The Magian United Nations



The United Nations: The Sly Magian at Work


The article titled The United Nations: The Sly Magian at Work although undated was, on the evidence contained in the article, written by David Myatt in 2003 or 2004 not long after the invasion of Iraq by NATO forces.

The article was included in Seven Essays Concerning The Vindex Mythos and which work was undated but was distributed by Reichsfolk in 2004 and included early drafts of parts of The Mythos of Vindex. {1}

What may be relevant is that The United Nations: The Sly Magian at Work was issued during Myatt’s notorious campaign to, as a Muslim, bring National Socialists and radical Muslims together; a campaign well-described in Professor Michael’s book The Enemy of My Enemy, {2} with Michael noting that Myatt has “arguably done more than any other theorist to develop a synthesis of the extreme right and Islam.” {3}

Myatt’s polemical article The United Nations: The Sly Magian at Work – and its appendix, Concerning UNDP, UNHCR, UNESCO & UNICEF – thus belongs to that campaign when he often spelled America in a Muslim way as either Amerika or Amrika, and in which article he heretically describes the Taliban as “honourably resisting the occupation of their land.”

It thus appears that the article was designed to appeal to both National Socialists and Muslims while containing important truths about the Magian ethos, about the hubriati, and about the modern West, which are still relevant today.

Richard Stirling
November 2019

{1} The Mythos of Vindex – the final draft of which was completed by Myatt around 2004/2005 – was finally published by Reichsfolk in 2016 and is available, as of November 2019, from

See also Myatt’s earlier Vindex: Destiny Of The West, with a facsimile of the first printed edition available at

{2} Michael, George. (2006) The Enemy of My Enemy: The Alarming Convergence of Militant Islam and the Extreme Right. University Press of Kansas.

{3} Op. cit. p.142


More Magian Censorship Of The O9A

Order Of Nine Angles Sigil

O9A Sigil


The subreddit O9A page – r/o9a – has now been banned despite it mainly consisting of links to the o9a dot org website and thus to Occult articles such as Book Review: Feond, and Baeldraca, and O9A Questions And Answers 2019 and O9A: The Nine Angles And Acausal Energy.

The official explanation is that “this subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against posting violent content.”

Obviously – according to Magian censors – esoteric topics such as Esoteric Learning Presenced Through Pathei-Mathos and Appreciating καλὸς κἀγαθός and the O9A and Esoteric Note On The Somnium Scipionis Of Cicero contain “violent content”.

Which banning of such links to O9A items not only confirms just how powerful the Magian status quo is, but also how heretical the O9A really is: and thus how such censors believe that the O9A is a threat to the current status quo.

As expected, material linking to and eulogizing the Magian so-called “satanism” of Howard Stanton Levey (aka Anton LaVey) is never banned.

September 2019 ev


Myatt’s Philosophy In The Real World

David Myatt


The following pdf document contains our essay Applying Myatt’s Philosophy To The Real World, issued in two parts in February 2019.

We argue that the modern terms – the denotata – “racism” and “hate-speech”, and what derives from them, such as “racist”, are examples of the Myattian principles that (i) denotata hide the physis (the nature) of living beings and thus the ontological relationship between living beings and between an individual being and Being itself, and (ii) such denotata depend on the supposition that named opposites exist and that implicit in such a supposition is a dialectic; i.e. a real or assumed or a potential conflict.

We also suggest that such modern denotatum as “racism”, and “hate-speech”, derive from the ideological movements that have come to dominate the political life of the nations of the West; movements which Myatt wrote about in his earlier monograph Vindex: Destiny Of The West, published in 1984.

We conclude that Myatt’s apparently “above time” philosophy of pathei-mathos is ineluctably Western, pagan, and practical, and in essence opposed to the Magian abstractions – such as the concept of “racism” – that now dominate the nation States of the modern Western world to the detriment of our ancestral Faustian ethos.

Applying Myatt’s Philosophy To The Real World

Part One: Racism and Racist
Part Two: The Crusade Against Hate-Speech

August 2019 ev



Vindex: Destiny Of The West
(pdf, facsimile of 1984 text)

The Mythos Of Vindex


Appreciating Kalos Kagathos and the O9A

Order Of Nine Angles Sigil

O9A Sigil


Appreciating καλὸς κἀγαθός and the O9A



As the authors of the text Some Questions And Answers About The Order of Nine Angles 2019 write, the Occult movement that is the Order Of Nine Angles (O9A) is

“a means whereby the current Aeon, distorted by the Magian, can be undermined and replaced by a new Aeonic civilization with a new ethos and with a new mythos which presences that ethos. That new ethos is an essentially pagan one evolved from the Greco-Roman and Western notion of καλὸς κἀγαθός, of τὸ καλόν (the beautiful) and τὸ ἀγαθὸν (the honourable) manifest as these are in the O9A Code Of Kindred Honour and in the balancing (ἀρρενόθηλυς) of the masculous and the muliebral via the enantiodromia that is the Seven Fold Way and presenced as that balance is in the Grade Rituals of Internal Adept and of The Abyss.”

Where the ancient Greek term καλὸς-κἀγαθός in the context of the O9A means a certain type of individual; a type of individual well-described in the 122 Year of Fayen text Concerning Culling as Art – an extract from which is given below – and which individual has a particular personal character revealed in and by their behaviour and by the deeds they have done in the real world.

Revealing, and to an extent creating, this type of personal character is one of the main aims of the O9A Seven Fold Way (7FW) with its physical challenges, its difficult and testing Insight Roles, and its Grade Rituals, especially the Grade Rituals of Internal Adept and of The Abyss. All of which were designed to test and to challenge the initiate as well as provide opportunities for both exoteric and esoteric pathei-mathos – πάθει μάθος – just as the Labyrinthos Mythologicus of the O9A was designed to challenge and test aspirant initiates.


Applying Myatt’s Philosophy To The Real World



Applying Myatt’s Philosophy To The Real World


° Some Basic Principles
° Race And Racism
° Magian Abstractions
° Return To Our Ancestral Pagan Source



One of the principles of David Myatt’s philosophy of pathei-mathos is that denotata – the manufacture, the use, and the naming of categories – hides the physis (the nature) of living beings and thus the ontological relationship between living beings and between an individual being and Being itself. To illustrate his contention Myatt in his 2015 essay Personal Reflexions On Some Metaphysical Questions quotes a fragment attributed to Heraclitus and provides his own iconoclastic translation.

Another principle of Myatt’s philosophy is that the ontological relationships between living beings are revealed by the wordless and the individual knowing that empathy provides.

