A Yuletide Listening

Order Of Nine Angles


In one of those Yuletide moments when – replete with mulled Cider and mince pies and warmed by a fire of logs – we three trawled the Internet for apposite items and found the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIkYhf3toG8

Which talk – by a Scottish “A.N. Other” – presents a remarkably rational and informed summary, by an outsider, of both the O9A and especially of Mr David Myatt.

Which talk is in stark contrast to the much Media hyped remarks in February 2019 by the misnamed British “hope not hate” organization {1} and which left-wing advocacy group, according to the admins of Wikipedia, is “a biased and opinionated source”. {2}

That the mainstream Western Media have promoted and will undoubtedly continue to uncritically promote the views of that “biased and opinionated source” in respect of both the O9A and Myatt surely – at least to us and others of our O9A kindred – exposes, yet again, something about the nature of such modern Media.

TWS Nexion
December 2019 ev


{1} https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2019/02/26/how-to-spread-fake-news/

See also https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/2019/09/09/extremism-and-reformation/

{2} https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reliable_sources/Perennial_sources


Open Letter To Nick Lowles

Order Of Nine Angles


We challenge you, Nick Lowles, to provide evidence based on primary sources for your – in our view – prejudiced personal opinion that David Myatt is still a neo-Nazi and is still, or ever was, associated with the Order of Nine Angles. A personal opinion of yours which you made in your Media celebrated report titled State of Hate 2019.

If you deign to provide such evidence we will in the interests of fairness publish it. If, however, you decline to provide such evidence we will in the interests of fairness make such a refusal publicly known.

Furthermore, we enquire if you have read Myatt’s voluminous post-2012 writings about rejecting extremism – such as his Understanding And Rejecting Extremism {1} and his autobiography Myngath {2} – and if so whether in your opinion such writings are deceptive and the works of a trickster and, if so, on what evidence do you base such an opinion?

Given that, according to rumours, the TV production company “Expectation Factual” is planning a documentary about David Copeland and thus about Myatt’s possible involvement – an involvement as mentioned by you in a 2000 BBC Panorama documentary about Copeland for which documentary you were listed as a Producer – we also enquire if you still believe that Myatt was somehow to blame, and if so whether or not, given his expiative philosophy of pathei mathos, he in your opinion has changed and become an advocate of hope – of anti-extremism – rather than of hate.

Or shall we conclude that you and your compatriots at the so-called “hope not hate” group have prejudged, and are prejudiced against, Myatt in accordance with your hateful slogan НЕ ЗАБУДЕМ! НЕ ПРОСТИМ! and thus are pedalling hate rather than hope?

To be honest, we do not expect you to reply to this communication. {3} Instead, we expect you to either ignore it, or it to provoke you into more public anti-Myatt propaganda – and thus to more fake news {4} – based on your prejudice, on your apparent religious belief, that Myatt is still a neo-Nazi and is still, or was, associated with the Order of Nine Angles.

If you fail to provide evidence based on primary sources for your allegations, opinions, and assumptions about Myatt, and were you provoked by this web-blog post to more public anti-Myatt propaganda, we and sagacious others would be forced to conclude that hatred and prejudice rather than “hope not hate” dictates your opinions about Myatt.

In addition, and in regard to your allegations about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) have you studied the O9A corpus and such texts as the 300 page Seofonfeald Paeth trilogy? {5} If not, then your views about the O9A are – it seems to us, et al – as prejudiced as your views about Myatt.

Little wonder then that Myatt in 1990s challenged you to a duel with deadly weapons and which duel of honour you refused to take part. {6} Which refusal by you – and your excuses then and later – indicate much about your physis, and about the physis of Myatt himself. {7}

As Sonia Gable once was alleged to have said, you tried to blackmail her but failed. Which failed blackmail was apparently the genesis of your split from the anti-fascist Searchlight group and led to you founding the perhaps misnamed Hope Not Hate organisation.

