

2017 ev

{2} The de-bunking of that malicious allegation is included on p.7 of the following old (2010) file:
The debunking post was taken from a now deceased internet forum where that particular Myatt stalker used to regularly ply their allegations. Consequent to such allegations, someone O9A (in her role as a journalist) contacted the relevant Police authority who confirmed that in respect of that particular incident no complaint about Myatt had been received from anyone, anonymous or otherwise, and nor was Myatt the subject of any investigation. Subsequent research by the journalist revealed that any incident involving or complaint to the Police or investigation by any Police force regarding Myatt was always referred to Special Branch and thence to MI5, given that he was – between the 1990s and until around 2011 – a “significant person of interest” given his violent neo-nazi past, his arrest in 1998 for incitement to murder, and his subsequent support of bin Laden and al-Qaida.
See also
{3} O9A Adversarial Action – Success or Failure? 122yfayen
{4} The Enigmatic Truth. 2011
{5} Lapis Philosophicus. 2/2/123 yfayen

The Geryne of Satan


We republish here the seminal, scholarly, Order of Nine Angles text The Geryne of Satan which presents an antinomian, a heretical, view of the terms Satan and Satanism.

A heretical, antinomian, view because the text reveals – contrary to the modern orthodoxy as accepted by self-described ‘satanists’ inspired by or followers of Howard Levey – that Satan, as originally described, refers to a being who is an opponent of those who considered themselves as chosen by their vengeful, monotheistic, god. That is, Satan was an opponent of the Jews.

Hence why some consider that the Order of Nine Angles, with their promotion of the modern heresy of National Socialism, and with their Vindex mythos, is far more ‘Satanic’ than those self-described ‘satanists’ and self-declared ‘satanist’ groups inspired by or followers of the so-called ‘satanism’ of Howard Levey, the Yahodi.

The Geryne of Satan