Myatt contends that, in respect of human beings, such denotata depend on the supposition that named opposites exist and that implicit in such a supposition is a dialectic; i.e. a real or assumed or a potential conflict. Such a conflict between assumed opposites inevitably leads to or perpetuates suffering among human beings because one denotatum is often assumed to be “good” or “true” or “necessary”, with its named opposite assumed to be “bad”, “an error”, or “unnecessary” and “unwarranted”.

A pertinent modern example in respect of human beings living in the lands of the West is the denotatum “racism” and which recently manufactured abstraction has spawned denotata such as “racist” and “institutional racism” as well as dialectical opposites such as “anti-racist”.


A Non-Jewish Occult Tradition

Order Of Nine Angles


A Non-Jewish Occult Tradition

With the publication of volumes I and II of O9A texts issued between 2017 and 2019 {1} it was only to be expected that self-described modern “satanists” and O9A critics would ignore those volumes, especially as volume II (containing illustrations) proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the Order of Nine Angles septenary system had ancestral Western antecedents, and which septenary system has been ignored by both self-described modern “satanists” and by academics who had written about or who were researching “Western” Occultism, focused as such “satanists” and academics are or had been on the Jewish Qabalah in relation to Western Occultism.

That an alternative, non-Jewish, Occult system existed never seemed to occur to them, so fixated as they seemed to be on the likes of Howard Stanton Levey (aka Anton LaVey), on the so-called “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”, on Aleister Crowley, and on Michel Aquino, all of whom accepted without question the canard that the Jewish Qabalah was the foundation of modern Western Occultism.

That such a septenary system – as described in various O9A texts dating from the 1970s – was evident in the ancient Pymander tractate of the Corpus Hermeticum {2} has also been ignored by self-described modern “satanists”, by O9A critics, and by academics, is – for us at least – both indicative and amusing since such self-described modern “satanists”, such O9A critics, and such academics seem in thrall to Magian abstractions.

Which thralldom not even antinomian, subversive, texts such as Vindex: Destiny Of the West {3} and Tyranny of the Magian {4} can release them from. That possession and distribution of such antinomian, subversive, texts is now illegal in many Western lands should be sufficient of itself to laugh at the pretensions of Levey-inspired “satanists” and at the ignorance of O9A critics.

TWS Nexion
March 2019 ev

{2} qv. David Myatt. Corpus Hermeticum: Eight Tractates. 2017. ISBN 978-1976452369.


A Propaganda Triumph

Order Of Nine Angles


A Propaganda Triumph

We have to admit that we – our pro-NS nexion {1} – and several other O9A nexions and individuals were most pleased by the much read article titled Beyond The Iron Gates: How Nazi-Satanists Infiltrated the UK Underground which was recently published on a well-known and popular internet based music magazine.

For the article enhanced not only the “evil”, the sinister, the neo-nazi, reputation of The Order Of Nine Angles, but also the reputation of David Myatt/Anton Long who was described as “a former mercenary and bodyguard to fascist British Movement leader Colin Jordan” and as having a “lifelong aim of destroying Judeo-Christian culture.”

In addition, the article credited the O9A with having around 2,000 adherents worldwide and speculated about “how many unsolved hate crimes in Europe and the US are O9A style opfers.”

That said, about hype and propaganda, the typos in the article and the spurious “sic” comment – regarding the use of the apostrophe followed by “s” as, for example, in 1970’s, rather than 1970s – as well as the committal by the anonymous author of fallacies such as a dicto secundum quid ad dictum simpliciter and that Incomplete Evidence, reveals the tabloid nature, the coarseness, the mundane, nature, of the article.

For, in respect of their “sic” comment, an apostrophe followed by “s” was an accepted dating convention for decades before some “committees” decided to abandon the former in favour of the latter. As someone mentioned in a comment on the controversy,
                   “when I went to school we were all taught to write 1960’s, etc. The change to omitting the apostrophe is a quite recent one.”

Furthermore, as the O9A wrote in their O9A Esoteric Notes LXXVI,
                  “Standardization of spelling in the English language is a relatively recent convention. For centuries after manuscripts such as Beowulf were written in Old English and for centuries after books were first printed in the English language copyists and authors continued to use different spelling of certain words.
                   For instance from the 16th century (ev) until at least the 19th century (ev) the word now conventionally spelt Alchemy might be spelt Alchymie, alchymye, alkamye, alkemye, alkamy, and alkemie, among other variants, including a variant used in the 18th century in the US State of Virginia: achemy, qv. B. W. Green, Word-book of Virginia Folk-Speech published in 1899.”

That the anonymous author of the How Nazi-Satanists Infiltrated the UK Underground article was possibly unaware of such minutiae is further evidence both of his/her lack of research into the O9A and of the tabloid nature, the coarseness, the mundane nature, of their article. Or – dare we say – was intentional, and thus evidence of its positive (for us) propaganda value and therefore evidence of the “sinister” intent of the anonymous author who was writing for a particular (a mundane) audience.

That so many mundanes have accepted the contents of that article as the gospel truth about the O9A we find most amusing and most indicative.

Indicative, in that their acceptance of such propaganda enhances the “evil”, the sinister, the neo-nazi, reputation, of both The Order Of Nine Angles and of David Myatt.

Amusing, because we are most pleased and have to admit that we imagined that the article might well have been commissioned by, or written by, “one of us”.

TWS Nexion
December 2018 ev

{1} (i) and (ii)


The Two Interpretations Of National Socialism


The Two Interpretations Of National Socialism
Ours And Theirs

Since we – identifying as O9A and as an independent O9A nexion applying the esoteric philosophy of the Order of Nine Angles including its code of kindred honour – have previously stated that we interpret that philosophy as anti-Magian in essence and as National-Socialist in exoteric practice and as required by the O9A’s Sinister Dialectic, it is necessary for us to describe in detail what we mean by National-Socialism, since our understanding of National-Socialism is very different from that of the majority of self-described “neo-nazis”.

Just as there are two latter-day interpretations of Satanism – the ‘modern American’ type manufactured and propagated by Howard Stanton Levey (better known under his aliases of Anton LaVey and Anton Szandor LaVey) and the ‘traditional Satanism’ as manifest in the Occult philosophy and the praxis of the Order of Nine Angles {1} – so there are two latter-day interpretations of National Socialism.

These two interpretations of National Socialism are, as described in the following article, (i) that of the majority of self-described “neo-nazis”, and (ii) that of the Reichsfolk group.

The National-Socialism that we interpret as embodying the anti-Magian essence of the O9A and the exoteric practice of the O9A’s Sinister Dialectic is the non-racist Reichsfolk version.

