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Editorial Note: Given recent Media allegations, we repost here a 2017 article about Mr David Myatt and Mr Anton Long, which article formed the Introduction to the book titled A Modern Mysterium: The Enigma of Myatt And The O9A {1} and which book with its pro et contra chapters allows the reader to form their own judgment regarding whether or not Myatt=Long.

TWS Nexion
20 April 2019 ev

{1} In accord with our disdain of both copyright and the abstraction called “intellectual property” the book is available gratis – as a pdf document – here:


The Peculiar Matter Of Mr Myatt And Mr Long

For almost four decades The Peculiar Matter Of Myatt And Long has interested many of those interested in or curious about the modern Occult group the Order of Nine Angles, since in respect of the Order of Nine Angles whether or not Mr David Myatt is or was “Anton Long” is sui generis.

Sui generis because Anton Long not only devised the Occult philosophy and the praxises (such as the Seven Fold Way with its Insight Roles, Culling, Star Game, Esoteric Chant, Grade Ritual of Internet Adept, and physical challenges) that are – that presence – the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) but also authored nearly all of its texts from its inception in the early 1970s to his retirement, as the extant Magus of the O9A, in 2011 c.e. As one person associated with the O9A wrote:

       “In modern occultism there are four main exponents of, and/or expositions of, what is often referred to as Left Hand Path, and/or Satanic, esotericism. These are Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan; Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set; Aleister Crowley and Thelema; and Anton Long and the Order of Nine Angles.

       Whatever one’s opinion of the Church of Satan, the Temple of Set, Thelema, or the Order of Nine Angles, they all to great extent reflect the known and documented life, the personality, and the ideas or beliefs, of the person most associated with them and who first expounded, or who first effectively codified, the ideas/beliefs/praxis – or the esoteric philosophy – evident in them.” {1}

With several academics – from Goodrick-Clarke in 2003, to Senholt in 2012, to Introvigne in 2016 {2} – and others, from journalists to some of those associated with the O9A, writing that Anton Long was a pseudonym of David Myatt, it was natural that many people would believe that “the role of David Myatt was and is essential to the creation and existence of the ONA.” {3}

However, to date no one – including academics – has provided any evidence from primary sources {4} that Myatt is Anton Long or that Myatt wrote any of the thousands of O9A texts that form the O9A corpus.

In the case of Goodrick-Clarke, for example, he based his supposition on a work with the title Diablerie, a copy of which is in the British Library {5} and which consists of comb-bound photocopies of a typewritten text and which purports to be an account of the early life of Anton Long. While the account is superficially similar in some respects to the childhood Myatt recounted in his 1980s memoir Autobiographical Notes: Towards Identity and the Galactic Empire {6} – and subsequently in his 2013 autobiography Myngath {7} – there are discrepancies and errors, such as in details of abode and schooling, as well as many vainglorious boasts such as being a ‘cat-burglar’ and his Occult group holding a person prisoner for days before sacrificing them during a ritual. Which discrepancies and errors, and such vainglorious boasts, have led several of those associated with the O9A to declare it is a forgery {8}, a claim also made by Myatt himself who wrote, in respect of Goodrick-Clarke, that “the often fictitious account he gives of ‘my life’ during that time is almost entirely taken from the fictional Diablerie manuscript.” {9}

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc And Other Fallacies

In a section of A Matter Of Honour sub-titled The Logical Fallacy of Incomplete Evidence – A Case Study, Myatt analyses in some detail the claims made by Senholt in his 2008 Master of Arts thesis, which thesis Senholt later revised for inclusion as a chapter in the book The Devil’s Party: Satanism in Modernity, edited by Per Faxneld and Jesper Aagaard Petersen and published by Oxford University Press in 2013.

Myatt writes:

       “A reading of the thesis reveals two interesting things. First, the use of and reliance upon secondary and tertiary sources, many of which are anonymous and many of which are derived from ‘the world wide web’, that most unreliable source of information. For example, he relies on the book Black Sun by Goodrick-Clarke even after admitting it contains errors and that the author offers no proof for the assumptions made in respect of me and the ONA. Second, that Senholt, undoubtedly inadvertently, commits the logical fallacy of incomplete evidence. That is, the multitude of facts and circumstances which do not support his contention about me and the ONA are omitted.”

Myatt details the factual errors made by Senholt, provides logical explanations for the claims made by Senholt – such as the claim that since both Myatt and the O9A use the neo-nazi ‘year of the fuhrer’ calender and terms such as ‘aeonic’, there is a causal link between the two, post hoc ergo propter hoc – with Myatt then listing various facts about his own life which contradict the assumption that he is or was a Satanist, facts (and primary sources) such as his semi-autobiographical poetry, his published correspondence, his marriage in the 1990s in a Christian church, and his ethical philosophy of pathei-mathos, which “reveal the ideas and experiences and (importantly) the failings of someone so different from a satanist that they have to be ignored.”

According to Myatt:

       “it is matter of honour. Of personal knowing. As I mentioned […] the traditional gentlemanly and ladylike virtues and their cultivation are no longer the standard which individuals are expected to aspire to and to uphold. Thus I do not expect the plethora of rumours and allegations about me to suddenly cease, although I admit I do and perhaps naively nurture a vague hope that what I have written here may cause a few individuals to reconsider the veracity of such rumours and allegations.”

Yet despite Myatt’s rebuttal and despite the lack of evidence from primary sources, Senholt’s thesis and the chapter based on it in the aforementioned book – together with the claims made about Myatt by Goodrick-Clarke and by others {10} – have been cited by academics and non-academics alike as “proof” that Myatt is Anton Long and founded and was involved with the O9A.

Which use of such sources is a classic example of argumentum ad verecundiam, of the fallacy of appeal to authority. That academics such as Massimo Introvigne – in his Satanism: A Social History published in 2016 by Brill, Leiden, as volume 21 in the series Texts and Studies in Western Esotericism – commit such a fallacy in respect of Myatt seems to confirm Myatt’s conclusion in his A Matter Of Honour essay

       “that the research done by some modern authors and even some academics – whose works are published by reputable publishers or quoted by others engaged in academic research – is inadequate and does not meet the taxing criteria of scholarship.” {11}

For Introvigne – professor of Sociology of Religions at the Catholic Pontifical Salesian University, Torino – fallaciously wrote (i) that Goodrick-Clarke in his 2003 book Black Sun confirmed that Myatt was Anton Long, and (ii) that Senholt “offered a number of elements confirming that Long was indeed Myatt.” Fallacious because neither Goodrick-Clarke nor Senholt provided any evidence from primary sources, with their ‘circumstantial evidence’ based on non-evidentiary assumptions (as in Goodrick-Clarke assuming Myatt wrote Diablerie) or derived from fallacious reasoning (as in Senholt unintentionally committing the fallacies of incomplete evidence and post hoc ergo propter hoc).

The Authority Of Individual Judgment And The Fallacy Of Illicit Transference

Those interested in ‘The Peculiar Matter Of Myatt And Long’ sometimes commit another fallacy, that of illicit transference, by arguing from the particular to the general, as Massimo Introvigne does in his book by referencing one item and then stating, on the basis of that one item, that the O9A has “more or less acknowledged that Anton Long was a nom de plume of Myatt.” {12}

The item cited by Introvigne was the e-text A Modern Mage: Anton Long and The Order of Nine Angles, which was later published as a printed book under the title The Radical Philosophy of Anton Long. {13} The work contains an introduction – and several articles – by Mr R. Parker, who wrote in the introduction that

       “in order for a person to fully understand and appreciate the Order of Nine Angles – and to thus know what being O9A means in the real world they should know about and understand the sinister-numinous life of Anton Long because the person behind that nom-de-guerre was David Myatt.”

It is fallacious to cite this work, and such a statement – or any such works or any such statements – as an acknowledgement by the O9A that Myatt is Anton Long because the Order of Nine Angles is a leaderless collective – or more correctly, “a movement, a subculture or perhaps metaculture that its adherents choose to embody or identify with” {14} – and thus has no central authority and no one person, or any persons, who can claim to represent or who can claim to speak or write on behalf of the O9A. Even the pseudonymous Anton Long never claimed such an authority, writing in the early 1990s that

       “There is no acceptance of someone else’s authority […] I claim no authority, and my creations, profuse as they are, will in the end be accepted or rejected on the basis of whether they work. Satan forbid they should ever become ‘dogma’ or a matter of ‘faith’. I also expect to see them become transformed, by their own metamorphosis and that due to other individuals: changed, extended and probably ultimately transcended, may be even forgotten. They – like the individual I am at the moment – are only a stage, toward something else.” {15}

“You ask who has authority in the Order and what this authority represents. Basically, the only ‘authority’ is that which arises or developes because of experience […] I have no ‘authority’ in the real sense – I simply offer advice and guidance based on my own experience. I am still learning. What I teach is not ‘sacred’ – hopefully, it will be surpassed, refined, changed, when others discover and experience and attain.” {16}

Anton Long is referring to one of the founding principles or traditions of the Order of Nine Angles, ‘the way of practical deeds’, of individuals learning – via such means as the Seven Fold Way – from pathei-mathos, from their own experience, a principle which has become known as The Authority Of Individual Judgment.

