A Yuletide Listening

Order Of Nine Angles


In one of those Yuletide moments when – replete with mulled Cider and mince pies and warmed by a fire of logs – we three trawled the Internet for apposite items and found the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIkYhf3toG8

Which talk – by a Scottish “A.N. Other” – presents a remarkably rational and informed summary, by an outsider, of both the O9A and especially of Mr David Myatt.

Which talk is in stark contrast to the much Media hyped remarks in February 2019 by the misnamed British “hope not hate” organization {1} and which left-wing advocacy group, according to the admins of Wikipedia, is “a biased and opinionated source”. {2}

That the mainstream Western Media have promoted and will undoubtedly continue to uncritically promote the views of that “biased and opinionated source” in respect of both the O9A and Myatt surely – at least to us and others of our O9A kindred – exposes, yet again, something about the nature of such modern Media.

TWS Nexion
December 2019 ev


{1} https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2019/02/26/how-to-spread-fake-news/

See also https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/2019/09/09/extremism-and-reformation/

{2} https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reliable_sources/Perennial_sources


Open Letter To Nick Lowles

Order Of Nine Angles


We challenge you, Nick Lowles, to provide evidence based on primary sources for your – in our view – prejudiced personal opinion that David Myatt is still a neo-Nazi and is still, or ever was, associated with the Order of Nine Angles. A personal opinion of yours which you made in your Media celebrated report titled State of Hate 2019.

If you deign to provide such evidence we will in the interests of fairness publish it. If, however, you decline to provide such evidence we will in the interests of fairness make such a refusal publicly known.

Furthermore, we enquire if you have read Myatt’s voluminous post-2012 writings about rejecting extremism – such as his Understanding And Rejecting Extremism {1} and his autobiography Myngath {2} – and if so whether in your opinion such writings are deceptive and the works of a trickster and, if so, on what evidence do you base such an opinion?

Given that, according to rumours, the TV production company “Expectation Factual” is planning a documentary about David Copeland and thus about Myatt’s possible involvement – an involvement as mentioned by you in a 2000 BBC Panorama documentary about Copeland for which documentary you were listed as a Producer – we also enquire if you still believe that Myatt was somehow to blame, and if so whether or not, given his expiative philosophy of pathei mathos, he in your opinion has changed and become an advocate of hope – of anti-extremism – rather than of hate.

Or shall we conclude that you and your compatriots at the so-called “hope not hate” group have prejudged, and are prejudiced against, Myatt in accordance with your hateful slogan НЕ ЗАБУДЕМ! НЕ ПРОСТИМ! and thus are pedalling hate rather than hope?

To be honest, we do not expect you to reply to this communication. {3} Instead, we expect you to either ignore it, or it to provoke you into more public anti-Myatt propaganda – and thus to more fake news {4} – based on your prejudice, on your apparent religious belief, that Myatt is still a neo-Nazi and is still, or was, associated with the Order of Nine Angles.

If you fail to provide evidence based on primary sources for your allegations, opinions, and assumptions about Myatt, and were you provoked by this web-blog post to more public anti-Myatt propaganda, we and sagacious others would be forced to conclude that hatred and prejudice rather than “hope not hate” dictates your opinions about Myatt.

In addition, and in regard to your allegations about the Order of Nine Angles (O9A, ONA) have you studied the O9A corpus and such texts as the 300 page Seofonfeald Paeth trilogy? {5} If not, then your views about the O9A are – it seems to us, et al – as prejudiced as your views about Myatt.

Little wonder then that Myatt in 1990s challenged you to a duel with deadly weapons and which duel of honour you refused to take part. {6} Which refusal by you – and your excuses then and later – indicate much about your physis, and about the physis of Myatt himself. {7}

As Sonia Gable once was alleged to have said, you tried to blackmail her but failed. Which failed blackmail was apparently the genesis of your split from the anti-fascist Searchlight group and led to you founding the perhaps misnamed Hope Not Hate organisation.

TWS Nexion
December 2019 ev

{1} https://davidmyatt.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/dwm-rejecting-extremism-v3.pdf

{2} https://davidmyatt.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/david-myatt-myngath.pdf

{3} Given your much Media hyped “research and security” departments we expect you to know our e-mail address as supplied to both the author of the Quietus article about the O9A and to the TV production company Expectation Factual.

{4} https://omega9alpha.wordpress.com/fake-news/

{5} https://wyrdsister.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/o9a-trilogy-print.pdf

{6} https://regardingdavidmyatt.wordpress.com/meeting-with-nick-lowles/

{7} William Segar, Booke of Honor & Armes, published in 1590 ev. https://books.google.com/books?id=LlI_AQAAMAAJ

We draw your attention in particular to The First Booke (p.4) of that text which is titled “For what cause the partie belied ought to challenge, and of the nature of the Lie.”