TWS Nexion
December 2019 ev

{1} https://davidmyatt.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/dwm-rejecting-extremism-v3.pdf

{2} https://davidmyatt.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/david-myatt-myngath.pdf

{3} Given your much Media hyped “research and security” departments we expect you to know our e-mail address as supplied to both the author of the Quietus article about the O9A and to the TV production company Expectation Factual.

{4} https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/fake-news/

{5} https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/o9a-trilogy-print.pdf

{6} https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/meeting-with-nick-lowles/

{7} William Segar, Booke of Honor & Armes, published in 1590 ev. https://books.google.com/books?id=LlI_AQAAMAAJ

We draw your attention in particular to The First Booke (p.4) of that text which is titled “For what cause the partie belied ought to challenge, and of the nature of the Lie.”

It thus seems as if Myatt was and is following the tradition of European chivalry while you et al are apparently dishonourably using the power of modern Media to make unproven accusations against – spreading lies about – a particular person.


Two Heretical O9A Texts

Order Of Nine Angles


Two Heretical O9A Texts

° Editorial Introduction
° Prologue
° The Nazarene/Magian Ethos


From the Editorial Introduction:

The following classic O9A texts were included in a compilation titled Nexion – A Guide to Sinister Strategy, which compilation included articles with titles such as Freedom – The Illusion, Satanism and Race, Aeonics and Heresy, and Conquer, Destroy, Create.

The Prologue is a short rather strange piece of fiction, referencing as it does both an acausal entity and an earthly incident recounted by August Kubizek in his book The Young Hitler I Knew.

A phrase from the article The Nazarene/Magian Ethos has often been quoted, out of context, as “proof” that the ONA is “neo-nazi”. The phrase is: NS Germany was a burst of Luciferian light – of zest and power – in an otherwise Nazarene, pacified and boring world.

However, the article makes it clear that the ONA considered and considers National Socialism as just one “causal form” which could be useful in terms of Aeonic sorcery:
              “It is important to understand that such political beliefs – e.g. racism, NS – which might do and sometimes in the past have expressed aspects of Western destiny, are, from a magickal esoteric point of view merely means: i.e. vehicles or forms to achieve specific magickal goals. Their objective truth and their morality is irrelevant – and this applies equally to the future use of such outward forms, should such use be considered a useful means of channelling acausal energy to achieve a specified goal.”

As also noted in the Introduction to Nexion – A Guide to Sinister Strategy,
              “National-Socialism is presented here within the context of ‘Occultism’ (specifically Satanism) and is thus explicated in its esoteric sense – as a form which can achieve something beyond itself.
              Because of this, the MSS contained herein, all written by, and hitherto secretly circulated among members of the Satanic Order of Nine Angles, require an ‘Aeonic awareness’ for their full appreciation; that is, the understanding of the essence of all forms behind their appearance. Such an awareness, expressed both intellectually and practically, aids the establishment of the next Aeon, thus fulfilling the Destiny of the Western Civilization.
              Seen within a conventional context, the material herein is genuinely heretical – and possession/distribution of it is illegal in many countries.”

Although the Nazarene/Magian Ethos article is undated, O9A aural tradition dates it from the late 1980s with a revised version issued in the early 1990s. The writing style of the article, and the inclusion of multiple parenthetical comments, suggests this early O9A instructional text was the product of at least two authors.


Bashing Howard Levey Yet Again

Baphomet, Dark Goddess


Knowledge And Culture Verses Plebeian Pretentiousness
Or, Let Us Bash Howard Stanton Levey Yet Again

One of the very many things that self-described modern satanists – and followers of the likes of Crowley and Aquino – never comment upon, and have never commented on in over three decades, is the esoteric knowledge and the culture displayed by the Order of Nine Angles.