In practice this principle means that anyone or any nexion or nexions self-identifying as O9A can only present their own personal views or opinions concerning the O9A, based as those may be on their own experience or learning. Hence when someone such as Mr R. Parker writes that the person behind the nom-de-guerre Anton Long “was David Myatt” they are only presenting – can only ever present – their own personal view or opinion. They are not presenting – can never present – the view or the policy of the Order of Nine Angles.

That some individuals interested in ‘The Peculiar Matter Of Myatt And Long’ do not understand this, and/or commit the fallacy illicit transference, is understandable. That an academic such as Introvigne does not understand this fundamental O9A principle reveals a lack of understanding of the Order of Nine Angles, a lack deriving from an inadequate knowledge of, a lack of scholarly research into, the Order of Nine Angles.

The Legend Of Anton Long

That no one, academics included, has provided any evidence from primary sources that Myatt is Anton Long is not unexpected since in regard to the milieu of modern Occultism attention and interest hitherto has been focused on the likes of Howard Levey, Michael Aquino, and Mr Crowley, and not on the Order of Nine Angles and Anton Long.

That – with perhaps one exception {17} – what little has been written and published by academics about The Peculiar Matter Of Myatt And Long, and about the Order of Nine Angles, contains basic errors {18} {19} and assumptions, with the authors committing various logical fallacies, is also unexpected, given the lack of scholarship – of extensive research using primary sources – in what are relatively new fields of study, that of Western esotericism in general and of modern Satanism in particular.

Consequently, given the importance, the uniqueness, of Anton Long in creating and developing O9A Occult philosophy and praxises he remains – factually – something of a mystery to those associating themselves with the O9A movement and to those academics interested in the O9A, with assumptions and conjectures about his identity, and fallacious reasoning, having served to create and to perpetuate stories about him. Which mystery, which assumptions and conjectures, and which stories, are advantageous to an esoteric movement.

Kerri Scott

{1} R. Parker (2013). Anton Long and The Exeatic Quest for Gnosis. e-text.

Anton Long was the author of foundational O9A documents – primary sources – such as Naos, Hostia, The Deofel Quartet, The Culling Texts, and Enantiodromia: The Sinister Abyssal Nexion.

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{3} Senholt, Jacob C. (2009). The Sinister Tradition. Conference paper presented at Satanism in the Modern World, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, 19-20th of November, 2009. p.16

{4} Primary sources include direct evidence such as original documents dating from the period under study, and accounts and works (written, verbal, published or unpublished) by such individuals whose life or whose writings or whose works form part of the research. In addition, if such sources – documents or accounts or writings – are in another language, then it is incumbent upon the scholar to have knowledge of that language and thus be able to translate such documents themselves, for a reliance upon the translations of others relegates such sources from the position of primary ones to secondary ones.

In respect of Myatt and his peregrinations, primary sources would include his own writings, including his autobiography Myngath; court transcripts of his criminal trials; interviews with police officers who have arrested and interviewed him under caution; documents concerning his early years in Africa and the Far East; documents relating to his time as a Catholic monk; documents relating to his conversion to Islam (such as his Testimony of Faith in Islam signed as it is by Hafiz Muhammad Tufail – Imam of the Jamia Masjid Ghousia – and by Qadi Abdur Sa’auf and dated 24 Jumada Al-Ula), documents and letters relating to his involvement with Column 88; and so on.

Some material by the anti-fascist group ‘Searchlight’ relating to Myatt can be found in the Searchlight Archive in the University of Northampton archive room (ID: SCH/01/Res). Most of the Myatt items are in Series 12, SCH/01/Res/BRI/12/004, which deals with Combat 18. Some other material, relating to Myatt’s National-Socialist Movement, is in Series 21 SCH/01/Res/BRI/21/002

{5} Long, Anton (c.1991). Diablerie: Revelations of a Satanist. The British Library. General Reference Collection Cup.711/742. BNB GB9219567; System number 012478777.

{6} Quotations from Myatt’s memoir were included in the pamphlet Cosmic Reich: The Life and Thoughts of David Myatt, published by Renaissance Press, New Zealand, in 1995. Some details of Myatt’s early life are described on p.216 of Jeffrey Kaplan’s Encyclopedia of White Power: A Sourcebook on the Radical Racist Right, published by Rowman & Littlefield, in 2000.

Similar details are given in issue #3, May 1998 edition of Column 88, the magazine published by Myatt’s National-Socialist Movement, with other details included in the 2001 internet article The Life and Times of David Myatt, a copy of which is archived at [Accessed November 2017]

Around 2002, Myatt himself issued a revised and updated version of his memoir – which included his years with Combat 18 in the 1990s – a copy of which is archived at [Accessed November 2017]

{7} Myatt, David. (2013). Myngath. Some Recollections of a Wyrdful and Extremist Life. CreateSpace Publishing. ISBN 9781484110744.

{8} An example is the 2013 article A Skeptic Reviews Diablerie by R. Parker, a copy of which is available at [Accessed November 2017]

Parker writes that the ‘evil deeds’ done by Mr Long which are described in Diablerie “are lame or laughable or sound like the adventures of a frat boy.”

{9} Myatt, David. A Matter Of Honour. e-text, 2012. In the essay Myatt lists seven biographical errors made by Goodrick-Clarke. A pdf version of the essay is available on Myatt’s weblog at [Accessed November 2017]

Myatt also makes mention of another forgery, Bealuwes Gast, writing that it

       “seems to have been recently written by someone, possibly for financial gain resulting from selling it at some silly price to collectors of rare Occult memorabilia. The bulk of this new fictional ‘autobiography’ consists of an early (now out of date) edition of Myngath to which various fictional autobiographical stories and ‘sinister’ incidents and diatribes have been added in line with what might be expected from a mythical ‘Anton Long’. Given that the majority of these autobiographical stories in this so-called Bealuwes Gast are quite risible and fanciful (and not fundamentally satanic at all), and given that the ‘sinister diatribes’ seem to have been cut-and-pasted from various internet articles attributed to those who over the years have used the nom-de-plume Anton Long, it seems unlikely that this forgery will ever be taken seriously by anyone. I mean – and to name just one risible example – who can take seriously a ‘clockwork orange cult’ and the wearing of white lab coats to boot.”

In regard to this other ‘autobiography of Anton Long’, qv. the 2014 article by R. Parker, Bealuwes Gast: A Study in Forgery, available at [Accessed November 2017]

{10} One of the fallacious claims often repeated, deriving as it does from Senholt, is that Myatt’s extremist adventures (neo-nazi followed by radical Muslim) were O9A Insight Roles and thus link Myatt to the O9A. It is fallacious since such Insight Roles, by definition, (i) only last between a year and eighteen months while Myatt’s neo-nazi adventures lasted thirty years (1968-1998) with his time as a radical Muslim lasting over ten years (1998-2009), and (ii) they are a task that a fairly new Occult initiate – an External Adept – is expected to undertake before moving on to the next stage of the O9A’s Seven Fold Way.

The task is outlined in such Anton Long authored texts as An Introduction to Insight Rôles, which is included in the 1460 page O9A compilation The Definitive Guide To The Order of Nine Angles: Theory and Praxises, seventh edition, 2015.

{11} In his essay Myatt mentions that the criteria of scholarship “is essentially two-fold: (i) of detailed, meticulous, unbiased research on and concerning a specific topic or topics or subject undertaken over a period of some considerable time, usually a year or more in duration, and of necessity involving primary source material; and (ii) a rational assessment of the knowledge acquired by such research, with such conclusions about the topic, topics, or subject therefore being not only the logical result of the cumulative scholarly learning so acquired but also possessing a certain gravitas.”

{12} Introvigne, op.cit. p. 358.

{13} While the printed book is no longer available, copies of the e-text are, at the time of writing, still available on certain websites.

{14} Monette, Connell (2013). Mysticism in the 21st Century. Sirius Academic Press. p.89.

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{17} The one exception is arguably the chapter on the ONA in Monette’s Mysticism in the 21st Century, op.cit.

{18} Some of the basic errors made by Introvigne include the following: (i) “that Myatt joined Jordan’s British Movement in 1969,” when the correct date is 1968; (ii) that Myatt’s middle name is William, when it is Wulstan; (iii) that the ONA Black Mass “derived from Huysmans and the rituals of the Church of Satan” when there is no such derivation and no documentary evidence to support such a claim; and (iv) that the Temple of Set “perceived the competition [the ONA] as dangerous, particularly when in the late 1980s some members of the Temple of Set started considering themselves members of the ONA at the same time. In 1992, Aquino […] launched an internal purge, expelling from the Temple of Set those members who also wanted to remain in the ONA,” when – to our knowledge – there was no such purge and no documentary evidence to support such a claim.