It thus seems as if Myatt was and is following the tradition of European chivalry while you et al are apparently dishonourably using the power of modern Media to make unproven accusations against – spreading lies about – a particular person.


The Creepy O9A

Order Of Nine Angles Sigil


Under the title Halloween: 20 creepy Wikipedia pages that will keep you awake at night, a popular website {1} listed – at number 12 – the O9A:

             “Order of Nine Angles. The ONA is a satanic organisation based in the UK with a twist: it is notorious for its links to neo-Nazi groups and for its belief in fascism. They have also written a number of guides to human sacrifice, fondly referred to as culling.”


{1} https://www.independent.co.uk/news/media/about-indy100com-a6879446.html


Downfall Of The White Hordes


Order Of Nine Angles Sigil

Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris


Discovering hidden – long-forgotten – treasures about the O9A and about Mr Myatt is a hobby of mine and one which is perhaps relevant to a recent criminal trial {1} and relevant also to not so recent Media propaganda, “fake news”, about the O9A and about Mr Myatt. {2}

One unearthed treasure is a cache of a 2009 thread on a “satanist” internet forum about the O9A/Myatt. {3}

The thread not only contained a posting of the complete – now “lost” – Myattian and controversial article titled “The Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris”, but also sagacious comments about the O9A, such as the following.

{begin quotes}

            § What opinions, convictions, and emotions you have for the ONA are other people’s memes. Other people’s memes which has infected your mind, which you have allowed to alter and change your own being: your own thinking, you own feelings. You are not even your own person. You are not a free thinker. Your opinions about ONA are irrelevant…..

           § Most of humanity’s imagination is turned on by Mythos […] Where Mythos gradually transmutes into causal [real world results] by the power it has to captivate the imaginations of people. Logos only gives birth to debates and philosophical discussions…..

            § That’s one of the more fascinating aspects of the ONA, or rather Long/Myatt: is that it will adopt any subversive tool to undermine what it calls “the Magian” to the point where from an exoteric perspective, the ONA seems to completely contradict itself…..

            § The point of ONA amoral, illegal, stuff is that it is consciously done, for a sinister purpose. That it’s a learning experience. Part of a process of individual self-development that takes years. It’s a rational, willed, act – cold and calculated, if you will. That is, really sinister. So, if some idiots do stupid stuff because they have read about doing such stuff somewhere, then so what? They may learn from it, or they may not – it might make them stronger, or it might destroy them. We don’t care, because we are sinister. Because the responsibility is theirs……

{end quotes}

The 2009 thread also referenced a new defunct website – cosmicbeing dot info – which from around 2009 to 2012 hosted material relating to Myatt’s “numinous way” before he transformed it into his “philosophy of pathei-mathos” and thus rejected most of his former writings about that “numinous way”. Thus an archive version of that website {4} may be useful to scholars, academics, and others, interested in that earlier “numinous way” as might an archive version of the 2005 article by Canadian Jeff Wells titled “Nine Angles Of Separation” which suggested that Myatt might belong “to an intelligence service”. {5}

Reproduced above – as a pdf document – is the complete, early, version of “The Downfall of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris.”

October 2019 ev

{1} https://wyrdsister.wordpress.com/2019/10/18/the-terrorism-trial-and-the-o9a/
{2} Chicago Reader‎, Dec 14, 2018. The Independent‎, Feb 18, 2019. The Daily Telegraph, Feb 17, 2019. The Sun, 22 Feb 2019. The Times, March 22 2019.
{3} http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:YNrIOxFL3lgJ:http://www.the600club.com/topic26361-all.html%2Bcache:the600club+site:www.the600club.com&hl=en&gbv=1&ct=clnk
{4} https://web.archive.org/web/20110721193220/http://www.cosmicbeing.info/
{5} https://web.archive.org/web/20100501083106/http://www.cosmicbeing.info/rumours/wells-nine-angles.html


The Terrorism Trial And The O9A


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In several posts on the “twitter” social medium platform, the BBC journalist Daniel De Simone, reporting on the trial at Manchester Crown Court of a teenager charged with terrorism offences, wrote that the Order of Nine Angles was mentioned several times by prosecuting counsel Michelle Nelson QC.

For example:

O9A Twitter


Vindex – Mythos And Logos



We present here another extract from our forthcoming book Tyberness, which extract is from a chapter of the book which will be controversial since it deals with the O9A Vindex mythos and opposition to the Magian ethos, and with what the O9A mean by Satan, and also with why the O9A stated that NS Germany was a Magian heresy and “a burst of Luciferian light – of zest and power – in an otherwise Nazarene, pacified and boring world.”

