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The Order Of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) could be considered to be a φαντασία, that is, a making visible (of some-thing). A phrenic image, an imagining; a phrenic apprehension of an object of perception; an ingenious invention or design; a visionary notion, a fantasy.

In less pedantic, and more practical, terms, it could be understood as a new genre of fantasy role-playing games: a modular game that occurs and is acted-out in real-life with the player interacting with real people and assuming various roles. A game with no set rules, no manual, only guidelines some of which conflict with other ones and some of which are, or seem to be, confusing and/or polemical and/or distracting.

It is a game with no time limit whose only goal is pathei-mathos (a learning from practical, hard, experience) via playing the game. It is a modular game because the player can choose to construct their apprehension, their version, their fantasy, of the O9A from various modules such as ‘satanist’, or ‘Rounwytha’, or ‘Drecc’, or ‘pagan sorcerer’, or ‘Balobian’ or ‘seeker along the seven fold way’, or anarchist, or ‘neo-nazi’ or even ‘terrorist’, with one of the guidelines of the game being that any player can invent or design a new module (in O9A esoteric-speak, a new Insight Role, a Grade Ritual such as that of Internal Adept) and add it to the game.

It is also a game of conflict: conflict with other ‘satanists’ or with other ‘sorcerers’ or conflict with those whose apprehension or fantasy of the O9A differs from theirs; and/or conflict with those who oppose the ideology, the actions, the beliefs, of whatever “Insight Role(s)” the player has adopted. There could even be conflict with and within one’s self: between one’s ‘dark’ or sinister (amoral) side and one’s ‘numinous’ or emphatic (moral) side.

Being a fantasy role-playing game, it does not exist in cyberspace but rather in both the lives of those who play the game for however short a time, and in the making visible – the presencing, the fantasy – that a player may have of the game. For it exists as an apprehension by the player and/or by the opponent, but which apprehension may include an image or images of it (or modules relevant to it) accessible via cyberspace.

As a particular type of fantasy role-playing game it has no ‘leader’, needs no organization, requires no hierarchy of instructors, and is not and cannot be copyrighted. In sum: the fantasy O9A can be whatever the player desires it to be or believes it should be. Rather like modern satanism itself.

In the original, classic game – as played back in the day by aficionados of ONA 1.0 – there were (i) real-life Insight Roles such as neo-nazi activist, anarchist, being an assassin, a police officer or a member of the armed forces, and (ii) Grade Rituals such as Internal Adept (spending at least three months living alone in the wilderness) and The Abyss (living alone in an underground cavern for a lunar month).

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2018 ev
ONA 3.0
v. 3.5

About This Blog

Order Of Nine Angles


We are an independent nexion who identify with the esoteric philosophy and praxises – the Occult culture – of the Order Of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA, ω9α).

As an independent nexion our particular interpretation of matters O9A may well differ from that of other nexions and from individuals who identify with the O9A. As we noted in a recent article, we interpret O9A
                   “philosophy as anti-Magian in essence and pro-NationalSocialist and fascist in exoteric practice and as required by the O9A’s Sinister Dialectic.
                   Our view – as supporters of our Western culture – is that a resurgent National Socialism, or a resurgent fascism, or something politically similar, embodies what is necessary to bring down the Old Order from whose ruins a New Order will emerge.
                   However, others identifying with or associating themselves with the O9A do not share this interpretation. Some interpret that esoteric philosophy as anarchistic; others as nihilistic; others as elitist in a cultured and aristocratic way.” {1}{2}

This difference and diversity is an essential part of the O9A, manifest in the O9A principle termed the authority of individual judgment, about which much has been written by O9A folk in recent years {3} and which principle derives from the centrality of pathei mathos in O9A philosophy and practice. {4}

This principle also means that we do not “represent” and nor do we present – on this blog and elsewhere – the opinions and views of the O9A. For no one person and no one nexion can do so, given that the O9A is, correctly understood, “not a structured lodge or temple, but rather a movement, a subculture or perhaps metaculture that its adherents choose to embody or identify with.” {5}

           The articles and texts we author and publish on this blog therefore only represent and only present our personal interpretations and opinions of and on matters O9A and otherwise.

T.W.S. Nexion
June 2018 ev


{1} The O9A And AWD – A Summary.
{2} See also our articles (i) Understanding Neo-völkisch Satanism, and (ii) The European Satanism Of The O9A.
{3} For example, see texts such as (i) O9A: Authority, Learning, and Culture [External Link], and (ii) Surpassing Anton Long in Quintessence Of The Order Of Nine Angles (pdf). [External Link]
{4} Esoteric Learning Presenced Through Pathei-Mathos. [External Link]
{5} Monette, Connell. Mysticism in the 21st Century. Sirius Academic Press. 2013, p.89.