O9A Aeonic Strategy: Phase Three

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role



An aspect of [phase three] will be our championing of culture, manners, learning, and so on – that is, of a certain noble, civilized, aristocratic, attitude where there is a disdain for uncultured, ill-mannered, vulgar plebs and their antics. This in itself will aid us in recruiting more people in academia, the artistic professions, and suitable officers in the military, the police […]

The third phase is where we can expand slowly, nefariously, in the traditional manner by the clandestine personal recruitment of suitable people, which in practice means those useful to us individually in our own lives, and potentially or actually useful to our Aeonic aims, and who also possess culture: that is, the four distinguishing marks which are:
(i) the instinct for disliking rottenness (an instinct toward personal honour),
(ii) reason,
(iii) a certain empathy, and
(iv) a familiarity with the accumulated pathei-mathos of the past few thousand years manifest as this pathei-mathos is in literature, Art, music, memoirs, myths/legends, and a certain knowledge of science and history […]

We aid those associated with us or inspired by us to carry out particular esoteric and exoteric tasks and functions such as their individual discovery of Lapis Philosophicus.

For we seek to not only preserve, and add to, the knowledge and the understanding that both esoteric and exoteric individual pathei-mathos have bequeathed to us, but to manifest a new type of culture and imbue it with such acausal energies that its archetypes/mythoi will enable, over an Aeonic timescale, a significant evolutionary change in our species, regardless of what occurs in the ‘mundane world’ in respect of such causal things as wars, revolutions, changes of government, and the decline and fall of nations and States.

Which is why we are, in everything but name, a secret society within modern mundane societies; and a society slowly but surely, over decades, growing individual by recruited/assimilated individual […]



Oxonia O9A Sunedrion, 122yf (2011 ev)

Note: The phrase καὶ εἶπεν ὁ ὄφις τῇ γυναικί Οὐ θανάτῳ ἀποθανεῖσθε explains why the title Geneseos Caput Tertium was mimetically used.



O9A: A Different Emphasis
The Two Types Of Satanism

Modern Satanism And The O9A

Order Of Nine Angles


Modern Satanism And The Order of Nine Angles

The compilation is of some essays, some Order of Nine Angles (O9A/ONA) texts, and an extract from a debate on a forum as to whether Satanism is now, esoterically and philosophically, a meaningless term.

Some of the articles, such as Ontology, Satanism, And The Sinisterly-Numinous Occult Tradition, are philosophical and interesting and informative, delving as they do into the meaning of O9A esoteric philosophy. Others, such as Satanism Plebeianized, are polemical and propagandistic and thus not so interesting and not so informative.

Thus, although now dated in places – as in belonging to Phase/Iteration II of O9A strategy and not the current iteration, III – some of the (non-polemical) essays and texts may still be useful. It should also be noted that the work titled A Modern Mage: Anton Long and The Order of Nine Angles which is cited in the Preface and in some of the texts is no longer available having been superseded by the compilation Myattian Mysterium.

As readers should by now be aware, {1} the opinions and interpretations given in Modern Satanism and The Order of Nine Angles are those of their respective authors/nexions and thus (i) do not necessarily portray the opinions and interpretations of others associating themselves with the O9A and its Occult culture and philosophy, and (ii) given the primary of the O9A principle of individual judgment there is no such thing as an “official O9A” opinion or view, and no such thing as an “official O9A” – some “correct” – interpretation of either O9A Occult culture and philosophy or of O9A praxises.

TWS Nexion
June 2018 ev

{1} qv. Another Journalist Misunderstands The O9A.

Comments And Lies About Mr Myatt


Comments And Lies About Mr Myatt

° Introduction
° David Myatt: Satanic Islamist Or Modern Mystic?
° Mundane Coward Attacks Myatt Again (Anonymously via the Internet, of course)
° The Last Word From One Of THEM
° David Myatt – Embarrassing New Picture
° Allegations and Lies About David Myatt Exposed
° Stalking Myatt: Tales of a Nazi Hacker (And More)

° ° ° ° °

From the Introduction:

Given recent attacks on Mr Myatt – many of which reproduce or mention the malicious allegations anonymously made about Myatt from before 2008 to around 2011 – we reproduce here some articles about Myatt dating back to 2008, some of which (often in a polemical way) deal with and counter those malicious allegations. As most of the URL’s given in the articles are defunct we have not included them, but those interested can view them by following the listed web.archive.org source which we provide for each article.

