Bashing Howard Levey Yet Again

Baphomet, Dark Goddess


Knowledge And Culture Verses Plebeian Pretentiousness
Or, Let Us Bash Howard Stanton Levey Yet Again

One of the very many things that self-described modern satanists – and followers of the likes of Crowley and Aquino – never comment upon, and have never commented on in over three decades, is the esoteric knowledge and the culture displayed by the Order of Nine Angles.

Whereas the sources of Howard Stanton Levey – evident in his ‘satanic bible’ and his letters – are populist interpretations of the likes of Nietzsche and Ayn Rand, populist books about psychology, with the polemic Might Is Right perhaps a central source {1} – the sources used by the pseudonymous Anton Long (of O9A fame) are ancient and primary and reveal a certain erudition on the part of Anton Long himself, as for instance, Professor Monette – an accomplished linguist himself – noted in Mr Long “having fluency in the classical languages (Greek and Latin), as well as Arabic and possibly Persian” {2} and thus in being able to read philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, and important Hermetic texts such as the Corpus Hermeticum, in the original Greek, as well as being able to read the Latin of medieval European alchemical texts, and the Arabic of such early books of sorcery as Ghayat al-Hakim and Shams I-Maarif.

In the case of primary sources, when Anton Long wrote about such things as a septenary system he is referencing Greco-Roman sources such as the Pymander tractate of the Corpus Hermeticum. When he uses the term ‘Star Gate’ he was referencing the use of the term Gate by primary sources such as The Compound of Alchymie written in 1471 CE by George Ripley and included in the 1652 book Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum {3}. When he references ‘severed heads’ in relation to ancestral tradition he is drawing on sources such as Diodorus Siculus. When he uses the term Naos, he is drawing on sources such as Pausanius. When he writes about Baphomet as ‘the mother/mistress of blood’ his sources include ancient Greek texts such as De Mysteriis {4}. And so on and so on.

The neglect by Occultists and academics of these primary and ancient sources, in respect of Anton Long’s esoteric philosophy and Occult praxis, is gradually being rectified by texts such as the 2015 compilation ἀρρενόθηλυς by R. Parker and essays such as Originality, Tradition, And The Order of Nine Angles by the same author, as well as the release of new ‘Esoteric Notes’ such as ONA Esoteric Notes XLVII in which it is suggested that Renaissance Latin texts such as De Vita Coelitus Comparanda by Marsilii Ficini (published in 1489 CE) are among the sources used by Anton Long.

This understanding of the non-Qabalistic, and ancient, sources used – in their original language – by Anton Long makes Howard Stanton Levey seem, in comparison, somewhat uncultured and plebeian.


{1} Aquino, of Temple of Set fame, has described, at some length, in his 2009 book The Church of Satan the sources Levey used.

While Aquino may have in part been motivated by a desire to legitimize his Temple of Set, his analysis stands up to critical scrutiny. An archive version of a pre-publication draft of Aquino’s The Church of Satan is available [as of September 2016] here:

For example, the Appendix The Hidden Source Of The Satanic Philosophy describes how Levey’s Nine Satanic Statements are derived from Ayn Rand.

{2} Monette, Connell. Mysticism in the 21st Century, Sirius Academic Press, 2013. ISBN 9781940964003.

{3} qv. the Of Gates And Nexions section of the O9A text Esoteric Notes 49.

{4} qv. the O9A text Baphomet – An Esoteric Signification.


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Image Credit: Bainis by Richard Moult
The image is considered by many Occultists to be a modern representation
of the shapeshifting Dark Goddess, Baphomet


Joy Of The Sinister

Five Classic O9A Texts


Atu III, Richard Moult


Five Classic O9A Texts


° Preface
° The Meaning Of Fayen
° Mysterium: Beyond The Order of Nine Angles
° The Next Three Hundred Years
° The Inner O9A
° Order of Nine Angles Style, O9A Chic


Image credit:
Richard Moult: Atu III
from his Tarot pack Non Est Secundus Quia Unus Est


O9A: The Nine Angles

Order Of Nine Angles


Classic O9A Texts
The Nine Angles

I. Extract from the 2018 text The Tree Of Wyrd And The Star Game: An Overview. {1}


Renaissance Septenary Tree of Wyrd

The above is a Renaissance illustration of the septenary Tree of Wyrd, from the book Azoth Sive Aureliae Occultae Philosophorum published in 1613 CE, which illustration includes the three fundamental alchemical substances, Salt, Sulphur, Mercury, whose nine transformations form the “nine angles” of the O9A and which nine angles are represented by the pieces of the O9A’s Star Game thus:

O9A Star Game Pieces

Which overview reveals that the Occult tradition of the O9A is independent of, different from, and an alternative to the Qabala based tradition used by the majority of modern Occultists.



II. Extract from the 2013 text Originality, Tradition, And The Order of Nine Angles. {2}


A study of O9A [Order of Nine Angles] texts reveals that, from the 1970s on, their ‘nine angles’ refer to the nine combinations – the “numinous symbols of cliology” (qv. the 1990s text ‘Aeonic Magick: A Basic Introduction’) – of the three basic alchemical substances (Mercury, Sulphur, Salt) which are represented in the pieces of the 1970s vintage O9A Star Game. These nine angles/combinations were first outlined in the 1974 text Emanations of Urania, and which nine combinations can be used to symbolize how the the causal and the acausal are manifest to us, as for instance in our psyche (in the nexion of causal/acausal that we are) via archetypes, ‘personality types’, and the esoteric correspondences of the O9A Tree of Wyrd.

Furthermore, according to Anton Long his inspiration for this 1970s theory of cliology – of nine alchemical combinations or emanations – was an ancient Arabic manuscript, of a few folios, he read while travelling and studying in the Middle East and Asia in 1971, and to which MS some scribe had added some scholia and the title Al-Kitab Al-Alfak (which translates as The Book of The Spheres), for in ancient Muslim alchemy and cosmology there are nine cosmic spheres or ‘supernatural’ realms. {3}

The most distant of these spheres or realms is falak al-aflak, the ‘primary of the spheres’. Below this (and thus nearer to us) is al-kawakib al-thabitah, the realm of the heavenly fixed stars. Next is Zuhal, the sphere of Saturn. Then there is Mushtari, the sphere of Jupiter, followed by Marikh (Mars); Shams (the Sun); Zuhrah (Venus); Utarid (Mercury); and finally Qamar, the sphere of the Moon.





{3} Editorial Note: The Arabic MS Kitab al-Aflak (Book of the Spheres) should not be confused with a book with a similar name – Kitab Ta’dil hay’at al‐aflak – written by Sadr al-Sharia al‐Thani in 1346 or 1347 CE.


(i) Complete Guide To The Order of Nine Angles
(ii) Aρρενόθηλυς: Alchemical And Hermetic Antecedents Of The Seven Fold Way
(iii) Emanations Of Urania (pdf)


Overview Of The O9A

Order of Nine Angles Sigil


Classic O9A Texts

Overview of the O9A
An Esoteric Ethos

Five of the many things that set the eclectic Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) apart from other contemporary, and long standing, satanist groups – or groups generally perceived to be satanist – are:

(i) the principle of individuals being encouraged to form their own local, and totally independent, O9A cell, nexion, or ‘temple’;
(ii) a rejection of the legal concept of ‘intellectual property’ (and thus a rejection of the concept of copyright) manifest in the O9A practice of making all their documents freely available and positively encouraging others to copy and redistribute them, even commercially;
(iii) their ‘code of kindred honour’, otherwise known as ‘the logos of the O9A’ and as their ‘Law of the New Aeon’;
(iv) what they term ‘the authority of individual judgement’; and
(v) their insistence on the necessity of individuals learning from practical (often amoral and adversarial/heretical) personal experience, from ordeals, and from (often difficult) physical challenges.

These five elements – inherent in the Order of Nine Angles well-before the advent of the internet {1} – combine together to not only make the O9A anarchist in theory and in praxis {2}, but also provide it with a contemporary appeal especially among rebellious young people. For these elements mean that the O9A is not dependant on, nor identified with, one person; is immune to the divisions, the schisms, the claims regarding ‘authenticity’, that have bedevilled and do bedevil some other occult groups; and – like open-source computer software – can be refined, modified, updated, and developed, by others, thus in effect easily transplanting and re-inventing itself when and where necessary without any assistance from its founder, the pseudonymous Anton Long.