TWS Nexion
December 2018 ev



A New Interpretation Of National Socialism

What is not widely known in the modern Western world is that there are two very different interpretations of National Socialism. “Ours” – that of groups such as Reichsfolk and of those who know and who appreciate the writings and deeds of people such as Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle {1} – and that of the majority of latter-day self-described “neo-nazis”.

Latter-Day Neo-Nazism And The National-Socialism Of Reichsfolk

The first and most well-known latter-day interpretation of National Socialism is that of the majority of self-described “neo-nazis”, and which interpretation is accepted by most anti-fascists who actively oppose such modern “neo-nazis”.

This is the National Socialism with a belief in a strong, powerful, nation-State, and with an overt racist ideology. A National Socialism with a dislike – often hatred – of non-White immigrants and non-White neighbours; with a belief in the instinct of “might is right” and the necessity of kampf; with a dislike – even a hatred – of those whose love is for someone of the same gender; a National Socialism with a misogyny based on the masculous instinct that it is the natural duty of most women to be wives and home-makers; and a National Socialism with a dislike – even a hatred – of Islam and Muslims.

The second, and not very well-known, interpretation of National Socialism is that of the “revisionist”, non-racist, National-Socialism developed by David Myatt in the 1990s and manifest in the Reichsfolk group {2} inspired as this version was by Myatt’s meetings with Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle and by his correspondence with Jost Turner whose vision was of a new Aryan folk-community in America and of other “NS kindred” communities around the world.

In this Myattian interpretation of National-Socialism {3} it is regarded as both (i) “an ethnic philosophy which affirms that the different races, the different peoples, which exist are expressions of our human condition, and that these differences, this human diversity, should be treasured in the same way we treasure the diversity of Nature. National-Socialists believe our world would be poorer were these human differences to be destroyed through abstract ideas,” and as (ii) “a pure expression of our own unique Aryan ethics, based as these ethics are upon the idealism of duty to the folk, duty to Nature, and upon the nobility of personal honour.” {4}

It is also the National-Socialism which rejects the notion of a strong, powerful, modern nation-State in favour of new ethnic folk-communities and which National-Socialism is not politically active “on the streets” but instead is “a social, educational, cultural, and spiritual, movement based upon and dedicated to disseminating the noble principles of ethical, non-racist, National-Socialism which are honour, reason, fairness, loyalty, duty to one’s own folk and to Nature, and respect for and understanding of other cultures and other ways of life.” {2}

In simple terms, the Myattian interpretation of National-Socialism is based on both honour and race, whereas the neo-nazism of most modern nazis and of modern neo-nazi political groups is based on the glorification of race and the glorification of “racial struggle” at the expense of personal honour; a difference Myatt emphasised is his essay A Brief Criticism of William Pierce, written in 114yf,
                  “The main weakness of the theorizing of Pierce is that he has failed to see that it is a combination of race and honour which defines National-Socialism, and which should define the racialist movement in general. Without the evolutionary, moral, concept of honour, there is only the inhuman ethics of the past, and in practice this leads to the creation of people who are ignoble and societies which are anti-evolutionary. Thus, Pierce is firmly stuck in the past: an ignoble past of unreason and dishonour.
                  This lack of an ethical dimension to his thinking leads to him supporting the old concept of racial struggle and the inhuman consequence of considering that some races are superior to others.” {5}

Myatt expanded upon this in his seminal text Esoteric Hitlerism: Idealism, the Third Reich and the Essence of National-Socialism,
                  “An affirmation of race without an affirmation honour is not National-Socialism, just as an affirmation of honour without an affirmation of race is not National-Socialism. It is this living, organic, dialectic of honour and race which defines National-Socialism itself, and a National-Socialist is an individual who strives to do their honourable duty to both their own race and Nature herself, of which other human races are a part.
                  That is, a National-Socialist must always be honourable, whatever the consequences, or the perceived consequences. Quite often, this means a National-Socialist is faced with what seems to be difficult choices and difficult decisions, although in reality if National-Socialism itself is properly understood, there is no conflict, no moral dilemma and no difficulty in doing the right, the honourable, thing.                   Thus if something, some act or deed, seems to affirm race – or be beneficial to one’s race – but is dishonourable, then that something is not something a National-Socialist should do. What honour does is define our duty to our race and other races – it prevents us from committing hubris.” {5}

In addition, in Myatt’s revisionist version of National-Socialism there is no misogyny, for the NS Code of Honour applies equally to both men and women,
                  “A man or woman of honour treats others courteously, regardless of their culture, religion, status, and race, and is only disdainful and contemptuous of those who, by their attitude, actions and behaviour, treat they themselves with disrespect or try to personally harm them, or who treat with disrespect or try to harm those whom the individual man or woman of honour have personally sworn loyalty to or whom they champion.” {6}

Our National-Socialism

The National-Socialism of Reichsfolk is Myatt’s revisionist, non-racist, ethical, version of National-Socialism.

This is the National-Socialism where
                   “a true National-Socialist knows or feels that some things are honourable, and other things are dishonourable. It is dishonourable, for instance – cowardly and unfair and uncivilized – for several people to attack and try to injure or kill a single individual.
                  Thus, if several Caucasians attack one Negro, they are acting dishonourably – they are being uncivilized and cowardly. A true National-Socialist would never do such a thing. They would always want to see, or take part in, a “fair fight”.
                  I myself – a life-long National-Socialist – would go to the aid of a Negro if I saw him being attacked by several Caucasians, for that would be the just, the fair, the honourable, the civilized and the National-Socialist thing to do. That so many people today who adhere to ‘political National Socialist’ organizations do not agree with this just shows how far these so-called ‘National Socialists’ are from genuine National-Socialism. Which, incidently, is why I always write ‘National-Socialism’ rather than National Socialism.”

This is also the National-Socialism where there is respect for the Muslim way of life and Muslim culture, with honourable co-operation between National-Socialists and Muslims regarded as desirable {8}.

That this revisionist, non-racist, ethical, version of National-Socialism is not appreciated – and certainly not understood – in the societies of the modern West is regarded by our kind as just one more indication of just how successful the Magian, the hubriati, and the neo-nazi hordes of Homo Hubris, have been in propagating the Magian latter-day (mis)interpretation of National Socialism as something “racist”, homophobic, misogynist, anti-Muslim, and uncivilized.