Whereas the sources of Howard Stanton Levey – evident in his ‘satanic bible’ and his letters – are populist interpretations of the likes of Nietzsche and Ayn Rand, populist books about psychology, with the polemic Might Is Right perhaps a central source {1} – the sources used by the pseudonymous Anton Long (of O9A fame) are ancient and primary and reveal a certain erudition on the part of Anton Long himself, as for instance, Professor Monette – an accomplished linguist himself – noted in Mr Long “having fluency in the classical languages (Greek and Latin), as well as Arabic and possibly Persian” {2} and thus in being able to read philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, and important Hermetic texts such as the Corpus Hermeticum, in the original Greek, as well as being able to read the Latin of medieval European alchemical texts, and the Arabic of such early books of sorcery as Ghayat al-Hakim and Shams I-Maarif.

In the case of primary sources, when Anton Long wrote about such things as a septenary system he is referencing Greco-Roman sources such as the Pymander tractate of the Corpus Hermeticum. When he uses the term ‘Star Gate’ he was referencing the use of the term Gate by primary sources such as The Compound of Alchymie written in 1471 CE by George Ripley and included in the 1652 book Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum {3}. When he references ‘severed heads’ in relation to ancestral tradition he is drawing on sources such as Diodorus Siculus. When he uses the term Naos, he is drawing on sources such as Pausanius. When he writes about Baphomet as ‘the mother/mistress of blood’ his sources include ancient Greek texts such as De Mysteriis {4}. And so on and so on.

The neglect by Occultists and academics of these primary and ancient sources, in respect of Anton Long’s esoteric philosophy and Occult praxis, is gradually being rectified by texts such as the 2015 compilation ἀρρενόθηλυς by R. Parker and essays such as Originality, Tradition, And The Order of Nine Angles by the same author, as well as the release of new ‘Esoteric Notes’ such as ONA Esoteric Notes XLVII in which it is suggested that Renaissance Latin texts such as De Vita Coelitus Comparanda by Marsilii Ficini (published in 1489 CE) are among the sources used by Anton Long.

This understanding of the non-Qabalistic, and ancient, sources used – in their original language – by Anton Long makes Howard Stanton Levey seem, in comparison, somewhat uncultured and plebeian.


{1} Aquino, of Temple of Set fame, has described, at some length, in his 2009 book The Church of Satan the sources Levey used.

While Aquino may have in part been motivated by a desire to legitimize his Temple of Set, his analysis stands up to critical scrutiny. An archive version of a pre-publication draft of Aquino’s The Church of Satan is available [as of September 2016] here: https://web.archive.org/web/20090815024736/http://www.xeper.org/maquino/nm/COS.pdf

For example, the Appendix The Hidden Source Of The Satanic Philosophy describes how Levey’s Nine Satanic Statements are derived from Ayn Rand.

{2} Monette, Connell. Mysticism in the 21st Century, Sirius Academic Press, 2013. ISBN 9781940964003.

{3} qv. the Of Gates And Nexions section of the O9A text Esoteric Notes 49.

{4} qv. the O9A text Baphomet – An Esoteric Signification.


Article source: https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/lambasting-levey.pdf


Image Credit: Bainis by Richard Moult
The image is considered by many Occultists to be a modern representation
of the shapeshifting Dark Goddess, Baphomet


Joy Of The Sinister

An Occult Phantom Menace?

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


An Occult Phantom Menace
Part Thirty Three

We love the paranoia and the conspiracy theories floating about in cyberspace about the O9A and about Mr Myatt. Such as recent comments stating that it is “well known ONA is controlled by CIA”, that Myatt is a “secret agent” as “proved” by his membership in the 1970s and 1980s of the secret NATO Gladio paramilitary group Column 88, that the O9A is a “apocalyptic Satanic death cult”, and that Myatt was a British agent who “stoked supernatural fears during The Troubles” {1}.

If such conspiracy theories didn’t already exist we would have happily invented them. O9A as an occult phantom menace? You Betcha!

TWS Nexion
July 2019 ev

{1} https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2019/02/16/the-o9a-and-gladio/


Is The Order Of Nine Angles Neo-Nazi?

Order Of Nine Angles


The Physis Of The Order Of Nine Angles
Is The O9A Neo-Nazi?