For the O9A is more akin to an esoteric ethos, an occult weltanschauung, than it is to a formal organization. That is, it is an organized but organic idea – a concept, a living tradition – which embodies in its very nature, like most living organisms, the possibility of adaptation and change.

Some, however, might prefer to consider the O9A as more akin to a ‘sinister virus’ that affects or which can affect (can infect) and which lives in or can live in our psyche (and which thus can alter the thoughts, feelings, and behaviour of people), and which like all virii, has an innate ability to replicate and mutate itself. Little wonder, then, that – without a headquarters, without an office or offices, without meetings, without a sanctified ‘membership’, without a contact address, without a leader, committees, a hierarchy; without any perceptible external organizational structure – it has managed to spread, from small beginnings in rural Shropshire and Herefordshire, across the world, to places such as Belgium, Germany, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Australia, and North and South America.

Little wonder, also, that many times ‘the O9A-effect’ is short-term, with many of those affected ‘recovering’ from the O9A after some months, or after a year or so; and little wonder that some of these ‘recovered ones’ unknowingly still carry the O9A within them, able to infect susceptible others, or even themselves liable to suffer a relapse or perhaps be reinfected with a new strain of the virus which they themselves or others, again unknowingly, may have nurtured.

Such metaphors aside, the five essential aforementioned elements that form the O9A have, unsurprising, escaped the attention of most if not all of those who, over the past thirty years or so, have written about, commented upon, and criticized, the Order of Nine Angles. For such writings, commentary, and criticism, has tended to focus on either the lack of any perceptible external organizational structure, or – more often – on a few of the more amoral or adversarial practices advocated by – or rather, enshrined within – the O9A; practices such as culling (human sacrifice), and the use of political or religious extremism, and the commission of crime, as practical and effective personal learning experiences and challenges.

Thus has the O9A come to be mistakenly regarded as a ‘neo-nazi satanist group’, as ‘an extreme form of satanism’, or dismissed as a ‘minor underground occult group’, and this latter despite the significant contributions made by the O9A to occultism, and despite the fact of the historical nature of many of its traditions.

Occult Contributions and Historical Traditions

The Order of Nine Angles has presented numerous occult traditions, techniques, and esoteric knowledge, not found in extant occult groups, in ancient and modern occult literature, or in the writings of modern occultists. In addition it has made original contributions to occultism.

Among the contributions, and the unique occult traditions, of the O9A are the following.

1. The Seven Fold Way.

With its practical tasks, occult workings, septenary correspondences, and grade rituals, this is a modern, practical, anados, and thus a living continuation of the ancient Hellenic hermetic tradition.

Also, no extant occult group has ordeals such as the basic (c. three month) wilderness living – or the extended (c. six months) wilderness living – of the grade ritual of Internal Adept, nor the (lunar) month-long subterranean dwelling of the Camlad Rite of The Abyss.

Both are modern versions of ancient esoteric techniques designed to test the candidate and cultivate both self, and esoteric, understanding.

2. Empathy And The Art Of Culling

The importance of the faculty of empathy and the revival of The Art Of Culling is outlined in O9A texts such as The Place Of Empathy In The O9A Tradition and Culling As Art.

3. Alchemical Seasons and the Error of Denotatum.

These form part of the pagan Rounwytha tradition, and are outlined in O9A texts such as (i) The Rounwytha In History and Modern Context, (ii) Denotatum – The Esoteric Problem With Names, and (iii) Alchemical Seasons and The Fluxions of Time.

4. The Star Game.

The Star Game is a new esoteric language, and also develops the faculty of acausal-thinking; that is, of a perception and an understanding beyond denotatum.

5. Sorcery And The Psyche

The O9A by a theory of acausality offer a rational explanation of sorcery, of the psyche (of the unconscious and archetypes), of the nature of the supernatural, and of the nature of life.

6. The Aeonic Perspective and the Sinisterly-Numinous.

This involves not only an esoteric distinction between the fate (or destiny) of an individual and supra-personal wyrd, but also a rational explanation of the apprehension of what is ‘beyond The Abyss’. This distinction and apprehension informs the long-term ‘sinister strategy’ of the O9A.

7. Esoteric Chant.

Esoteric chant – outlined in the 1980s Naos compilation – is not only a type of sorcery but also an esoteric language and thus a means toward acausal-knowing.

8. Mythos.

With its mythos of The Dark Gods – of shapeshifting, powerful, acausal beings, including a female Baphomet – and with its two possible modes of apprehension of such beings/entities, the O9A not only intrigues and mystifies, but also carries on the ancient occult tradition of presenting individuals with the opportunity to personally explore the supernatural and thus gain occult knowledge.

9. Amorality, and Satan as Adversary, Terrorist, and Extremist.

Unique among avowedly satanist groups, the O9A describes itself and its ethos as socially and individually harmful, destructive, disastrous, pernicious, baleful, deadly, malicious, malevolent, sly, and offensive. For it encourages individual amorality, exeatic living, extremism, and the practical transgression of norms, including laws.

R. Parker
January 2014 ev


{1} See for example The Adversarial Praxis and Logos of The Order of Nine Angles, and Authority, Learning, and Culture, In The Sinister Tradition Of The Order of Nine Angles.

{2} A useful, working, definition of anarchy (a definition supported by the O9A) is “that way of living which regards the authority of The State as unnecessary and possibly harmful, and which instead prefers the free and individual choice of mutual and non-hierarchical co-operation”.


The above text is an edited, revised, extract (by the author) from Part One of
Investigating The Order Of Nine Angles


O9A Reading List

Order of Nine Angles Sigil


Order Of Nine Angles
Recommended Reading List

Given the plethora of texts about O9A esotericism and O9A praxises published – in line with the move from Phase II to Phase III of O9A Aeonic Strategy – between 2015 and 2019, it is germane to issue a new Recommended Reading List especially as the previous one dated from the 1990s and was not subsequently updated.

The majority of the recommended texts are currently – October 2019 ev, 130 yfayen – available as gratis open access pdf documents on the O9A blog at omega9alpha dot wordpress dot com, locatable using the ‘search’ function of that blog and inputting the title(s) listed in the various sections.

Several compilations of recent O9A texts are also available as printed books, including Feond, ISBN 978-1687255624, Baeldraca, ISBN 978-1689931953, and Tyberness, ISBN 978-1696821742, and which Seofonfeald Peath trilogy takes the public profile of the O9A to “the next level” – of Adeptship – beyond early, Initiate, ONA works such as Naos and Hostia.

Recommended Reading List


The Dark Formless Acausal

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


An informative 119 yfayen (c.2009 ev) interview with “Anton Long” of Order Of Nine Angles fame.


Classic O9A Texts

Toward The Dark Formless Acausal

I’ve read several times recently – on the Internet, of course! – that the Order of Nine Angles is defunct. Do you have any comment to make about this?

If people wish to believe that, fine.

All I will say is that – for many decades now – our membership has been closed. That is, we have not actively and publicly saught to recruit members. We are not interested in large numbers of people joining us, and we have placed many obstacles in the way of people contacting us. The few that do and have joined us are selected by us if we perceive they have the right qualities and if they have been tenacious in their search, and passed the various tests which are part of the selection process, with these tests being mostly unknown to them at the time they are being tested. Such tests, by us, continue until they have achieved, for themselves, Internal Adept.

Thus, we are elitist, and secretive. For the moment, and for the past few years or so, we have and have had a slight “public profile” – with an unofficial Internet website and an unofficial “Internet blog”, run by a member – but these things are temporary, serving a specific CausalTime-limited purpose, and when that purpose is achieved then they, and this slight public profile, will cease. Of course, we will not make any announcement of this ceasing, at the time.

It should be understood that our goals are of not only decades but of centuries, and that we act, and plan, accordingly.

What about the people who leave – or who seem to leave? I’m thinking of people like Vilnius Thornian, who ran the old Nasz Dom website, and C Beest, who did the Sinister Tarot. Have they really left, and if so is that a betrayal, and what does their leaving say about the state of the Order of Nine Angles itself and its method of training?

The question itself reveals something of a lack of esoteric insight and sinister knowledge.

Over the decades, several people have come and gone – some only achieved External Adept; a few achieve Internal Adept. Of those who wander away, and give up or renounce their Sinister quest, one or two return, having learnt much – about themselves – during their exile.