We also include a recently written item by ourselves which examines a few of the malicious allegations and why in our opinion every few years such allegations about Myatt resurface, usually via the medium of the internet.

As to the reason why we here publish extracts from past internet exchanges about Myatt, it is the same reason why we recently published extracts from past internet exchanges about the ONA: “because such exchanges document in detail for those seriously interested in studying the O9A now or in the future, and are representative examples of, (a) anti-O9A attitudes, (b) allegations made about the O9A and about Mr Myatt, and (c) the O9A response.”

It should be noted that our contributions – in texts such as this – are miniscule compared to the vast number of texts, over a period of ten and more years, produced and circulated by opponents of Myatt and of the ONA.

David Myatt: Satanic Islamist Or Modern Mystic?

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role
Myatt: Satanic Islamist Or Mystic?

Extract from the text:

We analyse here a representative sample of the claims, made some years ago about Myatt by an anonymous accuser in an internet published article, revealing as the analysis does the flaws in the sources used, the factual errors made, and how the accuser employs propagandistic methods in an obvious attempt to try and convince readers that his claims about Myatt are true or at least merit serious consideration […]

As for the Order of Nine Angles, they – being “a dangerous and extreme form of Satanism” – revel in not only such associations with someone whose exeatic life encompasses violence, terrorism, extremism, and crime, but also in the notoriety of “being bad” in the real world as the anonymous accuser certainly believes Myatt to be. In this respect, every accusation made against Myatt by the anonymous accuser, and by others, is kudos for the amoral ONA, enhancing their image, their reputation, as practitioners of evil in the real world.

Thus, the more they revile and seek to demonize Mr Myatt – based on the assumption that he is Anton Long – the more they hype the “dangerous and extreme” Order of Nine Angles as being evil.

Now, were they to accept Myatt as now being some reformed extremist, some modern mystic extolling the virtues of compassion, love, and humility, then the ONA might have something of an image problem given how so many seem to believe that, as Senholt wrote, “the role of David Myatt [is] paramount to the whole creation and existence of the ONA.”

That opponents of the ONA and of Myatt do not seem to understand this is most amusing, for us and our kind.

Another Typical Anti-O9A Example

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

Presented here are interesting – because typical – extracts from an exchange, via the medium of the internet, of comments about David Myatt and about the Order of Nine Angles. The exchange is between the author of several long articles about Myatt and the O9A and someone taking the author to task in respect of assumptions made by that author regarding both Myatt and the O9A.

Another Typical Anti-O9A Example

Debunking The O9A, Again?

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role

A recent essay {1} – the second of a three part series, much of which series is devoted to the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) – is a rather strange and somewhat contradictory work for at least three reasons.

First, the exposition of the philosophy Heidegger, which is informative, balanced, reasonably detailed and reasonably accurate. Second, because the author makes some valid points about ONA philosophy and praxis and about its influence, albeit that such (mostly covert) influence is seldom appreciate by self-described, Levey-inspired, ‘satanists’. Third, because the author, when discussing the ONA, apparently cannot resist from making pejorative comments about Myatt – “pompous pseudo-intellectual crap,” “mental-o-path” – and includes a link to some internet article about by some anonymous person which makes malicious accusations about Myatt based on no factual evidence whatsoever. {2}

In addition, the author – in common with many other authors who via the internet write about the ONA – makes the presumption that David Myatt = Anton Long even though no actual evidence from primary sources is provided (or referenced) regarding such a claim, and not attempt made to explain (a) that Myatt has always denied being Anton Long, and (b) that, to date, no one has provided any factual evidence from primary sources to substantiate such a claim.