° Preface.
° Introduction.
° An Ignorance Regarding The O9A.
° Another Academic Misinterpretation Of The O9A.
° A National Socialist Occult Group?
° The Two Interpretations Of National Socialism: Ours And Theirs.
° David Myatt And Reichsfolk.
° Progressive, Traditional, Or Synthesis? The Evolution Of The O9A.
° Appendix: Exposing Twelve Basic Errors.


The Physis Of The Order Of Nine Angles


From the Preface:

Published here are an eclectic selection of articles written in the past few years and culled either from blogs that support the esoteric philosophy and the occult praxises of the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) or from blogs that comment on the O9A and/or on Mr Myatt.

The common themes of the articles which form the chapters of this compilation are (i) the physis (the nature, character, intent, and origin) of the Order of Nine Angles and (ii) whether or not the O9A, as most of its critics proclaim, is a “neo-nazi” occult group […]


From the Introduction:

What has confused the issue about the physis of the O9A, for outsiders, for critics, or for those who have not researched O9A texts in detail, are three things […]

The first source of confusion arises because one and only one O9A praxis, the Seven Fold Way, has some suggested ordeals and tasks associated with its early stages which tasks include “Insight Rôles” and which Insight Rôles can involve joining a “neo-nazi” group. Another suggested task is “culling”, while another is forming a “satanist” group and performing such rituals as given in the O9A Black Book Of Satan, first published in the 1980s.

It is therefore not surprising, because of the outré nature of such tasks, that outsiders, critics, many academics, and the majority of journalists who have written about the O9A, have assumed that such short term tasks, limited as they are to just one O9A praxis, represent the nature and intent of the O9A. Thus have such individuals, for personal, or political, or for other reasons, tended to sensationalize or criticize the O9A often due to a lack of research into and a lack of knowledge regarding the O9A […]

The second source of confusion is that they do not, again often due to a lack of research into and a lack of knowledge regarding the O9A, know about the pagan origins of the O9A and of how it manifests a modern, evolved form, of an ancient non-Kabbalistic tradition of pagan esotericism […]

The third source of confusion is that, in respect of National Socialism, the anarchic structure of the O9A and the O9A principle of the Authority Of Individual Judgment mean that individuals are free to interpret the esoteric philosophy of the O9A according to their own understanding of it and use their own judgment in assessing, and in using, the various practical Occult methods of the O9A […]

[The] difference of interpretation [that results] is an essential, although overlooked, aspect of the O9A and has led to some of those associating themselves with the O9A to ask such questions as are given in the chapter Progressive, Traditional, Or Synthesis? The Evolution Of The O9A […]

What is also a factor in rationally discussing the alleged neo-nazi nature of the O9A – and a neglected factor outside of the O9A itself – is that, as the chapter titled The Two Interpretations Of National Socialism: Ours And Theirs makes clear, there are two different interpretations of neo-nazism […]


Questions For Anti-Fascists

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


Editorial Note: The following post first appeared on the “Regarding David Myatt” (RDM) blog on June 9, 2019 but due to editorial disagreements among the editors was deleted two days later. {1} However, we captured a screenshot of the article and reproduce the text here, with the permission of the two original authors who have made a few changes to their original text. Two of the embedded links are to items on the RDM blog with the other links to items on Myatt’s blog and to an article in an academic journal.

TWS Nexion

{1} In regard to deleting posts see their “N.B.” comment at the bottom of the RDM about this blog page.


Questions For Anti-Fascists

Given that we know the political anti-fascist “pressure group” styling itself “Hope not Hate” monitor this blog, we the RDM Crew have some questions for them given their Media hyped 2019 report in which they, without providing any evidence whatsoever, made libellous assumptions that David Myatt was still a neo-nazi and that he was involved with the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA).

We wonder what answer they have to items such as (i) Analysing National Socialism and (ii) Selected Essays And Effusions and (iii) Extremism And Reformation and (iv) Catholic Still In Spirit?