December 129yf


{1} Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle was awarded numerous medals for war-time bravery including the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, a German military award similar to the British Military Cross. His writings include:
° The Eastern Front: Memoirs of a Waffen SS volunteer, 1941-1945. Institute for Historical Review. 2014. ISBN 9780939484768.
° Hitler, né à Versailles. 1–3. Paris: Art et histoire d’Europe. 1986. ISBN 2906026085.
° Ich war Gefangener. Nürnberg: Hesperos Verlag. 1944.
° Hitler pour 1000 ans. Paris: La Table Ronde. 1969.
{2} qv.
{3} qv. Myatt: Selected National-Socialist Writings (pdf).
{4} Myatt, Why National-Socialism is Not Racist, 111yf. The essay is included in Myatt: Selected National-Socialist Writings.
{5} The essay is included in Myatt: Selected National-Socialist Writings.
{6} The Code is given in the third edition of Myatt’s The Meaning Of National-Socialism, included in Myatt: Selected National-Socialist Writings.
{7} Myatt, The Spirituality of National-Socialism: A Reply to Criticism, included in Myatt: Selected National-Socialist Writings.
{8} See, for instance, the essay Islam and National-Socialism in



The O9A: A Multi-Headed Mythical Beast


Vindex, Honour, and The Tyranny of the Magian



Editorial Note: We re-issue here, in full and in a slightly revised (updated) version, the classic O9A text Vindex, Honour, and The Tyranny of the Magian which forms part of the Vindex mythos; a mythos developed by David Myatt during his National Socialist decades, and appropriated and evolved by the O9A.

The Myattian Vindex mythos was described in two seminal texts, Vindex: Destiny of the West published in 1984, and in The Mythos of Vindex, written c. 1999 with a revised edition issued on 2005. For an overview of the Myattian mythos, qv. Myatt’s Mythos Of Vindex.

As mentioned in the following text: “In respect of the particular esoteric Way of the Order of Nine Angles, our Kindred Tribes and our Niners strike at the very heart of the tyranny of the impersonal State […] It is the mythos of Vindex which possesses the dark sorcery (the magick – exoteric, Internal and Aeonic) necessary to defeat the Magian.”


° Exoteric Exegesis: The Magian Ethos
° The Esotericism of Tribes and Vindex
° Magian Archetypes and Modern Rôle-models
° Vindexian Rôle-models
° Conclusion
° Addendum: A Note on Some Terms
° Appendix 1: Kindred Tribes and The Tyranny of The State
° Appendix II: Code Of Kindred Honour

The work is also available as a pdf document here:


Classic O9A Texts

Vindex, Honour, and The Tyranny of the Magian

Exoteric Exegesis: The Magian Ethos

Understood esoterically, the Magian ethos and its savants (such as the hubriati) and its servants and foot-soldiers (such as Homo Hubris) are the current enemy of those who, by both practical and esoteric means, seek to create an evolutionary Galactic Imperium imbued with an evolutionary (Promethean, Faustian, Acausal) ethos.

The Magian ethos is a materialistic, enervating, de-evolutionary, set of causal abstractions. These abstractions include – (1) the idea/ideal of the nation-State; (2) the un-aristocratic, vulgar (plebeian) idea and fraud termed “democracy” (where the privileged hubriati rule in the “name of the people”); (3) the abstract idea/ideal of a impersonal (non-honour-based) law administered by so-called national and international “courts of law”; (4) the trickery and wage-slavery that is usury and the modern financial institutions (and the capitalism) based on such trickery and wage-slavery; and, most importantly, (5) mandatory personal taxation on earnings (income tax), and which mandatory income tax plus taxation on goods, property, and commodities (all collected by and enforced by the State/nation) keeps the whole Magian system going.

These causal abstractions now enmesh the world. And they represent a new type of tyranny; a new enslavement of our human species.

These abstractions have replaced living cultures, and their often rural communities, with a vacuous, artificial, nationalism, with abstract ideologies and religions, and with an increasingly artificial way of urban living. [1] These abstractions have replaced the living law of personal honour with the impersonal tyranny of State and international law, so that the individual – especially in the Western world – is now in both theory and in practice powerless before the might of the State (the forces of so-called “law and order”) in their place of residence.

For the State now has the power to arrest and detain anyone (often only “on suspicion” of having transgressed some State-made law) and can use any amount of force it deems necessary to subdue and detain someone. The forces of the State – if they follow the so-called “due process” the State has established and maintains – can smash their way into the home of anyone at anytime, and rifle through and take away whatever they want, as the State has the power to prosecute and imprison (and sometimes execute) anyone it deems has broken some law which it, the State and its flunkies, have manufactured.

Thus, no longer is there a choice – voluntary, by the individual, or allowed by some ruler or potentate – of exile; of beginning a new life elsewhere, free from the clutches of some impersonal authority. There is no longer the choice (unless you are one of the hubriati, of course) of not paying taxation, nor the choice of going to live somewhere where there is no taxation (unless you are one of the hubriati, of course).

In the same way, the powerful Media (newspapers, television, and so on) can make or break the reputation of any person, especially if it is deemed “in the public interest”, which means in accord with the Magian ethos that has come to dominate the West and is now spreading, like the debilitating virus it is, to other lands.

In theory – and often in practice – the individual has no rights which the State and its flunkies cannot take away, just as there is now hardly anywhere now on Earth where an outlaw, or a person, can go to avoid the law enforcement officers and intelligence agencies of the State (or to start a new life), with international travel (and often national travel) being monitored and controlled by passports, Visas, and other mechanisms of State control and State security.

This is sheer tyranny; the emasculation of the individual before the might and power of the State – and before collocations of States, such as the European Union, and the United Nations [2], with their own laws, their own Courts, their own restrictions on what a person can and cannot do. All mandatory taxation, but especially that on income – enforced by imprisonment or the threat of it – is both theft and a means of control.

This is sheer tyranny; the control of the individual from the cradle to the grave, and the de-evolutionary stifling of the real potential of the individual, which potential all esoteric (Occult) Ways understand and appreciate and which all such Ways seek in some manner to develop.

           In our view, our potential – as human beings – lies in four things.

(1) In understanding ourselves – our psyche – and in developing various latent (Occult) faculties, and thus, through a balance between internal (esoteric) and external (exoteric) experiences, learning to fully know and control (discipline) ourselves.

(2) In developing and in employing – by pathei-mathos, by learning from difficult, amoral, and challenging practical experiences – our own personal judgement, and thus becoming and being unique individuals with our own weltanschauung.

(3) In understanding the true Reality (Cosmic, and personal) that lies behind the causal abstractions we human beings have manufactured for millennia, and which constrain and control us, and which we have often used to constrain and control others. Among such causal abstractions are, as mentioned above, all religions, all forms of “politics”, and of course, the idea/ideal of The State, the nation, and of impersonal law.