{19} The article The Occult And Academia surveys some of the errors about the O9A and Myatt made in the 2016 book Children of Lucifer: The Origins of Modern Religious Satanism, written by Ruben Van Luijk. The article is available at [Accessed November 2017]


Modern Democracy At Work

Order Of Nine Angles


You just have to laugh. For the smarmy British politician – the chinless wonder – who goes by the name Michael Gove recently announced that he is supporting the current bland British Prime Minister Teresa May. Neither of whom, as befits modern Western politicians, have any front-line experience as “first responders” or as street-wise police officers or are combat veterans and who therefore lack experience of the practical hard – life or death – realities of life. {1} Which lack of such practical experiences means they do not have the wisdom, the insight, born of pathei-mathos. {2}

Both Bland May and Smarmy Gove are currently subsumed – as are so many other British politicians – by what has come to be named as “Brexit”, a plebeian portmanteau word unworthy of a nation which created the largest Empire our world has ever known.

Do those in so-called Western democracies get the politicians that the voting public deserve? Apparently so.

For to see modern democracy at work one has only to consider facts such as (i) that Smarmy Gove is positioning himself to be a contender in a forthcoming contest to be the next “leader” of something called the Conservative Party, and (ii) that The Vulgarian – the Vietnam draft-dodger {3} – was elected to lead the most powerful nation on Earth and is thus the “commander in chief” of its armed forces.

For The Vulgarian also – like Smarmy Gove – has no front-line experience as “a first responder” and no combat experience and thus has never faced the hard practical realities of life.

Instead, The Vulgarian is the archetypal Homo Hubris who in his macho dealings with other human beings instinctively reacts and thus commits logical fallacy after logical fallacy. Which is why that Vietnam draft-dodger – he of small hands and artificial hair – constantly indulges in argumentum ad hominem hoping thereby to deflect attention away from himself and his plebeian ways. {4}

Our heretical answer? Bring back the ancient Greco-Roman principle of καλὸς κἀγαθός {5} and thus a ruling aristocracy based on that principle whose members have the necessary pathei mathos born of a practical experiencing of the realities of life.

November 2018 ev


{2} Pathei Mathos – πάθει μάθος – essentially means learning from personal hardship and from hard personal experience such as grief or suffering or facing one’s own death. Pathei Mathos is the raison d’etre of Occult ways such as the Seven Fold Way of the Order of Nine Angles where there is a personal learning, by individuals, resulting from consciously undertaking practical exeatic experiences such as the Grade Ritual of Internet Adept. qv.



{5} qv. the chapter A New Pagan Metaphysics in the book Western Paganism And Hermeticism, available at


How To Distinguish The Order Of Nine Angles

Starwalkers Of The O9A

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


Editorial Note: We reproduce here two now archived Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) texts originally published in 2011 ev, the year in which “ONA 1.0” was at the height of its mundane “internet popularity”.

The first item quotes from a 1995 (ev) report by the Greek Orthodox Church. The second item quotes from posts on a once very popular self-described “satanic” internet forum where some ONA supporting individuals in that ONA-popular era posted polemics and pro-ONA propaganda some of which – like the following Mundane Pseudo-Satanists Exposed, Again archive item – exposed modern non-ONA self-declared “satanists” for the mundanes that they were, and still are.

In hindsight perhaps those ONA polemicists and propagandists should have taken up the sinister-numinous phrase Starwalkers Of The ONA and used it in their polemics and propaganda. For that phrase so expresses what the Order Of Nine Angles, esoterically apprehended, is all about.

TWS Nexion
November 2018 ev


Archive Order Of Nine Angles Texts

Starwalkers Of The ONA

The following is an extract from a weird but interesting article about the Order of Nine Angles, written in modern Greek.

[begin quote]

Οι Απόκρυφες Τεχνικές του ΝΑΟΣ & το Αρχαίο Αίνιγμα των Starwalkers

Το 1995 η Ζ’ Συνδιάσκεψη Εντεταλμένων Ορθοδόξων Εκκλησιών και Ιερών Μητροπόλεων για θέματα αιρέσεων και παραθρησκείας συνέθεσε έναν κατάλογο με τις 423 μυητικές, μαγικές και παρα-φιλοσοφικές ομάδες που δρουν στην Ελλάδα […..]

Οι Βρικόλακες & οι 9 Γωνίες

Το ΝΑΟΣ περιγράφει μια τελετουργία αστρικής επαφής του μάγου με τους θεούς, όπου ο πρώτος θα προσφέρει ενέργεια, για να λάβει τη θεϊκή ουσία. Η πρακτική αυτή είναι πανομοιότυπη με το τυπικό της κοινωνίας (Communion) που τελούν οι βρικόλακες στο ναό των βρικολάκων (Temple of the Vampire), μια μυστικοπαθής οργάνωση πρακτικού, ψυχικού βαμπιρισμού που ιδρύθηκε στην Αμερική το 1989.

Ο όρος σκοτεινοί θεοί ανήκει στο Τάγμα των Εννέα Γωνιών (Order of Nine Angles), μια εκκεντρική ομάδα με φιλοναζιστικό παρελθόν που ιδρύθηκε στην Αγγλία τη δεκαετία του 1960, μα αναδιοργανώθηκε από τον Davit Myatt τη δεκαετία του 1970.

Σύμφωνα με τη διδασκαλία του ONA, οι άνθρωποι μπορούν να έρθουν σε επαφή με τους σκοτεινούς θεούς μέσα από αστρικές πύλες (Star Gates), οι οποίες μπορούν να ενεργοποιηθούν με συγκεκριμένα μαγικά τελετουργικά σεξουαλικής φύσεως.

Οι σκοτεινοί θεοί είναι εξωδιαστατικές δυνάμεις και εξωγήινα πλάσματα, αντίστοιχα με αυτά της μυθολογίας Κθούλου! Ορισμένοι από αυτούς είναι: Kthunae (Κθούλου;), Davcina, Sapanur, Darkat, Atazoth, Shugura, Athusir, Budsturga, Νoctulius, Shugara, Nythra, Azanigin, Aasoth, Shaitan, Nekalah κ.ο.κ.

[ end quote]


Mundane Pseudo-Satanists Exposed, Again

There is nothing like a real-life event – deemed terrorist and/or perpetrated by someone adjudged ‘evil’, barbaric, or monstrous – to separate the Satanists from those mundanes who pretend to be Satanic and who like the glamor associated with Satanism but who not only balk at and condemn Satanic deeds in the real world, but who won’t answer or who can’t answer in any rational way the simple question “If Satan isn’t evil or monstrous, then who or what is?”.

Tasked with questions such as the nature and source of evil, these latter-day pretenders – these mundanes – invariably reply with guff such as “Satanism is all about Individualism, Nobility, Care, Evolution, Introspection,” and with the usual LaVey derived mundanity that Satanism is concerned with the ‘deification of the self’ and with ‘respecting life’ and does not condone ‘murder’ or ‘criminal acts’.

Such a recent real-life event, reaction to which separates the pretenders from the satanic ones, was the bombing and the killings in Oslo Norway.

Thus we had the spectacle of self-described ‘satanists’ on one of the premier, one of the hitherto most respected, ‘Satanic’ internet forums (where incidentally Dr Aquino himself posts) falling over themselves to condemn this event as “beyond wrong” and as barbaric, a ‘monstrosity’, and stating that “what happened was an atrocity…”

Two individuals there on that forum (one of whom was ONA) tried to place that event, and those deaths, into the wider perspective of killings and bombings world-wide by nation-States – and which States have killed far more people, far more children. But these two individuals were promptly banned by the obviously emotionally-upset moderators. For the rational judgment of these moderators seemed somewhat impaired by events and they resorted to vituperation against those who dared to rationally place such deaths into perspective, be such a perspective The State or the sinister dialectic of Aeonics.

So much for Satanic self-control then. So much for allowing for the free exchange of views.

We even had, on this forum, one Jason King – he of Internet Satanic fame, self-described postmodernist Satanist and author of several books about Satanism – chiming in with a contribution that might have been written by some Nazarene or by some advocate of the status quo of the nation-State with its laws and its concepts of murder and crime:

           {quote} “Let me state unequivocally that I find the willful murder of a single child to be a crime of the utmost severity. This particular action is absolutely reprehensible […] it was a barbaric act.” {/quote}

After such postings, another ONA member asked some pertinent questions. The ONA member wrote –

           {quote} ” If Satan isn’t evil, who or what is? If these deeds in Norway are evil, then just what is Satan and Satanism if the ‘satanists’ here are calling those deeds ‘bad’ and un-satanic? Is Satan some fluffy bunny? ” {/quote}

Quoting the ONA definition of a mundane (anyone of or over 14 years of age who is not a pledged Satanist) the ONA member also suggested that if these ‘children’ were aged 14 or over – or could reasonably be expected to be that age or over as condition of attending such a camp – then the ONA could claim they’re mundanes and that they might thus be considered by Satanists as ‘legitimate targets’.