Will so-called “Hope not Hate” in their prejudice, and with their anti-fascist hatred, propagandistically declare that “David Myatt is a liar” and that such Myattian works are some sort of “sinister ploy” designed to defect attention away from what they claim is his so-called “satanist” agenda? Will they also in their paranoia and in their hatred – and yet again without providing any evidence – claim that any author who accepts Myatt’s rejection of neo-nazism and extremism is Myatt himself or some O9A-aligned satanist?

If so, then perhaps they would comment on the following which appeared in the prestigious academic journal Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
                  “Myatt eventually came to reject both Islam and extremism in favor of a new philosophical outlook that he dubbed the Way of Pathei-Mathos.” {1}

That those anti-fascists – and others like them – have never provided any evidence for their claims and their assumptions that Myatt’s post-2011 rejection of extremism is fake, nor for their claims that he is a Satanist, is indicative of just how propagandistic and how politically motivated – and how dishonourable – their anti-fascist claims and assumptions about Myatt seem to be.

That “Hope not Hate” – et al – give former extremists such as Joe Pearce the benefit of the doubt {2} while claiming that Myatt is a manipulate lair is both interesting and seems to be indicative of their prejudice, their hatred, their anti-fascist bias. So much therefore for their propagandistic claim to represent “hope” not “hate”. For a Christian hope would surely give Myatt the benefit of the doubt.

However, given that their much Media hyped 2019 propagandistic report contained over twelve basic errors about the O9A and Myatt {3} we do not expect them, prejudiced and hateful as they seem to be, to either acknowledge their mistakes or to ever give David Myatt the benefit of the doubt.

RDM Crew
June 2019 ev

{1} Daveed Gartenstein-Ross & Madeleine Blackman (2019). Fluidity of the Fringes: Prior Extremist Involvement as a Radicalization Pathway. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism. Taylor & Francis. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/1057610X.2018.1531545

{2} https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/two-reformed-racists/

{3} https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/2019/03/04/twelve-basic-errors/


A Modern Orthodoxy


O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


A Modern Orthodoxy
Ignorance Regarding The O9A

A Modern Orthodoxy

In the past year (2018-2019) the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) has received unprecedented coverage in the mainstream Media leading to an unprecedented mention of the O9A on various internet forums and blogs.

This coverage has a common denominator: from the coverage in 2018 in America and elsewhere of the alleged link between the O9A and the American neo-nazi group AtomWaffen Division {1} to an article about the O9A on a popular youth-orientated on-line music site {2} to the recent report issued by the political, left-wing, pressure group misnaming itself as “hope not hate” {3} to coverage of that report in mainstream British newspapers such as The Independent, The Sun, The Guardian, and The Daily Telegraph, all of which newspapers made mention of the O9A.

The common denominator is the alleged neo-nazi and satanist raison d’être of the O9A and which raison d’être allegedly involves members infiltrating and manipulating “extremist right-wing” groups in order to disrupt society and which disruption is, so the Media state, apparently masterminded by a certain Mr Myatt.

Which reveals a complete – although not unexpected – ignorance and misunderstanding of the O9A, which misunderstanding could be either propagandistic and thus deliberate, and/or be due to the nature of modern mainstream Media and the nature of the internet. Which nature is to be superficial, populist, unscholarly, quick to judge, opinionated, presumptive, and often arrogant. Which nature was and is revealed, for instance, in two things.

First, in how long-established mainstream newspapers such as The Independent and The Daily Telegraph and The Sun printed stories about the O9A without getting their journalists to do their own detailed research and thus check the facts {3} with the result being that they simply reprinted – to a wider audience – the propaganda and disinformation, the “fake news”, of a political, left-wing, pressure group.

Second, in how so many people immediately believed and spread – often via the internet – what the newspapers and such a pressure group wrote, said, and published about the O9A and about Mr Myatt.