(4) In leaving our childhood home – this planet – and so, by discovering and exploring new places, by living in new ways, by overcoming challenges, we can become mature, and evolve to become different types of human beings, a new species.

All genuine Occult Ways – to a greater or lessor degree – seek to do the first of these four things. The other three are, currently, esoterically, mostly the preserve of the Occult Way of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A).

Thus has the O9A made the disruption and replacement of the current order, the current Aeon – represented by the tyranny of the Magian State and the Magian ethos – its most fundamental practical priority. Thus is our Dark Sorcery – exoteric and esoteric – directed at everything Magian and everything, and everyone, imbued with and supportive of the Magian ethos.For from this practical and magickal disruption and destruction, our New Aeon – our Dark Galactic Imperium – will emerge.

The Esotericism of Tribes and Vindex

In respect of the particular esoteric Way of the Order of Nine Angles, our Kindred Tribes and our Niners strike at the very heart of the tyranny of the impersonal State.

For instance, understood esoterically, our Kindred Tribes are Acausal Sorcery, as are our traditional nexions with their traditional kindred rites and their Seven-Fold Way, and as are our Niners – our freelance operatives – who embody the authentic personal judgement which the nation-State abhors and whose ways of living are contrary both in theory and in practice to the mechanisms of control of, and to the subservience demanded by, the nation-State.

In addition, our tribes restore the natural balance that depends on personal honour and on our natural, human, tribal – communal – way of living. [See Appendix 1 – Kindred Tribes and The Tyranny of The State.]

Understood esoterically, The Vindex Mythos is also Acausal Sorcery. That is, the original (non-esoteric) form has been and is being used in an esoteric manner to provoke Change in an evolutionary way, creating thus a new darkly-numinous causal form, new archetypes; and which manufactured esoteric form, and which archetypes, may not be perceived or understood as esoteric by many or most of those who are influenced, inspired, and/or changed by the mythos in its non-esoteric (and original) form.

In essence, this mythos is: (1) a new, non-esoteric, manifestation of The Law of Kindred-Honour; (2) the new warriors who, upholding the law of personal honour, establish new tribal ways of living in opposition to the tyranny of the Magian abstraction of the nation-State; and (3) a new and natural balance between the male and the female aspects of human beings, manifest in new archetypes.

This last point – these new archetypes – are important, if currently misunderstood, both exoterically and esoterically. For these new male and female archetypes (to be admired, emulated, and seen as rôle-models) arise from the reality that the new law of personal honour applies equally to both men and women, and that no distinction is made between male, and female, warriors, and between what can be achieved. That is, the only distinction that matters is living by the code of personal honour that forms the very basis of both Niners and of new tribes, and it is this equality of living and aspirations and deeds which will provide the necessary rôle-models – the real-life personal examples – for individuals, with such rôle-models being in stark contrast to those of all modern societies.

Thus, the mythos of Vindex replaces the old law of the old Aeon with our new law of personal honour, and replaces the archetypes of the current Aeon with our new archetypes – from which new archetypes new rôle-models, anti-Magian in their very being, are emerging.

Magian Archetypes and Modern Rôle-models

For centuries, several archetypes of the Magian ethos have affected the peoples of the West. One of these archetypes was, of course, The Nazarene: the Saviour, through, by and with whom, one might find some abstract “peace and salvation.”

From this archetype there developed, for instance, the rôle-model of The Good Nazarene. The essence of The Good Nazarene was doing what the Nazarene Church, or some Nazarene preacher, said was good, and/or what the Nazarene Good-Book said was good.

Another old archetype was and is The Dutiful Tax-Payer. The essence of The Dutiful Tax-Payer is to render to The State/the monarch/the government/the ruler/the potentate what is believed to belong to them – to wit, the right to levy taxes, and the right to rule, to govern subjects.

Now, while these archetypes – and rôle-models deriving from them – still fester within the psyche of the peoples of the West, new rôle-models have emerged, aided and abetted by the Magian ethos.

From the dozen or so new Magian rôle-models, we might select a sample. For instance, one male rôle-model hyped and propagated by the Magian, by the Media, and now embedded in the psyche of Homo Hubris, is The Good-Timer. The essence of The Good-Timer is self-expression – they feel they have a “right” to express and indulge themselves, and lack any real control of themselves. For them, the world – and often other people – are a means, a personal source of pleasure, enjoyment, and opportunity. Central to The Good-Timer is “having mates”, using vulgar language, and being “a real man” – and these “real men”, with their mates of course, can be found in most cities and towns of the modern West especially on Friday and Saturday nights where they will be “having a good time”.

Sometimes, the male Good-Timer takes his cue from some “celebrity” hyped by the Media – some sportsman, or some so-called “film star”, for example, who always seems to have a good-time, who can afford a luxurious life-style, and who seems adept at showing how badly behaved they can be, in public and in private.

Another male rôle-model hyped and propagated by the Magian, by the Media, and now embedded in the psyche of Homo Hubris, is The Patriotic Citizen. The essence of The Patriotic Citizen is a sense of duty to some Magian abstraction, such as The State, the nation, or to “the law and order” as manufactured and maintained by the State, the nation, or even, now, some supra-national grouping, such as the United Nations. Whatever, The Patriotic Citizen – educated (aka brainwashed) by The State since childhood, and with many past Patriotic Citizen rôle-models to choose from – can be relied on to go fight whatever enemies the State, or their nation, tell them to fight, and relied on to uphold and enforce whatever law their State, or their nation, manufactures. In many ways, this rôle-model evolved out of the earlier archetype of The Dutiful Tax-Payer.

Another male rôle-model hyped and propagated by the Magian, by the Media, and now embedded in the psyche of Homo Hubris, is The Celebrity Rebel. The essence of The Celebrity Rebel is the belief that one is being rebellious, and “standing out from the crowd”, and doing something which is outré and (they believe) possibly forbidden and dangerous.

Often, the wannabe male Celebrity Rebel takes his cue from some fictional character, portrayed in some film for example, or written about in some book; sometimes, even from some real person, hyped and possibly romanticised by the Media, whose deeds have not in any serious way threatened the status quo and whose ideas do not and will not in any serious way threaten the status quo. Classic examples of The Celebrity Rebel are, of course, Aleister Crowley – hilariously dubbed the wickedest man in the world for simply indulging himself and his fantasies, and now regarded as an influential icon of “rebellion” – and Howard Stanton Levey (aka Anton LaVey), the archetypal Magian charlatan and plagiarist, now hilariously regarded as the founder of some sort of modern rebellious philosophy.