But these sort of questions proved too much, too difficult – were too Satanic – for the pseudo-satanists, who promptly locked the thread.

Thus, once again, it seems the ONA has proved a satanism too far for self-described Satanists; with this satanism-too-far, this ‘evil’ Satanism, being summed up by the following, now classic, two quotes from Anton Long:

           {quote} ” As I have mentioned elsewhere, we of the ONA do not, never have, and never will condemn acts of so-called terrorism (individual or undertaken by some State), nor do we condemn and avoid what mundanes regard as evil or as criminal deeds. For us, all such things are or could be just causal forms or causal means, and thus are regarded by us as falling into three categories, which categories are not necessarily mutually exclusive: (1) things which might or which can be the genesis of our individual pathei-mathos and which thus are the genesis of our own sinister weltanschauung; (2) things which aid our sinister dialectic or which are or might be a Presencing of The Dark; or (3) things that can or could be a test, a challenge, a sinister experience, too far for someone who aspires to be one of our sinister kind, someone who thus fails the test, balks at the challenge, or is destroyed or overcome by the experience.
            For our criteria are not those of morality; are not bounded by some abstract good and evil; are not those defined by the laws manufactured by mundanes. Our criteria is the amorality of personal judgement and personal responsibility, whereby we as individuals decide what may be right or wrong for us based on our own pathei-mathos, and act and take responsibility for our acts, knowing such acts for the exeatic living they are or might be, and knowing ourselves as nexions possessed of the ability, the potential, to consciously – via pathei-mathos and practical sinister experience – change ourselves into a new, a more evolved, species of life. Herein is the essence of Satanism, for us.” {/quote} Anton Long – A Satanism Too Far

           {quote} ” It is of fundamental importance – to evolution both individual and otherwise – that what is Dark, Sinister or Satanic is made real in a practical way, over and over again. That is, that what is dangerous, awesome, numinous, tragic, deadly, terrible, terrifying and beyond the power of ordinary mortals, laws or governments to control is made manifest. In effect, non-Initiates (and even Initiates) need constantly reminding that such things still exist; they need constantly to be brought ‘face-to-face’, and touched, with what is, or appears to be, inexplicable, uncontrollable, powerful and ‘evil’. They need reminding of their own mortality – of the unforeseen, inexplicable “powers of Fate”, of the powerful force of “Nature”.
            If this means killing, wars, suffering, sacrifice, terror, disease, tragedy and disruption, then such things must be – for it is one of the duties of a Satanic Initiate to so Presence The Dark, and prepare the way for, or initiate, the change and evolution which always result from such things. Such things as these must be, and always will be, because the majority of people are or will remain, inert and sub-human unless changed. The majority is – and always will be until it evolves to become something else – raw material to be used, moulded, cut-away and shaped to create what must be. There is no such thing as an innocent person because everyone who exists is part of the whole, the change, the evolution, the presencing of life itself, which is beyond them, and their life only has meaning through the change, development and evolution of life. Their importance is what they can become, or what can be achieved through their death. their tragedy, their living – their importance does not lie in their individual happiness or their individual desires or whatever.” {/quote} Anton Long – To Presence The Dark

Ms PointyHat
Order of Nine Angles
122 yf

Update (7/26/11 CE). Even though the thread on the forum has now been unlocked – with a warning from the judgmental mods that what they consider to be “ignorant or unnecessarily inflammatory remarks” will get a user banned – our point has been made. So let these pretentious pseudo-Satanists continue with their forumorrhea while we get on with Presencing The Dark.


Look Back In Mirth

Order Of Nine Angles


Look Back In Mirth

Over ten years ago I as a then young university student wrote my first articles or rather polemics about the Order of Nine Angles. Polemics published on what were then active O9A supporting blogs but which blogs have been defunct for over five years.

My “looking back in mirth” at such polemics was the result of recent gossip among some Balobians {1} about a journalist sending out e-mails asking about Richard Moult (aka Christos Beest, as was) and his connection with the O9A with the journalist intending to write an article about Mr Moult for some online publication. There was mention that “culling” would feature in the article.

It was this gossip which reminded me of my polemics from ten years ago. For two of them were about Mr Moult and as was common practice I did not keep copies of such polemics considering them as having a limited “shelf life” and thence disposable. Knowing that some snapshots of old ONA sites were archived via the San Francisco based Internet Archive (the wayback machine) I used a link from an archived version of the defunct “nineangles dot info” to the ONA “weblog”.

Searching through the archived pages I found the offending polemics and had forgotten how popular that old blog was given its polemics, its propaganda, its diatribes, and the relative obscurity of the occult ideas and the personalities which filled its cyberspace pages. Over 217,000 hits at the time of its closure.

This look back occasioned mirth for a variety of reasons. Such as youthful naivety. Such as how many ONA folk had fallen by the wayside in the intervening years. Such as how many self-styled Levey-type ‘satanists’ had also fallen by the wayside in the intervening years. Such as how the anti-ONA arguments used by ONA critics ten years ago are still being used despite having been discredited many times over the intervening years. Such as how no ONA critic in the intervening years has authored a scholarly critique of the ONA based on primary sources {2} and last but by no means least how anti-ONA folk for the most part commit various logical fallacies and/or are hypocrites {3} and/or lack an in-depth knowledge of the O9A.

            One mirthful example is how even many academics who have deigned in the past few years to briefly mention the O9A so often get basic facts wrong {4} and are obviously ignorant of fundamental O9A texts such as (i) ἀρρενόθηλυς: Alchemical And Hermetic Antecedents Of The Seven Fold Way Of The Order Of Nine Angles and (ii) Enantiodromia – The Sinister Abyssal Nexion. and (iii) Culling And The Order of Nine Angles Code. Not to mention being unacquainted with O9A Esoteric Chant and why the “advanced” form of the Star Game with its 308 squares over seven boards and with its 162 pieces is an esoteric representation, sans denotata, of the nexion between causal and acausal that is our psyche.

Two other mirthful examples are how so many ONA critics continue to parrot the propaganda spread by self-styled Levey-type ‘satanists’ such as (i) the canard that the O9A Septenary System is just “a replacement for the Kabbalah… a non-Semitic version of the Kabbalistic Sepherot”, whereas the O9A have published several texts with quotations from the Corpus Hermeticum and illustrations from Renaissance alchemical books that clearly reveal an ancient Septenary System; and (ii) the canard that the “nine angles” used by the O9A were taken from Michael Aquino’s Ceremony of Nine Angles as published in the book The Satanic Rituals, whereas the nine angles of the O9A refer to (a) the nine combinations of the three fundamental alchemical substances Mercury, Salt, and Sulphur, and which combinations refer to both the alchemical “living water” azoth (as in a hand-coloured illustration in the Rosarium Philosophorum, MS Ferguson 210, in the University of Glasgow Library) and to (b) the nexion between causal and acausal that is our psyche. Which O9A angles – causal/acausal dimensions – are esoteric worlds away from Aquino’s simple 2-D and 3-D geometrical angles. {5}

            Yet what brought forth the most mirth was how such ONA polemics, propaganda, and diatribes had occasioned and still occasion critical responses and polemics and diatribes from non-ONA folk. Especially so in regard to O9A support for culling {6} and in the matter of whether Myatt=Long. {7}

It is as if such non-ONA folk have played their part in the dialectical process of making the O9A better known and played a part in the dialectical process of making both the O9A and David Myatt/Anton Long akin to urban myths, unintentionally aiding and abetting the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus {8} and enticing a few individuals in the past decade to discover the O9A for themselves.

Which discovery is of an “entity” that is an esoteric movement, an esoteric culture, that they can choose to identify with and which esoteric culture is in essence far beyond “satanism”.

                   “The Occult cognoscenti have long understood that the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) is a multiform nexion. That its presencings of ‘acausal energies’ in the causal – via individuals, traditional and offshoot nexions; via propaganda, polemics, mythos, a Labyrinthos Mythologicus, and other means – are outward and multifaceted and just potentially or actually useful causal forms or ideations. That, esoterically, the O9A re-presents and thus reveals what is beyond all such causal forms, past, present, and future, and thus is neither of the Western Left Hand Path nor of the Western Right Hand Path.” {9}

Rachael Stirling
TWS Nexion
October 2018 ev

{1} A Balobian is an artist, musician, artisan, or writer (or an artistic similar type) who shares or who is inspired by the esoteric/satanic ethos of the ONA and/or who share some or all of our aims and objectives.

{2} Refer to the O9A texts Primary O9A Sources, and Classifying O9A Texts.

{3} Hypocrites, because the vast majority wrote anti-ONA polemics and diatribes and yet lambasted ONA folk for writing polemics and diatribes. Hypocrites, because anti-ONA polemics and diatribes vastly outnumbered ONA polemics and diatribes. Hypocrites, because the vast majority hid or hide behind pseudonyms while being critical of many ONA folk for using pseudonyms.