Yet some of those who wander away or who may renounce their quest may still have done some useful work; may still have presenced the Sinister in some way, and thus have contributed something, or affected some changes, however small. Some of these may even have been manipulated into doing such things, into contributing such things, by a Master, or a Mistress, with their leaving or their renunciation a sign of their failure.

For such renunciations – whatever the reasons, or the reasons such people tell themselves – are expected, and indeed natural; part of the selection process itself. Those who go have failed, and proven themselves unsuitable; for the real, and the most important test, is that which lies beyond Internal Adept and which signifies the change from Adept to Master/Mistress. Of those who thus progress beyond the Abyss, there have been no renunciations.

Each Grade, of Internal Magick, is thus a test, a selection; and the move away from each Grade toward the next is also itself a test, a selection, and one which lasts many an alchemical season – in exoteric-speak, which lasts for some or often many many years.

Again, such people, such failures, should be viewed in the perspective of centuries: of the progression toward our Sinister goals, our disruption of the Old Order, our presencings of the acausal darkness, and the emergence of the New Aeon, whose Sinister magickal energies are already being felt, by some, and whose exoteric affects are slowly causing causal changes.

There has been much speculation as to your use of the word “Fayen”, which seems to have replaced the “yf” date code you previously used. Is there a reason for this change, and what does Fayen mean? Is the change in any way connected with a move away from NS type politics, which politics many associate you with?

Firstly, the use of that particular word, now and in the past two or so years, is quite deliberate: to mark the beginning of the third stage of one particular, and century-long, strategy of ours.

The first part was the codification of what it may be convenient to call “The Mythos of the ONA”. This involved the writing down of the various aural traditions inherited from the reclusive Mistress who hailed from Shropshire, and who owned properties in London, Oxford and Manchester. These traditions involved such things as Esoteric Chant, The Septenary Tree of Wyrd, legends and myths about The Dark Gods and Baphomet; culling, various ceremonial rituals, and the Grade Rituals. It also involved refining and extending the Tradition itself – developing The Star Game, for example, and writing basic guides such as Naos. This stage took around a decade or so.

The second stage was, internally, making most of the exoteric Tradition available by circulating a limited number of copies of various ONA MSS, and works such as The Black Book of Satan, and Naos. This created something of a “public profile” for the ONA, which was intentional. Externally, the real work of the ONA was continued by presencing the acausal, the Sinister, through supporting, and creating, various causal “forms”, through opening various nexions, through practical de-stabilization, through propagating and championing various “heretical” causes and ideas, and so on: to the greater glory of Satan, one might have said, and say. This stage took around two decades, or so.

The third stage involves, internally, releasing items and MSS concerning some of the more esoteric aspects, which esoteric aspects include such things as:
(1) the actual nature of The Dark Gods, hinted at in stories such as In The Sky of Dreaming and MSS such as The Mythos of the Dark Gods: Beings of Acausal Darkness;
(2) The Seventh-Way, and the nature of Five-Dimensional Magick, hinted at in some earlier MSS, which mentioned some of the effects of a-temporal magickal rites;
(3) the reality of The Abyss and beyond, where one goes beyond words, and causal symbols, such as the Tree of Wyrd, and thus beyond the opposites inherit in words, names and symbologies.

Outwardly, or externally, the third stage involves continuing to presence The Dark Forces, via nexions, through supporting, and creating, various causal “forms”; through practical de-stabilization, through supporting and championing various “heretical” causes and ideas, and so on: to the greater glory of Baphomet, one might, with correctness, say, and write.

After this – in future decades – as the signs of the de-stabilization of the Old Order (symbolized outwardly by the so-called, and mis-named, “New World Order”) becomes ever more esoterically obvious and then even more exoterically obvious, there will that conjoining that can be symbolized, exoterically, by the union of Satan and Baphomet, and thus a bringing-into-being (a birthing) of what is Beyond: the acausal Darkness itself, fully presenced on Earth and in our causal Universe. To the greater glory of The Dark Gods, and thus the beginning of our own evolutionary change into a new species.

Thus are some esoteric truths here revealed – for the sagacious.

Furthermore, NS-type politics – as explained many times over the years – was and is used as a form, as a presencing (even sometimes as a nexion) by Sinister Initiates and Sinister Adepts as part of Sinister Aeonic strategy, as a work or works of Aeonic magick (or even as an individual Insight Rôle). It it never was, nor is, the essence of the ONA, or the Way of the ONA: which is essentially to create, to breed, individual individuals and thence a new type of human being. Such individuals have gone beyond the abstractions, the forms, of the Old Aeon, and thus can – if necessary – use and manipulate such abstractions, such forms (be they conventionally described as political or religious, or whatever), in a Sinister, magickal Way: to presence the Dark Forces.

That many people did not understand this, reveals only the lack of understanding of those people. That many so-called esoteric Initiates did not and do not understand this, reveals only their lack of Initiated understanding, their lack of knowledge of genuine Magick, and of what it means to be a genuine follower of the Sinister Path.

You have stated – in the recently issued ONA Glossary – that the term Traditional Satanism, which now is in widespread use, was coined by the ONA. Is this correct, and does this mean, as some have supposed, a “worship” or reverence of Satan, as a real entity?

It is correct to say and write that we were the first to use that particular term, over two decades ago, for the reason given: because of our inherited aural Tradition, and to differentiate our really Dark and really Sinister Way from others, such as the the gabbling posturing ToSers, the Magian-inspired crawling Crowleyites, and the sanctimonious egotists who fawned upon and followed the Magian clown named LaVey.

To understand Satan – sans Nazarene theology and ontology, and the silliness of “theism” – is to understand that He is one of The Dark Gods and thus, according to our Tradition, our Mythos, an acausal-being, dwelling in the acausal Universe, Who has, at one or more times in our Earth-bound causal past, been presenced in causal form, which form can change, since Satan is, like most of that particular acausal species when manifest in the causal Universe, a shapeshifter.

Yet there is, for us and others of our Sinister kind, no worship of such a being; no reverence. Just an admiration, at most, and a feeling of kinship, such as one might have toward an older brother, or sister, or a respected and older if distant relative. Or rather, and more correctly perhaps, such as a desire, such a yearning, for, the kinship of a long-lost half-brother, or half-sister, given that – for many – such relatives of ours have been missing for rather a long time.

Thus – and to continue the metaphor – do Sinister Initiates seek to find such missing relatives of theirs, and thus do they desire to not only have them “home” again (presenced on Earth) but also to learn from them so that they themselves can pass to the stars, and beyond: into the realms of the formless, timeless, acausal.

So you still regard yourselves as “Satanists” and still regard the term “Satanism” as having esoteric meaning?

Yes, and yes. Greek scholars – and lexicographers – will understand what -ism (and thus -ist) in this context refers to.

Although, of course, “Satan-ism” is only a beginning: a nexion to the acausal itself; one causal and exoteric name for a particular presencing which can begin a particular, and dangerous and difficult, journey for some humans, to some-where.

I also refer you to my previous answer: the Third Stage, and what is beyond.

You mean Baphomet, whom you describe as a Dark Goddess?

Indeed, for She is The Mistress, The Mother, of Blood; of our blood, and of the blood of those who are sacrificed to her, for her, and who can provide Her with some of the causal living necessary.

Furthermore – and here is another clue – one must view both Vindex and Falcifer in relation to Her, and, of course, that acausal being whose exoteric name has been given as Satan.

Since you accept Satan as a real being, what about God? Do you accept there is a God?

No. We consider “God” to be a myth, an abstraction, a metaphysical construct if you will, created by the need and the desire of individuals who have not only yet to face, understand, and integrate, the darkness, within themselves, but who also – from weakness, inability or whatever – cannot go beyond such abstractions, such immature bifurcation into non-living “opposites”, to the esoteric quintessence, which is of the numinosity of the a-causal Sinister imbued with the essence and the potential of causal life and causal living. Thus, “God” – as conventionally described – is a symptom of the human disease of negative-evolution, which is an un-knowing, an un-feeling, of our human potential, which potential can be unleashed by the energies of the acausal.

In the same way, the kindred disease of hubris, the disease of the modern materialistic West, is an outward manifestation of the still current Old Aeon – the Magian-inspired and Magian-controlled Old Order – and of those Aeons that preceded it. Hubris – selfish, blind, ill-disciplined indulgence and egotistical arrogance – is a lack of self-awareness; a lack of self-discipline; a pandering to the ego and its delusions; a lack of esoteric insight; a lack of that perspective, that self-judgement, that rational detachment, that awareness and practical experience of the acausal – of The Dark Gods, of Satan and Baphomet – creates. Or at least can create in those possessed of the right character, the correct attributes.