It is thus difficult to ascertain just who the intended audience of these articles are, and what the intent the author has. For the tone varies from fairly detached, when for instance discussing Heidegger, to almost propagandistic when discussing Myatt and when asserting that Myatt=Long and when providing a web-link to malicious allegations without providing (as in the custom with unbiased internet essays) a web-link to where such allegations are debunked or countered {2}.

Nevertheless, despite there reservations, the article – and the previous one – are worthwhile reads providing as they do some informative insights regarding how the ONA relates to contemporary esotericism and how, in the author’s opinion, it relates to modern philosophy.

In our view, the author rather overstates the relation of the ONA to modern philosophy and especially to Heidegger. For two reasons. Firstly, that Anton Long – whomsoever he was – developed and refined ONA esoteric philosophy as he himself ventured along the Seven Fold Way and acquired more insight. Thus the older, 1970s-1990s, texts (such as the Symbols and Being MS in the 1980s Naos) should be read in the context of what Anton Long wrote from around the year 2000 until his retirement in 2011.

Second, even though the raison d’etre of ONA praxis is the same now as it always was it has been more eloquently and probably more accurately expressed by Anton Long in his later writings, as the following quotes illustrate.

1. {quote} Our real work, both as individuals and as an Order – our Magnum Opus – is genuinely esoteric and Occult, and thus concerned with lapis philosophicus and not with some purely causal self-indulgence, or some ephemeral outer change in some causal form or forms, or with using such forms to try and effect some external change. {3} {/quote}

2. {quote} There is only lapis philosophicus and its individual discovery. There are only those, on their own individual journeyings, journeying in their own way in their own species of Time, and who may or may not arrive at their planned destination. For we are life, the Cosmos; we are Time beyond its perceived illusive dichotomy and are and have been and will be Being, presenced and unpresenced, particular and general, past-present-future, and beyond the illusion, the deception, of ‘a being’ and of ‘beings’. {4} {/quote}

2. {quote} The story ends with an anticipated discovery: that the penultimate stage (however named: Magus, GrandMaster, GrandLadyMaster) of that life-long genuine Occult journey which begins with initiation (of whatever kind:
hermetic, ceremonial, self) is the same whether one began on, and thence followed, what has been described as ‘The Left Hand Path’, or whether one began on, and thence followed, what has been described as ‘The Right Hand Path’. For in the context of beyond The Abyss, such designations based on such a dichotomy become, and are, irrelevant because without sense and meaning. That is, the ‘outer secret’ of the inner, the real, the living, alchemy is that the end and the result of both our apparently separate journeys is the same; the same place, the same understanding, the same knowledge. For wisdom is undivided, the same for all of us, whatever we believed or assumed when we began. {5} {/quote}

2017 ev

{1} https://en.kalitribune.com/prolegomena-to-any-future-satanism-order-of-the-nine-angles-and-supremacy-of-the-fringe-pt-2/
{2} The de-bunking of that malicious allegation is included on p.7 of the following old (2010) file: https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/lies-of-a-moac1.pdf
The debunking post was taken from a now deceased internet forum where that particular Myatt stalker used to regularly ply their allegations. Consequent to such allegations, someone O9A (in her role as a journalist) contacted the relevant Police authority who confirmed that in respect of that particular incident no complaint about Myatt had been received from anyone, anonymous or otherwise, and nor was Myatt the subject of any investigation. Subsequent research by the journalist revealed that any incident involving or complaint to the Police or investigation by any Police force regarding Myatt was always referred to Special Branch and thence to MI5, given that he was – between the 1990s and until around 2011 – a “significant person of interest” given his violent neo-nazi past, his arrest in 1998 for incitement to murder, and his subsequent support of bin Laden and al-Qaida.
See also http://defendingthetruth.com/crime-punishment/11898-disability-now-hate-crime-survey-3.html
{3} O9A Adversarial Action – Success or Failure? 122yfayen
{4} The Enigmatic Truth. 2011
{5} Lapis Philosophicus. 2/2/123 yfayen