One female rôle-model hyped and propagated by the Magian, by the Media, and now embedded in the psyche of Homo Hubris is the female equivalent of the male The Good-Timer. For the female Good-Timer, appearance and being fashionable and accepted by one’s peers are important, although they follow their male Good-Timers by needing to “have mates”, by using vulgar language, and by being found in most cities and towns of the modern West, especially on Friday and Saturday nights where they will be “having a good time”.

Another female rôle-model hyped and propagated by the Magian, by the Media, and now embedded in the psyche of Homo Hubris, is The Lawful Feminist. The essence of The Lawful Feminist is a desire for some abstract “equality” – to have their share of the pie given to them by the Magian System, by The State.

Notice how all these and similar rôle-models are no real, practical, threat to the Magian status quo, to Magian abstractions.

The good-timers, for instance, can have their parties, their intoxications, their sexual trysts, their raucous music, their means of entertainment and of diversion – from fast sporty cars to luxury gadget goods to stag parties to holidays abroad where they can pretend and delude themselves that they are “exploring” and/or “discovering themselves”. But they never threaten the status quo, and although some of them might end up in jail, most often they become, in their middle and later years, either part of The System, and thus tax-paying citizens, their youthful rebellion over, or they subside on welfare or survive by means of petty crime and which petty crime, while a minor annoyance to The System and its citizens, is not a threat to the tyrannical existence of The State, for The State has its Patriotic Citizens to aid and save it.

Similarly, the wannabe Celebrity Rebels can and do rebel – but only a little (like getting high on weed), but always stop short of not paying their taxes, stop short of taking up arms against The State, and are almost always being reminded (by their peer Celebrity Rebels) to “obey the law of the land” (with the occasional exception made where that exception does not threaten The State, such as personally indulging in intoxicants).

The Lawful Feminists, for example, seldom if ever really want revolution to destroy and replace The State. Instead, they desire change through either political, social, and legal, reform, or through advocacy of some form of socialist/communist State, thus swapping one Magian causal abstraction (the capitalist/democratic State) for another Magian causal abstraction (the Marxist/socialist utopian State). All the many variants of The Lawful Feminist rôle-model, almost without exception, regard the abstract impersonal law of the modern State as necessary and important, and indeed as a “guarantor of their rights”.

Vindexian Rôle-models

Contrast these sample Magian rôle-models with some of our new rôle-models.

We have The Deadly Outlaw. The essence of The Deadly Outlaw is that they are real outlaws – outside the laws of The State, which they reject. Instead, they live by their own laws, based on the law of personal honour, and which law means that they would prefer to die fighting rather than surrender to the forces of The State, for such a surrender to such people who obey such abstract impersonal dishonourable laws, would be a personal humiliation and an affront to their honour and their dignity as outlaws.

We have The Tribal Warrior. The essence of The Tribal Warrior is that they belong to a tribe, a close-knit clan, all or most of whom they know personally, and trust, and many of whom they will be related to. This tribe is their family; their extended family to whom they are bound by ties of honour, blood, duty, and loyalty. This tribe and their honour – their own personal honour and the honour of their tribe – come before anything and everything else, and especially before their own life. Thus, they reject The State, the nation – all modern abstractions – in favour of a new tribal living, based on honour. They also reject usury, mandatory taxation, and the abstraction which is money, preferring where practical the ancient, natural, way of barter.

We have The Tribal Chief. The essence of The Tribal Chief is that The Chief (who can be either male or female) guides their tribe by virtue of their experience, knowledge, insight, honour, and arête – that is, by their excellence of honourable personal character. Their first loyalty is to their tribe – to its honour, its prosperity, its freedom – and not to themselves.

Finally, we have the archetypes of Vindex, and The Warriors of Vindex. Vindex is The Avenger – the practical, fighting, warrior (male, or female) who, with the help of warrior tribes, takes on and defeats the forces of The Magian, represented as these forces are now by powerful impersonal States such as America where the Magian ethos thrives and controls.

The Warriors of Vindex are those tribes, and those Deadly Outlaws, who come together under the charismatic leadership of Vindex, to write their names, and that of their tribes, into the history of our human species, and who represent, par excellence, the triumph of aristocratic personal honour over the lifeless, impersonal tyrannical abstractions of the Magians, over the dishonour of the Hubriati, and over the plebeian, self-indulgent, nature of Homo Hubris.


It should be understood that it is the mythos of Vindex which is or which can be the practical genesis of The Galactic Imperium, as it is the mythos of Vindex which possesses the dark sorcery (the magick – exoteric, Internal and Aeonic) necessary to defeat the Magian and that untermensch species, Homo Hubris (aka mundane mundanes), who are not only the product of the Magian ethos but who keep the Magian ethos alive and their Magian masters in power, to the detriment of our evolution.

For, in essence, the mythos of Vindex replaces the archetypes of the current Aeon with our new archetypes, and from which new archetypes new rôle-models, anti-Magian in their very being, are emerging and will continue to emerge.

Order of Nine Angles
122 Year of Fayen
v. 1.07


[1] See Appendix 1 – the O9A text, Kindred Tribes and The Tyranny of The State.

[2] For the Magian nature of the United Nations, see the essay The United Nations – The Sly Magian at Work (pdf).



A Note on Some Terms

Causal Abstractions

Abstractions (aka causal abstractions) are manifestations of the primary (causal) nature of mundanes, and are manufactured by mundanes in their mundane attempt to understand the world, themselves, and the causal Universe. Exoterically, abstractions re-present the mundane simplicity of causal linearality – of causal reductionism, of a simple cause-and-effect, of a limited causal thinking.

All abstractions are devoid of Dark-Empathy and the perspective of acausality, and thus are redolent of, or directly manifest, materialism and the Untermensch ethos derived from such materialism.

Understood exoterically, an abstraction is the manufacture, and use of, some idea, ideal, “image” or category, and thus some generalization, and/or some assignment of an individual or individuals to some group or category. The positing of some “perfect” or “ideal” form, category, or thing, is part of abstraction.

Abstractions hide the true nature of Reality – which is both causal and acausal, and which true nature can be apprehended and understood by means of The Dark Arts, and thus by following the Occult way from Initiate, to Adept, and beyond. According to the O9A, the so-called Occult Arts – and especially the so-called Satanism – of others are manifestations of causal abstractions, lacking as they do the learning of the skills of Dark-Empathy, Acausal-Thinking, and Acausal Sorcery, and thus lacking as they do the ability to develope our latent human faculties and our latent acausal character.