The following extract is from the chapter titled Vindex – Mythos And Logos.


According to the esotericism of the O9A, Vindex is the name given to the exoteric (or “outer”) nexion through which powerful acausal energies are presenced on Earth in order to replace the current status quo (the Old Aeon) and which energies prepare the way for – and then inaugurate the practical beginnings of – the New Aeon.

Vindex can be presenced (“manifest”) in an individual (who may be male or female). If an individual, Vindex is the embodiment of The Law of the New Aeon, which is personal and kindred honour, with the O9A Code of Kindred Honour the new logos – the “word” – which describes this new aeon and which logos is the unique perceiveration of the O9A.

Used as the exoteric name of an individual, Vindex means “the Avenger”, and while it is traditionally (and semantically) regarded as a male name, with the Anglicized feminine form being Vengerisse, Vindex is now often used to refer to either the man or the woman who is or who becomes the nexion.

The essence of the new way of life that Vindex heralds and implements (the Vindex ethos) is embodied in:

(1) the way of tribes and clans in place of the abstraction of the modern nation-State; and
(2) the way, the law, of personal and kindred honour in place of the abstract impersonal laws made by modern governments.

The main opponents of Vindex are those who represent or who accept the Magian ethos.


Vindex – Mythos And Logos


Dealing With Anti-O9A Propaganda And Diatribes

Order Of Nine Angles


The article titled Dealing With Anti-O9A Propaganda And Diatribes is an extract from our forthcoming book Tyberness. The article succinctly explains the transition to and the successful implementation of Phase Three of O9A aeonic strategy, a strategy otherwise known as The Sinister Dialectic.

This phase of O9A aeonic strategy was outlined in the 2011 text Geneseos Caput Tertium which is also included in the following pdf document.

The title of our forthcoming book is old Anglo-Saxon for “Destruction, Immolation, Sacrifice”.


Dealing With Anti-O9A Propaganda And Diatribes


Two Heretical O9A Texts

Order Of Nine Angles


Two Heretical O9A Texts

° Editorial Introduction
° Prologue
° The Nazarene/Magian Ethos


From the Editorial Introduction:

The following classic O9A texts were included in a compilation titled Nexion – A Guide to Sinister Strategy, which compilation included articles with titles such as Freedom – The Illusion, Satanism and Race, Aeonics and Heresy, and Conquer, Destroy, Create.

The Prologue is a short rather strange piece of fiction, referencing as it does both an acausal entity and an earthly incident recounted by August Kubizek in his book The Young Hitler I Knew.

A phrase from the article The Nazarene/Magian Ethos has often been quoted, out of context, as “proof” that the ONA is “neo-nazi”. The phrase is: NS Germany was a burst of Luciferian light – of zest and power – in an otherwise Nazarene, pacified and boring world.

However, the article makes it clear that the ONA considered and considers National Socialism as just one “causal form” which could be useful in terms of Aeonic sorcery:
              “It is important to understand that such political beliefs – e.g. racism, NS – which might do and sometimes in the past have expressed aspects of Western destiny, are, from a magickal esoteric point of view merely means: i.e. vehicles or forms to achieve specific magickal goals. Their objective truth and their morality is irrelevant – and this applies equally to the future use of such outward forms, should such use be considered a useful means of channelling acausal energy to achieve a specified goal.”

As also noted in the Introduction to Nexion – A Guide to Sinister Strategy,
              “National-Socialism is presented here within the context of ‘Occultism’ (specifically Satanism) and is thus explicated in its esoteric sense – as a form which can achieve something beyond itself.
              Because of this, the MSS contained herein, all written by, and hitherto secretly circulated among members of the Satanic Order of Nine Angles, require an ‘Aeonic awareness’ for their full appreciation; that is, the understanding of the essence of all forms behind their appearance. Such an awareness, expressed both intellectually and practically, aids the establishment of the next Aeon, thus fulfilling the Destiny of the Western Civilization.
              Seen within a conventional context, the material herein is genuinely heretical – and possession/distribution of it is illegal in many countries.”

Although the Nazarene/Magian Ethos article is undated, O9A aural tradition dates it from the late 1980s with a revised version issued in the early 1990s. The writing style of the article, and the inclusion of multiple parenthetical comments, suggests this early O9A instructional text was the product of at least two authors.


Sinister Strategy And Sinister Change

O9A Seven Fold Way


Sinister Strategy, Sinister Change, And The Sinister Game

From the Preface:

Since the “sinister strategy” of the O9A often has been, and often still is, somewhat misunderstood, we republish here three articles – (i) Playing The Sinister Game – A Brief ONA History, (ii) Concerning The Different Versions Of O9A Texts, and (iii) O9A: Beyond Satanism?