It was as if an orthodoxy about the O9A and about Mr Myatt had been created and was being upheld, with this orthodox, populist, interpretation unchallenged in the mainstream Media, unchallenged via the medium of the internet, and even unchallenged by those who pride and who preen themselves on being antinomian in respect of modern Occultism.

As mentioned, all this was not unexpected, given the nature of modern Western societies, the nature of mass Media (including the social media of the internet) and the nature – the physis – of many of the people in modern Western societies: a plebeial physis {4} quite different from the minority who in modern times uphold such principles as are enshrined in codes such as that of the O9A’s code of kindred honour. {5}{6}

The Raison d’être Of The Order Of Nine Angles

The raison d’être of the O9A will be clear to those who have undertaken a basic study of O9A texts, such as all of the following four compilations:

(i) Quintessence Of The O9A, issued in 2018,
(ii) The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles, issued in 2016,
(iii) The Eludent O9A, issued in 2018, and
(iv) A Compilation Of Some Recent O9A Texts, 2017-2019.

Even those who have only read Quintessence Of The O9A and The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles, will understand that the O9A is neither satanist nor neo-nazi nor even of the Western Left Hand Path but instead is concerned with individuals undertaking an often decades-long hermetic anados (ἄνοδος) by which they might discover Lapis Philosophicus and thus acquire wisdom. A practical anados manifest in the O9A Seven Fold Way.

That is, they will appreciate that what the Media focus upon and misinterpret – such as alleged “culling”, insight roles, satanism, alleged neo-nazism, alleged disruption of society, and Occult ceremonial rituals such as those in the O9A Black Book of Satan – are related to only one temporary part of that Seven Fold Way. Which part is that relevant only to an External Adept (stage three of seven) and which part lasts from between a year to around eighteen months after which the individual moves on to other learning experiences.

Thus correctly understood, such “sensationalist things” much hyped by the Media and others, are just a few of the exoteric (practical) and esoteric (Occult) experiences that the O9A assert can produce pathei-mathos, a learning from experience and a step toward wisdom.

Which “sinister” experiences of particular causal forms or abstractions are followed by a moving on to other tasks such as the Rite of Internal Adept where one lives alone in the wilderness for between three to six months, followed by several years of “numinous” experiences, followed by living alone for a lunar month in a cavern or dark cave and which chthonic experience is an enantiodromia where the individual goes to and wordlessly understands The Unity, The Monas, beyond all denotata, all abstractions and all causal forms.

As explained in one of the texts in Quintessence Of The O9A,
                   “both the LHP (‘the sinister’) and the RHP (‘the numinous’) are themselves causal abstractions – ideations – which hide both our own nature, the nature (the physis) of other living beings, and the nature of Reality itself.
                   For the O9A provides the individual with an opportunity to develop a perception, an understanding, a knowledge – acquired from a personal experience – beyond causal abstractions/forms and thus beyond denotatum; that is, and for example, beyond the illusion of conflicting/ideated opposites, beyond naming/denoting/words, beyond abstract morality, beyond dogma/ideology, beyond the simple principle of causation, and beyond the simplicity of a posited dialectical process.”


One thing is to be expected, despite this explanation and despise previous explanations of ours. This is that the Media, and the internet-created, orthodoxy regarding the O9A and regarding Mr Myatt {7} will not be challenged by journalists, nor by those who consider themselves to be rational fair-minded human beings, nor by those who pride themselves on being antinomian in respect of modern Occultism.

Indeed, we might expect the Media interpretation of the controversial O9A to become a time-limited cause célèbre given the current focus on “right-wing extremism and terrorism” and on “hate speech” and on already made demands by certain political pressure groups that the police and the security services investigate the O9A with a view to proscribing it as a “terrorist organization”. For example, The Times newspaper, formerly one of the most respected British mainstream newspapers, recently (March 2019) ran an article titled Neo‑Nazis hijack gaming groups to spread hate against Muslims that stated
                   “a Times reporter went undercover on the gaming platform Discord to infiltrate an invitation-only Satanist neo-Nazi group called The Order of Nine Angles (O9A). The group openly encouraged acts of terrorism and celebrated what was described as esoteric Hitlerism.”