The Way of the Drecc and the Niner are the Ways of living a practical exeatic, adversarial, life with the Niner working alone or with a trusted partner, and with the Drecc working in the company of their own family-kindred and/or with a gang or tribe which they either form or join.

Homo Hubris

A type of mundane, and a new sub-species of the genus, Homo, which new sub-species has evolved out of the industrial revolution and the imposition of both capitalism and what is called democracy. This new rapacious mostly urban dwelling denizen – this creation of the modern West – is the foot-soldier of the Magian, and is distinguished by a personal arrogance, by a lack of manners, and by that lack of respect for anything other than strength/power and/or their own gratification. And it was to satiate and satisfy and to use and control Homo

Hubris that the Magian and their acolytes (such as the Hubriati) manufactured the vacuous, profane, vulgar mass entertainment industry – and mass “culture” – of the modern West, just as it is Magian Occultism, the Magian- controlled Media, and the “spin”, the propaganda, of politicians who have been assessed and accepted by the Magian cabal, which keeps Homo Hubris almost totally unaware, and uncaring, of the reality of the modern world and of their potential as human beings.


The hubriati are that class of individuals, in the West, who have been and who are subsumed by the Magian ethos and the delusion of abstractions, and who occupy positions of influence and/or of power. Hubriati include politicians, Media magnates and their savants, military commanders, government officials, industrialists, bankers, many academics and teachers, and so on. The oligarchy (elected and unelected) that forms the controllers of Western governments are almost excursively hubriati.

Among the abstractions which delude hubriati are the State, the nation, abstract law, and the pretence that is called “democracy”.


The term Magian is used to refer to the hybrid ethos of Yahoud and of Western hubriati, and also refers to those individuals who are Magian by either breeding or nature.

The Magian ethos expresses the fundamental materialistic belief, the idea, of Homo Hubris, Yahoud, and the Hubriati, that the individual self (and thus self identity) is the most important, the most fundamental, thing, and that the individual – either alone or collectively (and especially in the form of a nation/State) – can master and control everything (including themselves), if they have the right techniques, the right tools, the right method, the right ideas, the money, the power, the influence, the words. That human beings have nothing to fear, because they are or can be in control.

Yet the Magian ethos is something other than simply something manufactured by some other people, such as Zionists, and which therefore expresses the ethos, the Zeitgeist, of that people. That is, this Magian ethos is theirs, but crucially also now “ours”; an alchemical mixture of ideas, abstractions, and mythos, deriving from both “us” and “them”. Thus, while currently the main beneficiaries of this Magian ethos are the Magians themselves (and especially their new State entity and its satellite entity, Amerika) its origin, its existence, and its continuing vigour and power are now insolubly tied up with the peoples of the West.

Magians (as a breed) are a specific type of human being – they are the natural exploiters of others, possessed of an instinctive type of human cunning and an avaricious personal nature. Over the past millennia they have developed a talent for manipulating other human beings, especially Western mundanes, by means of abstractions – such as usury and “freedom” and marxian/capitalist “social engineering/planning” – and by hoaxes/illusions, such as that of “democracy”. The easily manipulated nature of Western mundanes, and the Magian talent for such things as usury and litigation/spiel, their ability to cunningly manipulate, and their underlying charlatanesque (and almost always cowardly nature), have given them wealth, power and influence.

As such, Magians are – currently – our natural and indeed our necessary mortal enemies, not simply because of their influence and control over mundanes (something we ourselves seek to do to achieve some Aeonic aims) but essentially because Magian influence and control is de-evolutionary in the worst possible sense (breeding as it has and does Homo Hubris), whereas our influence and guidance is and would evolutionary in the best possible sense; a means to liberate individuals, practically – from the tyranny of causal abstractions – and psychically, to extend their consciousness by, for example, awareness of the acausal and through the darkly-numinous goal of leaving this planet, our childhood home.


Exoterically, mundanes are defined as those who are not of our acausal kind – that is, as those who do not live by The Law of Kindred-Honour (qv). Esoterically, mundane-ness is defined as being under the influence of, or being in thrall to, or being addicted to, and/or believing in, and/or using as a means of understanding, causal abstractions (qv).


Vindex is the name given to the person (male of female) who, by practical deeds, brings-into-being a new way of life and who confronts, and who defeats, through force of arms, those forces which represent the dishonour and the impersonal tyranny so manifest in the modern world, especially in what it is convenient to call “the West”.

The main opponent of Vindex – both on the practical level and in terms of ethos – is the Magian. The main allies of the Magian have been the hubriati of the West – that is, the vulgar Western oligarchy which had originally bred and maintained the White Hordes of Homo Hubris as toiling-workers, salary-slaves and foot-soldiers for their materialistic system of industrialism, capitalism, colonialism and vacuous (un-numinous, abstract) States, and which hubriati, in the early part of the twentieth-century (CE, or Era Vulgaris), came to enthusiastically adopt and evolve the Magian ethos, until the Magian ethos has, since the ending of The First Zionist War, come to represent the modern West, with the White Hordes of Homo Hubris now effectively the toiling-workers, salary-slaves and foot-soldiers for the Magian, and whose taxes, work and sacrifices serve to keep the whole rapacious Magian system alive.

The essence of the new way of life that Vindex heralds and implements (the Vindex ethos) is: (1) the way of tribes and clans in place of the abstraction of the modern nation- State; and (2) the way, the law, of personal honour in place of the abstract laws made by governments.

Source: A Glossary of Order of Nine Angles Terms


Appendix 1

Kindred Tribes and The Tyranny of The State

Our wyrd – our true nature, as human beings capable of consciously participating in our own evolution and that of the Cosmos – is most obviously manifest, in a practical way, through our Vindexian warrior tribes and our Law of Kindred Honour. Furthermore, if we know, and if we develope, our wyrd, we become, we are, a particular new type (a new breed) of human being – quite distinct from the mundanes. In essence, we become Dark Warriors, living and if necessary dying by the Law of Kindred Honour.

Our Kindred Tribes are a practical, a darkly-numinous, evolution of that natural tribal instinct that lives within us and which has lived within us, and which tribal instinct has made possible (hitherto mostly unconsciously) our evolution, as human beings. That is, the Kindred Tribes of the O9A are a means whereby we can access and increase our own acausal energy, as individuals, and participate in our own evolution, and that of the Cosmos. To do this – to know and to live our wyrd – is to live in a symbiotic relationship with others of our new kind; to balance our unique individuality with our necessary and natural and numinous (that is, honourable) co-operation with others of our kind. For it is such honourable (numinous) co-operation with others of our own kind (within our own tribal family) which presences and which allows our own individual wyrd to be evolved.