Thus do we seek the practical destruction of this Old Order, which keeps people in thrall, stifles our potential, and which becomes ever more oppressive and tyrannical with every passing year. This destruction is necessary – whatever the cost in so-called “human suffering” – for such destruction is a prelude to the New Aeon which will unleash our full potential and enable us to become a new, and higher, species.

You do not therefore accept that there is such a thing as an “innocent person”?

Here is a quote from a now somewhat old essay of mine, which is relevant here:
                   “There is no such thing as an innocent person because everyone who exists is part of the whole, the change, the evolution, the presencing of life itself, which is beyond them, and their life only has meaning through the change, development and evolution of life. Their importance is what they can become, or what can be achieved through their death. their tragedy, their living – their importance does not lie in their individual happiness or their individual desires or whatever.” To Presence The Dark

But I still expect the full meaning suggested by the above words will escape the vast majority of human beings, including the vast majority who call themselves, or describe themselves as, “Satanists” – which of course reveals quite a lot about such self-styled “Satanists”, just as the very title of that particular ONA MS, quoted above, reveals quite a lot about us.

Anton Long
Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen


° Article Source:

° A pdf version: The Dark Formless Acausal


The Nihilist O9A


Noble Guide To The Dark Arts

O9A Baphomet Sigil


Classic O9A Texts

The Gentleman’s – and Noble Ladies – Brief Guide To The Dark Arts

Outwardly, in terms of persona and character, the true Dark Arts are concerned with style; with understated elegance; with natural charisma; with personal charm; and with manners. That is, with a certain personal character and a certain ethos. The character is that of the natural gentleman, of the natural noble lady; the ethos is that of good taste, of refinement, of a civilized attitude.
                  “The faculty of dark-empathy is one of the qualities that distinguishes the genuine Adept. Some other qualities of the Adept are self-honesty, self-awareness, and self-control, often manifest as these are in a certain noble attitude and thus in the possession of personal manners. Not for the Adept the ill-mannered behaviour of Homo Hubris, distinguished as such untermenschen are by their lack of manners, lack of empathy, and their uncontrollable need to dysfunctionally express themselves and their emotions in public. In one word, Adepts possess ἀρετή. ”

Inwardly, the true Dark – the sinister – Arts are concerned with self-control, discipline, self-honesty; with a certain detachment from the mundane.

That this has been forgotten – or not understood, or not even known among the many latter-day pretenders and poseurs – is a sign of how few genuine Masters, and Lady Masters, there are.

Thus, there is a beauty in the Dark Arts and an exultation of Life, and certainly not a wallowing in the symbols, symbolism and accouterments of death and decay. Thus, there is a natural joy, which can be and often is both light and dark but which is always controlled. Not for the Gentleman, or the Lady, the loss of mastery, the stupefaction that arises from over-indulgence (which over-indulgence can and which does include personal emotion).

Thus, one of the true archetypes of the genuine Sinister Path: Baphomet, the beautiful, mature, lady (fecund Mistress of Earth) whose beautiful outward serenity masks the deadly acausal darkness within which can be released when she chooses. (Life-Birth-Joy-Ecstasy-Safety-Wisdom-Giving-Darkness-Death.)

Thus, another dark archetype: The Master, the true shapeshifter who is and who might not be what they might appear to be; the polite charming gentleman, who might (and who could) kill you or have you killed if there was a good enough reason, but who might reward you (if there was a good enough reason) with beneficence whose source would be unknown to you; the recluse – The Master Acausal Sorcerer – you do not see nor know, except perhaps in dreams, shadows, or fleeting day and night-time glimpses which might perhaps stir a memory, some memory, personal or beyond (Beautiful-Profound-Wistful-Knowing-Danger-Roborant-Wyrdful-Sad) which inspires, or brings new beginnings or balance or perchance a retribution.

To aspire to – to gain – Mastery of The Dark Arts is to experience, and to learn the lessons of self-honesty and self-control; to strive, to dream, to quest, to exceed expectations. To move easily, gracefully, from the Light to the Dark, from Dark to Light, until one exists between yet beyond both, treating them (and yourself) for the imposters they (and you) are.

Mastery begins with Internal Adept, and it is from noble cultured – gentlemanly or lady-like – Adepts that candidates for the inner ONA are recruited.

Order of Nine Angles
119 Year of Fayen

Mousa of Swords, Sinister Tarot, Richard Moult


Image credits:
° O9A Sigil Of Baphomet
° A modern depiction of Baphomet by Richard Moult

Vindex, Honour, and The Tyranny of the Magian



Editorial Note: We re-issue here, in full and in a slightly revised (updated) version, the classic O9A text Vindex, Honour, and The Tyranny of the Magian which forms part of the Vindex mythos; a mythos developed by David Myatt during his National Socialist decades, and appropriated and evolved by the O9A.

The Myattian Vindex mythos was described in two seminal texts, Vindex: Destiny of the West published in 1984, and in The Mythos of Vindex, written c. 1999 with a revised edition issued on 2005. For an overview of the Myattian mythos, qv. Myatt’s Mythos Of Vindex.

As mentioned in the following text: “In respect of the particular esoteric Way of the Order of Nine Angles, our Kindred Tribes and our Niners strike at the very heart of the tyranny of the impersonal State […] It is the mythos of Vindex which possesses the dark sorcery (the magick – exoteric, Internal and Aeonic) necessary to defeat the Magian.”


° Exoteric Exegesis: The Magian Ethos
° The Esotericism of Tribes and Vindex
° Magian Archetypes and Modern Rôle-models
° Vindexian Rôle-models
° Conclusion
° Addendum: A Note on Some Terms
° Appendix 1: Kindred Tribes and The Tyranny of The State
° Appendix II: Code Of Kindred Honour

The work is also available as a pdf document here:


Classic O9A Texts

Vindex, Honour, and The Tyranny of the Magian

Exoteric Exegesis: The Magian Ethos

Understood esoterically, the Magian ethos and its savants (such as the hubriati) and its servants and foot-soldiers (such as Homo Hubris) are the current enemy of those who, by both practical and esoteric means, seek to create an evolutionary Galactic Imperium imbued with an evolutionary (Promethean, Faustian, Acausal) ethos.

The Magian ethos is a materialistic, enervating, de-evolutionary, set of causal abstractions. These abstractions include – (1) the idea/ideal of the nation-State; (2) the un-aristocratic, vulgar (plebeian) idea and fraud termed “democracy” (where the privileged hubriati rule in the “name of the people”); (3) the abstract idea/ideal of a impersonal (non-honour-based) law administered by so-called national and international “courts of law”; (4) the trickery and wage-slavery that is usury and the modern financial institutions (and the capitalism) based on such trickery and wage-slavery; and, most importantly, (5) mandatory personal taxation on earnings (income tax), and which mandatory income tax plus taxation on goods, property, and commodities (all collected by and enforced by the State/nation) keeps the whole Magian system going.

These causal abstractions now enmesh the world. And they represent a new type of tyranny; a new enslavement of our human species.

These abstractions have replaced living cultures, and their often rural communities, with a vacuous, artificial, nationalism, with abstract ideologies and religions, and with an increasingly artificial way of urban living. [1] These abstractions have replaced the living law of personal honour with the impersonal tyranny of State and international law, so that the individual – especially in the Western world – is now in both theory and in practice powerless before the might of the State (the forces of so-called “law and order”) in their place of residence.

For the State now has the power to arrest and detain anyone (often only “on suspicion” of having transgressed some State-made law) and can use any amount of force it deems necessary to subdue and detain someone. The forces of the State – if they follow the so-called “due process” the State has established and maintains – can smash their way into the home of anyone at anytime, and rifle through and take away whatever they want, as the State has the power to prosecute and imprison (and sometimes execute) anyone it deems has broken some law which it, the State and its flunkies, have manufactured.

Thus, no longer is there a choice – voluntary, by the individual, or allowed by some ruler or potentate – of exile; of beginning a new life elsewhere, free from the clutches of some impersonal authority. There is no longer the choice (unless you are one of the hubriati, of course) of not paying taxation, nor the choice of going to live somewhere where there is no taxation (unless you are one of the hubriati, of course).