{4} Classic examples include Della E. Campion and Massimo Introvigne. Regarding Campion, qv. Kerri Scott, Another Academic Misinterpretation Of The O9A. Regarding Introvigne, qv. Kerri Scott, The Authority Of Individual Judgment And The Fallacy Of Illicit Transference, in The Peculiar Matter Of Myatt And Long. The essay is included in the book A Modern Mysterium: The Enigma of Myatt And The O9A [See footnote 7].

{5} The colour illustration is included in several O9A texts including Some Anti-O9A Propaganda Exposed and O9A Esoteric Notes LXIII, the latter of which provides an initiated O9A view of Azoth.

{6} Regarding culling, see my recent article The Question Of O9A Culling.

{7} The matter of whether Myatt=Long is discussed in the 100 page book titled A Modern Mysterium: The Enigma of Myatt And The O9A. The book contains articles pro and con and should allow the reader to form their own opinion about whether Myatt=Long. The book is available at

{8} qv.

{9} The Multiform O9A. Included in Quintessence Of The O9A, available from



Richard Moult And The O9A

The Question Of O9A Culling

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


The Question Of O9A Culling

It is that time of year again. When in Northern Europe the dark nights become longer in duration, the ambient temperature begins to fall, deciduous trees shed their leaves, there are often frosts at Dawn, and the hearth becomes again a focal point of rural indoor living with its warming fire of logs or of coal or of peat. A time for rural O9A folk to tell, at dusk and to their children, ancestral stories of OmegaNineAlpha culling…

Meanwhile, in the urban world where most self-described modern ‘satanists’ dwell – following as they do or inspired as they have been by the modern materialistic ‘satanism’ propagated by the urban-dwelling Howard Stanton Levey – the internet chatter and stories about the Order of Nine Angles and culling continues, season following season.

It is as if latter-day Levey-style ‘satanists’ are all singing from the same anti-O9A hymn sheet, vocalising different parts.

“ONA culling is just propaganda,” many of them sing, “an urban myth”. After all, the chorus goes, “the ONA is a joke and doesn’t exist.” Others sing the verse that ONA culling is merely the internet boasting of male adolescents. Yet others sing about “Where are the bodies? Why has no one ONA ever been arrested for murder?”

Some others sing the verse about how they just cannot believe that someone O9A could leave no evidence behind at a murder scene because all modern Levey-style ‘satanists’ know that anyone who describes themselves as O9A is just an easily-led simpleton with the O9A itself being “a cult for morons”.

            What none of these critics seem to have factored in is that there are different opinions among O9A folk about culling and about it being a mandatory part of the O9A Seven Fold Way. A difference founded on the fundamental O9A principle of the authority of individual judgment. {1}

Some, such as myself, consider that advocacy of “culling” is merely part of the O9A’s Labyrinthos Mythologicus. A kind of test of occult intuition and a test also designed to put many people off, cause controversy and so generate interest in the O9A. Which it has done.

Others consider it is mandated as one of the tasks of someone who following the O9A Seven Fold Way has reached the occult grade of External Adept with it therefore being akin to a hazing (US) or a blooding (UK) especially if the nexion or temple of the External Adept takes part as suggested in the vintage text Guidelines for the Testing of Opfers published in 1988 ev.

Yet others consider culling is not a mandatory part of the Seven Fold Way and have updated, revised, or evolved that occult way to exclude it. {2}{3}

In regard to those O9A folk who consider culling is mandatory then the Levey-style ‘satanist’ critics of the O9A seem to have missed two other things.

° The first is the exoteric and esoteric context in which an O9A culling takes place.

The exoteric context is well described in the document Culling And The Code of Kindred Honour {4} which relates a factual event and describes how an O9A person who accepted culling as mandatory might or should react given the personal circumstances related.

The esoteric context is described in the document Another Academic Misinterpretation Of The O9A {5} and which esoteric context is of such a culling being a personal learning experience and forming only one small and temporary part of the decades long classic Seven Fold Way.

° The second is that, for those who accept that culling is necessary, such a culling could be undertaken when they undertake an Insight Role as, for example, a member of the armed forces or as a police officer.

            To conclude, as with most if not all matters O9A it is for each person identifying with the O9A to form their own judgment about culling since as has been reiterated many times over the past few years the O9A when correctly understood is a modern occult movement (some would say a sub-culture) founded on a particular esoteric philosophy and a movement which an individual chooses to identify with or, should they feel the need, chooses to develop a new ‘flavour’ or version of.

TWS Nexion
October 2018 ev
v. 1.02

{1} The principle or axiom of the authority of individual judgment in practice means (i) that no author, no individual, no nexion, can present or represent the view or the opinion of the entity termed the Order of Nine Angles, (ii) that the O9A does not have, never has had, and never will have an “official policy” about anything, and never has, and never will make “official statements” about anything; and (iii) that the only authority which is meaningful for the O9A is the individual one which results from the exoteric and esoteric pathei mathos of each individual who is part of or who associates themselves with the O9A.


{2} As Anton Long wrote in a letter to Michael Aquino dated 20th October 1990 ev and included in volume I of The Satanic Letters Of Stephen Brown,

“I claim no authority, and my creations, profuse as they are, will in the end be accepted or rejected on the basis of whether they work. Satan forbid they should ever become ‘dogma’ or a matter of faith. I also expect to see them become transformed, by their own metamorphosis and that due to other individuals: changed, extended and probably ultimately transcended, may be even forgotten. They – like the individual I am at the moment – are only a stage, toward something else.”

{3} One such revised Seven Fold Way is available at




A Return To The Dark

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


Herewith, A Return To The Dark

As Anton Long wrote in 2011 ev in the ONA text The Discovery and Knowing of Satan,

                   “The Order of Nine Angles is an esoteric association of individuals, and the emphasis of this association is on: (1) practical experience and challenges (Occult, exoteric, and amoral) and (2) on the authority of individual judgement. Thus, for the ONA, what matters is the individual developing, from their own years-long (mostly decades-long) practical experience, a personal weltanschauung: that is, discovering their own individual answers to certain questions concerning themselves, life, existence, the Occult, and the nature of Reality.”

Also, two decades earlier he had written,

                   “There is no acceptance of someone else’s authority […] I claim no authority, and my creations, profuse as they are, will in the end be accepted or rejected on the basis of whether they work. Satan forbid they should ever become dogma or a matter of faith. I also expect to see them become transformed, by their own metamorphosis and that due to other individuals: changed, extended and probably ultimately transcended, may be even forgotten. They – like the individual I am at the moment – are only a stage, toward something else.” {1}

As Professor Monette explained, the O9A

                   “is not a structured lodge or temple, but rather a movement, a subculture or perhaps metaculture that its adherents choose to embody or identify with.” {2}

Now, in 2018 ev, with the early stages of Phase III of O9A sinister strategy {3} well-presenced, {4} and with an abundance of new and old O9A texts freely (and, for now, still) available from the omega9alpha weblog, it is obvious that the public future and the public persona/personae of the O9A – and the present and future interpretations, manifestations, and the natural evolution of the O9A – belong to (i) independent O9A nexions – be they traditional, Satanist, pagan, Left Hand Path, NS-orientated, Darkly Sinister, Vampyric, or otherwise – and (ii) to those artists, musicians (of whatever genre or none) and activists who presence by their endeavours the sinister-numinous aesthetic, and/or who presence or embody the esoteric philosophy and praxises, of the Order of Nine Angles.

Sufficient has been written, over the past four decades, by both “Anton Long” and The Inner ONA for those interested in the O9A to, should they so desire, follow the O9A Seven Fold Way, establish an independent O9A nexion or presence the ethos of the O9A through music and art or by other means.

Sufficient has also been written to counter the anti-O9A propaganda and silly allegations that modern self-described – mostly Levey inspired – ‘satanists’ and mundane others have spewed forth for decades and no doubt will continue to spew forth by means of various mediums.

All that those interested in the O9A, or interested in understanding the O9A, need for them to begin to appreciate the O9A in esoteric context – that is, sans polemics and propaganda, both O9A and anti-O9A – are the following five, brief, introductory guides all of which are available as gratis open access (pdf) documents:.

Practical Guide To The Seven Fold Way

The Exoteric And Esoteric Reality Of The O9A

Classifying O9A Texts

Quintessence Of The Order Of Nine Angles

O9A Occult Fiction

T.W.S. Nexion
May 2018 ev


{1} Letter to Michael Aquino, dated 20th October 1990 ev. The Satanic Letters of Stephen Brown. Volume 1. Thormynd Press, 1992.