In direct opposition to our wyrd is the modern tyranny of The State, which is un-numinous and de-evolutionary in nature, purpose and intent. For the State takes away our natural right of personal honour, and that natural and evolutionary way of living which is tribal, and replaces honour by impersonal,lifeless, abstract “law”, and replaces tribes by the impersonal, lifeless, abstract, State and nation, which are – despite the illusion and pretence of democracy by some such States – are all run by an oligarchy, for the benefit of that wealthy and privileged oligarchy.

In place of the natural and personal knowing – the acausal-knowing – of our tribal (extended, kindred) family, there is the impersonal causal lifeless “knowing” of our place as some mechanistic “citizen” of the State or nation. In place of the natural loyalty to, and the care of and from, our own tribal family – based on a personal, numinous, knowing and loyalty – there is the division of us into isolated, un-numinous and de-evolutionary single family units, dependant on usury, and where our given purpose is to toil for the State, on behalf of The State, or for ourselves and our single isolated family unit, and to which State we have to pay, for all of our working lives, mandatory taxes, thus making us wage or salary slaves, almost always burdened by debt.

In place of our natural, healthy, evolutionary warrior way of life – based on a tribal way of living and the law of kindred honour – the State denudes us of numinous meaning, of wyrd, and provides us only with de-evolutionary aims and goals. In place of the glory of a Galactic Imperium, and the promise of a warrior-won acausal existence, the tyranny of The State provides us with only causal illusions and abstractions and meaningless “rewards”, so that we remain tame, domesticated, animals, paying our taxes, and subservient to their dishonourable enforcers, the bullies they call the forces of their “law and order.”

Thus, we by our very nature, by our wyrd, are violently, implacably, and in all practical ways, opposed to the State and its de-evolutionary self-serving tyranny.


Appendix II

Code Of Kindred Honour

Those who are not our kindred brothers or sisters are mundanes. Those who are our brothers and sisters live by – and are prepared to die by – our unique code of honour.

Our Kindred-Honour means we are fiercely loyal to only our own O9A kind. Our Kindred-Honour means we are wary of, and do not trust – and often despise – all those who are not like us, especially mundanes.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to be ready, willing, and able to defend ourselves, in any situation, and to be prepared to use lethal force to so defend ourselves.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to be loyal to, and to defend, our own kind: to do our duty, even unto death, to those of our brothers and sisters to whom we have sworn a personal oath of loyalty. Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to seek revenge, if necessary unto death, against anyone who acts dishonourably toward us, or who acts dishonourably toward those to whom we have sworn a personal oath of loyalty.

Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to never willingly submit to any mundane; to die fighting rather than surrender to them; to die rather (if necessary by our own hand) than allow ourselves to be dishonourably humiliated by them.

Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to never trust any oath or any pledge of loyalty given, or any promise made, by any mundane, and to be wary and suspicious of them at all times.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to settle our serious disputes, among ourselves, by either trial by combat, or by a duel involving deadly weapons; and to challenge to a duel anyone – mundane, or one of our own kind – who impugns our kindred honour or who makes mundane accusations against us.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to settle our non-serious disputes, among ourselves, by having a man or woman from among us (a brother or sister who is highly esteemed because of their honourable deeds), arbitrate and decide the matter for us, and to accept without question, and to abide by, their decision, because of the respect we have accorded them as arbitrator.Our duty – as kindred individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to always keep our word to our own kind, once we have given our word on our kindred honour, for to break one’s word among our own kind is a cowardly, a mundane, act.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to act with kindred honour in all our dealings with our own kindred kind. Our obligation – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – is to marry only those from our own kind, who thus, like us, live by our Code and are prepared to die to save their Kindred-Honour and that of their brothers and sisters.

Our duty – as individuals who live by the Code of Kindred-Honour – means that an oath of kindred loyalty or allegiance, once sworn by a man or woman of kindred honour (“I swear on my Kindred-Honour that I shall…”) can only be ended either: (i) by the man or woman of kindred honour formally asking the person to whom the oath was sworn to release them from that oath, and that person agreeing so to release them; or (ii) by the death of the person to whom the oath was sworn. Anything else is unworthy of us, and the act of a mundane.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license
and can be freely copied and distributed, under the terms of that license.

Modern Democracy At Work

Order Of Nine Angles


You just have to laugh. For the smarmy British politician – the chinless wonder – who goes by the name Michael Gove recently announced that he is supporting the current bland British Prime Minister Teresa May. Neither of whom, as befits modern Western politicians, have any front-line experience as “first responders” or as street-wise police officers or are combat veterans and who therefore lack experience of the practical hard – life or death – realities of life. {1} Which lack of such practical experiences means they do not have the wisdom, the insight, born of pathei-mathos. {2}

Both Bland May and Smarmy Gove are currently subsumed – as are so many other British politicians – by what has come to be named as “Brexit”, a plebeian portmanteau word unworthy of a nation which created the largest Empire our world has ever known.

Do those in so-called Western democracies get the politicians that the voting public deserve? Apparently so.

For to see modern democracy at work one has only to consider facts such as (i) that Smarmy Gove is positioning himself to be a contender in a forthcoming contest to be the next “leader” of something called the Conservative Party, and (ii) that The Vulgarian – the Vietnam draft-dodger {3} – was elected to lead the most powerful nation on Earth and is thus the “commander in chief” of its armed forces.

For The Vulgarian also – like Smarmy Gove – has no front-line experience as “a first responder” and no combat experience and thus has never faced the hard practical realities of life.

Instead, The Vulgarian is the archetypal Homo Hubris who in his macho dealings with other human beings instinctively reacts and thus commits logical fallacy after logical fallacy. Which is why that Vietnam draft-dodger – he of small hands and artificial hair – constantly indulges in argumentum ad hominem hoping thereby to deflect attention away from himself and his plebeian ways. {4}

Our heretical answer? Bring back the ancient Greco-Roman principle of καλὸς κἀγαθός {5} and thus a ruling aristocracy based on that principle whose members have the necessary pathei mathos born of a practical experiencing of the realities of life.

November 2018 ev


{2} Pathei Mathos – πάθει μάθος – essentially means learning from personal hardship and from hard personal experience such as grief or suffering or facing one’s own death. Pathei Mathos is the raison d’etre of Occult ways such as the Seven Fold Way of the Order of Nine Angles where there is a personal learning, by individuals, resulting from consciously undertaking practical exeatic experiences such as the Grade Ritual of Internet Adept. qv.



{5} qv. the chapter A New Pagan Metaphysics in the book Western Paganism And Hermeticism, available at


How To Distinguish The Order Of Nine Angles