In the same way, the powerful Media (newspapers, television, and so on) can make or break the reputation of any person, especially if it is deemed “in the public interest”, which means in accord with the Magian ethos that has come to dominate the West and is now spreading, like the debilitating virus it is, to other lands.

In theory – and often in practice – the individual has no rights which the State and its flunkies cannot take away, just as there is now hardly anywhere now on Earth where an outlaw, or a person, can go to avoid the law enforcement officers and intelligence agencies of the State (or to start a new life), with international travel (and often national travel) being monitored and controlled by passports, Visas, and other mechanisms of State control and State security.

This is sheer tyranny; the emasculation of the individual before the might and power of the State – and before collocations of States, such as the European Union, and the United Nations [2], with their own laws, their own Courts, their own restrictions on what a person can and cannot do. All mandatory taxation, but especially that on income – enforced by imprisonment or the threat of it – is both theft and a means of control.

This is sheer tyranny; the control of the individual from the cradle to the grave, and the de-evolutionary stifling of the real potential of the individual, which potential all esoteric (Occult) Ways understand and appreciate and which all such Ways seek in some manner to develop.

           In our view, our potential – as human beings – lies in four things.

(1) In understanding ourselves – our psyche – and in developing various latent (Occult) faculties, and thus, through a balance between internal (esoteric) and external (exoteric) experiences, learning to fully know and control (discipline) ourselves.

(2) In developing and in employing – by pathei-mathos, by learning from difficult, amoral, and challenging practical experiences – our own personal judgement, and thus becoming and being unique individuals with our own weltanschauung.

(3) In understanding the true Reality (Cosmic, and personal) that lies behind the causal abstractions we human beings have manufactured for millennia, and which constrain and control us, and which we have often used to constrain and control others. Among such causal abstractions are, as mentioned above, all religions, all forms of “politics”, and of course, the idea/ideal of The State, the nation, and of impersonal law.

(4) In leaving our childhood home – this planet – and so, by discovering and exploring new places, by living in new ways, by overcoming challenges, we can become mature, and evolve to become different types of human beings, a new species.

All genuine Occult Ways – to a greater or lessor degree – seek to do the first of these four things. The other three are, currently, esoterically, mostly the preserve of the Occult Way of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A).

Thus has the O9A made the disruption and replacement of the current order, the current Aeon – represented by the tyranny of the Magian State and the Magian ethos – its most fundamental practical priority. Thus is our Dark Sorcery – exoteric and esoteric – directed at everything Magian and everything, and everyone, imbued with and supportive of the Magian ethos.For from this practical and magickal disruption and destruction, our New Aeon – our Dark Galactic Imperium – will emerge.

The Esotericism of Tribes and Vindex

In respect of the particular esoteric Way of the Order of Nine Angles, our Kindred Tribes and our Niners strike at the very heart of the tyranny of the impersonal State.

For instance, understood esoterically, our Kindred Tribes are Acausal Sorcery, as are our traditional nexions with their traditional kindred rites and their Seven-Fold Way, and as are our Niners – our freelance operatives – who embody the authentic personal judgement which the nation-State abhors and whose ways of living are contrary both in theory and in practice to the mechanisms of control of, and to the subservience demanded by, the nation-State.

In addition, our tribes restore the natural balance that depends on personal honour and on our natural, human, tribal – communal – way of living. [See Appendix 1 – Kindred Tribes and The Tyranny of The State.]

Understood esoterically, The Vindex Mythos is also Acausal Sorcery. That is, the original (non-esoteric) form has been and is being used in an esoteric manner to provoke Change in an evolutionary way, creating thus a new darkly-numinous causal form, new archetypes; and which manufactured esoteric form, and which archetypes, may not be perceived or understood as esoteric by many or most of those who are influenced, inspired, and/or changed by the mythos in its non-esoteric (and original) form.

In essence, this mythos is: (1) a new, non-esoteric, manifestation of The Law of Kindred-Honour; (2) the new warriors who, upholding the law of personal honour, establish new tribal ways of living in opposition to the tyranny of the Magian abstraction of the nation-State; and (3) a new and natural balance between the male and the female aspects of human beings, manifest in new archetypes.

This last point – these new archetypes – are important, if currently misunderstood, both exoterically and esoterically. For these new male and female archetypes (to be admired, emulated, and seen as rôle-models) arise from the reality that the new law of personal honour applies equally to both men and women, and that no distinction is made between male, and female, warriors, and between what can be achieved. That is, the only distinction that matters is living by the code of personal honour that forms the very basis of both Niners and of new tribes, and it is this equality of living and aspirations and deeds which will provide the necessary rôle-models – the real-life personal examples – for individuals, with such rôle-models being in stark contrast to those of all modern societies.

Thus, the mythos of Vindex replaces the old law of the old Aeon with our new law of personal honour, and replaces the archetypes of the current Aeon with our new archetypes – from which new archetypes new rôle-models, anti-Magian in their very being, are emerging.

Magian Archetypes and Modern Rôle-models

For centuries, several archetypes of the Magian ethos have affected the peoples of the West. One of these archetypes was, of course, The Nazarene: the Saviour, through, by and with whom, one might find some abstract “peace and salvation.”

From this archetype there developed, for instance, the rôle-model of The Good Nazarene. The essence of The Good Nazarene was doing what the Nazarene Church, or some Nazarene preacher, said was good, and/or what the Nazarene Good-Book said was good.

Another old archetype was and is The Dutiful Tax-Payer. The essence of The Dutiful Tax-Payer is to render to The State/the monarch/the government/the ruler/the potentate what is believed to belong to them – to wit, the right to levy taxes, and the right to rule, to govern subjects.

Now, while these archetypes – and rôle-models deriving from them – still fester within the psyche of the peoples of the West, new rôle-models have emerged, aided and abetted by the Magian ethos.

From the dozen or so new Magian rôle-models, we might select a sample. For instance, one male rôle-model hyped and propagated by the Magian, by the Media, and now embedded in the psyche of Homo Hubris, is The Good-Timer. The essence of The Good-Timer is self-expression – they feel they have a “right” to express and indulge themselves, and lack any real control of themselves. For them, the world – and often other people – are a means, a personal source of pleasure, enjoyment, and opportunity. Central to The Good-Timer is “having mates”, using vulgar language, and being “a real man” – and these “real men”, with their mates of course, can be found in most cities and towns of the modern West especially on Friday and Saturday nights where they will be “having a good time”.

Sometimes, the male Good-Timer takes his cue from some “celebrity” hyped by the Media – some sportsman, or some so-called “film star”, for example, who always seems to have a good-time, who can afford a luxurious life-style, and who seems adept at showing how badly behaved they can be, in public and in private.

Another male rôle-model hyped and propagated by the Magian, by the Media, and now embedded in the psyche of Homo Hubris, is The Patriotic Citizen. The essence of The Patriotic Citizen is a sense of duty to some Magian abstraction, such as The State, the nation, or to “the law and order” as manufactured and maintained by the State, the nation, or even, now, some supra-national grouping, such as the United Nations. Whatever, The Patriotic Citizen – educated (aka brainwashed) by The State since childhood, and with many past Patriotic Citizen rôle-models to choose from – can be relied on to go fight whatever enemies the State, or their nation, tell them to fight, and relied on to uphold and enforce whatever law their State, or their nation, manufactures. In many ways, this rôle-model evolved out of the earlier archetype of The Dutiful Tax-Payer.

Another male rôle-model hyped and propagated by the Magian, by the Media, and now embedded in the psyche of Homo Hubris, is The Celebrity Rebel. The essence of The Celebrity Rebel is the belief that one is being rebellious, and “standing out from the crowd”, and doing something which is outré and (they believe) possibly forbidden and dangerous.

Often, the wannabe male Celebrity Rebel takes his cue from some fictional character, portrayed in some film for example, or written about in some book; sometimes, even from some real person, hyped and possibly romanticised by the Media, whose deeds have not in any serious way threatened the status quo and whose ideas do not and will not in any serious way threaten the status quo. Classic examples of The Celebrity Rebel are, of course, Aleister Crowley – hilariously dubbed the wickedest man in the world for simply indulging himself and his fantasies, and now regarded as an influential icon of “rebellion” – and Howard Stanton Levey (aka Anton LaVey), the archetypal Magian charlatan and plagiarist, now hilariously regarded as the founder of some sort of modern rebellious philosophy.