However, another thing might also be expected, possibly because of this explanation of ours and/or because of previous explanations of ours. This is that a few individuals – perhaps two or three a decade – will understand and begin their own quest along the Seven Fold Way, even if or perhaps because the O9A becomes a proscribed organization with its literature banned and blogs such as this removed from the internet.

Which few individuals are all that are required, given the decades and centuries long aims of the Occult movement that is the O9A, and since the O9A, after three decades, has now reached the stage, the phase, where
                   “we can expand slowly, nefariously, in the traditional manner by the clandestine personal recruitment of suitable people, which in practice means those useful to us individually in our own lives, and potentially or actually useful to our Aeonic aims, and who also possess culture: that is, the four distinguishing marks which are (1) the instinct for disliking rottenness (an instinct toward personal honour), (2) reason, (3) a certain empathy, and (4) a familiarity with the accumulated pathei-mathos of the past few thousand years manifest as this pathei-mathos is in literature, Art, music, memoirs, myths/legends, and a certain knowledge of science and history.” {8}

                   “one of the purposes of an esoteric group – a nexion – such as the Order of Nine Angles is to aid those associated with it or inspired by it to carry out particular tasks and functions; such as, via their own pathei mathos, discover wisdom (Lapis Philosophicus), develop their own weltanschauung, and thus in some manner contribute (knowingly, purposefully, unknowingly, or otherwise) to the sum total of human esoteric and exoteric pathei-mathos; which contribution may aid our conscious evolution as a species and may bring-into-being or aid the development of new ways of living, and which contribution may also be part of the necessary destructive and adversarial dialectic in respect of existing causal, human-manufactured, forms and dogma.
                  One means to aid such a discovering and contribution is and has been the structured, the methodical, the traditional, seven-fold way with its melding of exoteric and esoteric experiences.” {8}

TWS nexion
March 2019 ev

{1} https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2018/03/24/the-o9a-and-atomwaffen-a-summary/

{2} https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/2018/12/03/o9a-transgression-and-subversion/

{3} https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/fake-news/

{4} “It is requisite the Prince doo bestowe some sort of dignitie, or title vpon the person that is ennobled, to the end he may bee knowne from the Plebeiall people.” William Segar, Booke of Honor & Armes, 1590. The book is currently – March 2019 – available at https://books.google.com/books?id=LlI_AQAAMAAJ

{5} The O9A code is described at https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/code-of-kindred-honour

{6} The Booke of Honor & Armes, published in 1590, is interesting both in the context of the O9A and in the context of Mr David Myatt.

§ In the context of Myatt, the book is or may be relevant to why and how he challenged several individuals – including two journalists and a member of Combat 18 – to a duel with deadly weapons for spreading lies. For the first chapter of the Booke describes “the nature and types of lies”. In other words, Myatt was upholding an old Western tradition and one which marked the difference, a distinction, between a noble person – such as a British gentleman – and those with a plebeial (plebeian) physis.

As Myatt states in his 2012 text A Matter Of Honour,
                   “I have never bothered to have recourse to civil law, and established Courts, to sue those making libellous allegations about me quite simply because the only law I believe in and strive to uphold is the law of personal honour. Given that I have challenged two journalists, according to the law of personal honour, to a duel with deadly weapons for making such malicious allegations, and given that they did not have the honour to accept this challenge or issue an apology in lieu of fighting a duel, I consider my honour vindicated and their own dishonourable character proven.”

The other person he challenged to a duel – police informer Wilf Browning – also refused to fight a duel with deadly weapons. See footnote 11 of Myatt’s autobiography Myngath (page 70, depending on the edition).

Regarding Myatt, the texts linked to at the following URL may be useful: https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/2019/03/22/myatt-and-the-o9a/

§ In the context of the O9A, the book is or may be relevant to why the O9A has a code of kindred honour, with adherence to such a code serving to distinguish those who are O9A from those who are not O9A and who thus have a mundane, a plebeian, physis.