{2} Monette, Connell. Mysticism in the 21st Century. 2013. Sirius Academic Press. p.89

{3} Phase III of the sinister strategy of the O9A is evident
(i) in “a burgeoning esoteric [O9A inspired] culture of which clandestine O9A nexions are a part,”
(ii) in those clandestine O9A nexions returning to the tradition of personal covert recruitment and the practical testing of new Initiates which testing includes culling,
(iii) in each O9A person, nexion, group, or cell, freely developing their own interpretation of everything O9A, because they are “free to develop and change everything O9A, [since] there is no authority above the individual, or beyond each group or collective of groups. No leader, no outer (or inner) representative, no council, no old guard, who can make pronouncements about or declare what is or is not correct. No official or genuine O9A; no heresy; no proscription of individuals or groups. Furthermore, no consensus is necessary or required among those who are or who associate with the O9A, although naturally a particular O9A nexion may have or arrive at a particular internal consensus and thus presence a particular interpretation of matters O9A,”
(iv) in “each O9A person, nexion, group, or cell, [using] their own judgement in respect of what they do; in how they, individually and/or as part of an O9A nexion, presence the dark and manifest the sinister in practical ways,”
(v) in the retirement of Anton Long.

{4} Examples of such recent Presencing “Of The Sinister” (valid as of May 2018 ev) include but are not limited to the following:

§ the availability of gratis open access digital texts such as (a) the 1460 page seventh edition of Guide To The Order of Nine Angles: Theory and Praxises, and (b) its companion work the 159 page The Esoteric Hermeticism Of The O9A,
§ the availability of printed versions of classic ONA texts included in books such as (a) The Sinister Tradition, ISBN 978-1479324613, (b) Hostia: Secret Teachings of the ONA, ISBN 978-1493633906, and (c) Sinister Tales, ISBN 978-1479305636,
§ the active and traditional Italian Secuntra nexion, who have published two books – (a) Corpus Secuntra, Telos, ISBN 978-1981879342, and ISBN 978-1545074497, and (b) Satanica Eresia – Una Guida al Satanismo, ISBN 978-1986070034 – and also recorded some O9A chants,
§ the Deathwave Nexion who have produced recordings by O9A-inspired musicians such as Hvile I Kaos which band had a successful public concert in 2018 at a venue in Long Beach California,
§ the release of ‘sinisterly-numinous’ recordings by the Deverills Nexion,
§ the Finnish Black Metal record label The Sinister Flame, and groups such as Altar of Perversion,
§ the MMP Temple record label,
§ the Tempel ov Blood,
§ the Non Est Secundus Quia Unus Est book of Tarot images by Richard Moult,
§ the O9A inspiring some members of some politically active National Socialist groups.
§ And so on and so on…

Satanica Eresia

O9A Insight Role
O9A Insight Role


Secuntra Nexion. Satanica Eresia – Una Guida al Satanismo.
602 pages. CreateSpace, 2018. ISBN: 978-1986070034


Satanica Eresia – un’opera che ha richiesto circa quattro anni di lavoro per la sua stesura – contiene oltre un centinaio di testi dell’Ordine dei Nove Angoli (ONA, O9A) scritti a partire dagli anni ‘70 sino ai giorni nostri, molti dei quali furono inizialmente divulgati solo internamente tra gli associati dell’ONA e successivamente distribuiti al pubblico tramite opere stampate come Hostia – Gli Insegnamenti Segreti dell’ONA (volumi I, II e III), Hysteron Proteron e diversi numeri del Fenrir. La versione italiana dei testi che compongono questa raccolta sono stati tradotti dagli originali inglesi nel corso di più di dieci anni da parte del Secuntra Nexion – Tempio tradizionale dell’ONA e cancello ereditario su suolo italiano della Tradizione Sinistramente-Numinosa. Questo materiale è stato distribuito sino ad ora soltanto clandestinamente tra gli associati del Secuntra Nexion sotto forma di «Quaderni di Studio», come parte del loro addestramento teoretico. Oggi, per la prima volta, questi testi vengono presentati al pubblico italiano.

Sino ad ora in Italia la maggior parte degli accademici, dei giornalisti, dei satanisti, dei semplici curiosi o dei numerosi critici dell’ONA hanno basato i loro giudizi sull’Ordine dei Nove Angoli (ONA, O9A) e sulle sue prassi (in particolare sul Satanismo da questi propugnato) su fonti non-primarie, su voci e sul sentito dire. Parte di questo è dovuto alla natura plebea, non-erudita, degli individui di cui sopra – spesso persi in quel Labyrinthos Mythologicus che l’ONA ha creato per intrigare, selezionare, verificare, confondere, annoiare, infastidire, dissuadere e generare conflitti – e parte è dovuto alla scarsità di materiale sull’ONA presente in lingua italiana, nonostante il Secuntra Nexion da ben oltre dieci anni dalla sua prima apparizione in pubblico si stia occupando di diffondere gradualmente, in lingua italiana, tutti gli insegnamenti e tutte le tradizioni dell’Ordine.

Satanica Eresia – che con le sue 600 pagine si cataloga ad oggi in Italia come l’opera più esaustiva sul tema del Satanismo – va a colmare questo vuoto, presentando in maniera chiara e dettagliata quel Satanismo autentico così come delineato e diffuso dall’Ordine dei Nove Angoli (ONA, O9A) per oltre quarant’anni. Un Satanismo «duro ed estremamente pericoloso», un Satanismo che propugna «l’estremismo politico e religioso, il sacrificio umano ed il terrorismo», un Satanismo che riflette la natura etimologica del suo termine, manifestandosi quindi come «malizioso, ingannevole, fastidioso, distruttivo, malevolo, propagandistico, incitatore, verificatore, eretico, offensivo, disorientante, contraddittorio e realmente o potenzialmente dannoso, distruttivo, pericoloso o pernicioso». Un Satanismo in possesso di un mythos e di un’ontologia unica e distinta e parte di una complessa filosofia esoterica che affronta questioni etiche, eziologiche, epistemologiche e filosofiche. In netto contrasto con il satanismo autoindulgente e materialista di gente del calibro di Howard Stanton Levey e della sua Chiesa di Satana e con il satanismo religioso di Michael Aquino e del suo Tempio di Set, nonché con il satanismo privo di sostanza ed addomesticato dei satanisti dei giorni nostri che affollano forum e gruppi su internet, e in netto contrasto con la falsa antinomia dei praticanti di molte moderne Vie della Mano Sinistra Occidentali.

Satanica Eresia restituisce al Satanismo la tenebra, l’amoralità, il male, l’abbattimento, la causa di conflitti e danni, la durezza ed il terrore che giustamente gli appartengono ed è un nostro Dono per le generazioni future che verranno.



Corpus Secuntra, Telos

Russophobia – An Aeonic Perspective

Order Of Nine Angles


Since the March 2018 attack in the English cathedral city of Salisbury – in which a particular nerve gas was used in an attempt to kill a former Russian military officer who was a British spy – is just a recent part of the ongoing propaganda and economic war waged by many Western governments against Russia, it is interesting to place that attack, and this “new Cold War” – with its punitive economic and financial sanctions against Russia and Russians – into an Aeonic perspective. Which perspective implies a dispassionate approach: of using reason, of being undistracted by personal emotions and by propaganda, and thence appreciating the forces behind, and thus the raison d’être for, this new Cold War.

In terms of reason, the reaction of the British Tory government to the attack – “highly likely Moscow/Putin was behind it,” with “punitive measures” against Russia demanded – has been predicable in its posturing, propaganda, and accusations, with few if any mainstream political commentators, and government officials briefed by the Intelligence services, publicly mentioning two obvious and important facts.

First, that the nerve gas used – Novichok – was produced in Soviet era Russia and given the chaos that resulted from, and continued for some time after, the demise of the Soviet Union it is possible that small quantities of it might have been obtained by “rogue operators” belonging to or affiliated with either organized Russian crime syndicates and/or corrupt Russian oligarchs. Second, that details of the activities of the former British spy over the past five and more years – for instance his possible association with organized Russian crime, or with exiled oligarchs, or even with various Intelligence services – are either not known, or if known to the British Intelligence services, have not been made public by them or by any member of the British government briefed by the British Intelligence services.

Such a scenario – of dubious “rogue” dealings and a subsequent and new betrayal – is far more likely than that Moscow and/or Putin were behind that attack given the length of time since his betrayal of his motherland and the fact that the authorities had ample opportunities to “disappear him” or for him to have an “accident” or die of “natural causes” while he was incarcerated for years in a Russian prison.

             In terms of the new Cold War, the speculation that the attack was engineered by Moscow and/or by Putin provides the governments of the West with another propaganda opportunity, as did such recent speculations as the following: (a) that Russia interfered in the 2016 US Presidential election, and (b) the products of the Russian internet security firm Kaspersky contain “spyware” and should not be used, and (c) that Russia conducted a concerted hacking operation targeting the US energy grid, aviation systems, and other infrastructure, and (d) that Russia – given its annexation of Crimea – poses a direct military threat to the West with it thus being necessary for the West to impose punitive sanctions and deploy NATO troops and military resources in Eastern Europe.

That there is no evidential burden in support of such speculations, such accusations, is seldom mentioned, for to point this out would detract from the propaganda value of such accusations, with Russia consistently portrayed by Western governments and the Media as nefarious, aggressive, and a “threat” to “peace”, with no mainstream political commentators publicly mentioning the utter hypocrisy of modern Western governments.