One female rôle-model hyped and propagated by the Magian, by the Media, and now embedded in the psyche of Homo Hubris is the female equivalent of the male The Good-Timer. For the female Good-Timer, appearance and being fashionable and accepted by one’s peers are important, although they follow their male Good-Timers by needing to “have mates”, by using vulgar language, and by being found in most cities and towns of the modern West, especially on Friday and Saturday nights where they will be “having a good time”.

Another female rôle-model hyped and propagated by the Magian, by the Media, and now embedded in the psyche of Homo Hubris, is The Lawful Feminist. The essence of The Lawful Feminist is a desire for some abstract “equality” – to have their share of the pie given to them by the Magian System, by The State.

Notice how all these and similar rôle-models are no real, practical, threat to the Magian status quo, to Magian abstractions.

The good-timers, for instance, can have their parties, their intoxications, their sexual trysts, their raucous music, their means of entertainment and of diversion – from fast sporty cars to luxury gadget goods to stag parties to holidays abroad where they can pretend and delude themselves that they are “exploring” and/or “discovering themselves”. But they never threaten the status quo, and although some of them might end up in jail, most often they become, in their middle and later years, either part of The System, and thus tax-paying citizens, their youthful rebellion over, or they subside on welfare or survive by means of petty crime and which petty crime, while a minor annoyance to The System and its citizens, is not a threat to the tyrannical existence of The State, for The State has its Patriotic Citizens to aid and save it.

Similarly, the wannabe Celebrity Rebels can and do rebel – but only a little (like getting high on weed), but always stop short of not paying their taxes, stop short of taking up arms against The State, and are almost always being reminded (by their peer Celebrity Rebels) to “obey the law of the land” (with the occasional exception made where that exception does not threaten The State, such as personally indulging in intoxicants).

The Lawful Feminists, for example, seldom if ever really want revolution to destroy and replace The State. Instead, they desire change through either political, social, and legal, reform, or through advocacy of some form of socialist/communist State, thus swapping one Magian causal abstraction (the capitalist/democratic State) for another Magian causal abstraction (the Marxist/socialist utopian State). All the many variants of The Lawful Feminist rôle-model, almost without exception, regard the abstract impersonal law of the modern State as necessary and important, and indeed as a “guarantor of their rights”.

Vindexian Rôle-models

Contrast these sample Magian rôle-models with some of our new rôle-models.

We have The Deadly Outlaw. The essence of The Deadly Outlaw is that they are real outlaws – outside the laws of The State, which they reject. Instead, they live by their own laws, based on the law of personal honour, and which law means that they would prefer to die fighting rather than surrender to the forces of The State, for such a surrender to such people who obey such abstract impersonal dishonourable laws, would be a personal humiliation and an affront to their honour and their dignity as outlaws.

We have The Tribal Warrior. The essence of The Tribal Warrior is that they belong to a tribe, a close-knit clan, all or most of whom they know personally, and trust, and many of whom they will be related to. This tribe is their family; their extended family to whom they are bound by ties of honour, blood, duty, and loyalty. This tribe and their honour – their own personal honour and the honour of their tribe – come before anything and everything else, and especially before their own life. Thus, they reject The State, the nation – all modern abstractions – in favour of a new tribal living, based on honour. They also reject usury, mandatory taxation, and the abstraction which is money, preferring where practical the ancient, natural, way of barter.

We have The Tribal Chief. The essence of The Tribal Chief is that The Chief (who can be either male or female) guides their tribe by virtue of their experience, knowledge, insight, honour, and arête – that is, by their excellence of honourable personal character. Their first loyalty is to their tribe – to its honour, its prosperity, its freedom – and not to themselves.

Finally, we have the archetypes of Vindex, and The Warriors of Vindex. Vindex is The Avenger – the practical, fighting, warrior (male, or female) who, with the help of warrior tribes, takes on and defeats the forces of The Magian, represented as these forces are now by powerful impersonal States such as America where the Magian ethos thrives and controls.

The Warriors of Vindex are those tribes, and those Deadly Outlaws, who come together under the charismatic leadership of Vindex, to write their names, and that of their tribes, into the history of our human species, and who represent, par excellence, the triumph of aristocratic personal honour over the lifeless, impersonal tyrannical abstractions of the Magians, over the dishonour of the Hubriati, and over the plebeian, self-indulgent, nature of Homo Hubris.


It should be understood that it is the mythos of Vindex which is or which can be the practical genesis of The Galactic Imperium, as it is the mythos of Vindex which possesses the dark sorcery (the magick – exoteric, Internal and Aeonic) necessary to defeat the Magian and that untermensch species, Homo Hubris (aka mundane mundanes), who are not only the product of the Magian ethos but who keep the Magian ethos alive and their Magian masters in power, to the detriment of our evolution.

For, in essence, the mythos of Vindex replaces the archetypes of the current Aeon with our new archetypes, and from which new archetypes new rôle-models, anti-Magian in their very being, are emerging and will continue to emerge.

Order of Nine Angles
122 Year of Fayen
v. 1.07


[1] See Appendix 1 – the O9A text, Kindred Tribes and The Tyranny of The State.

[2] For the Magian nature of the United Nations, see the essay The United Nations – The Sly Magian at Work (pdf).



A Note on Some Terms

Causal Abstractions

Abstractions (aka causal abstractions) are manifestations of the primary (causal) nature of mundanes, and are manufactured by mundanes in their mundane attempt to understand the world, themselves, and the causal Universe. Exoterically, abstractions re-present the mundane simplicity of causal linearality – of causal reductionism, of a simple cause-and-effect, of a limited causal thinking.

All abstractions are devoid of Dark-Empathy and the perspective of acausality, and thus are redolent of, or directly manifest, materialism and the Untermensch ethos derived from such materialism.

Understood exoterically, an abstraction is the manufacture, and use of, some idea, ideal, “image” or category, and thus some generalization, and/or some assignment of an individual or individuals to some group or category. The positing of some “perfect” or “ideal” form, category, or thing, is part of abstraction.

Abstractions hide the true nature of Reality – which is both causal and acausal, and which true nature can be apprehended and understood by means of The Dark Arts, and thus by following the Occult way from Initiate, to Adept, and beyond. According to the O9A, the so-called Occult Arts – and especially the so-called Satanism – of others are manifestations of causal abstractions, lacking as they do the learning of the skills of Dark-Empathy, Acausal-Thinking, and Acausal Sorcery, and thus lacking as they do the ability to develope our latent human faculties and our latent acausal character.


The Way of the Drecc and the Niner are the Ways of living a practical exeatic, adversarial, life with the Niner working alone or with a trusted partner, and with the Drecc working in the company of their own family-kindred and/or with a gang or tribe which they either form or join.

Homo Hubris

A type of mundane, and a new sub-species of the genus, Homo, which new sub-species has evolved out of the industrial revolution and the imposition of both capitalism and what is called democracy. This new rapacious mostly urban dwelling denizen – this creation of the modern West – is the foot-soldier of the Magian, and is distinguished by a personal arrogance, by a lack of manners, and by that lack of respect for anything other than strength/power and/or their own gratification. And it was to satiate and satisfy and to use and control Homo

Hubris that the Magian and their acolytes (such as the Hubriati) manufactured the vacuous, profane, vulgar mass entertainment industry – and mass “culture” – of the modern West, just as it is Magian Occultism, the Magian- controlled Media, and the “spin”, the propaganda, of politicians who have been assessed and accepted by the Magian cabal, which keeps Homo Hubris almost totally unaware, and uncaring, of the reality of the modern world and of their potential as human beings.


The hubriati are that class of individuals, in the West, who have been and who are subsumed by the Magian ethos and the delusion of abstractions, and who occupy positions of influence and/or of power. Hubriati include politicians, Media magnates and their savants, military commanders, government officials, industrialists, bankers, many academics and teachers, and so on. The oligarchy (elected and unelected) that forms the controllers of Western governments are almost excursively hubriati.

Among the abstractions which delude hubriati are the State, the nation, abstract law, and the pretence that is called “democracy”.


The term Magian is used to refer to the hybrid ethos of Yahoud and of Western hubriati, and also refers to those individuals who are Magian by either breeding or nature.