Also included are some illustrations from ONA texts that were reproduced in the three volumes of Hostia and some illustrations from the two volumes of The Satanic Letters Of Stephen Brown. The articles and texts range in date from the 1980s to 2019.

The articles and the illustrations may provide some insight regarding both O9A strategy and how the O9A is and was presenced in the causal; that is, how the O9A has evolved, changed, and is evolving and changing. A change, a development, obvious in the fact that O9A is now used in preference to ONA, and rather less obvious to some in the move away from the overt, ‘exoteric’, Satanism of Phases I and II, toward the ‘sinisterly-numinous tradition’ of Phase III.

Changes, and an emphasis on such things as pathei-mathos and developing empathy, which were sometimes mentioned or foreseen in some early ONA texts but which mentions or forseeing were often overlooked.


A Question of Interpretation



Abstractions Verses Pathei-Mathos

Not that long ago a group of scientists announced that they had obtained an image of what has been called “a black hole”. According to them the image they obtained – a part of the galaxy Messier 87 – shows an intensely bright “ring of fire” surrounding a perfectly circular dark hole and that the bright halo was caused by “superheated gas falling into the hole”.

Yet all that the image showed was a doughnut shaped object surrounded by blackness, at the centre of which doughnut shaped object was a blackness.

That this image is a so-called “black hole” is therefore just speculative human interpretation, an assumption. That the image revealed “superheated gas falling into the hole” is also just speculative interpretation, an assumption.

That many, if not all, modern scientists – and of course the Media – have accepted such speculative interpretation as “fact” reveals much about many modern scientists and especially about modern physicists and astronomers with their speculations about “black holes”, about “dark matter” and about such things as a “big bang” and an “expanding universe” based as such an “expansion” is on a theory involving what has been termed “the Hubble constant”.

But – as one perspicacious person mentioned many years ago – where the “material” that gave rise to a “big bang” came from, and what an “expanding universe” is expanding into, is never rationally explained in terms of what is observed by direct experimental means and devoid of speculative assumptions and interpretations.

If there are such things as cosmic “black holes” then classical science would need direct experimental proof by some scientist or scientists directly observing them and their effects at an observational, direct, range. Until then, such “black holes” are and will remain speculation, assumption.

That modern physicists and astronomers and cosmologists now assume such speculation, such interpretation, are “fact” reveals just how modern science has become infected with assumptions and speculations, similar to how certain assumptions and speculations about human behaviour form the foundation of such assumptive theories as Freudian psychology where assumptions about an “an unconscious mind”, about an “id”, about “repression” and about such things as an “Oedipus complex”, dominate and are used to “understand”, to interpret, an individual.

Causal Abstractions And The Dark Arts

In regard to “black holes”, a “big bang”, an “expanding universe”, and speculative theories such as that of Freud, we simply have causal abstractions imposed upon the cosmos and upon ourselves.

All such human manufactured causal abstractions – like ancient ones about how many angels can stand on the head of a pin; about the Earth being flat, about the Earth being the centre of the cosmos, about an omnipotent vengeful God who has a “chosen people”, and about eternal damnation in “hell” – are manifestations of their Aeons. Of how human beings needed, and still seem to need, still seem to rely on, such manufactured causal, such fallible, abstractions even though each Aeon, with its embedded and believed in causal abstractions, declines and dies, millennia after millennia.

A need, a reliance, bred by a reliance on what is external, on those “others” assumed to have understanding and “wisdom” whose explanations – whether religious or scientific or otherwise – are accepted.

In other words, of a placing of manufactured causal abstractions by those “others” before or in place of our own pathei-mathos; before or in place of what our own experiences teach or reveal to us; or what, in the matter of science, direct observational experiments teach or reveal.

To be sceptical of the assumptions, the manufactured causal abstractions, of those “others” – be such abstractions religious or scientific or political or otherwise – is natural and necessary, and which scepticism is (or was) the essence of all science, and of all Dark, Occult, Arts; and indeed, was and is the essence of heresy and of Satanism itself.

For science is or was based on scepticism, on direct observation and experiments.

Similarly, all the Dark Arts – and Satanism when individually apprehended without the manufactured causal abstractions, the interpretations, imposed upon it by others – involved and involve a direct personal experience, a pathei-mathos; a learning born of experimentation, and thus of being sceptical of, of daring to go beyond, all fallible human manufactured causal abstractions.

TWS Nexion
2019 ev


Image credit: Event Horizon Telescope (EHT)