A hypocrisy evident in what has become known as “the Ukraine crises” with Russian “aggression and interference” stridently condemned and Russia subject to punitive sanctions. Yet the nations of the modern West – and the US in particular – are free to invade countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq; free to interfere in countries such as Yemen; free to undertake extra-judicial killings by drones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere; free to station troops in Niger, Djibouti, Japan, South Korea, and elsewhere. Did the United Nations impose sanctions on the US and Britain for their invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and for their continuing interference in Yemen through providing arms and assistance to the repressive, misogynist, undemocratic regime in Saudi Arabia? No.

Which hypocrisy and propaganda bring us to an ‘Aeonic’ appreciation of what is behind the new Cold War.

              The appreciation begins with another example of the hypocrisy of modern Western governments: Iran. At the behest of the US government, punitive sanctions have been imposed on Iran since 1979 with the aim of undermining and removing the Islamic government of that country. That is, the US government and others were intent on interfering in the internal affairs of a foreign country in order to effect “regime change”. One hypocritical excuse used for such interference was what the US government declared was “the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran.” Hypocritical, and propagandistic, because the US government (and other Western government) has not imposed and will not impose punitive sanctions on countries with a worst “human rights situation” than Iran, such as Egypt, Turkey, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and of course the Zionist entity that occupies the West Bank and Gaza and other Palestinian lands; which entity encourages illicit settlements in the West Bank and the Golan heights, and can launch and has launched punitive military raids in the West Bank, Gaza, and other territories including, most recently, Sinai.

Since 2006, again at the behest of the US government, the sanctions – supported and enforced by all Western governments – became more severe because the US government demanded that Iran cease what it termed “prohibited and illicit nuclear activities.” In other words, the US government gets to decide who can and who cannot have or develop nuclear power and nuclear weapons. In practice this means that modern Western countries can have nuclear weapons as can other countries that they “approve of”, such as Pakistan, India, the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine, China, Britain, and France.

Experienced analysts working for the Security services of Western nations such as Britain and the US have long understood why both Iran and Russia have been and are the target of punitive sanctions and subject to concerted and hypocritical propaganda campaigns. In the case of Iran, it is because the US government and its allies – with their uncritical support of and arms trade with the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine – are opposed to Iranian influence in the Middle East and especially opposed to Iran acquiring any type of weapon, conventional or nuclear, that might threaten the Zionist entity. In the case of Russia, as with Iran, they want internal change – a change of government, “regime change” – so that (a) they can remove Russian influence from the Middle East (such as in Syria) and elsewhere, replacing it with their own influence, (b) can have a free hand in Eastern Europe, and (c) reduce or remove the risk of Russia – with its nuclear and chemical arsenals – being a threat to US hegemony. Which is also why the US government and its allies have “demonized” and are “demonising” North Korea and imposing punitive sanctions on that country, since a nuclear armed North Korea poses a threat to US hegemony in places such as South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.

              It is no coincidence therefore that the current British and US governments are using the recent attack in England on a former Russian military officer as part of their on-going “demonizing Russia” and “demonizing Putin” propaganda campaigns.

March 2018 ev

The Enigma of Myatt, the O9A and Anton Long

Order Of Nine Angles


Editorial Note: The important and informative essay presented below is the Introduction to the 97 page book titled A Modern Mysterium: The Enigma of Myatt And The O9A and summarizes the salient points in respect of the book, containing as the book does essays written in the past few years by various authors, and divided as the book is into three parts. Which division reflects the nature of the controversial subject, which is the relation of the modern Occult group the Order of Nine Angles (ONA, O9A) to the person – a self-declared satanist – who wrote under the pseudonym Anton Long, and what, if any, is the relationship between ‘Anton Long’ and a certain Mr David Myatt. The term mysterium is used in accord with its classical Latin meaning: to imply “a mystery”, “a secret”, qv. Cicero.

The book is available as a gratis open access (pdf) file here: A Modern Mysterium.


Introduction, from A Modern Mysterium

           As the author of one the essays included in A Modern Mysterium: The Enigma of Myatt And The O9A wrote, the question of whether or not Mr David Myatt is or was “Anton Long” is sui generis insofar as the Order of Nine Angles is concerned. Why? Basically for two reasons.

If he was, then, as several O9A supporters have claimed, his somewhat strange multiform, exeatic, and antinomian, life is a real-life example of not only the practical – ‘sinister’ – ethos of the O9A but also of its core praxis termed the Seven Fold Way, which praxis is a decades-long esoteric and exoteric personal quest for Lapis Philosophicus, for Wisdom.

If he was not, then the O9A remains one modern Occult philosophy among many with little to distinguish it other than perhaps its complexity and its Labyrinthos Mythologicus.

If his life is a practical example of the ‘sinister’ ethos of the O9A – as his decades of practical involvement with political and religious extremism, his support for terrorism, his imprisonment for violence, and his criminal years, might seem to suggest – then it is easy to understand why opponents and critics of the O9A continue to denigrate him, for the the documented facts about his life are enough to make Howard Levey – the much vaunted ‘Anton LaVey’, often described as “the founder of modern satanism” – seem, by comparison, just a showman, a charlatan, and a wuss. {1}

In addition, Myatt’s documented intellectualism – as in his Greek translations and commentaries, such as of tractates from the Corpus Hermeticum – make both Levey and the equally vaunted Aquino (of Temple of Set fame) seem to be, by comparison, pretentious pseudo-intellectuals. Unlike those individuals, Myatt has “fluency in the classical languages (Greek and Latin), as well as Arabic” {2} and thus can read primary esoteric, classical, and alchemical sources in their original language whereas they, and most if not all of their followers, have to rely on the translations of others, lacking as they do the erudition of Myatt, an erudition evident in his recent book Tu Es Diaboli Ianua. {3}

The sources used, for example, by Howard Levey – evident in his ‘satanic bible’ and his letters – are populist interpretations of the likes of Nietzsche and Ayn Rand, populist books about psychology, with the anonymous polemic titled Might Is Right much plagiarized. Such sources and populist interpretations are also much in evidence in texts written by Aquino, such as The Crystal Tablet of Set, where populist summaries of philosophies and weltanschauungen, ancient and modern, precede a quite minimalist and vague presentation of ‘satanist’ and/or of Temple of Set ideas. Thus, a chapter on ‘ethics’ consists of 12 pages of populist summaries of the likes of Plato, Hegel, Marx, et al, followed by a meagre few paragraphs concerning good and evil in an occult context, and which paragraphs merely present rather cliched personal opinions, such as that “there is thus no easy answer to the question of whether a given magical act is good or evil” and that “it is up to the magician to determine what judgments – by which judges – will be important”. As befits such pseudo-intellectualism, the references in such texts are often to populist works (such as The Social Contract by Robert Ardrey) just as quotations from such people as Plato are invariably in translations, not by Aquino, but by someone else. In contrast, when Myatt writes of ethics and about ‘good and evil’ in chapter IV – Questions of Good, Evil, Honour, and God – of his 2013 book Religion, Empathy, and Pathei-Mathos, he provides passages in Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic, along with his own translations. Similarly, when discussing ethics in his more recent Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos, Myatt provides the relevant Greek texts (such as from the Gospel of John) and his own translations.

It is thus also easy to understand why many supporters of the O9A support the claim that Myatt is Long. For add to his documented exeatic life, to his intellectualism, the fact that he is regarded by academics as “England’s principal proponent of contemporary neo-Nazi ideology and theoretician of revolution” and you have a person who most definitely does seem to fit the profile of what an ONA person is or should be, with his post-2012 ‘philosophy of pathei mathos’ and recent books such as Tu Es Diaboli Ianua and Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos understood as the musings of someone who, after decades of peregrinations and scholarly study, has found Lapis Philosophicus and who is “living the final apprehension”, with that philosophy, such books, and ‘the last writings of Anton Long’ {4} serving
              “to illuminate the O9A for what it is and always has been, beyond the rhetoric, beyond the polemics, beyond its Labyrinthos Mythologicus, and beyond the assumptions made by others. That is, it is a living hereditary, evolving, repository of esoteric knowledge; part of which accumulated and accumulating knowledge is a scholarly perspective on ancient hermeticism; another part of which is a practical modern means (for those who might be interested) to achieve Adeptship and beyond; another part of which knowledge concerns a New Aeon and the logos necessary to bring that Aeon into being. Other parts of which are Esoteric Chant and Aeonics; and so on. In addition, this body of esoteric knowledge now also contains the insights of someone who has ventured beyond The Abyss, and which particular insights return us to that pagan knowledge, that ancient wisdom, of the Rounwytha way, which is, for those who follow it, the way of a certain type of knowing and of a certain type of living.” {5}

All of which makes it unnecessary for anyone – by they O9A or otherwise – to ‘hype’ Mr Myatt, for just presenting the documented facts about his life, and drawing attention to his intellectualism, his erudition, is sufficient. That life, that intellectualism, ‘the last writings of Anton Long’, Myatt’s ‘philosophy of pathei mathos’ (understood as a modern manifestation of the O9A way of the Rounwytha) and books such as Tu Es Diaboli Ianua and Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos tell the necessary story.