The Magian ethos expresses the fundamental materialistic belief, the idea, of Homo Hubris, Yahoud, and the Hubriati, that the individual self (and thus self identity) is the most important, the most fundamental, thing, and that the individual – either alone or collectively (and especially in the form of a nation/State) – can master and control everything (including themselves), if they have the right techniques, the right tools, the right method, the right ideas, the money, the power, the influence, the words. That human beings have nothing to fear, because they are or can be in control.

Yet the Magian ethos is something other than simply something manufactured by some other people, such as Zionists, and which therefore expresses the ethos, the Zeitgeist, of that people. That is, this Magian ethos is theirs, but crucially also now “ours”; an alchemical mixture of ideas, abstractions, and mythos, deriving from both “us” and “them”. Thus, while currently the main beneficiaries of this Magian ethos are the Magians themselves (and especially their new State entity and its satellite entity, Amerika) its origin, its existence, and its continuing vigour and power are now insolubly tied up with the peoples of the West.

Magians (as a breed) are a specific type of human being – they are the natural exploiters of others, possessed of an instinctive type of human cunning and an avaricious personal nature. Over the past millennia they have developed a talent for manipulating other human beings, especially Western mundanes, by means of abstractions – such as usury and “freedom” and marxian/capitalist “social engineering/planning” – and by hoaxes/illusions, such as that of “democracy”. The easily manipulated nature of Western mundanes, and the Magian talent for such things as usury and litigation/spiel, their ability to cunningly manipulate, and their underlying charlatanesque (and almost always cowardly nature), have given them wealth, power and influence.

As such, Magians are – currently – our natural and indeed our necessary mortal enemies, not simply because of their influence and control over mundanes (something we ourselves seek to do to achieve some Aeonic aims) but essentially because Magian influence and control is de-evolutionary in the worst possible sense (breeding as it has and does Homo Hubris), whereas our influence and guidance is and would evolutionary in the best possible sense; a means to liberate individuals, practically – from the tyranny of causal abstractions – and psychically, to extend their consciousness by, for example, awareness of the acausal and through the darkly-numinous goal of leaving this planet, our childhood home.


Exoterically, mundanes are defined as those who are not of our acausal kind – that is, as those who do not live by The Law of Kindred-Honour (qv). Esoterically, mundane-ness is defined as being under the influence of, or being in thrall to, or being addicted to, and/or believing in, and/or using as a means of understanding, causal abstractions (qv).


Vindex is the name given to the person (male of female) who, by practical deeds, brings-into-being a new way of life and who confronts, and who defeats, through force of arms, those forces which represent the dishonour and the impersonal tyranny so manifest in the modern world, especially in what it is convenient to call “the West”.

The main opponent of Vindex – both on the practical level and in terms of ethos – is the Magian. The main allies of the Magian have been the hubriati of the West – that is, the vulgar Western oligarchy which had originally bred and maintained the White Hordes of Homo Hubris as toiling-workers, salary-slaves and foot-soldiers for their materialistic system of industrialism, capitalism, colonialism and vacuous (un-numinous, abstract) States, and which hubriati, in the early part of the twentieth-century (CE, or Era Vulgaris), came to enthusiastically adopt and evolve the Magian ethos, until the Magian ethos has, since the ending of The First Zionist War, come to represent the modern West, with the White Hordes of Homo Hubris now effectively the toiling-workers, salary-slaves and foot-soldiers for the Magian, and whose taxes, work and sacrifices serve to keep the whole rapacious Magian system alive.

The essence of the new way of life that Vindex heralds and implements (the Vindex ethos) is: (1) the way of tribes and clans in place of the abstraction of the modern nation- State; and (2) the way, the law, of personal honour in place of the abstract laws made by governments.

Source: A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms


Appendix 1

Kindred Tribes and The Tyranny of The State

Our wyrd – our true nature, as human beings capable of consciously participating in our own evolution and that of the Cosmos – is most obviously manifest, in a practical way, through our Vindexian warrior tribes and our Law of Kindred Honour. Furthermore, if we know, and if we develope, our wyrd, we become, we are, a particular new type (a new breed) of human being – quite distinct from the mundanes. In essence, we become Dark Warriors, living and if necessary dying by the Law of Kindred Honour.

Our Kindred Tribes are a practical, a darkly-numinous, evolution of that natural tribal instinct that lives within us and which has lived within us, and which tribal instinct has made possible (hitherto mostly unconsciously) our evolution, as human beings. That is, the Kindred Tribes of the O9A are a means whereby we can access and increase our own acausal energy, as individuals, and participate in our own evolution, and that of the Cosmos. To do this – to know and to live our wyrd – is to live in a symbiotic relationship with others of our new kind; to balance our unique individuality with our necessary and natural and numinous (that is, honourable) co-operation with others of our kind. For it is such honourable (numinous) co-operation with others of our own kind (within our own tribal family) which presences and which allows our own individual wyrd to be evolved.

In direct opposition to our wyrd is the modern tyranny of The State, which is un-numinous and de-evolutionary in nature, purpose and intent. For the State takes away our natural right of personal honour, and that natural and evolutionary way of living which is tribal, and replaces honour by impersonal,lifeless, abstract “law”, and replaces tribes by the impersonal, lifeless, abstract, State and nation, which are – despite the illusion and pretence of democracy by some such States – are all run by an oligarchy, for the benefit of that wealthy and privileged oligarchy.

In place of the natural and personal knowing – the acausal-knowing – of our tribal (extended, kindred) family, there is the impersonal causal lifeless “knowing” of our place as some mechanistic “citizen” of the State or nation. In place of the natural loyalty to, and the care of and from, our own tribal family – based on a personal, numinous, knowing and loyalty – there is the division of us into isolated, un-numinous and de-evolutionary single family units, dependant on usury, and where our given purpose is to toil for the State, on behalf of The State, or for ourselves and our single isolated family unit, and to which State we have to pay, for all of our working lives, mandatory taxes, thus making us wage or salary slaves, almost always burdened by debt.

In place of our natural, healthy, evolutionary warrior way of life – based on a tribal way of living and the law of kindred honour – the State denudes us of numinous meaning, of wyrd, and provides us only with de-evolutionary aims and goals. In place of the glory of a Galactic Imperium, and the promise of a warrior-won acausal existence, the tyranny of The State provides us with only causal illusions and abstractions and meaningless “rewards”, so that we remain tame, domesticated, animals, paying our taxes, and subservient to their dishonourable enforcers, the bullies they call the forces of their “law and order.”

Thus, we by our very nature, by our wyrd, are violently, implacably, and in all practical ways, opposed to the State and its de-evolutionary self-serving tyranny.


Appendix II

Code Of Kindred Honour

Those who are not our kindred brothers or sisters are mundanes. Those who are our brothers and sisters live by – and are prepared to die by – our unique code of honour.

Our Kindred-Honour means we are fiercely loyal to only our own O9A kind. Our Kindred-Honour means we are wary of, and do not trust – and often despise – all those who are not like us, especially mundanes.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to be ready, willing, and able to defend ourselves, in any situation, and to be prepared to use lethal force to so defend ourselves.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to be loyal to, and to defend, our own kind: to do our duty, even unto death, to those of our brothers and sisters to whom we have sworn a personal oath of loyalty. Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to seek revenge, if necessary unto death, against anyone who acts dishonourably toward us, or who acts dishonourably toward those to whom we have sworn a personal oath of loyalty.

Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to never willingly submit to any mundane; to die fighting rather than surrender to them; to die rather (if necessary by our own hand) than allow ourselves to be dishonourably humiliated by them.

Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to never trust any oath or any pledge of loyalty given, or any promise made, by any mundane, and to be wary and suspicious of them at all times.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to settle our serious disputes, among ourselves, by either trial by combat, or by a duel involving deadly weapons; and to challenge to a duel anyone – mundane, or one of our own kind – who impugns our kindred honour or who makes mundane accusations against us.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to settle our non-serious disputes, among ourselves, by having a man or woman from among us (a brother or sister who is highly esteemed because of their honourable deeds), arbitrate and decide the matter for us, and to accept without question, and to abide by, their decision, because of the respect we have accorded them as arbitrator.Our duty – as kindred individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to always keep our word to our own kind, once we have given our word on our kindred honour, for to break one’s word among our own kind is a cowardly, a mundane, act.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to act with kindred honour in all our dealings with our own kindred kind. Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to marry only those from our own kind, who thus, like us, live by our Code and are prepared to die to save their Kindred-Honour and that of their brothers and sisters.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – means that an oath of kindred loyalty or allegiance, once sworn by a man or woman of kindred honour (“I swear on my Kindred-Honour that I shall…”) can only be ended either: (i) by the man or woman of kindred honour formally asking the person to whom the oath was sworn to release them from that oath, and that person agreeing so to release them; or (ii) by the death of the person to whom the oath was sworn. Anything else is unworthy of us, and the act of a mundane.