A difference explained in classic O9A texts such as Culling As Art, available as of March 2019 at https://lapisphilosophicus.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/concerning-culling-as-art/

{7} For an overview regarding Myatt see the texts at https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/2019/03/22/myatt-and-the-o9a

{8} Geneseos Caput Tertium, Documents of the Inner O9A, 122yf, καὶ εἶπεν ὁ ὄφις τῇ γυναικί Οὐ θανάτῳ ἀποθανεῖσθε.


O9A: Alchemical And Hermetic Antecedents

Renaissance Septenary Tree of Wyrd
Renaissance Septenary Tree of Wyrd


Alchemical And Hermetic Antecedents Of The Seven Fold Way


° Introduction
° Alchemy And The Sinisterly-Numinous Tradition
° Lapis Philosophicus, Isaac Newton, And The Septenary System
° Azoth: Western Alchemy And The Seven Fold Way Of The Order Of Nine Angles
° Hermetic Origins Of The O9A
° Perusing The Seven Fold Way
° The Septenary Anados And Life After Death


Image Source: Azoth Sive Aureliae Occultae Philosophorum published in 1613 CE

Perusing The Seven Fold Way

Order Of Nine Angles


Perusing The Seven Fold Way
Historical Origins Of The Septenary System Of The Order of Nine Angles


° Introduction: The Physis Sorcery of Naos.
° Physis, The Corpus Hermeticum, And The Ancient Hermetic Quest For Immortality.
° The Seven-Fold Way And Acausality.
° Arabic And Alchemical Influences.
° The Complete Seven-Fold Way
° The Rite Of The Abyss and Beyond
° Conclusion: The O9A In Esoteric Perspective.
Appendix 1. Grade Ritual Of Magus/Mousa
Appendix 2. A Review of Myatt’s The Divine Pymander.
Appendix 3. Theory Of The Acausal

Perusing The Seven Fold Way


Extract From The Introduction

The septenary system, or tradition, of the modern occult group the Order of Nine Angles (ONA/O9A) was first publicly outlined in their 1980s text Naos – A Practical Guide To Modern Magick. The text is, interestingly, completely devoid of the satanism that the O9A has come to be associated with, and, as the Introduction [to Naos] states, the first part is a “guide to becoming an Adept and is essentially ‘Internal magick’ – that is, magick [sorcery] used to bring about personal development (of consciousness and so on) […] Internal magick is the following of the Occult path from Initiation to Adeptship and beyond, and in the Septenary tradition this path is known as the seven-fold Way.”

Furthermore, in the ‘Notes on Esoteric Tradition’ of Naos it is directly stated that “the goal of sentient life is to […] become part of the acausal (i.e. ‘immortal’ when seen from the causal). Initiation, and ‘the Mysteries’ (i.e. the seven-fold Way), are the means to achieve this.”

Of particular interest is the fact that, in Naos, the internal sorcery used to bring about personal development is also called ‘physis magick’:

{quote} “Physis is divided into seven stages and these seven stages may be regarded as representing the varying degrees of insight attained. In terms of traditional magick, the stages represent Initiation, Second Degree Initiation, External Adept, Internal Adept, Master/Mistress (or High Priest/Priestess), Magus and Immortal. Each stage is associated with a sphere of the Septenary Tree of Wyrd.”{/quote}

Physis is a clear use of the ancient Greek term φύσις, which term occurs frequently in the Pymander (also known as the Pœmandres) section of the ancient Greek text of the Corpus Hermeticum, dating from around the second century CE and first published in 1554 CE, and which Pymander discourse also describes, in some detail, a system of seven spheres; a journey, a quest – an anados, ἄνοδος – up through these spheres in order that the last stage, that of an immortal, may be achieved; and how the individual is changed in the process of journeying through the spheres.



The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The Order Of Nine Angles