Which story is of a modern Magus; of someone who has spent all of his adult life – half a century – on an esoteric and an exoteric quest. Since such a quest exemplifies what the search for Lapis Philosophicus, for Gnosis, for Wisdom, is all about it is in the final analysis irrelevant if Myatt was or was not the pseudonymous Anton Long. For such a personal quest is the essence of all genuine Occult philosophies and praxises, beyond the labels – the denotata – we or others assign to them, be such labels Left Hand Path, Right Hand Path, Satanist, or O9A.

Which, at least to me and some others, makes Myatt someone to be admired and – perhaps – emulated by those O9A or otherwise.

June Boyle

{1} Myatt, for example, has convictions and imprisonment for violence, in 1972, after leading a gang of skinheads in a ‘paki-bashing’ incident: documented in court proceedings, prison records, and newspapers. A conviction for leading a gang of thieves in 1974 and being a fence: documented in court proceedings, in police records/interviews, in mainstream newspaper reports.

He was arrested in 1998 for conspiracy to murder: documented in police records (Scotland Yard, the operation was code-named Periphery), documented in custody records at Malvern and Charing Cross police stations. He founded and led the political wing of Combat 18, the NSM, a fact documented by several academics and by mainstream newspaper reports.

He publicly supported bin Laden and the Taliban before and after 9/11: documented by several academics, by proceedings of NATO conferences, by newspaper reports. He travelled to Arab countries and – when it was unpopular and very dangerous to do so, such as after 9/11 – incited Jihad: documented by several academics. His writings justifying suicide attacks were used by ‘terrorist’ groups such as Hamas: documented by several academics, and by proceedings of NATO conferences.

{2} Connell Monette. Mysticism in the 21st Century, Sirius Academic Press, 2013.

{3} David Myatt. Tu Es Diaboli Ianua: Christianity, The Johannine Weltanschauung, And Presencing The Numinous. 2017. ISBN 978-1982010935.

{4} See Appendix II of the book.

{5} The quotation is from chapter I of Part Two of the book, which chapter is titled David Myatt, The Septenary Anados, And The Quest For Lapis Philosophicus.

Multiform O9A

Order Of Nine Angles


The Multiform O9A

The Occult cognoscenti have long understood that the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) is a multiform nexion. That its presencings of ‘acausal energies’ in the causal – via individuals, traditional and offshoot nexions; via propaganda, polemics, mythos, a Labyrinthos Mythologicus, and other means – are outward and multifaceted and just potentially or actually useful causal forms or ideations. That, esoterically, the O9A re-presents and thus reveals what is beyond all such causal forms, past, present, and future, and thus is neither of the Western Left Hand Path nor of the Western Right Hand Path because
             “both the LHP (‘the sinister’) and the RHP (‘the numinous’) are themselves causal abstractions – ideations – which hide both our own nature, the nature (the physis) of other living beings, and the nature of Reality itself.” {1}

For the O9A provides the individual with an opportunity
             “to develop a perception, an understanding, a knowledge – acquired from a personal experience – beyond causal abstractions/forms and thus beyond denotatum; that is, and for example, beyond the illusion of conflicting/ideated opposites, beyond naming/denoting/words, beyond abstract morality, beyond dogma/ideology, beyond the simple principle of causation, and beyond the simplicity of a posited dialectical process.” {1}

This is the personal knowledge of Lapis Philosophicus {2} and thus of “the balancing of the masculous with the muliebral (the sinisterly-numinous) through pathei-mathos both Occult and exoteric.” {3} Which knowledge is of “the living unity beyond the abstract, the lifeless, division and dialectic of contrasting/abstractive/ideated opposites. A division most obvious in the false dichotomy of good and evil, and a division not so obvious in denotatum.” {4}

For among the truths
             “which initiates of the O9A mystic (or the ‘sinisterly-numinous’) tradition personally discover are (i) the unity – the mundus, the Being – beyond the apparent opposites of ‘sinister’ and ‘numinous’, of causal/acausal, of masculous/muliebral, a unity indescribable by ordinary language but apprehensible by esoteric languages and a particular manner of living, and (ii) the transient, temporal, nature of human manufactured causal abstractions and ideations.” {4}

Which is why, for example,

             “one of the axioms of the esoteric philosophy of the O9A is that it is really only possible to apprehend the realm of the acausal (which realm includes but is not limited to the supernatural) by using our (mostly latent) human faculty of empathy – of empathic wordless knowing – and by developing new faculties, such as the one the O9A term acausal-thinking.” {4}

and why the O9A praxis termed The Seven Fold Way cultivates, through Rites such as that of Internal Adept and Occult Arts such as The Star Game and Esoteric Chant, the faculties of empathy, of acausal-thinking, and the enantiodromia – the Arrenothelus (ἀρρενόθηλυς) or the melding, the balancing – of the masculous with the muliebral which can result from the traditional chthonic Rite of the Abyss. {5}

A Personal Anados

While the majority of modern Occultists – and especially self-described ‘satanists’ – have either pretended that the “O9A does not exist” or have focused on or become fixated with the outer, multiform, nature(s) of the O9A such as for example the causal form termed ‘satanism’, the Occult cognoscenti have understood that the esoteric essence of the O9A is the individual and difficult quest for Lapis Philosophicus by means such as The Seven Fold Way. An essence described, by the pseudonymous Anton Long, almost three decades ago:
             “We see our way as guiding a few individuals to self-awareness, to Adeptship and beyond, via various practical and magickal techniques. The emphasis is on guide, on self-development, on self-discovery. There is no religious attitude, no acceptance of someone else’s authority.” {6}

Such sparse revelations – such gems – did not, of course, in the intervening years prevent self-described ‘satanists’ and others from continuing their anti-O9A crusade based on their assumptions regarding the outer, multiform, natures of the O9A, since
             “to access the inner core, an individual has to work their way through the outer layers which, together, form a labyrinth; a labyrinth so labyrinthine that it is easy for a person to become confused, lose their way, or (more usually) just give up. Some individuals, however, inspired (or re-inspired) as they are by the O9A mythos, do succeed. Thus there is, for every candidate – every potential member of the O9A kindred – an initial test, involving them navigating the labyrinth on their own, without any guidance.
              What they find – to the dismay of many – is nothing mysterious or ‘satanic’ or exceptional or difficult to understand or even really secret. For it is only (i) a particular pagan mysticism, and (ii) a particular way of life, and (iii) an individual occult journey (an anados) that will last for several decades, and a journey and a way of life which, if they embark upon them, will take them from ‘the sinister’ toward ‘the numinous’ and thence toward what is beyond both those causal forms.” {7}

But now, since the esoteric essence of the O9A is more widely known – partly due to essays, such revelations, as this and partly through the works, such revelations, noted in the references below – the grammatical tense of the above quotation should perhaps be altered so that it reads “an individual had to work their way through…..There was, for every candidate….”

However, despite such revelations, the majority of modern Occultists – and especially self-described ‘satanists’, and even academics studying modern Western esotericism – remain fixated on (i) the so-called ‘satanism’ of Howard Stanton Levey {8} and (ii) on the outer, multiform, natures of the O9A.

Which, of course, serves to highlight yet again the difference not only between the O9A and other manifestations of modern Occultism, but also between what the O9A assert satanism is and what self-described ‘satanists’, following or inspired by the likes of Howard Stanton Levey and Michael Aquino, believe ‘satanism’ to be.

For the O9A, satanism – in the context of esoterically understanding the O9A – is a practical, an exeatic, defiance: an initiate pathei-mathos, a learning experience, where one exults

             “in life itself: a sinister life is, or should be, one where there is an intensity; where there is action, in the world; where there is a will harnessed to a goal – any goal; a desire to experience, to know; to quest; where there is an arrogant determination to not accept the norms, the answers, the limits of and set by others.
             Nothing is too dangerous for us; nothing is forbidden. We experience to test ourselves; to learn.
              There is a pushing of one’s body to – and beyond – its limits; enduring, to go beyond endurance to that wonderful bliss of almost exhaustion when a goal has been achieved and one has felt, been, an exquisite harmony of mind and body and ethos through sheer concentration on what is being done.
              There is the acceptance of challenges – especially by ourselves. And if we have no challenges, we make or create some.” {9}

That is, it is an initiate pathei-mathos, a learning experience, which one, via a praxis (an anados) such as The Seven Fold Way, moves on from: toward Lapis Philosophicus.

Yet, for those following or inspired by the likes of Howard Stanton Levey, satanism is just a euphemism for egoistic fantasies and for a life-long wallowing in a mundane self-indulgence.

Rachael Stirling
129 yf

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