This Is The Post-Colonial Reality



This Is The Post-Colonial Reality
A Politically Incorrect Story

In part of the former British colony of India – a part now known as Pakistan – a former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, was arrested on his return having been convicted in absentia of “corruption” in a trial which Nawaz Sharif and many of his supporters state was engineered by the military in order to discredit him. According to one report, in a draconian (tyrannical) response to his return, the military set up road blocks while the government not only shut down mobile and internet services but also deployed thousands of officers to prevent supporters of the Sharif’s from reaching the airport. The police also arrested at least 600 workers of Mr. Sharif’s political party on “security-related” charges. Such is the modern “democracy” of such a former British colony.

Meanwhile, in the same land, a candidate in the forthcoming elections, and 127 other people, were killed by a bomb; an all-too-familiar atrocity in that part of the former British colony of India now known as Pakistan, and an atrocity ignored by most of the Western media probably because it is all too common.

Such corruption – or alleged corruption – and such draconian measures and such violence and killings are endemic in former European colonies in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. From Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe) to Nigeria to South Africa to the Congo to Pakistan and beyond the price of “independence” has been political corruption, violence, killings, and often civil war and often poverty for a significant percentage of the population.

Who in the modern West mourns those 127 people killed by a bomb in modern Pakistan? Who in the modern West mourns the tens of thousands of such victims in other such lands?

Few if any because their governments are fixated on their own insular political agendas. In the case of Britain – a once mighty, civilizing, colonial power – the current fixation is on the death of one person, and the poisoning of three others, by a nerve-agent; on the desire by the current government to leave the European Union, and with a visit by The Vulgarian In Chief who lived up to his reputation as an ignorant vulgarian by declaring that Scotland was not part of the United Kingdom. {1}

Furthermore, who in the modern West can see the causal link between the corruption, violence, killings, and poverty in former European colonies and the “independence” of such colonies? Only the sagacious who were they to voice their understanding would today be most probably condemned as “reactionaries”, fascists, and “neo-Nazis”. So be it.

Meanwhile, those with first-hand experience of European colonies know the now politically-incorrect truth. Which is that European colonialism ended the corruption that had been rife in such lands; established and maintained law and order; and established societies which – compared to their past – were prosperous and free from rampant poverty and disease. Thousands upon thousands of Europeans dedicated their lives – and often gave their lives – to ensure such things.

On a personal note, I have a friend who grew up in what was then a British colony in Africa. And that during the Mau-Mau rebellion during which rebellion he had an armed guard accompany him on his daily trip by Gharry to his school {2}. Before, and after that rebellion was crushed by British forces with help from loyal natives {3} he and his family could walk the streets of a peaceful Nairobi. Today – post-independence – the streets of Nairobi are places where robberies, murder, rape, and kidnapping, are rife (4}. Similarly, in that part of the Indian subcontinent formerly ruled by Britain and now known as India, rape and gang rape and poverty are endemic.

Are we few who understand the importance of our colonial past the last of our kind, as perhaps prophetized by Jean Raspail in the novel The Camp of the Saints?

If so, what are our options? For myself, I choose the ethical National-Socialism of Reichsfolk {5} with its commitment to honour, loyalty, duty, and fairness, and which – at least to me – seems to manifest the British, the European, the traditional colonial, virtues of fair play, decency, self-restraint, honesty, and humour in the face of adversity.

July 2018 ev

{1} As usual the arrogant vulgarian denied he had made a mistake and (as usual) described reports of his mistake as “fake news”. Among his other recent mistakes are the following:

{2} Despite what Wikipedia and other sources currently claim, a gharry was European colonial slang for any means of transport (such as a Land Rover or “mini-bus”) that conveyed colonial Europeans from one place to another.

{3} Contemporary – politically correct – accounts invariably overlook the atrocities committed by those involved in the Mau-Mau rebellion. Just as contemporary – politically correct – accounts of the native Indian wars in the United States in the 19th century often ignore the atrocities committed by Indian tribes against European settlers: the rape and murder of women and children, the mutilation and torture and killing of men both American and Mexican. That some Europeans, and some Mexicans, responded to such atrocities with deadly force was only natural.

{4} To give just one contemporary example:




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