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Baphomet – An Esoteric Signification

Mousa of Swords, Sinister Tarot, Richard Moult


Classic O9A Texts

Baphomet – An Esoteric Signification

In contradistinction to all modern Occultists – be they self-described satanists, self-described followers of some Left Hand Path, self-described sorcerers, or something else – the Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) has a unique tradition in respect of Baphomet, which is that Baphomet:

(i) is a female name, used to describe a shapeshifting entity; a dark goddess to whom human sacrifices were, and are, dedicated and offered;

(ii) that this name most probably means the Mother (Mistress) of Blood;

(iii) that Baphomet is the mother and bride of Satan, and the mother of all the acausal entities – ‘demons’ – we know or have experienced over millennia.

(iv) that the now commonly accepted origins and meaning of Baphomet – such as those of Eliphas Levi et al – are esoterically incorrect.

As conventionally described, by non-O9A folk, Baphomet is (a) associated with a male idol rumoured to be connected to the medieval Knights Templar, and (b) associated with the figure – The Goat of Mendes – described and illustrated in works by Eliphas Levi, and subsequently by the Rider-Waite Tarot (Major Arcana XV) and the sigil used by LaVey et al, and (c) described by Crowley as male and derived from Mithras.

As recounted in O9A esoteric aural tradition, and as iconoclastically described in an O9A MS dating from the early 1980s and included in volume I of Hostia, published in 1992:

             “The name of Baphomet is regarded by Traditional Satanists as meaning “the mistress (or mother) of blood” – the Mistress who sometimes washes in the blood of her foes and whose hands are thereby stained. [See The Ceremony of Recalling.]

             The supposed derivation is from the Greek βαφή μητρίς and not, as is sometimes said, from μήτιος (the Attic form for ‘wise’). Such a use of the term ‘Mother’/Mistress was quite common in later Greek alchemical writings – for example Iamblichus in “De Mysteriis” used μητρίζω to signify possessed by the mother of the gods. Later alchemical writings tended to use the prefix to signify a specific type of ‘amalgam’ (and some take this to be a metaphor for the amalgam of Sol with Luna, in the sexual sense). In the Septenary System, Baphomet, as Mistress of Earth, is linked to the sixth sphere (Jupiter) and the star Deneb. She is thus in one sense a magickal “Earth Gate” (qv. the Nine Angles), and Her reflexion (or ‘causal’ nature – as against Her acausal or Sinister nature) is the third sphere (Venus) related to the star Antares […]

             The Traditional depiction of Baphomet [is of] a beautiful mature woman (often shown naked) holding up the severed head of the sacrificed priest (usually shown bearded).”


Which iconoclasm naturally led self- described modern Occultists to, yet again, criticize the O9A, even though such critics had (and have so far) never bothered to, or lacked the erudition and esoteric knowledge to, write a scholarly riposte to the evidence provided by the O9A. Evidence such as:

βαφή: dyeing, dipped in, stained; and a metaphor for blood, qv. Aeschylus, Πέρσαι, vv. 316-7

           πυρρὰν ζαπληθῆ δάσκιον γενειάδα ἔτεγγ ̓ ἀμείβων χρῶτα πορφυρέᾳ βαφῇ

μητρίς: motherland; qv. Pausaniae Graeciae Descriptio, Book X, chapter 24, 2

           μητρὶς δέ τοι οὐ πατρίς ἐστιν

μήτηρ: mother; qv. Hesiod, Ἔργα καὶ Ἡμέραι, 563, where the expression ‘mother of all’ occurs:

           εἰσόκεν αὖτις γῆ πάντων μήτηρ καρπὸν σύμμικτον ἐνείκῃ

μῆτις/μήτιος: wise, skilled, craft. The form μήτιος occurs in Pindar, Nemean Odes, 3, 9

           τᾶς ἀφθονίαν ὄπαζε μήτιος ἀμᾶς ἄπο

μητρίζω: possessed by the mother of the gods, Iamblichus, De Mysteriis, III, 9, 10

            οἰ τῷ Σαβαζιῳ κάτοχοι καὶ οἰ μητρίζονες

Thus the O9A explanation of the Ancient Greek origin of the term, and their various depictions of a female Baphomet, is far more plausible – esoterically, and otherwise – than the conventional explanations and depictions. That is, according to the O9A, their Baphomet tradition derives – like their Seven Fold Way and aspects of their Occult mysticism – from Hellenic and hermetic and pagan (and thus Western) mystery traditions {1} all of which pre-date by well over a thousand years the later descriptions of Baphomet by Alphonse Louis Constant (aka Eliphas Lévi Zahed) and by the likes of Howard Stanton Levey (aka Anton LaVey) with the latter including elements from the Hebrew Kabbalah.

Furthermore, it should come as no surprise that the O9A has for decades used the term Baphomet as one of their many tests for mundane-ness, since

              “if someone uses, for example, the ‘standard’ accepted explanation of Baphomet, and Laveys inverted pentagram, it is a reasonable conclusion that they have just accepted such things as “truth”. The ONA alternative – the ONA heresy in such matters – should cause them to pause, if, that is, they possess some genuine, innate, Occult ability; if they have the qualities to progress along the Sinister Path. The ONA alternative should set them thinking, for themselves; should point them toward doing their own research, and even using, developing, their latent Occult abilities.”

(Revised 2018)

{1} Refer to such O9A texts as (i) Aρρενόθηλυς: Alchemical And Hermetic Antecedents Of The Seven Fold Way, and (ii) the compilation The Pagan Order Of Nine Angles.

A copy of Aρρενόθηλυς is available fromἀρρενόθηλυς/

A copy of The Pagan Order Of Nine Angles is available at

Image credit: A modern artistic interpretation of the O9A Baphomet, by Richard Moult

O9A: Authority, Learning, And Culture

Order Of Nine Angles


Classic O9A Texts

Authority, Learning, And Culture, In O9A Tradition

A classic and perhaps important but certainly interesting O9A text, to which we pedants have added an editorial footnote in regard to the old and sly O9A tactic of using unusual or apparently the “wrong” spelling of certain words as in the quoted example – by the author of the text – of a letter by “Stephen Brown”, aka Anton Long, to Aquino of Temple of Set fame and which letter is dated 7th September 1990 ev.

Here is our pedantic footnote.

“According to O9A aural tradition this particular sly O9A tactic was also sometimes used in private letters and “limited edition” copies of MSS sent to some individuals so that if the letters or MSS appeared, or were quoted from, in print – or, latterly, published on the internet – then they could be traced back to the person to whom they were sent. In addition – again according to O9A aural tradition – since standardization of spelling in the English language is relatively recent then unusual or “incorrect” spelling of certain words harks back to olden times when a word such as Alchemy might be spelt Alchymie, alchymye, alkamye, alkemye, alkamy, and alkemie, among other variants, including a variant used in the 18th century in the US State of Virginia: achemy, qv. B. W. Green, Word-book of Virginia Folk-Speech published in 1899.

In regard to the spelling “subserviance” – spelt in modern English subservience – cf. the older word subserviate, hence the use of the unusual spelling by Mr Anton Long. The word subserviated occurs in a sermonizing Nazarene tract which has the ponderous title A Dialogical Discourse between Adonibezeck and one of the 60 Kings he tormented and kept under his Table: The Discourse supposed to be in the other World, and which was published in 1685.

In O9A aural tradition such “incorrectly” or unusually spelled words were often clues for the pedantically inclined sagacious, who might discover the source, and thence something of esoteric or scholarly interest, or who might be amused, as in this case by “60 Kings kept under a table” and “a discourse supposed to be in The Other World”, highlighting as these do both the real nature of Biblical tall-stories about some ancient “chosen” Hebrews and how such stories distorted the pagan ethos of the West, subservient as so many in the West were, and still are, to the theology and to the Hebrew ethos and to the un-pagan ethics embedded in the Biblia Hebraica and in the Nazarene Bible.]